2012 02 16 Black Door Beneath The Hills Part 3

Log Title:
Black Door Beneath the Hills Part 3

Mockingbird, Sandman, and Dulb

IC Date:
February 16, 2012

The Docklands - London

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Dulb attacks the Avengers


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With a base camp set up by the Weird Happenings Organization near the red door that has caused quite a few problems for the Avengers and residents in this area. Sandman sits on the outside smoking a cigarette trying to hide it from the Avengers Dane who is with the recovering Capt. Britain and Alistaire Stuart. Since arriving the Avengers have been greeted with disrespect and a thrown rock here and there from the residents who blame them for the mystical events that have occurred. Sandman has been told to watch the door, since the creatures have been coming out and one remained outside the last time the Avengers tried to close the door. He watches, but concentrates more on making concentric smoke circles as he shivers about in the crisp English air.

Mockingbird is newly-arrived on the scene now, having flown over from New York. Bobbi is in costume, and she's also heavily armed. Beneath the long coat are a pair of Sig's in shoulder holsters, and she's jacking shells into the combat shotgun that's awaiting the holster on her right thigh. A girl can't be too careful, after all. Being one of the more 'normal' Avengers hasn't helped her with the locals, however, and the blonde has already received her share of hassles about their presence. Jacking the last shell into the mag, she checks the safety and holsters the shotgun as she approaches Sandman. "How's it going, Sandy? Any bogeymen tonight?"

”So far, so good, Bobbi. All’s quiet on the western front.” Sandman offers as he finishes the cigarette and puts it out on the ground below, “Oh and sorry. I try to keep that habit from the team. But like Flint Marko bad habits die hard…know what I mean.” He offers a half-smile as he continues to watch the door, “Hope the team back home is alright. I got Jarvis’ message about the doors showing up there too.”

There is a rustling near some bushes off the fens in the distance. Some kids can be seen playing, even though a curfew has been enacted and they should not be out in the misty foggy area. Some kids are kicking around a ball before it lands in the fen and they run into to get. Howling, growling, and screaming can be heard before a sudden snap of a door and then silence…a few seconds later the ball rolls out slowly towards the Avengers.

Mockingbird chuckles softly, shaking her head. "Don't worry about the cig, Sandy." she replies back. "I know all about bad habits." They've all got their demons, true enough. Settling close by, she glances about in a routine perimeter check. The kids are noted and her attention lingers there for a moment, then come the growls and the snap and the sudden silence. Even before the ball rolls over, Bobbi is on her feet. "… shit." she mutters, stopping it with the toe of her boot. Right hand lowering, she tucks her coat slowly behind the pistol grip of the shotgun as she looks around more carefully. "Heads up, Sandy…"

Noting what is happening and shaking his head, “Never a fuckin’ break around here.” Sandman mumbles to himself as he moves forward. His arms already shifting to sand although he keeps his body solid to avoid the mistake from last time in which he had been blown and scattered all over the Docklands. “So, you got seniority on me. Rush in see what happened to the brats or wait for it to comes to us.” Sandman is not far off when he says ‘it’ because covered by the mist a pair of glowing eyes stare directly at the Avengers. “Avengers, I am Dulb of the Fomore…Again, I am troubled by why you must interfere in plans that do not warrant your attention.” Stepping forth, Dulb appears dressed like some sort of medieval creature a cross between a cat and a human. He smiles and points to the ball, “You should watch where you step, woman.” The ball starts to make what can only be described as an ticking sound, not quite like a clock, but ready similar as it starts to glow.

Mockingbird is peering out into the mist while they talk, and when the glowing eyes make their presense known she slips the shotgun casually out of its holster. Thumbing the safety, Bobbi's attention is on Dulb when the ball begins to tick and glow. Without hesitation she slips her toe just under the ball and flips it out into the fens. "I don't think we've been properly introduced, Dulb of the Fomore. My professional name is Mockingbird. In any case, I'm sort of new on the scene here. So maybe you could fill me in on why everyone's so pissed off lately, hmm?" And although the shotgun is out, it's still pointed safely towards the ground.

As the ball is kicked away, Sandman nods impressed, “Remind me to have you on my team when we play soccer…er…football or whatever the hell they call it here.” When it lands in the fen, the explosion can be heard and the ground on which they all stand rumbles a bit. Sandman keeps his fitting and stands next to the woman with the shotgun.

The small quake does not affect Dulb as he continues forward, “Mockingbird, is it? I do enjoy eating those avian creatures, so I wonder if you will be as tasty.” Appearing in both hands are pairs of metallic balls which he scraps against each other as they make small clanging noises, “The Fomore have opted to take over this isle. The humans here are very good prey. And of course, once we are done here… we will move onto the next isle until this planet belong to its rightful owners…us.” He tosses the balls into the air and they simply hover above his head and whirl about, “Of course, never let it be said we are not just and fair creatures…those who the lady has chosen to live, shall do so…as our slaves.” The Tathlum Balls drop their metal casings and the energy spheres swerve out two towards Sandman and two towards Mockingbird.

