2012 02 21 A Bad Day For Havok

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A Bad Day for Havok

Nightcrawler, Havok, Angel

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A burnt out theater in El Bario

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Kurt and Alex investigate clues of the Brotherhood's presence in a theater. Avalanche and Pyro show up. The heroes call for backup and get Angel


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Thirty minutes ago, Havok paged Nightcrawler to meet in the garage and to be in costume as they were going down into the city to investigate a suspected arson.

While in route, Havok explained that Val Cooper called just 15 minutes prior and listed that there were characteristically abnormal findings within a certain former dinner theater and that an igniter was found that indicated a mutant named Pyro had been in the area.

It's 8:26am EST and fire/rescue is pulling out of the area. The fire chief and a few of his investigators are still on hand in front of the El Octiva. Once a dinner theater that possessed three upstairs loft apartments, the building is no longer viable as either. At present, the burnt out husk of the structure remains. Metal and brick is still erected but will one day be slated for destruction. No longer smoldering, the three level structure is still over 20K feet in overall size and has many interior areas that may hold the key to what happened here.

Pulling up, Alex cuts the engine of his black Jeep Wrangler and swings out. One of the junior investigators is nearby talking to a police officer. They both look in the direction of the mutants. They initially do not look pleased to see them as they may be inclined to believe that there's about to be trouble. But after a second of recall, they recognize Havok for who he is.

Calling over, "Gentlemen.", Havok greets as he walks up. "We're looking for Chief Matthews?"

The junior investigator points toward the building, "He's in there."

Having gotten comfortable on the ride over, Nightcrawler had been close to feet on dashboard, maybe holding off out of respect for Havok. That this was official business as far as he knew probably helped that opinion. At the scene, he jumps out and follows Havok - first as he calls towards the officials present and then towards the building where they are directed. He remains more quiet for the now, letting the team leader/face do his business all the while trying to recall all he knows from prior encounters with Pyro. Most likely he would of asked of the mutants standing with certain groups, such as the Brotherhood, while on the way over after Havok indicated he was suspect in this building being descilated.

Walking into the structure is unhindered except for walking around immolated objects such as chairs that were drug out and hosed off (to stop smoldering) and other fixtures that would pose a threat to reignition. Then once inside the blackened structure, they're in what was formerly the lobby. Straight back is the dinner theater and to the right a large staircase that would go up to the box seats. Other structures within are the ticket box, the snack bar, and toilets. Voices are heard deeper into the building.

Havok presses on toward the voices and enters the theater/dining room area. Within are two men holding flashlights near to the stage where a trap door has been opened and they're looking down into it.

"Chief Matthews?" Havok calls out and draws the older man's attention. With him is a junior investigator who will also look up.

Matthews says, "You must be the heroes the government sent. Not much left of the place, but we found this trap door and a ladder that goes pretty deep."

"A trap door with a ladder," ponders Nightcrawler aloud as now it is the four of them Havok and his junior investigator beside Chief Matthews and his. "In a theater? I would think that is standard, depending on how old the theater is." It is offered out of hand, simply his understanding, but he presses the point as he begins moving in that direction, "Why is it suspect - no witnesses saw anyone leaving the building?" As if that could be an answer, or to at least lead into why the investigators believe it important enough to point out. If unstopped, he'll move over and look down as well, hopefully junior investigator #1 is still holding a flashlight and pointing it down into the hole. He fights the urge to spit into it.

"Come see for yourself." Says the chief.

When Kurt looks down into the hole, he realizes why it's suspect. It's a shiny metal tube descending somewhere around 60 feet (deeper than the flashlights can penetrate) and it's untouched. The trap door had a special locking mechanism that sealed it from the inside and would use some form of remote to unlock it from the outside.

Havok also approaches and looks down, he resists the urge to drop something, or spit into the tube to see how deep it goes.

Nightcrawler knows what comes next, the two of them descending into that darkness. "Okay, we'll see what this is, but I'll need this area kept clear of others," an eye to Havok indicated so he can teleport them back if there is any trouble and he just wants a safe spot for that return. Moving closer, he grins more to Alex as well, letting his canines show, "Grab a flashlight boss," suggesting, if you need it. He bends over and takes the ladder going down head first, his tail tries to stay clear of the rungs behind him so as it doesn't get stepped on. The procession will be slow, he doesn't want to rush into anything and he'll pay attention to the tunnel for things like markings of who made it and such.

