2012 02 16 Attack The Academy

Log Title:
Attack the Academy

Alchemy, Aurora, ‘Empath’, Selene and Shinobi Shaw and Troll Associates

IC Date:
February 16, 2012

Headmistress' Office - Massachusetts Academy

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Shinobi ups the ante on his attacks on the Hellfire Club, by bringing the fight to Selene and the Massachusetts Academy


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A cold quiet day at the Massachusetts Academy as it is nearly done being rebuilt. A nice place marred by the memory of a massacre. And again those unfortunate to be students here will be reminded of the day those attacks occurred. As whatever everyone is doing is suddenly halted by the sound of many explosions occurring around the perimeter of the campus, but not on the campus itself. A ring of explosions goes off as various locations are ripped asunder by the explosions which kick off fires all around the campus. And with that power is cutoff to the campus from outside. And all falls dark aside from the murky cloudy and snowy day outside.

Selene Thankfully there are not a lot of students on the grounds right now most of the school is still under heavy construction in fact most of those locations are powered by generators right now. But those explosions do trigger something else Selene though she quickly gasps and holds her head.. Growling her eye's blaze and she moves to touch a crystal on her desk " Hellions I need you at the school right now seems somebody isn't waiting for us to start the semester " .

Alchemy comes running onto the campus, looking for the safety of being in Manuel's vicinity (as if there's something he could do to protect him from explosions) shouting "Bloody hell!" in a surprised, shrill voice, startled by the sound of things explosing. "Why is it with you Americans and explosions?!"

Not having spoken to Selene about any rules or tasks of any sorts, Aurora has been keeping strictly to herself, utterly separated from anything Hellfire Club related. However, once she hears Selene's magical call, it only takes seconds for Aurora to arrive in the Massachusetts Academy grounds, coming to a stop by Selene, "you have need of me, Goddess?" She is dressed in a new kind of
costume, which reflects on the changes Selene has been responsible for.

Ask and ye shall receive, able to move unlike most other beings, the very Earth is his domain as shifted and phased Shinobi rises from the ground directly outside the window of the main office of the Black Queen herself and with him two large mythological-looking trolls, recognizable to Alchemy as the Troll Associates. One of the large creatures carries a bodybag Having made his attacks on the Black King and White Queen it is time for Selene to be brought into this. The creatures tosses the bodybag through the window crashing before Selene and her crystal ball. Still phased and walking through the wreckage caused by the thrown body, Shinboi smiles and bows his head, “I would kneel but I do not recognize your title or position.” The two behemoth trolls follow him in breaking more of the walls and windows. “There are more positioned outside the campus, ready to lay siege to what remains of this school. So I suggest no tricks, Selene.” He gestures to the bag, “I bring a gift for you. As your ancient worshippers would bring you the dead, so do I.” The trolls eyes the room and Alchemy and Aurora with a bullying grin.

Selene Blinks " how bold Shinboi " She says yes she knows who you are " Just like your father.. very bold.. but far more stupid then he.. even he didn't have the stupidity to challenge me in my own room " . She smirks now eye's almost glowing " Your men may be poised to attack but if the signal never arrives I rather doubt you will be able to attack " She points her finger at him then down at the bodies " I'll humor you stupid child tell me what are the bodies for before I turn you to ash and use your skull to decorate my wall and as you can see I am no longer alone " . she motions to the others with her .

Alchemy looks around, not finding Manuel, but dropping his armful of books when the Trolls appear. "No." he says, "No, you're not supposed to be here! They said you couldn't get out of Otherworld outside of England!" he takes off his gloves and starts storming toward them. "You'd better not have hurt my mum and sister or I'll turn the rest of you into gold and dump you in the ocean!" his normally pale face is flushed bright pink in fury and terror. He steps back when the body bags are thrown, staring at them in horror.

"Fitting for Shinobi to pick up uglier friends than he is, so at least he feels a bit better with his damaged self esteem and all," Aurora remarks will glaring death at Shinobi, not too concerned with the trolls for whatever reason.