Mockingbird watches closely as the spheres rise, keeping her attention split between them and Dulb. "As slaves, hmm? Oh, how very thoughtful of you." she quips back. "Now don't take it the wrong way if we don't entirely agree with your plan." When the spheres drop their metal casings and become energy, Bobbi levels the shotgun and pumps out a couple of quick blasts before she starts to dodge. She's not shooting at the spheres, however, but at Dulb directly.

As the energy spheres whir out at him, Sandman’s body contorts as it shifts to a pssamic form allowing the balls to move past and through him, which they do. Laughing, “HA! Idiot. I can dodge all the balls you toss at me!” The balls stop midair and follow back as they strike Sandman who lets out yelp as two large holes appears where his sand chest used to be.

The shots fired off by Dulb strike him, one on the shoulder and the other in the cheek when he falls back. As Mockingbird dodges the sphere follow her as if knowing where she will go and seem to be following her. Dulb lets out a growl as he spits out one of the bullets and starts to rise up, hurt, but still alive, “For that…I will not kill you right away. I will be sure you are awake when I rip into your body with my fangs!” He slowly staggers up as the balls swoop down and attempt to collide with Bobbi.

Mockingbird looks pleased at Dulb's reaction to the shots… a look that changes quickly when Sandy gets hit and the other spheres continue to pursue her. "Shit." she mutters, pausing long enough to shoot a blast of buckshot at each sphere. Reversing direction, then, Bobbi drops the shotgun and flips out her staves… putting them together as she sprints towards Dulb.

Sandman survived the collision with the spheres, but he stumbles about a moment as he tries to fix himself. Sand starts to fill in the gaping holes, but he shakes his head and lifts a sandy fists in the air, “Bobbi, kick his ass!” The spheres after Bobbi are shot down neutralizing them and as she sprints towards Dulb, he grins and extends his arms as he charges forward at her as well, his fangs out and ready to eat her.

Mockingbird's staves are snapped together, a half-twist lengthening them into a bo staff. He grins and so does she.
"You know, Dulb, you really need to work on your manners…." she offers. A moment before they would crash into each other she plants one end of the staff in the turf to vault straight up and over him. Going into a tuck, the staff spins to lash out behind her even before she lands.

Having missed her altogether when he swooped down to get her, Dulb gets a mouthful of dirt. Spitting out he shouts, “A lecture on manners from a human. The dogs that your men are the bitches that you women are. I will not be insulted anymore.” Pounding his fists into the floor to make small quakes again. He stands up tossing two more energy spheres towards Sandman while he presses his attack making another charge towards the blond heroine.

Bobbi remains close, her back to him as he dives down to get her. Pivoting smoothly, she calls out "Heads up, Sandy!" Staff tucked up under her arm, she'll wait until Dulb gets closer in his charge. Holding her ground this time, the staff whirls up under his chin as she sidesteps, trying to catch the back of his knee as he would pass her.

As the sphere come for him, Sandman pulls a play out of Mr. Fantastic’s page and flattens his sandform against the ground and when the spheres come to collide, he rolls up and away when they hit the ground they make small explosions which Sandman is able to avoid. The godling rushes forward and finds himself hit under the chin causing him to wince and stop as he caught on the back of his knees and falls over grumbling. “Enough!” He cries out in pain and anger. He shoots energy out from his hands towards Mockingbird and Sandman before he gets up and charges for the door that brought him here.

Mockingbird is close enough to Dulb to hit him, which means she's too close to dodge the energy blasts without doing
something astounding. The staff is spun, which partially deflects the blast upward, but it's still more than enough to knock her back. Bobbi cries out as she lands on her ass, and in that moment everything goes fuzzy. Right before fading to black.

“No! Bobbi!” Sandman’s form goes sand-elastic stretching out to reach for Bobbi and another to grab and Dulb, as he reaches the door. He flings it open, but sand tendrils grab his foot and begin to drag him out. Reaching Bobbi and holding her in one sand arm. “Shit! Ares is going to kill me!” Dulb fits and claws his way fighting against the strong
Sandman, but the mystical hurricane winds start up and sucks Dulb in while blowing Sandman away. Taking his human form and cradling Bobbi. They are blown right into the make-shift HQ hitting the wall hard. Something can be heard cracking as Sandman winces in pain and WHO security comes out to take care of Bobbi and Sandman. Sandman gestures for them to get out of his way as he carries her into the medbay and offers to the unconscious, “You will make it and I won’t leave your side.” He is lead in placing her on a bed and screams aloud, “DULB IS DEAD!”

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