2012 02 16 Beyond The Silence Of Muir

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Beyond the Silence of Muir

Havok and Revanche

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Subbasement of Xavier Mansion

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Alex welcomes Liz to the team


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Disembarking from the Blackbird, Siryn was summoned away by Xavier, Nightcrawler had 'something to do' which left Alex and Liz to walk. While heading down in the elevator, Alex says, "Hey. So you probably already know this, but seeing as that X-Factor was the only team without a 'path, I sort of requested you…" he gives pause to say in an apologetic tone. "Without actually asking if you wanted to be on the team."

Quiet after everything seen and experienced at Muir Island, 'Liz' has been politely pensive, really. Not brooding, really. But that doesn't mean she hasn't had things on her mind. And as she's the only telepath on the team, what's on her mind remains hers, no matter how much she spent rifling through anyone else's thoughts. But once they land and the others depart, 'Liz' is only too happy to disembark and follow Havok towards the Mansion at a more sedate pace. They're in no rush to get anywhere.

"I am aware. Charles made it clear." 'Liz' offers, not immediately letting Alex off the hook for not having asked her first. "That being said, I told Charles I wanted to be useful. I don't want to just be a freeloader. I understand I don't fit in with the other existing teams right now. It doesn't matter whether I am who I believe myself to be or not. But … this works. This gives me something to do." And she is anything but immune to the reality that their first foray together worked out so well, all things considered.

"I just wish I knew who it was I felt there." 'Liz' murmurs softly.

Alex remains silent as she goes through the hashing out of the situation. The elevator moves down into the sublevels and when the doors open she's asking about who she felt. Yet, Alex is still on a mental affirmation of her prior statement, he definitely believes she is the original and the correct Psylocke. There's no question in his mind. Not after working with her over the past 20 hours and having seen her every movement and listened to her every inflection of speech. He was constantly flashing back to Australia and their time together, how she helped him through the struggles he had with his brother, the manipulations and loss of Madelyne, and then the Seige. He ows her a lot and the moment he heard of her presence here, he wanted her on his team because of the close friendship they shared all those years ago.
He has little to say other than, "I'm sure we'll find out soon enough… We always do."

'Liz' glances to the side, a casual toss of her hair now that it is down and relaxed, the 'op' over for now. "True enough, Alex. True enough." And she smiles. It's an expression perhaps all that much more powerful for its rarity, for she does not do so casually. "Thank you. For trusting me. I appreciate it."

"Thanks for being on my team - again." He says while having the intention of moving toward the ready room and letting her go where she pleases. That was the focus of his starting the conversation and it's resolved. It's now time for him to mull over the last 20 hours of their adventure and follow up on other hits in the Ready Room.

"Do you want any help with the follow up?" 'Liz' asks, casually enough. Still, she means it, and clearly considers it worth offering. Whether Alex considers it something worth accepting, only time will tell.

"Appreciate it, but nah. I've got it under control." he notes in his departure. His eyes looking ahead (back to her as he walks away) and his mind considering her voice in the resonate metal hallways, the same voice that he remembers resonating off the walls in the underground western Australian base. That memory is quickly shut off as he recalls an encounter with the Reavers during that era.

"Catch you later, then." 'Liz' offers, as she about-faces and heads for the elevators once more, this time to take them up to the residence levels. A shower, a change out of the body armor. Some tea, and a book, perhaps. She'll leave counselling poor Theresa up to Charles. It's better that way. Better to recharge her 'batteries.' Soon enough, another crisis will arise.

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