As the bag is opened the body of ‘Empath’ is revealed. “I see, you are as good of a headmistress as the blond one was. Already one of your students is dead. But I bring you his body to do with as you will. Resurrection or to feed from, I do not care.”
Looking between the approaching Alchemy and Aurora and he laughs as he winks to Aurora, “That was quite the kiss, was it not, Beaubier?” He lets out a yawn as he continues, “Selene, as clearly the most powerful member of the Inner Circle. I beseech you to refrain from the war with my father. I will allow you to keep this little…memorial…to a time gone by.” Turning to back to Alchemy and Aurora, “As for you two, I would not touch anything, young Mr. Jones. There are trolls waiting outside your precious mother and sister’s home. At my word, they will be ripped apart.” The Trolls remain looking mighty and scared, but one can tell they are itching for a fight. Noting Alchemy, one looks to the other and whispers, “Gold?” The other nods in recognition as they sneer at him tauntingly.

Selene Eye's blaze and she just snaps her fingers runes all around the room seem to suddenly flare to life and glow with power , your two trolls would suddenly start to smoke " Now your going to lisen to me you pathetic little man.. I wasn't going to get into that fight it had nothing to do with me I was far to busy with this school , but now you've barged into my home killed my rook and pissed me off " . She snaps her fingers again and those poor trolls most likely start screaming as they are wreathed in fire burning them . Selene steps out even as Shinboi's clothing starts to smoke " If I ever catch you anywhere near my students or school again Shinboi I won't kill you I wont even take your soul I'll keep you locked in torment you can't possibly imagine for all time , Now leave before I get angry oh and you better pay for the damages you made to my school "

Alchemy looks at the smoking trolls, and then to Selene and makes an irrational decision, charging at her, intending to divetackle her, which is probably not something anyone would expect from the mild mannered teen. "STOP!" he'll turn HER to gold if he has to, as long as the Trolls don't signal the others to harm his mother and sister.

Aurora was about to get serious with Shinobi, but then Alchemy decides to take on her Goddess, and she will never allow that. Before Alchemy can even reach Selene, he will feel a ridiculous rush of wind, only to find Aurora out of nowhere, crushing down on him from above to pin him to the floor, "don't you dare approach the Goddess!"

Folding his hands and looking down as he smiles as he begins to lower himself into the Earth, “Very well, old witch! I come here and bring you a gift and ask for peace and you respond in such a manner. I see you are vile and disgusting as my father…which by the way, he has some surprises for you. As do I.” The smokes begin to scream as they are turned to fire and run around the room screaming as the runic magic takes effect and they simply explode from the ancient magicks. As Aurora goes to keep Alchemy from attacking Selene, “My gift to you…Whore!” The bodybag shifts and the façade of the Empath’s dead body comes to life. A mutant with clawed fingers leaps out attempting to impale Selene with its claws while the trolls explode and Aurora goes to handle Alchemy, “I suggest a field trip to England before the Jones family are slaughtered and as for Empath…well…I’ll say a prayer at his funeral for you.” With the last words, he is gone from the room.

Selene Laughs " Peace you killed my student and you attack me.. this was war " Even as the mutant leaps up she would fire a bolt from her hands striking the mutant right in the chest with a bolt of lightning . But Shinboi is gone and she's rather angry she turns quickly grabbing that same crystal " Bertrand.. ahh good send men at once to the home of Thomas Jones I want them protected at all costs "

Aurora will keep Alechym pinned down for as along as he struggles or attempts to reach Selene, but once everything subsides, she'll get up from on top of him and allow him to go freely. "Shinobi will die, Goddess, do not concern yourself with him."

Alchemy is knocked back by the wind, and then the trolls are gone. "No!" he shouts as he gets to his feet. "I need to get back to England…the Trolls are stronger there, if they want to get to mum and Ellie, they'll find a way." he runs a hand through his hair. "I have no idea what's going on around here but I want nothing to do with it!"

The clawed mutant is destroyed by Selene joining the two trolls in death as Shinobi makes his escape.

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