2012 02 20 New And Old Warriors

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New and Old Warriors

Yishi, Night Thrasher

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Combat Enhancement Center, New Warriors Base

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Yishi is working out and training and ends up meeting the founder of the New Warriors. They talk and plan to collaborate.


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Most of the time, the 'New Warrior' called Yishi would be just as comfortable practicing in the gymnasium as in the Combat Enhancement Center. Her abilities and her practice of them has little to do with needing reinforced walls or anything like that. But it is only here that the combat drones operate. So at the moment, here is where she can be found.

Yishi is the smallest of the New Warriors, being shorter than even Firestar. Her gifts don't grant her great strength or speed. Indeed, her physical capabilities are entirely 'normal', even if she is highly trained as a martial artist. She has tried to prepare herself for 'superheroics' by using Telemetry's knowledge of New Warriors technology to develop a lightweight armored suit, and carrying telescoping battle batons as weapons. But the greatest thing she brings to the table in any conflict is her mind, and her training. So she works hard to hone both, which is why she is here today.

The small, darkly armored figure flits about inside the cavernous space of the Combat Enhancement Center, engaging and disengaging with a dozen different combat remotes - vaguely humanoid robots - while dodging attacks launched by other systems: energy blasts from wall- and roof-mounted turrets, bean-bags from other launchers, and more. This particular scenario appears to be predicated on needing to get from 'point A' to 'point B' and tapping the big red button to end the simulation. She is, perhaps, a third of the way through at the moment.

Dwayne had been in the control area of the Combat Enhancement Center. Apparently all of his training regimens had not been ported over to the new base, though he wouldn't expect them to be. So, Dwayne has been busy recreating them or creating new ones for his own enrichment. Dwayne was oblivious to what was going on in the Enhancement Center until he tried to load one of his training programs and he was informed that the room was occupied and in use. With a curious hmmm, Dwayne leads the control room and enters the larger room that Yishi inhabits presently. Dwayne had been in the control room dressed for action, as he planned to leap directly into his training upon completing his programs. So, as Night Thrasher, Dwayne stands by the exit looking at the exercise routine being run.

Small as she is, Yishi knows how to build up the momentum of her compact, agile frame and deliver that force efficiently, all of her momentum and strength directed into very tight delivery which is effective even against the combat drones. But the most exceptional thing to see, when watching her fight the simulation, is the way she seems to flow into just the right spot, time after time, to avoid an oncoming attack from one of the turrets. And she will often knock the drone she is fighting into the way of those shots as a way to use that power against them. At first glance, she would almost seem possessed of preternatural bursts of speed. But watching carefully, Night Thrasher likely has skill and experience enough to read the truth: she isn't moving incredibly fast for brief periods, but instead starts moving in response to the attack almost before it is attempted.

Thrasher stands there with his arms crossed over his chest. He is, indeed, observing Yishi in her practice session. He is also observing what she's doing. There's only so much information that can be gained from reading a computer file and listening to a quick recount from a teammate. As Yishi moves about, Night Thrasher moves around the room to get the best possible vantage point to observe Yishi do what she does.

Given what Dwayne has already been told by Angelica, it is unlikely Yishi is unaware of his presence or observation. But she does not halt the scenario or acknowledge him in any way. Instead, she simply continues through the exercise. It takes her nearly ten minutes - a grueling workout for someone without superhuman physical abilities, to maintain that level of constant physical activity and exertion against multiple opponents and targets - to cross the rest of the distance.

The tiring strain is obvious, as towards the end the small figure is not quite as able to flit out of the way at the right moment, and some of those beanbags and blaster shots get through. The armor she is wearing - a derivative, if unpowered variety, to some of Night Thrasher's own earliest designs - manages to take up enough of the brunt of those shots that she is able to continue, but she stumbles, she staggers, and still she keeps going.

At the end, she sweeps one of the combat remotes and then snap-kicks up from the floor, throwing the thing bodily into the button required to end the scenario. Even so, she takes two more beanbags from floor-mounted turrets as the buzzer sounds. Shaking her head, the small figure rolls to her feet - gracefully enough, given how tired she must be - and then pulls off her helmet, revealing a panting, flushed face of a clearly Chinese-descended young woman. She flicks her eyes towards Night Thrasher momentarily, and after a moment rights herself to bow briefly in his direction. "Hello." she offers, a tad breathlessly.

As Thrasher moves, he makes certain that he stays out of the active field of fire, not wanting to interfere with the other Warrior's training session. Dwayne does notice the uncanny ability to react to things before they happen, in fact he needs to check the computer in his gauntlet to double check that he isn't seeing things. The data his personal computer gives him confirms it. He gives an impressed humph. Thrasher is resting against a random bit of railing around the perimeter of the training area. His palms rest against railing and he leans back against it. As Yishi wraps up the training, he pushes forward off of the railing. He crosses his arms over his chest and leans back against the railing now. When he is greeted, he nods in response, "Hello there. Impressive moves."

