2012 02 16 Aftermath Of The Silence Of Muir

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Aftermath of The Silence of Muir

Siryn Havok Revanche Nightcrawler Excalibur

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Braddock Manor, England

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Kurt, Terry, and Alex talk about Terry's recent adventures.


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-==[ Entertainment Room - Braddock Manor - Maldon - Essex ]==--—-
Deep crimson carpet covers the floor in this room. All the better for keeping sound from spilling into other areas of the house. This room is an artful compromise of old and new; while possessing the latest audio/video entertainment equipment, it is also set into the walls so that unless it is in use, the room does not seem too anachronistic. Speakers are not visible, and once can easily assume that they are mounted within the walls themselves. The far wall is taken up by a huge television screen and a variety of equipment for DVDs and video media. On either side of the equipment are sliding panels which match the rest of the walls, easily explaining how this room could hold the equipment without it always being visible. Plush couches upholstered in cherry red velvet are arranged in a u-formation a comfortable distance from the entertainment system, and a remote control rests on the coffee table in front of them.

<two poses prior to this one>

Giving her that room she seems to claim as personal space, guessing by the room given around her as she walks, Kurt tries to mind the extended personal space she is comfortable with. Still, he crosses to a more conversational distance, not just across the room. Though his gait is slow and measured the same, still when she calls him Kurt, the jovial elf within him glows - his yellow eyes shine more perhaps as his smile widens. "Theresa, no matter what has happened, we are here. I will not pester with questions of what happened or ask about your childhood. Though, I can always offer a fuzzy shoulder it it is needed." Closer still, perhaps just across the coffee table now, "Alex wants you back with his team. I'd love to work with you, but if you need time … or family, or whatever. I hope you're letting everyone know."

Theresa's hands rest in her lap, her back very straight without relaxing against the chair. She sits as though she's well used to skirts and perhaps a corset as well. She watches Kurt move toward her, a subtle wariness in her expression though she doesn't seem afraid of him anymore at least. In truth, his comment about her childhood seems to puzzle her. "I feel… like I'm in a dream," she confesses. "I'm afraid t' believe this is reality lest I wake once more t' find that I have suffered another spell." Her phrasing is distinctly old-fashioned. Tears sheen her eyes but she doesn't let them fall. "I find that I wish t' sit very still and wait fer ye t' vanish."

Making one more step, Kurt stands on the coffee table, but only to crouch in comfortable Kurt fashion and talk at near eye to eye level with the Irish lassie. "A dream or no, that would be unfair, ja. I mean, I could vanish," he says, turning his chin down some, as if giving her some height advantage in the conversation. Almost submissive, but perhaps to help with her comfort level. "But I don't think either of us wants that. If you want, you can pinch me, then we'll know its no dream." Jest aside, he lifts a hand palm up towards her, she can take it in her own, place hers in his, or simply look at his large, three fingered hand. "I can assure you all I like this is reality, from my perspective, but that is for you to decide … if it is a dream between nightmares, perhaps then we should enjoy these moments?"

Alex spent some time talking to Maddrox and Moira trying to get a handle on the situation. Then he had to speak to Allistare Stuart and then of course on the phone with Val Cooper giving a report. Finally he's able to pull himself away and look in on Terry. He finds the doorway of the room and will stand within it leaning against the frame to watch the continued exchange between Kurt and Terry.

Her response to Kurt's assurance is to look down to her lap. "Tis been … years. Since I had a spell. I'd forgotten how real they can be," Theresa murmurs. Biting her lip she looks up again. "It took so long t' straighten out. I dinna wish t' accept this as real only t' subject me daughter t' an insane woman. Both memories are so real!"

Listening as she talks, he meets her eyes when she looks up again. There is a slight lift of his brow when Theresa mentinos having a daughter, but Kurt hides that thought for the moment - unless there was a telepath in the vicinity. Instead he nods solemnly, "And here you are now. This real and your daughter's reality, that is not something I can resolve for you. As much as I could wish to make things better for you, it is not within my domain. Perhaps, these other memories that are real, there is something good in them that you truly wish to hold onto and never let go. If you want to tell me of them, I am told these pointy ears are good at listening."

Alex furrows his brow when she mentions a daughter. His expression changes from 'this is a weird conversation' to 'holy fuck, she's got a kid?'. It's a good thing there's not a telepath in the room. He still says nothing, instead he remains quiet and will continue to listen in to try and understand Terry's experiences.

"Ye dinnae understand, Kurt! It took weeks of retrainin' t' get me head clear last time! I almost lost everything!" One hand comes up to rub at her brow and Terry moves to stand, her hands automatically going to sweep long skirts from her feet only to find no material present. It's disconcerting, and her attempt to begin pacing is aborted when she spots Alex in the doorway. Her hands immediately clasp together, white-knuckled, at her waist. "Tis naught t' worry about, I swear t' ye."