As Kurt starts his descent, the chief yells, "Look out!" as he points back toward the center of the theater.

That's when the heroes hear in an Australian accent, "Give it to em, 'Lanche."

The ruckus that follows is a mix of resonate vibrations and the earth shaking as Avalanche casts a wave of force/earthquake that washes over the two heroes and two bystanders.

The room becomes illuminated by the red/yellow colors of flame as Pyro casts a huge ball of flame out toward the heroes.

Havok is thrown across the stage into the brick wall in the rear. At the same time, he was engulfed in the flame and got singed (damage taken) from the intense heat. His unifom gave him some protection so he only took 20 from the wave and 30 from the fire leaving him 55 health left. This is gonna get ugly.

In the tube, he is out of range of the flames above, but Nightcrawler is right in the midst of the vibrations from Avalanche. Holding his ground as best he can, he uses a mix of the rungs, the walls, his tail, his wall crawling to prevent himself from falling any further. For his turn, he regains his composure and moves in further for this turn. His plan of action is to take initiative in the coming rounds by seemingly going out of the action. If either come for the tube, he'll teleport to his rally point before they hit him for more damage.

Meanwhile Havok rolls to his side and upon his knees and takes aim while yelling, "Kurt, you good? We've got two targets, Avalanche and Pyro!" then there's a FOOOOOOOM that resonates through the theater as Havok releases his plasma charge toward Avalanche.

Having been missed by Havok's plasma, Avalanche laughs and moves to the side. Another wave of vibration is released but not at Havok this time, more at the brick wall behind him. Avalanche intends to drop the wall on the hero.

Pyro calls out in his accent, "Time ta toss a worm on the barby." and Kurt will see the flames of Pyro reaching down into the tube in the shape of a hand with the full intention of burning. <since Kurt has a saved phase, when teleporting he can take the initiative and avoid said attack>

As soon as he sees the flames, Nightcrawler teleports to his safe point and from there, he'll proceed with a second Bamf towards Pyro where he will attempt a punch and then Bamf towards some shadows to hopefully gain some cover.

Finding safety, and having hit Pyro, Kurt decides that should be his target - as Avalanche and Havok seem to be squaring off. For his sequence, he'll try to grab Pryo (attack), if he misses, he'll make another attack, then teleport. If he has Pyro, his goal will be the tube, drop him off - let him grab rungs and try to scrabble back up. If he doesn't have the Pyro, he'll teleport away from the flames and ready his last teleport as defense. (attack, attack, teleport)

Seeing that his assault on the brick wall behind Havok fails, he decides that he'll just outright target the hero. Avalanche stands at the foot of the stage and casts his vibrational wave toward Havok.

Since Havok is staggered, he will not be acting this round.

Pyro looks around behind himself to see Kurt punching against his armor and he takes no damage. The villain laughs and twists around taking a step back to release the flames directly toward Kurt. <but again, kurt has the option to port away>

Kurt teleports away and makes an attempt to get closer to Havok, seeing he is staggered - he'll get to within arm distance if feasible.

Avalanche smiles as he sees both heroes in the same 'area'. And since his attack is area effect. "Now you gone and screwed up. I'm gonna take you both down."

His hands clasp once again and he discharges his wave of resonace. It will be cast along the stage with the idea of smashing/slamming Kurt/Alex against the brick wall.

Havok gets to his feet and starts moving to the side along the wall of the back of the stage. Hopeing to take cover in the wings for the next round, but in transit he will blast toward Avalanche, "Not today, bucko."

With a FOOOOOM, the plasma streaks across the stage and the theater to impact against the far wall doing more structural damage.

Pyro yells, "Foolish X-Men, don't you know when you're outmatched?!?" then will blast his cone of flame toward the area that Havok and Nightcrawler are within (area effect attack 30pt attack).

Kurt tries to get to get out of the way, but the flames come to quick and engulf the heroes.

