2012 02 20 Coffee Talk 73

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Coffee Talk

Cattail, Empath, and Richenda Gray

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February 20, 2012

The Coffee Shop

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Empath shows up to the shop and meets Cattail and Richenda


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Harley and Chenda are in a coffe shop, called "The Coffee Spot". It is a hole in the wall in a rundown section of street not too far from the library. The front has very little window frontage, and most of that is taken up with band posters and the like. Inside it is obviously a converted space, with most of it being stairs going up and stairs going down. Cast iron rails and old marble stair treads worn in the middle. No two pieces of furniture match, and there are books and games there. The books are advertised as "Take one if you want to read it, leave one if you are done reading it." The two women are in a small area tucked under the front staircase, with a ceiling height of about six feet, and the table they are at butts up against the front wall, with a tiny sliver of window over their table that overlooks the ankles of passing people on the street. To get to theire table, one has to duck under a section of ducting. Harley and Chenda re talking, "Yeah. My Mom is obsessed. Dad is crazy…but Mom makes him look positively sane when it comes to working out. She never skips a day. Ever. Dad says she worked out on their honeymoon."

Harley is dressed in a pleated black and scarlet tartan skirt, with a white blouse, red tie, and a black cardigan. She's wearing her hair pulled back into twin afro-puffs and has big hoop earrings on. Chenda is in jeans…and other clothes.
"That's one unusual mom," Chenda says, rubbing her chin. "But folks is folks, as Dad used to say." She's clad in her usual flared-leg denims, a cropped women's football jersey in purple and black (Cauldrondale Greymaulkins, #13), and a worn, heavy black hoodie against the too-familiar New York chill. "Is she a fitness instructor or something?"

Stopping outside the Coffee Spot, a bespectacled young Spaniard with lens that are dark stops outside and peers in. His arm is in a sling and he limps with a bandage wrapped around his head. Despite the apparent injuries, he is dressed very well. Due to recent events, Manuel de la Rocha has opted not to hit his usual haunts and so finds the quaint off-the-wall shop a perfect spot for a bite to eat and possible entertainment. Having difficulty opening the door, he sighs a moment as a gruff New Yorker who seems to be rushing along suddenly stops and feels the need to assist Manuel. “Gracias” He offers when he makes his way in. Looking around, he spies both Harley and Richenda. Both women he has met on different occasions, he eyes Richenda in particular having her through Nightcrawler. He ponders his options, but due to his injuries, finds some use in being around others. Moving slowly towards them, he stops short of the ducting area, “Hello…Harley, right? And Richenda? Was it?”

Harley shakes her head, "No. She's a researcher. A sound body is the foundation of a sound body. So…she totally made us work out every day of our lives." She chuckles and shrugs, "So…I have inherited most of that crazy. But I'm not going to do genetics. Forensics is my gig. And I acutally get paid to work out. Unlike my…" She pauses and lowers her head to look across the short ceilinged section at Manuel, "Um. Yeah. Have we met?"

She blinks and leans down, looking at the source of the voice that just mentioned her name. He /does/ look a little familiar. "I'm Chenda, yes. Manuel, wasn't it?" she asks, wincing faintly and touching her forehead, as if given a sudden slight headache.

Attemping to join them as he hobbles along, “Yes it is Manuel. I met you in Salem Center at Harry’s. You were with Kurt and I was with my friend, Tom, the British kid with glasses.” He offers a smile and looks to Harley, “And we met at the E and E Grill House. Mike was there. The rockstar guy.” He then look at the small table, “Would you mind if I joined you both?”

"Oh. That's right." As soon as Harley recognizes him she frowns a bit, then looks over at Cheda. The wincing makes her frown intensify and she turns back to almost glare at Manuel, "So. What happened to you. You weren't beat up like that when we ran into each other before. You get beat up for fucking with the wrong person?"

"Yeah… I'm sorry, I'm having a hard time remembering that," Chenda murmurs apologetically, rubbing her forehead and looking at Manuel more closely. "Wow. Were you in a car crash or something?" she has to ask, hearing Harley's own question but trying to be diplomatic.

A momentary pause and Manuel suddenly seems hurt. His expression seems pained but not physically when he responds to Harley, "No, I didn't get hurt for fucking with the wrong person. My father was assassinated and his killer kidnapped me and tortured me for a few days." He gestures to a barista for a menu, "No problem with not remembering. How is Kurt nowadays? I haven't seen him since then." He asks Chenda when he receives the menu and ponders his options.

Harley's frown intensifies at Manuel's story. She grinds her teeth and lips together as she contemplates him for a long moment or four, then she says, "Sure. You can have a seat." She continues to study him in a rather intense fashion, as if she was going to be tested about every aspect of his dress and injuries.

Chenda, hearing that, is silent for a long moment, a strange, still look passing over her face. "My God…" she murmurs at last, slipping around the edge of the table to stand and hug the man tightly, half-stranger or not. "I'm so sorry for your loss."

Surprised and pleased by the hug, he gives Chenda a quick half hug back. Taking the seat, Manuel offers, "Thank you for the sincere condolences. It is appreciated." He lets out a sigh and continues, "I probably won't be here too long. I have a car to pick me up." He orders a coffee and quick sandwich to go. "So how have you, ladies, been?"

Harley looks rather surprised and more than rather curious about the hug. Once it is over and Manuel has a seat she shrugs, "Better than you I guess. That was a pretty awful string of events. Who was your father? How long ago did this happen? Have they caught the killer?"

"It's nothing. I know what it's like to lose family," Chenda replies softly, reclaiming her seat. "I'm okay. I'd tell you how Kurt is, but he's overseas at the moment. Wish I could've gone."

Smiling at the barrage of questions, Manuel then looks to Harley after the barrage of questions, “My father is…” He pauses and sighs, “ was…<Insert name of Spanish royal>. It was last month. The killer has not been caught. But it is being taken care.” He offers that last bit with a shade of certainty and hint of danger. He then looks to Chenda, “Ah well…I think I will be seeing him soon from what I heard.” His order is brought to him and the barista offers it free of charge. Manuel nods his head and looks back to the women, “So how do you two know each other?”

"Your father was <Insert name of Spanish royal>? Really?" Her brain clicks into overdrive as she begins looking at Manuel in a whole new light while processing all the tidbits of news on the subject that she had catalogued and archived at home. She looks from Manuel to Chenda and then back to Manuel, "She is my best friend."

"I hope he /is/ caught," Chenda murmurs fiercely. "Maybe Kurt can help you with him, if you end up going after him." She nestles in next to Harley, trying to smile. "We kind of ran into each other once. Harl's a great friend."

“Yes, he was my father.” With his order on the table in a to-go bag, Manuel receives a text message on his cellphone. He nods to himself as he looks out the window to see a car waiting for him. He stands up and then nods to both ladies, “Well, then it was nice to meet a lovely pair of best friends.” He winks to Chenda, “I’m sure I will be seeing Kurt again soon and maybe he can help me. I am also sure I will be seeing you soon too. Goodbye Richenda. Goodbye Harley” With that he grabs the bag and makes his way out to the waiting car.

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