2012 02 15 The Silence Of Muir

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The Silence of Muir

Revanche Havok Siryn Nightcrawler Maddrox Jamie Braddock Moira

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Muir Island

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Kurt, Liz, and Alex go investigate Muir Island


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Their (Kurt and Alex in the Ready Room - previous scene) discussion is interrupted by a beeping on one of the monitors of the larger screen display. When clicked, a map comes up and focuses in on Scotland. Muir Isle to be exact. Alex zooms in and reads the display, "FAILURE: UPLOAD TO MUIR ISLE." Further details indicate, "CONTACT LOST +84 HOURS."
Looking to Kurt, Alex notes, "Terry's out there. Let's go check it out."

Then in a matter of an hour Alex gathers up who they can get to go investigate. Following that, within 2 hours they're arriving within Muir Isle's airspace.
The island is quiet, too quiet. No signals in or out and the local generators are down. Havok brings the Blackbird down in the front grounds of the research center and says, "Let's take this by the numbers. There's a few special situations in this place, one being James Braddock in the basement. He's kept under sedation and constant watch. If the power is out, we may be going up against his reality alteration. Liz, can you scan the area, let us know what we're up against?"

'Liz' glances at Alex for a moment, offering a reflexive nod, more a bob of her purple-haired head, and then lowers her head, one hand reaching up to her temple as she does so. A purple glow sparkles in the air surrounding her eyes as she does so. It is several long, pregnant moments before she lefts her head again, vaguely towards Alex though her 'sight' is clearly directed elsewhere, at least in conscious attention. "Jamie is not conscious. In fact, he is comatose. I am also picking up Moira, Maddrox, and Theresa in the basement, all in similar comatose states. There … there is a powerful impression here, psychic energy I am not familiar with. It is not the Shadow King, though I would say it lies in the same degree of power."

Slowly, the purple energy fades around her eyes, and 'Liz' blinks, refocusing on the people in the Blackbird with her. "That is the best I can tell you, at the moment. I did not pick up any consious minds in the area, though they could be blanketed by the other psychic power." Expect anything. Maybe everything.

Perhaps like a caged, um, Nightcrawler … Kurt is ready to go once they hit the ground. Call it an itch maybe, either way, when the bird touches down and Havok asks Liz to scout ahead, he is crawling out of his seat and indeed getting more wall crawlie. On the ceiling and ready to go, he listens quietly as Liz explains the situation. "This rules out teleporting in … directly," tosses out Kurt, with other powers at play in the facilities, no telling what he could teleport into. Moving to a wall he digs some blades out of a wall locker like cabinet, "Good thing we brought these along." That said, he waits for Havok to decide any plan of action.

Havok nods and starts moving down the ramp to depart the Blackbird. "Let's move out. Everyone stay close and let's try to avoid getting separated. Liz, can you establish a mind link?"
At present, Havok's power indicator (chest circle and lines) indicate that he's at only half power. He spent a lot of time in the danger room before he encountered Kurt in the Ready Room. In this, he used a lot of his energy. He also wears a significant amount of seriousness on his face. He's worried/concerned about the current situation and is one to want all his eggs in one basket - which means he's going to have a talk with Siryn when they find her. A talk about coming home.

"Of course." 'Liz' offers, taking only a moment or two to reach out, questingly, to the minds of her companions. Her thoughts touch first the Summers brother, and then the German swashbuckling elf. « There. Now we are linked. » She follows Havok down the ramp, checking the light bodyarmor she is wearing. She has not bothered with packing physical swords, but as they approach the entrance a blade of purple energy flares into existence from her right hand.

'Liz' takes a step forward as they near the entrance, ahead of both men at least for a moment, and crouches down near the door, the fingers of her left hand spread from her outstretched hand as she seems to 'feel' her way around the door's handle, the frame and the stoop. It would only take a few moments to realize that 'Liz' has assumed nothing at all, and is carefully checking the door to see if security measures have been activated and whether the door is locked.

Crawling out of the bird, Nightcrawler joins the group on the ground. Himself moving forward, he crouches more behind Havok, letting 'Liz' do her thing. He's probably curious how long Havok is going to be quiet and how soon he might just start blasting. While they work in and around the door, he looks around for signs of anything else afoot in their vicinity - hopefully no one is watching them. He'll do usual stuff like look for cameras trailing them and the like, or real physical presences near them - just so no one sneaks up.