He is close to responding about everything lost, watching as she stands, fidgets then spots Alex. His yellow eyes, at the level he is crouching on the coffee table, notice the white-knuckles at her waist. "Worry is something friends do for each other Theresa," he responds, maybe trying to keep things smooth for the now. "I mean, we could just step into the game room - though I'm sure whatever we played, I would lose." Maybe on purpose if he thought he had a chance to win even. "I'm just glad to see you and just want to know you will be well." His eyes look to Alex, seeing if he has comments for the current topic, not knowing how much he'd listened too.

Alex's arms are crossed over his chest when Terry notices him. His left shoulder against the door frame and his head slightly tilted in curiousity. Alex takes her word on it - or accepts that she's in control and knows better than to coddle Terry, "Since there's nothing to worry about, then we can be headin home within the hour."

"As ye will, Ma…" Theresa aborts what she was about to say, struggling to integrate the information that Revanche hauled to the fore. Her jaw clenches. "Kurt tells me ye wish t' have me return t' th' team, then," she comments, trying to cover the slip.

Yellow eyes widening lightly when she jaw clenches to comment about returning to the team, Kurt looks at Alex, not like he knew to keep it secret. Though his forced smile indicates he agrees, better to get it out in the open than leave the topic burried. He could comment about needing more than an hour for personal reasons, or make some joke, but instead he remains quiet. His tail flicking lightly behind him.

With a slight nod, Alex affirms Terry's statement, "Yeah. You've been on holiday long enough." Using the word Holiday instead of Vacation since it's the British way, and they're in Britain.

Her posture relaxes slightly, though she still moves as though a long skirt were the norm for her, and Theresa smiles. "Aye, love." Her knuckles are still white, though her grip (from Kurt's perspective) seems to have loosened a bit. She doesn't seem aware of what she just said, either. "Transportation is already arranged, then?" she asks, glancing toward the blue man and his tail. She is actually somewhat fascinated with the tail's movements.

Between 'as you will' and 'aye, love,' it probably doesn't take Reed Richards to put two and two together on intrigue, Kurt smiles slightly at this ponderance. Though he does look at Alex then, transportation ready, within the hour. "Just like that," he ponders aloud, "I mean, we're not going to send a small team back to the island to sniff around some more?" Holding up a hand in a stage whisper towards the boss, he says curious, "Fresher trail than Arcade … or you got some leads that we'll learn about stateside?" As if the tail knew it was being watched, it does a few loop like movements - not unlike a cat when the tail is touched in the right fashion. The gleam in Kurt's eyes may indicate he's doing this on purpose, or with pride.

Addressing Kurt's questions, Alex answers while coming off the door frame and dropping his arms, "WHO and Excalibur is taking that over. They have jurisdiction and are better equipped to handle it. Plus, this was only an extraction mission. We got what we came for and considering what Liz said about the psychic impression - not the Shadow King, but as strong as - I'm really not interested in taking my team back into potentially hostile territory when Terry is in the shape she is in and we're down two members."

A single titian brow quirks upward over blue eyes. "Th' shape I'm in?" Theresa queries, standing (if it is at ALL possible) straighter still. "I'll have ye know tha' I'm in fine shape." She's actually mildly offended by the implication. She looks between them, and she takes in a deep breath. "I… confess tha' I'm still no' sure this is reality an' th' other was a dream. I lived there nearly a decade," she acknowledges. "But I'm neither helpless nor useless, Mas… Alex." She may be correcting herself for a while to come, though.

Now the coincidences are really piling up, that slip this time was closer to he mark. Though for Kurt, he offers, "Whatever it is could come again, what if it wasn't an isolated attack, but targeting certain individuals." Not that he thinks Theresa needs to hear that, but Alex. He offers though, "I can agree there would be more safety stateside - no telling what could happen if Brian shows up again around here." What state he would be in, besides, Kurt didn't part on best of terms with Captain Britain anyways. As for this reality and who is how, there is suspicion but Kurt feels it best not to address this point directly at the moment.

"Yeah, 'the state you're in', Terry. I have no idea what happened to you, not even sure you've got an idea either. So you need to see the professor. If anything to get yourself checked out." Then addressing the whole argument, "I'm not willing to take any of my team into a potentially hostile sitaution - especially one that represents an overpowering and unknown hostile. So it's settled, we're wheels up in 45 minutes." and he turns and leaves the room toward the depths of the house and likely the back lawn where the blackbird is.