As the flames beging to dissipate, Kurt proceeds with his intention, grabbing onto Havok, he teleports the two out of the building and back to the front. The flames disappear into purple that fades into nothing.

Outside the building, "Ok boss, plan is failing, do we call for backup now … and clear the area before they realize where we are?"

Not dizzy, Havok stands there a moment and braces himself against Kurt or the nearest wall or dumpster. "Dude…" he says in a weakened voice, "The men are still in there. Got to get them out."

Giving a pat to Havok, Nightcrawler nods, "I'm on it, don't shoot anything until I get back," and that said, he prepares an teleport. Grabbing two men will probably put him to nearly vomitting himself, but he'll make the effort. His plan is to teleport to where last the fire chiefs where, move to touch them and teleport out (teleport, attack, teleport - he'll use his fourth attack if he misses grabbing them or needs to spend one movement to search for them).

Kurt will notice during his teleportation that Pyro and Avalanche were quickly moving to the tunnel entrance. Pyro was already moving within and starting his descent.

Coming back with the two men, Kurt is stumbling nearly as much as Havok. Not from damage so much but all the teleporting he has done with additional travellers. "Alex," he begins, "They're going for the tunnel - try to stop them before they seal it, or regroup then try to open it?"

"Let them go. We'll get backup and follow them." he says, making the call that will likely save the heroe's asses. Even though he really, really wants to go in after them.

Situation: Havok and Nightcrawler away on X-Factor business. They came upon the El Octiva, formerly a dinner theater serving as loft apartments, with three stories above the theater level for current living spaces. Now it is the burnt out husk of a structure with brick and metal still standing, skeletal in some places. Fire crews outside, it was originally cleared to deal with the fire - now there is a new circle outside of that ring, clearing the area for potential mutant hazard (as in, a recent fight has occured and the 'good guys' say the bad guys are still at large).

Nightcrawler is catching his breath as Havok had sent out a call for help in the area. First to X-Factor but then to other X-Channels, the two needing assistance, two suspects at large - Pryo and Avalanche, both known to associate with The Brotherhood. As Kurt leans against a well, he offers to the recoperating Alex, "You know, if we don't get a response soon, we'll have to go check out that tunnel ourselves - just to secure the area." They are official government reps, it falls on their shoulders to do their job.

Havok has found a place against a brick wall where he can lean against (back to) and his head down while he recovers. He smiles at Kurt's remark and groans, "How did I know you were going to say that? Can't I just blast down the tube and hope it takes them out?"

With a humph of a chuckle from Nightcrawler, he looks at his boss, "Because if I didn't, you know Val would have something to say about it." Looking around, taking a few deeper breaths of air, trying to catch some of the less charred kind in his lungs, he adds, "Blasting down is definitely a good first step, I'll give you that. Just, you know, don't blast away all the rungs - cause I'm not gonna carry you to the bottom when it gets to that point."

"Yeah yeah." Havok replies and follows with, "Val will definitely have something to say about it. So give me a minute to catch my breath. Hopefully those goons won't have a back way out. Otherwise they would have used it to get in."

Fortunately, the X-Man known as Archangel wasn't in the middle of anything more important than his daily self-loathing session. Sequestered in one of his more centrally-located high rise apartments, Archangel is distracted from his reverie by the beep of his official X-Men communicating doodad. He plugs an earphone in and begins changing into his 'costume' as he gets brought up to speed. "Yeah, I'll be there in a minute. But I'm not sure what good I'll be…". And with that, he's out the door, onto the private balcony that he paid such an exorbitant fee to have installed on the outside of the building. A dramatic spread of his wings, followed by a swift downward push and he launches up into the sky, in roughly the correct direction.

"Or hopefully, its not their super secret lair and they have a bajillion traps waiting for us," responds Kurt towards the sarcastic, then, a smile crosses his face. "Actually, that would sort of be cool." In his mind, he's probably imagining death rays, lasers, saw blades and himself doing arial maneuvers to get through it all - maybe with a sword in hand and a dame in the other. Still, he says to Havok, "I guess that's are signal to go look at the door of that tunnel." He calls back through the comsys, "Good to hear mein freund, just follow the smoldering cloud to our location," a chuckle and he offers a hand to Alex before heading back into the remains of the theater and the tunnel they discovered.

