2012 02 16 Siryn S Confliction

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Siryn's Confliction

Professor Xavier and Siryn

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Xavier's Office

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Siryn reports to Xavier to have her memories straightened out.


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-==[ Xavier's Office - Xavier Mansion ]==-------
The room is large enough for a medium-sized meeting of regular-sized humans, or a small meeting of larger individuals. The furniture is reinforced mahogany
a broad desk centered in front of generous windows overlooking the Memorial Garden, a collection of chairs with and without arms arrayed around it, a bench by the door. Mahogany cabinets to one side conceal office supplies and a small guest bar; mahogany bookshelves to the other side contain files and reference books.
The walls are wainscotted mahogany below, cream wallpaper above. Fabrics are crimson and cream, from draperies to upholsteries to rugs. Gold cords tie back the drapes; a gold-tone task lamp with a green shade stands guard over the desk. Mahogany or Cordoban leather accessories are set neatly within easy reach on the desk top; on the right side sit a laptop and phone. Unless someone is actually working here, the desk is clear of paperwork; even the waste basket is empty.

Xavier is aware that X-Factor recently returned from Muir and upon their arrival, appears before Siryn as a floating head. "Welcome back Siryn. Please report to my office." and then the head fades and Siryn will know the direction which to walk.
Xavier's door is open, he's seated behind his desk in a wheelchair and awaits Siryn's arrival.

The young woman acknowledges as he fades and squares her shoulders and lifts her chin as she makes her way to the office. Theresa knocks twice and enters when he replies. She closes the door firmly behind her, then studies the man in the chair. Her demeanor is neutral though he's certainly talented enough to tell that she's conflicted and struggling to compartmentalize realities. "Sir," she greets politely. "Ye wished t' see me?" It is instinct and a decade's worth of training that drops her lashes so that she's looking toward the floor instead of directly at him though her body still holds an almost regal bearing.

"Yes, please take a seat." and he will motion toward one of the opposing chairs. "I received a report that you had a run in with not only a telepath but an alternate reality. I was hoping that you would allow me to enter your mind and better understand your experiences, as well as aide you in coping with them."

Theresa's immediate reaction is violent mental rejection of the offer. But she brings her eyes up to Xavier's and says quietly, "They are both equally real t' me, Professor. I …. " She trails off and wets her lower lip anxiously. "I dinnae wish t' /lose/ certain things, sir. But in truth… if ye can help… perhaps with perspective, I wouldnae turn ye down." It's difficult, though.

"Perhaps." He says noting that he may be able to give aid in that respect. "But first I'll need to take a look. Sit back, relax and open your mind."
She moves gracefully and manages to abort the movement to reach for her skirts — she's wearing a pair of slacks that in truth make her feel terribly odd. Theresa cannot stop her posture, however. A great many years of corset-wearing gives one FABULOUS posture. She settles her hands in her lap, her feet flat to the floor, and draws in a deep breath to let it out slowly in an attempt to relax. It doesn't go so well, but it's what he gets.

Xavier will focus and enter her mind, pealing away layer upon layer to understand her recent troubles. While within her mind, he will communicate with her as if he's sorting through a closet. "I see you have beaten your alcoholism." is one of his comments in a tone of praise. "While your mind is far more at ease than before, as if….Madelyne Pryor." his mind catches sight of the former villain of the Inferno threat. "That's not good at all."

It hadn't even really occurred to her yet that having a drink was not even on the cards. A glass of wine with dinner was all she was ever allowed, and it is now the norm for her — nothing more. Theresa turns her head slightly sideways when he mentions HER. Over the years Terry saw a number of people wind up in HER hands. Deadly she was.

"Quite deadly, indeed." Xavier comments based on the impressions that run through Siryn's head and then he moves on to the bigger picture of her experiences. "A very interesting alternate timeline. I believe that your memories are real, albeit displaced due to the shifting of Jamie Braddock's." he pauses, "So you desire to maintain these memories?"

Her head whips up and Terry's blue eyes pin him to his seat. "Tis /real/ then? No' a dream world?" she demands. Her thoughts go immediately chaotic — Jamie tumbled her into an actual reality? What happened to the people in it, then? Was she simply wrenched out? Or … would it be like when she woke there — that the 'real' Theresa will wake and live that life? Not that she expects any answers.

"Be at peace, Theresa." he says in a mentally soothing tone. "Jamie Braddock has the ability to warp reality. To modify it to his whim. It was as real as you and I are both sitting here. I however do not believe it existed prior to your being there nor do I believe it exists now. From what I can imagine through your experiences and the report I read; some telepath implanted into Jamie certain parameters to which you were exposed. Those parameters may have been to corrupt or modify you in a way akin to Jean when she faced Mastermind and the Hellfire Club."

Her brows pull together and Theresa admits quietly, "'twould not surprise me if they were behind this. Th' time period is one they tend t' enjoy." The redhead seems not the least concerned about what he sees in her head, though the lifestyle she lived there is anathema to the young woman he knows so well. "In answer t' yer question, I do not desire to /lose/ those memories." Her jaw tightens. Some things were very real indeed, and refuses to allow them to be taken. "But I would … no' mind if ye managed t' help … distance them a touch. What-if is a bad place t' be," she acknowledges.

Xavier nods, mentally and physically as he agrees, "I understand. This won't be an issue. I can help you compartmentalize the memories so that they don't blend from this reality to the other. Especially considering the encounters you had with one of your teammates."

'Encounters.' Heh…. that'd be a mild way of putting it. "I would be much obliged, Professor. Bein' able t' keep th' two separate will be enough." She doesn't wish to lose the memories of her life there, fiercely defensive of implied criticism of it as yet.

"Give me a moment." he says quietly and in a soothing tone. That moment will lull her to sleep and she'll wake some time later with her mind feeling refreshed and a clear wall between the two realities. One that allows her to seperate it as if it were two different books."
Also when she wakes, she finds herself seated in the chair of Xavier's office and he seems to be working on paperwork. Having allowed her to sleep peacefully.

With a yawn smothered by the back of her hand, Theresa wakes and remains silent for a long few moments, sorting through her own head. Without the overwhelming sense of 'dear God, play along, it's merely a fit of madness, it will end soon!', she can breathe again. It's going to take a lot longer than a nap for her to sort through everything though — it's a decade of her life, though she's no older and has enough distance from it. She pushes more upright and offers, "Professor… thank ye. I, uhm… " Well, it doesn't have to be asked that he not mention ANY of this to Banshee. Sean's… Sean.

"Of course not.", Xavier says after looking up to regard her statements and thoughts. "Oh and Theresa. Welcome back." he says in a welcoming tone that signals the closing of their time together - he has paperwork.

The redhead stands, subtle holdovers from the alternate reality still in place in her bearing and the way she moves. Terry nods to him and leaves him to his work.

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