2012 02 16 Siryn S Return

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Siryn's Return

Siryn and Havok

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Ready Room, Xavier Mansion

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Siryn confronts Havok with her trip to an alternate reality and informs him of her misadventures with him involved.


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Alex can be found in the ready room, wearing his costume, and making ready for what ever shall come. In reality, he's also going over backlogs of information that transpired while he was off in space. Trying to put pieces together and make sense of current events. An image is on the main screen, Selene, along with Empath, Force, and Alchemy. There is information on the four off to the side of their photographs. Identifying info.

Terry's more familiar with some faces than others. But she also isn't exactly down here to see what he's working on. The redhead pauses in the door after it opens, the sound giving away her arrival. But she isn't entirely sure how he'll respond to her presence. "Hello, Alex," she says softly.

Swiveling in his chair, he looks her over in hopes that Xavier fixed her but won't assume, "Terry, hey. How you feling?". His tone calm, albeit hopeful.

Her smile's faint. "Rather like a bureau whose drawers have been rummaged through and sorted must feel, lad," Terry admits calmly. Her brogue is gentle, her accent still more 'upper class' than before her trip to Muir. "I've seen th' Professor, so ye can put your mind at ease."

Still seated, he leans back in the high tech office chair, "Figured." then is sort of quiet and then follows with, "So, wanna tell me about it?"

"Aye," Terry replies candidly. "But not if it'll make ye feel wick, lad." She comes the rest of the way in and moves to sit in that rather proper upright manner, realizing after a moment that she's doing it and forcing herself to unbend some.

Alex watches her movements, cautious of what she's about to say but more along the lines of being considerate. Once she gets seated he'll tilt his head to the side, raise his chin slightly and say, "I can take it."

"I'm more interested in what exactly ye'd like t' know. There are… " Terry pauses and then looks down at her lap with a faint grin. "Well, let's just say that ye figured rather prominently in that reality." She looks up. "Th' Professor tells me 'twas real, and I am … concerned that if I tell ye too much it'll make workin' t'gether hard."

His brow furrows and the expression of confusion crosses his face, "Other reality?". Alex hasn't been privy to the events other than the subtle hints she gave earlier at Braddock Manor. Even that was confusing to him since he really didn't have context. "You were in another reality?"

"Well, that at least tells me where t' start, then," Theresa replies. She scoots a little in her seat, getting comfortable. Which seems to mean sitting straighter again. "So… I dinnae remember much except answerin' th' phone. I don't know how many days ago that was. When I woke, I was … somewhere else. A rather Victorian England version of 'somewhere else.'" She pauses, perhaps choosing her words carefully. "From what I can tell, ten years of memories of me life there took place in whatever few days things were happenin' on th' Island. Th' details are… let's use the word delicate. But we were far more than friends there." She absently nibbles the corner of her lip. "And given wha' we were sort of… startin' t' be before I left, I really am no' sure how much more t' tell ye."5r

Alex leans forward as she explains, interested, the leader of X-Factor produces a half smile when she mentiones the 'far more than friends' which develops into a larger smile when he asks, "So, you were in an alternate reality… rather, alternate timeline in the 1890s with me and we were like what, married, making puppies?"

"Aye, well… we were definitely breedin', lad," Theresa acknowledges. "But we weren' married." She's trying to decide how best to explain this. "This version of reality would be…. more like a steampunk version. Ye held a household of almost all women. With a full-on harem," she admits to him candidly. "An' let's …. for argument's sake, let's simply call my position "Mistress of the House.""

Alex coughs, not expecting that response at all. He looks down and away and chuckles nervously as she continues to explain. "Oh man…" is finally stated with his imaginator going full bore. "So you, me… and like 36 <random number pulled out of his ass> other women… all to my self? How in the hell did I do it? I can barely handle 3 girls.. I mean 1 girl at a time." with that he smiles.

"Ye had yer favorites," Theresa admits with a grin. She shows no sign of embarrassment, though she does pause, looking at her life from a different perspective. "Honestly? I think ye must have cared a great deal for what we had. I'm the only one ye ever gave babes to." She shrugs. "But I need ye t' understand tha' … it's goin' t' take some time for … certain behaviors of mine t' recede. Th' professor's put a wall in place. I can tell what's real and what's not. But I asked him no' t' take th' memories away. And they may… color my reactions t' ye at times."

Alex quietens as she recounts events and then asks for time to adjust her behavior quirks. He nods reflectively and says, "No problem… that doesn't mean you're gonna take another vacation, does it?"

Terry laughs. "No, I dinnae think so." She watches his face and says, "I didn' need a vacation, lad. I needed t' get sober. An' it was goin' right poorly. That said…. I suppose th' lash an' years of discipline have done what I couldn' seem t' do for meself here. I'm actually able t' limit what I drink t' one glass at dinner."

Realizing that something good came out of it, Alex's eyes seem pleased, "That's great." he says in kind to all of her answers. "Cool. Then tomorrow morning, 5am, Danger Room."

"Aye, all right." Terry grins slightly. "I haven' used my power in some time. So bear with me in th' morning." She moves to stand up, hesitating and then capturing his chin in her hand. Before he quite has time to realize what she's doing, she's kissing him. It's a tentative kiss, slow. As if she's perhaps testing something.

Alex is caught off guard. The kiss comes as a surprise but not unwelcome. If she's comparing the Alex of her world with this Alex, she'll likely notice a clear difference which is for her to discern.

She doesn't tell him what she might be looking for. As she draws back, though, Terry says softly, "I'm lookin' forward t' bein' back, Alex." And then she pulls away, her fingertips lingering on his cheek a moment. Whatever it was she may have been seeking, she's settled something in her mind. "I'll see ye in th' morning."

Alex sits there a moment wishing Kurt would have seen that and is glad Lorna did not. He wears a half smile and leans back before swiveling toward the main monitor and letting Terry go.

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