The unmasked young woman gives a little grimace that might be an attempt at a self-deprecating smile. "Not so impressive, towards the end. But thank you." She regards him carefully, and then say, "I presume you are 'Night Thrasher'? At the least, the markings on your armor match what I've seen in the database. Telemetry showed me." Truth be told, she doesn't know much if any of the history of the team to which she has been recruited. Only that there were others, and then there were not. That Angelica and Telemetry joined, and then Telemetry recruited her. Then all of them brought in Darklight. "I saw the email you sent." she acknowledges.

Dwayne nods in acknowledgement, "Yeah, I'm Night Thrasher." He unfolds his arms and holds out a hand for Yishi to shake in greeting. Dwayne then comments, "And it was impressive up until the end. It was a pretty grueling exercise and you got the end, impressive." He offers a slight smile.

Yishi bobs her head, accepting his words and the sentiments attached. She'd like to do better, but she can accept that she still did well, considering. She steps closer and accepts the offered hand. "I am using 'Yishi'." she acknowledges. She hasn't fully adapted to the use of 'codenames' yet. The name - the word - means 'Awareness', if Dwayne has the Chinese linguistics to recognize it. "Doing a scenario like this without the armor was impossible for me. So I'm glad I'm adapting to using it. In the field too, when I can."

"Yishi." Dwayne repeats, getting the linguistic significance. He offers a nod, takes a step back and releases her hand. Thrasher says with a slight smile, "Believe me, I understand that feeling. There was a reason that I designed my armor, afterall. I needed the leg-up that it provided me." He gives an appraising look at what she wears, "Design it yourself, too?"

The young woman - a girl, really - snorts and shakes her head. "Me, design? I can sew my own clothes. But no way I could design armor. Telemetry helped me adapt something from early designs of yours she found in the computers. Lightweight, flexible, highly resistant." She shrugs a bit. "They wanted an investigator. And I'm learning. But I wanted to help. In the field. So we're working on this, too." She seems at least aware of her own limitations, if grudgingly.

Dwayne smiles at what she says, "Than perhaps I can help you improve upon its design to best suits your needs." He gestures to himself with a thumb to his chest, "What worked for me in my earlier designs, may not be what works for you." He pauses, "And your an investigator? That's great-" he admits, "-because I'm currently working on something that could use another investigator's eyes. I will have to drag you into it."

"If you don't mind helping out, that would be great. It's not my forte." Yishi can understand there would be differences between them. If nothing else, they aren't built remotely the same beyond both being human, and they probably don't fight the same either. "Well. I am … an investigator in training. My talents seem to lend themselves well to noticing evidence and finding patterns. I'm studying the rest." Clearly, Yishi is a humble one, trying not to presume, nor to paint herself as better than she really is. "Whatever I can do to help, I'm happy to do. Telemetry is rather good as well, especially with computer forensics and data retrieval." And anyone with any sense can see how important that is to modern investigations.

Thrasher says, "I do not mind at all. I kind of enjoy tinkering." He gestures at the armor, "Probably upgrade the range of motion and fluidity of the joints. Help you move easier, just as an example." He crosses his arms over his chest, "I am sure you'll fit in well with the New Warriors. Your skills will do well in fighting crime. For instance; I'm investigating an arms trade right now. You could come in handy." He gestures over his shoulder with a jerk of his head, "As for Telemetry, I haven't met her yet. I look forward to it, though."

Yishi bows her head slightly. "A bit more fluidity, if it can be managed, would be helpful. I am not unfit, but the longer I have to keep going, the better it would be if it weren't quite so hard to get myself moving. I'm not physically superhuman." It's just a wry little twist to her lips. She is clearly an excellent, very well trained martial artist. But she knows what she can be up against out there, and has probably faced it even without that armor. She'll take all the help she can get. "Whatever I can do to help with your case, you'll have it." She glances around. "Would you like to use the room, now? I can vacate so that you can start up your own sims."

Thrasher offers a nod, "I'll work up some sketches and schematics, to see if I can improve upon the armor you guys have come up with." He gives a second nod at the offer of help, "I'll drag you into my investigation when I figure out my next step." He then gestures over his shoulder with a jerk of his head towards the control area for the simulation room. Dwayne says, "I was just going to see if I retranslated my training programs from the old HQ."

Yishi bows. "Then I will leave you to start testing your sims. When you are ready to go over your case, send me a message. I'll get back with you as quickly as I can. It is a pleasure to meet you." That said, the diminutive armored form jogs from the combat simulation room, closing the door behind her. Telemetry could help him tune the simulation if the translation is imperfect. Yishi isn't quite so good. She gets the blonde ex-USAF programmer to build her sims for her.

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