'The Professor' brings a bald man to Theresa's mind thanks to Revanche, and she has to think on that a moment. Her response to Alex's order and tone is to instantly drop her eyes. It doesn't require other acknowledgement as he walked out. She looks beneath her lashes toward the door to make sure he's gone before her eyes come up once more and turn to Kurt. She sighs heavily. "This is goin' t' be complicated," she murmurs to Kurt. "I…." She swallows heavily. "I don't know if he honestly wishes t' know what happened," she tells the fuzzy elf. "It'll make things.. quite awkward, I fear."

Raising some from his seated position, Kurt ponders a moment following Alex - but its only as his eyes trail him. They turn to regard Theresa in the moment she sighs once he is gone, listening to what she says. "It is already complicated and, at times awkward," he says, standing and moving closer to the girl. "The way I see this … it is your choice, perhaps whatever it was is something best for him to know. I watched and heard the way you addressed him just now. I confess my curiousity over what happened, but only to be a better friend to you. That is if you are ever comfortable enough to talk about it with me." He's approach is as one would come to put a hand on a friends shoulder, but in place of a hand he uses the tail. It stops if she withdraws or seems not to want the hint of companionship he makes with the gesture.

Theresa doesn't withdraw from the movement, pausing to gather her thoughts while she touches his tail. "There are…. it's like two sets of memories," she tells him quietly. "Two whole /lives/. Here … seems real. And I feel like I … can accept it as real because I have childhood memories of this reality and not the other. But…" She bites her lip. "In the other, though… at first I fought against accepting it. And th' punishment was… unspeakable." She pales a little, looking down and stroking his tail where it rests on her shoulder in the same absent way one might a cat. Not realizing that might be a touch intimate. Her voice is low and her brogue terribly deep as she admits, "There were… weeks. Of th' lash. Of other punishments. He ruled th' house wi' an iron hand." A smile quirks her lips and she looks up. "An' once I understood th' rules o' th' place, well… ye might say I set out to rule, boyo." There's a twinkle in those blue eyes. "His word was law… an' mine was second only t' his."

Intimate or not, the tail remains, as Kurt keeps his comfort level at situation normal. At times, the fuzz and tail seem familiar to some who do reach out to touch - like some people have to touch newborn babies, or the bellies of pregnant women, sometimes without asking. His smile confirms his comfort in the situation. Listening deeply, he focuses on catching all she says despite the accent, and for the most part he acknowledges her words. "That then, that is something you would seek?" Its a slow ponderance, curious how much she might enjoy leadership, but hesitant because the leadership in the other reality came at a heavy price for those lead it sounds like. Slightly rhetorical though in his questioning, Kurt also admits, "I hate to say, his ego doesn't need the boost in this reality. We willingly follow him, and can walk away if it suits us." Moreso the current team, mostly immigrant mutants serving a US government based team, allegiance to the idea could be a curious matter if one delved into it. "But if those interests from that reality remain, you should speak to him about them."

"In this world, Alex Summers is my friend, Kurt. No' anythin' more. In *tha'* world… he is my lord an' master. In every way, lad. So… no. I don't wish for tha'. My memories of here are… more equal?" She's not certain of the phrasing there. "But reconcilin' a decade of me life t' bein' a dream isn' easy. An' reconcilin' Shannon…" She trails off. "I'm no' sure how I feel about any of it. I cannae help th' way that I react t' him. It was… slavery, Kurt. In my case, ultimately a willing slavery," she admits. "But it'll take some time for me t' separate th' two in my head. Does tha' make sense?"

"It makes sense - I didn't mean to establish that sort of relationship, I was referring to your leadership capabilities." Having caught the glint in her eyes when she talked about being second in command, he as well cannot discount the experience that may have been gained from it, despite the idea of slavery. It could be more beneficial to have people willing to follow over following her through fear though. He lets that ride for the moment, not commenting further. Instead he backs up a little, "Shannon … I take it that was the daughter you spoke of …" A momentary pause perhaps for recognition or acknowledgement, "I am more curious of that, all the bad that came of this, I find my sense of reason in conflict, that sounds like unconditional love. Real or not, that pulls at the heart." And deeper his eyes suggest, the tail at shoulder squeezes a little warmly in these thoughts he speaks of.

Theresa nods her acknowledgement of his query about the daughter. "She is .. th' apple of her da's eye for certain," she laughs. There's a nostalgic expression, and Terry struggles with the imposition of her current-time viewpoint on what went on in her 'other life.' "I think… there was much love." Perhaps not just with the child, either. But she doesn't speak of that part with him. "In any case… aye, if he wishes me t' return t' th' team… I'd been almost ready t' return Stateside before all this." She leans her head on Kurt's shoulder, seeming to accept for now that this is real. That it is happening. "C'mon — ye know how impatient he gets when yer no' /on/ th' bloody plane when he's ready t' lift off," she says with a gentle nudge and a grin at Kurt.

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