2012 02 14 Prequel To The Silence Of Muir

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Prequel to the Silence of Muir

Nightcrawler and Havok

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Ready Room, Xavier Mansion

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Kurt and Alex talk about recent and past events.


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-==[ Ready Room - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]==-----
This room is a testament to the amazing technology appropriated by the X-Men. Within this circular room, banks of sleek consoles line the walls, with a couple of dozen flat displays continuously updating statuses from worldwide locations. Many of those screens, where they meet, can be made into one picture, offering a larger screen image. The center of the room is focused on a massive round table, surrounded by an even dozen seats. On the ceiling over the table is a tiny holographic projector that serves to create any visuals needed. There is a constant undercurrent of humming energy in here.
A side door off this room leads into a private office for X-Men team leaders. The office resembles this room strongly - metallic walls, workstations, and holographic projectors, all drawn off Shi'ar technology.
OOC: Like the Danger Room, students do not have access to this room without a faculty member present. If you're a student and want to be in here on your own, please contact an IC staff member to negotiate thieving a keycard for the occasion… and the cameras watching you.

The return home was a hectic one. Getting the Starjammers reequipped and then catching Charles and Lilandra up on all the events took some time out of their schedules. It's been a few days since the Starjammers have left and Havok is found in the ready room going over recent news feeds and other important information regarding the government and the team. The large screens illustrate various mutant incursions and hostilities.
As par for the course, Havok wears his black costume and is always ready for action.

Since coming back, Kurt has been coming to and fro, but most often as not at this level, he's been spending time training. Perhaps overcompensating for some perceived need to improve himself over recent events. Either the case he is in the Sublevels of the Mansion and happens by the Ready Room. Inviting himself in he makes note of the man in black. Kurt himself has been more prone to wearing costume the same, for training mostly. Entering in, he grins as he approaches the leader of X-Factor, "Too quiet, trying to find something to keep us busy?"

Havok smiles and chuckles silently, "Dude, totally." He thrives off conflict and constant adventure. "I was totally hoping to find something that we could go after. But nothin. Seems like the Avengers got there first and didn't leave any leftovers."

Laughing in return, Kurt puts hands to hips, pondering the situation. "Its decided then, we'll have to go after those jerks to let them know they're trodding on our turf." He specifically uses out of date urban speak to over-exagerate the situation. "Or change the game plan. I'm curious what you really have in mind though." His eyes interested, it is after all, chance for real adventure.

"I know we've had this discussion, and all hero teams probably do too… Proactive vs Reactive. Legally we cannot beat on the doors of the villain's secret hide out and bring them to justice. At least /before/ they do anything wrong. So I've been looking at the top ten lists of the FBI and NSA mutant divisions. Check this out…"
He toggles a few virtual switches and the large screens display mug shots and/or generic photographs of villains that are currently wanted for questioning or for crimes committed.
"See that dude…" He points to a silouette of Stryfe. "He's the leader of the MLF, otherwise known as the Mutant Liberation Front. From what I gather, Cable is his number one nemesis - but that overgrown cyborg merc ain't been able to get up on Stryfe. Heck, we really don't even know what Stryfe is all about other than what the professor has gotten out of Skids. And even that was stuff about brainwashing and mutant supremacy."

"This guy with the robot cyborg armor get up," ponders Kurt, looking over the profile image they have of Stryfe. "You know mutant supremacy is enough for me, same story different day. Just a matter of time before he shows someone this supremacy. Mutant Liberation Front," he ponders, reading some of the files over Alex's shoulder perhaps. "Sounds like trouble waiting to happen. What all did we get from Skids anyways? Maybe some associations, other members of this MLF? I'm more reactive, but I imagine if we could get a trail on him, the evidence is already there."

"Just a bunch of names with described powers. A lot of people I really have no clue who they are or what threat they pose. I mean, I'm one to say - Let Cable have them - but if he's not gotten jack done and these people are an actual threat with the government wanting them, then we should look into it." Basically, he's bored and figures it's something that'll occupy his time.

