2012 02 19 Phanties

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Mockingbird, the Phantasm, and Sandman

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February 19, 2012

The Docklands

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Down time between fights.


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With there being a momentary respite between mystical attacks, Sandman stands outside the temporary medbay to await news on
Mockingbird who had been knocked out during battle with Dulb, one of the Fomore gods. Once again, he smokes a cigarette as the quiet in the misty fens begins to unnerve him ever so. Quiet nights are sometimes more dreadful than an action packed battle.
As Sandman waits, an avian figure pops into existence out of nowhere. It seems at some point since his run in with Sandy and Vizh he blinked out for a bit. The bird glances to his wings and mutters a bit of a curse as he shakes his feathered head. The head tucks down and Phantasm grows quiet.

Mockingbird was knocked out cold for more than a little while, but when she just gets up and casually leaves the medbay she acts like it's no big deal. Still in costume, her booted feet crunch softly on the turf as she approaches Sandy. "Those things'll kill you, y'know." she offers, meaning the cigarettes. "So what'd I miss?"

Shrugging his shoulder to the bird, “So what are you exactly? A mutant or some kind magic thin’ like the Fomore?” Sandman takes a longer drag as he smiles when the bird but at the sound of the crunch on the turf and the pretty lady telling him about the cigarette he absent-mindedly flicks in away. Coincidently at the bird, when he goes to pick up his teammate, “Forget what you missed…we missed you. Vizh, Phantasm and I fought a big ass bull…but more importantly, how are you?”

Phantasm's form shifts, switching back to the more human-like form of the hoodie wearing figure with the fixed patch of darkness in place of where his facial features should be. "Uh. A byproduct maybe?" The man looks towards Mockingbird. "Hey. Feeling better?"

Mockingbird shrugs, her attention diverted to the bird for a moment. "Yeah. I feel like I've got a really bad hangover, but okay otherwise." she replies. Offering a small smile to both, the form-shifting raven keeping her curiosity occupied, she adds. "So what's a girl got to do to get a cup of coffee around here?"

“Already on it, bird.” Sandman uses the access to alert the WHO staffers to bring the coffee for the Avengers and then looks to Phantasm, “Can you even eat or drink anything? Ya kinda got more of a ghost thin’ goin’ on than Vizh. Though he is the top ghost.” Sandman looks about to see if the Vision heard him and then looks to Bobbi, “So ya know Phantasm, or as his friends call him Phanties.” He chuckles.

There's a bit of a chuckle coming from Phantasm at Sandman's question, "I can look like I do but once I cease being you'd end up with a mess on the floor from the food and drink having nothing holding it." He glances over to Mockingbird, "And no one calls me that, except for him. Those three syllable names just throw him off."

Mockingbird leans against the back of a chair, folding arms over her chest. She looks curiously at the apparent image, now, and she smirks. "Well it's nice to meet you, Phantasm." she replies politely enough. The grin is flashed over to Sandy as she continues. "Oh, I wouldn't say that. He does well enough with 'Mockingbird', so long as he's not asked to spell it." Wink.

“Hardee har har.” Sandman offers slowly, “Buncha bird brains.” He smiles when the WHO agents arrive with coffee for Mockingbird and Sandman. One of them states in a proper British accent, “When in Rome, do as the Romans. When in London, do as the Londoners. We prefer tea to coffee.” He notes the flicked cigarette, “And please do something about the fag.” Sandman blinks and then goes to pick up the butt of the cigarette he flicked earlier. “I’ll never get used to how they talk here.”

"Very good, Baker." The former bird replies, giving a bit of a congradulatory tone to the praise, "A bunch of bird brains who saved your ass." Oh such a cheerfully sarcastic tone before he looks back over to Mockingbird. "So, with us not actually fighting anyone at the moment, what's the deal with the hunting people thing?"

Mockingbird accepts the coffee eagerly, cupping the mug in both hands. Feeling the heat through the mug, she blows on it before taking a sip. "Thanks, man." she replies to the Brit. "Tea is great, but we Americans are used to hardship." Sandy and Phantasm get a coy wink at that. "The deal with the hunting people? I was still trying to sort that out when I got my block knocked off."

Disposing of the cigarette correctly, Sandman plops himself down on a chair right next to Mockingbird, “Who knows. That Alistaire guy says the Fomore are trying to take back this world or somethin’ . I guess they used to rule here and humans were their slaves or somethin’. Want to either eat us or rule us or both.” He shrugs, “Plus there is someone pullin’ their strings too.”

"Well, that's… some type of fucked up." Phantasm comments, shaking his head. Too bad his features aren't really present to actually guage any emotion from, "Guess I could swing by here during the times I can." He looks to the coffee, a bit lingeringly long for someone who can't drink or eat.

Mockingbird looks thoughtful, sipping her coffee slowly. "Yes, there's definitely someone else pulling the strings, here. And I can't believe they've been pissed off at humans for all this time, and are only just now expressing themselves." Shaking her head slowly, she adds. "Some basic research into the Fomors might prove interesting, in any case."

“Where else ya gotta be? We all got lives, but part of the super-hero thing…is puttin’ it on hold to deal with crap like this.” Sandman shrugs and looks to Mockingbird, “Vizh is gonna do his smart computer brain thing and the scientists are doin’ their thing. And the mystic are doin’ their thing too. Turns out the old team before me fought these guys and won. One of ‘em seemed to have a mad on for The Black Knight too.”

"It's a lot more complicated than having a life." Phantasm replies, hood turning towards Sandman, as he sighs, "Time is not something I have an unending supply of."

Mockingbird nods slowly. "Well we know they bruise and bleed." she offers. "Dulb was tough, but we were able to hurt him and make him angry." Taking a deeper sip, she looks curiously at Phantasm, now, and then back to Sandy. "I think I'm going to go and lie down again, after all. Just because."

“Hey I’ll join ya.” Sandman winks, “In a different bed, I mean.” He stands up, “Well, Phanties, if ya can stick around that would be good. But ya are free to go. Not on the team, so not obligated. Thanks for the help earlier and if WHO or whoever gives ya any trouble, just holler.”

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