2012 02 18 How Sharper Than A Serpent S Tooth

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How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth

Aurora, Empath, Sebastian Shaw, and Shinobi Shaw & new Inner Circle

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February 18, 2012

Upper East Side - New York

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Shinobi attacks the Hellfire Club


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Evening sets into New York City. A relatively quiet night out as most New Yorkers head to Greenwich Village to start the celebration for their three day weekend or stay at home on this chilly wintry evening, Four young mutants, early twenties, appearing rich and dressed in more modern looking apparel compared to the old refinement of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. Appear at the gates of the Hellfire Club. All in separate limos and followed by a van. Shinobi steps out his limo first as he approaches the gate followed by his three compatriots, “So this is where we shall reside. Of course, I shall turn this decrepit sign of old times, so that we rule in a style befitting our youths.” The three gathered him (one male and two females) nod and smile. One of the females (a brunette) speaks first, “And have you despised of your father, just yet or are we simply going to go in and take this place from him?” He smiles and looks to the gate a waits a moment to see if he will be greeted by his father or not.

Intruders. Of course. This is expected. The Black King was called to one of the security suites and updated. The cameras and sensors, even without Emma, Cyberiad lit up like a Christmas tree. Nothing for it then, but to meet this overt challenge head on. Fully aware that Shinobi would not come unless he thought he had an advantage, the elder Shaw has ordered a few guards to discreetly draw lines of sight on his son's companions.

The man himself strides from the front and down the drive, looking for all the world like he is going out for a casual stroll. Hands in the pockets of his winter coat, his expression remains carefully neutral. He speaks as he draws closer, "Shinobi. Son." and the chill air grows even colder.

Aurora suddenly seems to be there, hovering at about second level height of the Hellfire Club, glaring down at Shinobi Shaw, it is only after a few moments of her being there that a gust of wind follows from her ridiculous speed.

“Hello, father.” The three youngsters with Shinobi eye the older man and shakes their head. Reeva offers, “This is the big threat. This old man.” Shinobi raises his hand and she quiets down. Annoyed, but remains quiet. Clearing his throat as if embarrassed by her blurting out has ruined this moment as he has played it out in his head. “Father.” Shinobi offers in as cold tone as the weather outside, “This little squabble should end. So I have come to ask, as in the tradition of how son should ask of his father, for to simply acquiesce and allow me propriety over the Hellfire Club. I would allow you, of course, to continue running Shaw Industries, but the club, the titles, and all that comes with it should come to me.” He gestures behind, “I have found suitable replacements for the old whores and dandies that you have associated with. A group, you would approve of, dear father.” They remain silent and simply await an answer and make no move to attack. Spotting Aurora above, he offers a wink and then looks to his father for a response.

The "old man" actually laughs in response, a short, sharp sound, his lips curving upwards in contempt, like a wolf looking at a rabbit, "So you've brought -new- whores and dandies with you? - Don't be ridiculous, Shinobi. You don't know the first thing about running -my- company, at any rate. Never did pay enough attention in school." That is calculated to make his son feel as he did when he was younger, never quite getting approval…disappointing.

"You think it's that simple? You kidnap a newly-minted and untested Rook, one of -Selene's- pet projects, no less, unleash buffoons from Nordic myth to distract me, and some second-hand tech - because I -know- you didn't build that disruptor yourself and that's that? I'm to cower and step aside for the Young Turk?" Another sneer, "Is -that- how this works, now? And you never -did- answer me before. When did all 'this'," he gestures to his son, "happen? You manifested late, as I did." was that actually a bit of an attempt to reach out? Empathize? Who knows.

Aurora doesn't spend too long regarding Shinobi and his friends, her gaze shifts down to Sebastian Shaw, and in a rather direct and no-nonsense voice she asks vocally enough for Shinobi and his friend to hear, "Mr. Shaw, permission to kill this idiot?"