There are no security measures armed. Complete power failure. In fact, her clairsentience will reveal that the way is clear and likely clear for days. Only the psychic impression remains, but the source is long gone.
Havok watches Liz's movements; it's been a while since he's worked with whom he consideres the /real/ Psylocke. Australia was a long time ago and inside he smiles recognizing some of the subtle talents and movements she originally possessed. He mentally reflects without actually intending to relay the information, oO(She's the real one.) then he catches himself and changes the subject. He mentally states, oO(Once the area is secure and we've made it to the basement, Kurt, you're responsible for power. The main generator is in the back. If it's clear, let's move in, clearing only the primary route, Liz, keep that scan going, we don't want to be snuck upon.).

After a decent wait - enough that Havok is clearly getting antsy and starting to hand out orders - 'Liz' looks up and around her shoulder at the others, nodding. « The way is clear. Power loss appears total, including backups for the security scanners and countermeasures. I do not see anyone or anything of note between here and the main access to the basement. That is as far as I can go with the range. I am maintaining my scan for any signs of activity. » She glances at Kurt and offers a ghost of a smile as she offers an 'after you' bow, letting the fuzzy one take the lead and point. She'll bring up the rear while maintaining that scan. « If power is Kurt's primary responsibility, I assume the people are ours? » she questions Havok. If she caught any sign of his thoughts about her original self or veracity, she makes no sign of it. Then again, she wouldn't.

No comment from the peanut gallery, Nightcrawler proceeds with the point. «Power will be restored, and I'll catch up. If I find trouble, I'll return here.» Meaning outside and to the bird first. Saying he'd rather someone be able to get free and return with help should it come to that. If he doesn't, he'll go for the basement on their tails. For the lead though, he uses walls and ceilings to begin moving forward, hugging shadows to be nearly unseen. He'll proceed to the main generator assuming nothing prevents him, separating at the point the begin heading for the sub levels.

Havok confirms as he moves into the research center, oO(It is, secure and wake them. Then we get to the bottom of this and find out what went on here.)
The facility looks new, as it was recently rebuilt after the attack of the Shadow King just a year ago.
There is no resistance for Nightcrawler or Liz/Havok. Kurt will find the generator breakers tripped as if there was a significant power surge while Liz/Havok will move down into the sublevels of the Research Center without issue. There they will find Jamie hooked up to a drained IV bag (one that originally kept him sedated) and Maddrox, Siryn, and Moira all on the floor around his bed. Jamie Braddock has a psychic impression left on him to maintained his comatose state. The other three are just unconscious and a wakeful trigger from Liz will do the trick to bring them out of their slumber.

Upon reaching the sublevels and the medical wing, 'Liz' moves ahead of Havok, reaching out again with her senses, sweeping the area to be sure they are alone. « They appear to have been unconscious for two days. » She offers as she moves through the tangle of limbs of the fallen. She lays her fingers on her brother's forehead briefly, and frowns as she does so. Saying nothing - physically or telepathically - she moves immediately to remove his IV bag, disconnecting it and moving to the drug lockers.

'Liz' makes contemptuously short work of the physical locks, now that the other security systems are disabled by the power loss — until two minutes later, when Kurt restores power — and extracts a new IV bag and drug bag. She moves back to her brother's bedside, hanging the IV bag of fluids, and the drug bag attached to this. Only after she is sure the flow is good and the line has no air bubbles, she turns the node to let things through, and leans down over her brother, kssing his forehead. "Rest well, Jamie."

Only after this process is complete does 'Liz' step away from the bedside and kneel down. She touches each in turn, concentrating as she does so, sweeping their minds for impressions of import, before she then awakens them and directs Havok to help the 'patient' up. After two days, they'll be weak, unstable, disoriented, dehydrated, starvingly hungry with low blood sugar, and in pretty desperate need of the facilities. Obviously, 'Liz' takes charge of helping Moira and then Theresa were such matters arise. Maddrox is Havok's to aid.

If only he knew all was well, Kurt could leave some gag on the way back for everyone. Though as far as he knows, he's only gotten the Unconscious thing from the mind link. So he flips the switches, making note that some massive surge tripped the entire complex as it would seem - all the breakers needing to be flipped back. That done, he reports in, «All systems go, this is Blue Leader, moving to randevouz.» He doesn't give an 'out/over' signal, as all the pilot fighters in Star Wars seemed to overlook that slight detail. In silence he makes his way to catch up with the group, still keeping his peepers peeled - its quiet, too quiet.