Taking the offered hand, Havok is pulled from the wall and goes for the whole 'second wind' aspect of the scene. He hears the radio message from Angel and he starts plotting the entry. He vocalizes his plan while walking toward the theater entrance, "Angel's wings deflect attacks pretty good and they have these neuralizing feathers. Excellent. He's going to be in front. Kurt, you take the rear and I'll stay in the middle. We're taking these jerks down."

A flash of something shiny several meters above skyscraper level is all that anyone on the ground is likely to see of the rapidly approaching figure in the air. But from Archangel's perspective, the details on the ground are perfectly clear to his enhanced vision. But enhanced vision isn't that much of a help when there's a highly visible plume of smoke rising from the ground. Via the communicator, he calls out "No sign of hostiles from up here, I'm touching down." And he does just that, collapsing his wings against his back in order to do a rapid nose dive toward the ground. It's only when he's less than thirty meters above ground level that he allows his wings to suddenly spread, slowing him down to a more leisurely descent. His feet lightly hit the ground a good ten meters from the bedraggled duo's position.

Nightcrawler nods to Havok, "Got it, we'll capture them, no escape." Affirming the plan as the two beging to make their way to the theater. That is just as Archangel arrives in a flash, or thereabouts, and as his wings open, revealing himself and then he lightly touches down; Kurt smiles to the arrival. "We're pretty sure the current threat is holed up in a tunnel that was discovered in the theater."

As if to affirm, Hovak nods once, "Ya, glad you answered the call. We could use you on the forward as we descend." Like his general short, concise self, he leaves explaining at that.

Moving closer to Archangel, Kurt offers more, "Its a metal tunnel under the building, don't know where it goes, its off the infrastructure. We can only see about 60' down with flashlights. No one had a chance to explore yet. It could be magnetically locked, but I think we can figure that out and get in there." He then proceeds towards the theater inside.

The theater is burned out, there is structural damage - not just the initial fire, damage from Avalanche and what looks like an Alex sized dent in one brick wall near the back of the stage. The tunnel is there, with a metal covering as was indicated. It is more evident with all the seats burned out.

One couldn't have chosen a mutant less likely to enjoy being in a tunnel, but Archangel doesn't betray his displeasure at the prospect of going underground. "We'd better hurry if we're going to catch up." A leap and a stretch of his wings, and he's right above the tunnel. As he lands beside the interest, he pauses to appraise the tunnel. Only now when faced up close with the prospect does he actually look reluctant to enter. However, one of his wings suddenly flashes, slicing in front of him with a swift fluid motion. His wings retract once again, and Archangel bends forward, lifting up the cover (and the bit of tunnel that he cut through) as thought it were nothing.

While Havok simply follows along, sticking to his plan, Kurt moves closer to the tunnel as well. As Archangel slices through it, he looks up at the other, "That's one way to slice a pizza, ja. I guess we don't have to pick it after all." He looks over, his eyesight limited, he nods, "Yep, still a ladder, going down as far as I can see. Maybe we should save the blasting until we know there's someone to hit." The suggestion to Alex is received with a nod. He steps back then to let Archangel go first, hopefully not only can he withstand more damage, but his better eyesight could reveal something they don't see.

With better eyesight, it would probably be apparent the ladder goes down maybe 100' tops then turns into a slight spiral stair that goes down to another door. One might guess this is an old hidden fall out shelter, with a few updates since the 50's added in for measure.

Archangel stands at the top of the tunnel, peering down for a few seconds. "It's probably clear." And without wasting any time, he does a pencil dive into the mouth of the tunnel. After he clears the mouth, his wings expand. A shower of sparks illuminates the area around Warren as his wings scrape along the sides of the tunnel, slowing his descent. It's not the most subtle or cautious of approaches, and creates a very loud fingernail-on-chalkboard noise that can probably be heard by anyone in the tunnel. The noise suddenly stops as he hits the floor. His voice can be heard both over the communicator and from deep within the tunnel. "It was clear." He looks around, appraising the situation. "There's another staircase, and then a door. I'll wait until you guys get down here to check it out."