Kurt watches as the known members are flipped through, each associated to the main file on Stryfe and the MLF. His eyes look over other details perhaps and he nods as he listens, "Go back to that Sumo character, he had a footnote, I want to see that one." Being the one with a possible known history outside the other unknowns, he wants to double check something. "I agree, I mean, I know you have your differences with Cable - but I trust he's not brain washing anyone with him and if the Guthrie kid is sticking it out, maybe he's on our side, in his own way. Its worth looking into this MLF business and see what they're about. Maybe some histories of some of these other mutants and past associations could clear us up a picture as well."

Flipping back to Sumo at Kurt's request, Havok swivels in his chair and pushes back away from the console. "Yeah, that Guthrie kid is also on my list. Little twerp tried to take off with Rahne. Thing is, X-Force is also on the government's list - wanted for questioning in mutant related terrorism. Yeah, it sounds just like what we were in the X-Men."

Looking at the file, Kurt says, "Looks like he has a possible association to Avengers, maybe we should ask one of them. They may have got to him first, but we can finish that business." A shrug, "Besides, if X-Force is having no luck and they're on Stryfe's list, maybe you can dig up more information on X-Force in the process. We should at least investigate the association. If Stryfe isn't really an enemy, then he could be a friend - the enemy of our enemy."

"Another classic moment of our inability to define who is friend or foe." Havok intones in a disappointed pitch. "Why can't we go back to the way it was. Magneto - Enemy, Emma Frost - Enemy… Speaking of Frost. You read those reports from X about Selene?

There is a chuckle over going back to the way things where, perhaps Kurt feels it will happen, its just a matter of getting bad guys to step up and reveal their plans - just now they are waiting a little longer to fully expose themselves as enemies. Then he nods about the report, "I have, I should probably talk with the Professor at some point. But you're a team leader just the same - government branch and all that, mein freund, but team leader the same. What affects this school will affect us while we headquarter here. If he wants to know what is happening from the inside, I'd really like him to consider letting me teach there."

"You really think Emma and Selene wouldn't identify you as a spy? They've got the telepathic juju going on and heck, could we even tell the difference between your reports being fact or fiction?"

"You overthink this," says Kurt, "They would definitely assume I'm a spy, if they genuinely are up to no good. Then again, if this is really all suspecion on our part, they also see me as a form of legitamacy. As they already approached Charles about this though, it would be untoward of them to use me in foul play - sign of good faith. Best case scenario is if there is anything strange afoot, I can be there for the kids and their protection."

"Speaking of the kids… how can they not know that Selene and Emma are evil, unless of course the kids themselves are evil? When the New Mutants were around, you knew those were good kids. They did good things and always wanted to help out. I read reports on the Hellions. Empath, Jetstream, Tarot, Roulette, they seemed generally interested in personal gain and the manipulation or bringing of destruction to others. James Proudstar was just there because he blamed Xavier for John's death, and Catseye was a corruptable girl who seemed lost in her convictions or even in reality. The batch of kids they're going to draw over there will be predisposed to evil or personal gain. So why do they need saving?"

"There you have it freund," responds Kurt, "Kids can be corruptable, even if they are well meaning. Wasn't Firestar originally approached by Emma? I remember because I went with Charles to offer her a spot with the school here - but she was influenced by Emma and joined the Mass. Academy. What happened to the Hellions, deserved or not, what if one of those lives could have been saved by disassocaited one of those kids with an evil idea?"

"Everybody has a choice. Firestar left. The other's did not." Havok responds then adds to the subject, "Speaking of Firestar. You knew she and I were captured by Arcade at the same time, right?"

"Not everyone is aware of the choices," says Kurt on the dying subject. Shaking his head to the later, "No, I didn't know about that, I wasn't aware of the detaisl when you came across Arcade. I find that curious, was the trap for you, her, or both?"