Havok is his own light source, the glow from his chest illuminating his general area so he doesn't require flashlights or clirsentience to find his way. When they get to the basement and Liz takes care of the Jamie situation, he gives the fallen group the once over for blood or other physical trauma. The power comes back on and Alex will see to Maddrox when he wakes, "Easy there bro, you've been down a while."
Meanwhile, Liz's scan will reveal to her that they were touched by Jamie Braddock's power and they were trapped in their own alternate realities. There's going to be a lot of therapy involved.
Maddrox's eyes go wide looking about, "What's going on?" he asks realizing that this isn't the place he just spent the last 5 years of his life.
Moira remains quiet, she's sorting out what transpired and realizes she's also not where she just was - somewhere else which she believes was a dream.
Havok reports back to Nightcrawler's remarks mentally, oO(Roger that, Liz is waking them now and they're disoriented.)

Siryn comes awake slowly under Liz's hands. Blue eyes are unfocused as she looks around and a lazy, sultry smile crosses her features when they fall on Alex only to then turn to a look of confusion. Her mind is a jumbled mess of images and thoughts only half formed as her gaze flickers to Liz's face. "Who're ye, lass? What's happened?" Her Irish is far deeper than Alex remembers and holds an edge of upper-class accent refinement. The juxtaposition of reality and dream are thoroughly confused for her.

The purple-haired woman holding Theresa up glances towards Alex briefly, and then responds. "Liz." Anything more is more complicated than a woman just wakening from goodness-knows what alternate reality really needs. "For now, I am here to help." she offers, helping Theresa up and off to her ablutions. « It would appear that something shorted out the power here. Whatever did so kept them too busy to see to Jamie's medication. And then they were trapped in his power. But something or someone put my brother out, and put them into comas. » 'Liz' sends to Alex and Kurt, without consulting the others. They have enough to deal with right now. « No sign I can find in their minds of who or what put them or Jamie out. »

Maddrox gets to his feet and shakily starts to walk toward the exit. He's silent and looking about as if he's trying to recall his environment. It's all familiar to him, but in his mind it's like going to a place he's not been to in years.
Moira asks, "Sean? Is he still alive?". Apparently in her 'dream' she believed that Sean was killed. Her mental imagery reflects a horrofic time of strife and struggle in a post apocalypitic world.
Havok lets him go and turns to Moira and Siryn only to mentally respond, oO(We should notify WHO. They seem to have a handle on things like this and it's their jurisdiction. Also, Kurt, do you keep in touch with Kitty? She'll want to come up here and bring Ray. Maybe Excalibur can figure it out. Right now, I'm just inclined to get these people to safety - Braddock Estate?)

«I haven't been in touch with her since I left Excalibur,» responds Kurt throuth the mindlink. Then, "That was a few months back though, no better time to catch up." Words offered as he crawls through the door and jumps to the floor, everything seeming in order. "Ya, massive power surge, everything was tripped on the generator's grid. Anyone needing assistance?" He ponders, not bothering to look and try to evaluate, but relying on those alreay here. If there is an evacuation to get people out, he's ready for that.

As she climbs slowly to her feet, Theresa goes pale. — Well, paler still. She's not exactly the tanned sort anyway. Her eyes flicker the woman helping her up to the others in the room, stopping in abject fear on Kurt. She backs up several steps, bumping into the wall behind her and whispers, "Nonono… not again." She squeezes her eyes closed and struggles to take in deep breaths. "Not again, not again," she chants in a desperate whisper.

Sensing the impending blind panic erupting within Theresa's mind, 'Liz' is too busy dealing with that to answer at the moment. She reaches out telepathically and clamps down on the other woman's mind, wincing at her own ham-handed (psionically speaking) efforts, and imposes her own will, pushing the other woman back from the brink. « Shhhhh. It's alright, Theresa. Everything is going to be alright. I promise. You are safe, now. I know this is difficult, and confusing. But we are friends, here to help. » 'Liz' dredges up some of Theresa's long-buried (to her) memories of the X-Men, replaying them before her mind's eye, as she continues. It won't fix everything, but hopefully it will keep Theresa from going mad until she can start to make sense of things on her own.

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