Visibly disappointed, as his father speaks, Shinobi frowns, “Well, there is something about tradition and keeping in line with you…” whether that is in reference to the whores and dandies or the late blossoming into mutantdom.
“Dismissive of me and yet I still manage a few surprises, Sebastian. You will be happy to know your new rook has been tested between the assassination of his father and the difficulty he put up when being interrogated. You would have been proud…of him. Perhaps, that is what it takes.” He exhales as the three allies seem to grow bored and Benedict steps forward and whispers into Shinobi’s ear. He seems even more upset and speaking sharply, “No. I will deal with him.” Benedict steps back and just looks up to the beautiful Aurora thinking thoughts. When she speaks out of turn as Shinobi, Benedict sets on working on her nervous system with a quick and dreadful sensation of pain.

“Father, I manifested some time ago, it seems as with most of the things in my life. You missed it…” A verbal stab at his father, but revelation of something lacking within himself. “I ask again…politely…I seek the Hellfire Club and all that comes with it. I will even say…please.” As he awaits another response, there is an attempt at a deep sudden sharp strong almost and overwhelming tug on Shaw, the guards, and all present within the property. A deep tug deep as if something or someone is pulling on their heart strings and familiar yet much stronger emotional tug attempting to make them. “What do you say, Father?”

Aurora looks disappointed when Sebastian denies her the chance to kill Shinobi, and slowly she descends to the ground, before her visage twists in pain, looking up, she measures the people looking her way. Benedict is the only one staring intently, so she decides he is the one needs distracting for the pain she's feeling to end, and so in a flash, a bright speck of light brilliantly shimmers to existence right before his eyes, blinding him for a moment before fading. If this causes the pain to cease, Aurora will make it a point to shake her index finger for a 'no-no' to deter Benedict from trying again.

Sebastian is used to this, ironically, his genuine love for his son with the woeful disappointment the young man turned out to be, "You know better than that." he notes, a bit more quietly, but still firmly, "Perhaps a counter-offer. Give up this nonsensical crusade, whatever it is you think you are owed, and come -earn- your place. You will appreciate it more, and can avoid any…unpleasantness…" he pauses, hand moving to his chin, "And if I am being manipulated mentally…" his voice rises in tone, just a touch, "I will find out who is doing so, and kill them. Slowly. With my bare hands." His eyes drift across the assembles backup, promising terrible things.

Benedict falls back as Benazir and Reeva quickly move to comfort him, “Whore how dare you assault him?” Reeva opens her mouth, but no sound comes out as she focuses on Aurora in an attempt to distort reality solely around Aurora making it appear as if Shaw is a demonic priest cursing her.

With the new Inner Circle dealing with the annoying Aurora, Shinobi pauses a moment, “A counter-offer, Father? A chink in the armor that is Sebastian Shaw? But is it genuine and out of some sort of fatherly love or is it something more?” He ponders a moment as he looks to the van and then back to his father as he feels confident the guards and anyone near will not be attacking him anytime soon, “I may choose to accept your offer and end this. Leave the new Inner Circle for when you die…of natural causes…but only if you stand by your word. You are a Shaw! You must stand by your word. Your word is everything.”

With a smile, “You say you will kill the culprit of your manipulation. The reason why matters not. The source of the manipulation is to be killed.” He looks to the new Inner Circle, “You all heard the great Sebastian Shaw say as such.” The metal body of the vain simply falls off to reveal a very tortured, a very weakened, and very beaten form of Manuel de la Rocha, barely alive and hooked up to some sort of metallic crucifix. His eyes glowing as his powers are strengthened and amplified beyond his normal usage. “Father, please do as you say. Kill him…slowly and with your bare hands…the way I killed his father.” A rather jealous smirks appears as Shinobi looks to Empath. As his father had appeared to favor the Spaniard mutant over him, Shinobi’s expression reads as someone who has hated Empath for some time.