"From what we gathered, both. Which was a huge mistake on his part. He didn't know, nor did we, that Firestar's power feeds my own. The way Hank <Beast> explained it, her power is microwave radiation, a form of cosmic energy. It's cosmic energy that powers me. So she focused her power into me, amped me waaay up and we blasted our way out of that place." He gives pause before adding the last part. "And dude, when she was putting her power into me… I can't even begin to explain how it felt. But it was goodness."

Holding up a hand, Kurt grins, "TMI - I don't know if I need to know what she put into you." A laugh then, seriously, "If she worked so well, why not see about having her work with us? Combining that sort of fire power, it would be good for all of us - especially if it puts you on your A-game."

There's a slight reflective chuckle before he explains. "Well…. So I got her number and a week later called her. We met at a jazz club and she was carded." he pauses and then adds with a hint of surprise and astonishment, "Dude - She's not even 18. I had no idea. It's like a crime that she's so young."

"In that case, hopefully it was only her cosmic power in your peanut butter … unless you two went to Connecticut. I mean, they're sort of lax, like Alabama - just don't know the rules there on double 1sts." Then he blinks a moment, shrugging like he doesn't know what he was talking about. "I mean, ya, its a crime she is so young - how young we talking here, because I didn't know she was that young either."

"I'm guessin 17. I didn't press the issue. She seemed embarassed about it all. So we just hung out at the club and went our seperate ways afterward. I figured she should be dating high school boys and we had no business being in that situation."

"Dating is one thing, but is there some issue that wouldn't allow her to work with a government group?" Kurt is serious in that ponderance, "I mean, work release, something - something more seriouis than an intern even. All the embarassement behind you two, professional relationship and all." Then a slight chuckle, "I mean more professional than say, you and Lorna, that sort of thing."

"If Lorna ever got wind of it… I'd feel sorry for Angie. Lorna has this jealous streak… anyway. I think the cutoff is 18 plus she's on a team called the New Warriors and is a high school student."

With a grin, Kurt shakes his head, "I won't be the one talking." Which is most likely why Alex opened up on that account. "So what about this Arcade business anyways, he's gone for you, Firestar, myself and Lifeguard already. Maybe we should pre-emptively deal with that situation. Considering three of us are literally government property, that's federal offense just right there."

Alex chuckles, "Federal offense. I guess so. But he's a mastermind villain. He doesn't have a public base that has a flag with his picture on it indicating where he's located. We normally don't find his murderworlds unless he wants us to. I'm really not all that 'investigative' and wouldn't know where to begin?

"A few ideas spring to mind," responds Kurt. "First is to offer bait and track it, but we don't know who or what he might strike at next, that's more a gamble. The second is to try and track down the specificl technology to him, such as the Sentinel head - someone found it or he did, but there is a trail there, out of our hands at the moment. The third idea is to watch who is buying up real items to make another murderworld, see where it is going to. I mean, these days, someone buying that many lasers and discoballs should be trackable, so long as we put in the foot work to see where it might be goign. Though, this idea requires an underworld contact, because I imagine he's getting most of his goods off the black market. We'd have to talk with someone who sort of plays both sides of the fence and go from there. We just have to be quick , because once we start asking questions, we risk word getting back to him."

"Seems like we'd have an underground contact. Or at least Xavier would. Personally, I'm just the blaster of this flick. I think you've got good ideas, we just need the contacts to roll with them."

"If we can ask Charles for some contacts, I say we go with them," offers up Kurt, "Start a trail, finish this thing. I mean, even with the trap idea, who knows how eleborate the next one might be or who could get hurt. And don't sell yourself short, you're more than blasters, you have the face for it too."
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Havok laughs and says, "Guess I do. The face for the lead role, plus I got the dame." then he shifts back to the original remarks, "Then yeah, we talk to X."

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