Aside from holding ears, Havok and Kurt don't comment on the noise. Pyro and Avalanche already knew they were here so sneaky approach is already ruled out. Before long they both descend the long ladder well and are at the landing of the small spiral stair facing a large metal door to the old facilities. Its apparent it has been updated, there is even a camera watching the entrance here. No traps pop up from here though, if the expected company to make it this far, the surprise must be inside at least. Moving toward the spiral and the door, Kurt offers, "You gonna try the slice and dice again, or want we should check it first for tampering?" Suggesting who knows what they could of done, but if the fence might be electric, at least throw something metal at it to check before using body parts. Havok will do just that, throw something metal at it and feel secure its not trapped.

Content that the door is (probably) not trapped. Archangel slices it. His wings carve a couple of slices through the door, and then he kicks the pieces out of the way. As soon as the door is clear, he wraps his wings around himself covering up the majority of his front. "Okay… I'll take point." He advances through the now empty doorway, taking semi-careful strides forward.

As soon as the door is sliced, alarms are triggered. The annoying sort, loud, repeatative and with bleeping red lights. Havok nods as the wings are folded over Archangel, "Let us know what you see," though he's right behind the X-man all the same. Kurt takes up the rear, "See, we should of checked the door locks for alarms." As if that needed to be said.

The inside of the at first appears to be a living room/kitchen open design with a few doors heading off - presumably sleeping areas and bathrooms. It is pretty nice actually, Warren worthy even, luxurious aside from beign 100' under ground. There is a nice HDTV 80"+ hooked up to a console as if Pyro and Avalanche had been playing games before this all happened. That doesn't make too much sense because if this was their actual hideout, it was pointless to burn down the building above this.

As though oblivious to the alarms, Archangel continues to advance. He allows the wings to part slightly in front of his face, giving him a better viewing window. "Looks like they've already gone. We should spread out and see if we can find anything." He retracts his wings, and appears to be ready to do just that, when suddenly he pauses "Wait… if they're…" For the first time since he arrived his expression changes. Unfortunately it's to an expression of panic. "We're idiots! We've got to get out of here now!"

Realizing that Angel's senses are far greater than his own, Havok turns to Nightcrawler, "Get us topside!" he intones ready to be teleported again.

Doing as requested, Kurt seems to follow some too. Not completely - perhaps expecting a fire filled chamber or something. Still, he reaches hands for both men and then does what he does, teleports.

Avalanche does indeed start the walls rumbling as Kurt reaches to grab the other two. So long as neither resists, he can pull off a teleport, but he's nearly spent fatigue wise after this one.

A light tug, followed by a sensation that can only be described as 'unpleasant', and Archangel is suddenly no longer inside the bunker. Instead he's standing on the ground, feeling intense vibration beneath his feet. As soon as the port is over, he immediately collapses, supporting himself on his hands and knees. As the shocks from Avalanche's earthquake ripple through his body, he empties the contents of his stomach on the ground in front of him. All told, the process from rematerializing to vomitting takes only a few seconds.

Havok quickly blinks, and has a firm grasp on the contents of his stomach. Though he looks away from Angel's proceedings. Then he notes the rumblings from below, "Damn, that was close. Thanks Kurt."

Nightcrawler falls over himself, this one too much even for him. Not holding his stomach, but exhausted. He nods and looks to Alex, "There has to be another way out if he's collapsing the facilities. We have any way to scan for that stuff?" Its beyond his abilities, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth a shot.

A bit shakily, Warren stands to his feet. A gloved hand is wiped across his mouth, as he steps over the puddle of what looks like it used to be salad. "They've got to still be near is Avalanche is using his power. I'll take to the sky and see if they're above ground." Once again, his metal wings unfold dramatically, and he launches himself up into the air. He ascends almost straight vertically for the first hundred meters before heading forward in a tight search pattern.

Havok will glance to Angel, nods and says, "Careful." then will watch him depart as he comments, "The East River is a few blocks from here, they may be getting away in some Brotherhood Sub."

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