Aurora taunts Benedict by blowing him a kiss as he collapses from the sudden flash of light manifesting before his eyes, "he started it, two bit whore," Aurora answers Reeva's outburst, but she doesn't get to end her sentence, as Reeva starts a new assault. One that unbeknownst to Reeva is not only the most effective she could have done, but inadvertently also serves to totally destroy the hold Selene had over the Alpha Flight member. Visage turning pale and aghast, Aurora starts to scurrying away from Sebastian Shaw in panic, before stumbling and falling back.
At that point Aurora holds her hands before her face, and strangely sounding like a little girl, she curls into herself and cries out, "no Father! I did not blaspheme! I promise, I'll be good! Don't…don't lock me in the dark…please, Father!" Then she just breaks down into pitiful crying, rendered completely hepless by whatever it is Reeva did, if she herself can even grasp it.

With Aurora crying on the ground, Benazir helps up Benedict and grins, “Now who is the two-bit whore.” Exhaling as they look to Shinobi, Benazir complains, “Enough of this, Shinobi. Just kill the old man.” Shinobi snaps his fingers and she is silenced again as he awaits his father’s response. Will he choose his son or the Spaniard?

Sebastian's expression darkens as he speaks, slowly, and with great restraint, "You'd have me blame the -gun- instead of the one who -wields- it? You've learned even less than I'd hoped, Shinobi." He points a finger, accusingly, as the three associates, "If I sent someone to put a bullet in the chest or knife in the belly of any of these three, regardless of the agent, it would be -my- hand squeezing the trigger or twisting the blade." His tone makes it very clear this is -not- a hypothetical, he's done it before. "Don't try semantic games with -me-, boy."

Any posturing or façade that Shinobi has put shown up until this point is all but shattered. His father’s choice is made and clear. The words are unheard as all he hears is his father picking someone else over him. There is a mental snap within the young mutant’s head. He turns a moment spying Aurora crying and in tears. His innards are the same, like a spoiled child, he pouts and twitches and then screams and as he shifts into an ethereal form and lunges his hand into his father’s chest in an attempt to literally hurt his father’s heart the way Shaw has emotionally hurt his son’s. The three allies seem confused and unsure of what is happening. They move towards their limos ready to make a quick exit if necessary.

Aurora continues to wail like a little girl, she had stopped pleading with Shaw at this point, despite refering to him as 'Father' which may have lead him to believe she was talking to someone else. Whatever the case, she soon starts to rock herself on the ground, her thumb sticking in her mouth as she doesn't dare look at anyone. It looks quite comical as she's dressed in her rather bold, obviously superhero-styled costume, and yet behaves like a broken child.

Sebastian takes a reflexive step back, arms coming up as if to ward off a blow, but the assault was actually somewhat unexpected and unhoped-for. No man wants to really believe his own son would try to kill him.
How sharper than a serpent's tooth…as sharp as the sudden flare of pain in his chest that blazes a trail of agony across his left arm. The tower of strength that is Sebastian Shaw…falters, a ragged intake of breath and grinding of teeth creases his face as he drops to one knee. A distant part of his mind rolls over the sensation - so unaccustomed! of such pain, and yet he was never soft, even this, he reins in as his legs give out.
And yet, he can -feel- it, his heart thunders along when, by rights, it should be slowing, damnably painful, but he abides.

"Shin-o-bi…how could-? I would have never…" he lets it trail off as he collapses, legs beneath himself, right hand clutching at his chest. A bit of theatrics? Only a bit, but his son musn't realize that while he actually managed to injure him, it isn't as severe as he had likely hoped.

Squeezing with all his might, “Feel the pain, I feel. You have betrayed me!” The others are already in their limo and scream out to Shinobi to leave now. The image of his father down and fallen makes him smile, “I am done with this for now…but the British twit. The Trolls have been unleashed upon on his family. I will kill the empath the way I killed his father. All that is yours…will be mine! You are undone, Sebastian.” With that he makes his escape with the others leaving the crucified Empath and the weeping Aurora. While victory was not completely his, he has delivered a blow, he never truly thought possible and with that…he is gone.

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