2012 02 10 There Will Be Trolls

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There Will Be Trolls

Aurora, Emma Frost, Empath, Sebastian Shaw, and Shinobi Shaw and Trolls

IC Date:
February 10, 2012

Silver Crest Lobby - Upper East Side

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Shinobi Shaw seeks revenge on his father and his first step means taking out Empath. Aurora, Emma, and Sebastian fight him and some trolls.


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It is Friday afternoon, but already some New Yorkers are out and about. Having discovered this place just yesterday, Manuel de la Rocha is here dressed in a well-to-do manner befitting those who are also present. Ever since joining the Hellfire Club, he has had access to more money and prestige than he could ever have hoped for. So he is quick to use it. He is seated in the lobby waiting for the lounge to open. As he sits about, he notes all that pass by and scans them. Doing so, he ponders who to play with today. Outside the Silver Crest is a van which has been parked there for some. Within, the van someone watches and waits.

A new lounge sounds like a good enough thing to explore, and so Aurora took the time to pay a visit. Naturally, she's not dressed nearly as affluent and smart as some of the other patrons, but then she tends to like standing out, and appears to be mighty comfortable with herself. While waiting for the doors to open, she surveys the crowd herself, but her eyes seek out men she might fancy.

A new lounge sounds like a good enough thing to explore, and so Aurora took the time to pay a visit. Naturally, she's not dressed nearly as affluent and smart as some of the other patrons, but then she tends to like standing out, and appears to be mighty comfortable with herself. While waiting for the doors to open, she surveys the crowd herself, but her eyes seek out men she might fancy.

Noting the arrival of his new ‘friend’ Manuel smiles and starts to head her way. Someone else in the crowd waiting for the lounge to open has noted the arrival of the beautiful and sexy young woman and though he has been spying Empath the entire time, he makes it his business to also walk towards Aurora. The handsomely debonair Shinobi Shaw walks with grace and elegance but also quicker as if lighter on his feet and he approaches her first, “Hello there.” He bows his head and widens his grin, “Even among the bright and shining people who come and go by here, you are by far, the brightest, and I suspect hottest of all.” He bows and makes a move to kiss her hand.

Aurora turns slowly as she curiously observes the one man who exhibits enough confidence to just walk directly towards her in this crowd, "hello yourself," she murmurs while studying his luxurious style, "you have a keen eye, I do shine quite bright, it's my thing," she winks playfully, allowing him to kiss her hand, "old fashioned, but romantic nonetheless, and who is it that has the pleasure of speaking to me?"

“My name is Shinobi Shaw. But I believe you may know my father or at least be affiliated with his ilk.” Shinobi continues to hold her hand as he points to the approaching Empath who suddenly stops in his tracks as he stares at Shinobi, noting the resemblance to Sebastian. He remains perplexed but continues walking forward.%r%rShinobi moves to draw in Aurora closer but in a non predatory way if allowed, “Tell me, dear. This young Spaniard approaching him. Do you know who he is and what he can do?” He leans in close to say that as if whispering but loud enough for Manuel to hear.

Finally stopping before the two, “Hello, Ms. Beaubier.” Manuel bows his head politely as he looks to Shinobi, “Hello. Mr. Shaw.” Shinobi raises an eyebrow, “You know who I am?” Scanning Shinobi the entire time, Manuel enjoys the little parlay and senses how to respond based on Shinobi’s emotional response. “Yes, you bear some resemblance to Sebastian. Nice to make your acquaintance.” Manuel extends his hand which Shinobi just stares at as he continues with Aurora. %r%r“Beaubier, is it? French?” With a grin, “There is so much to admire in the French. They are bold people who see what they want and take it.” Staring directly into her eyes, “I see what I want as you see what you want.” Taking her, he places his lips close to hers and goes in, firm and passionate. Making a show of it for Manuel who simply watches and makes no overt reaction. If this kiss make contact, there will be a flavorful taste to his lips, almost bitter.

Aurora looks a bit surprised and perhaps a bit disappointed when Manuel walks directly towards her and Shinobi and actually speaks to them, she very much hopes Manuel didn't just ruin a prospectively good evening for her. She inclines her head at him as a reply to his greeting, but is glad to soon have Shinobi's attention again, she doesn't even correct him about her origin as she nods with a smile, "I do tend to take what I want, is that what you do as well?" Aurora presents a bit of a leading question, considering how Shinobi drew her close to him without a show of resistance from her. Aurora doesn't sway away from the kiss at all, she just leans to accept it, her own lips carrying a hint of cherry flavor. She doesn't mind the fact Manuel is right there one bit.

Raising an eyebrow, Manuel uses his emotion scanning abilities to sense that they both enjoyed the kiss, but it seems that Shinobi enjoyed it for an entirely different reason. Shinobi pulls back and reaches into his pocket wiping from his lips with a fancy handkerchief embroidered with his initials, “Ah, Ms. Beaubier, a kiss such as that can be dangerous.” He starts to laugh a bit when he tosses the kerchief which seems to have a combination of Aurrora’s cherry lipstick with some sort of black coloring tossed in, to the floor, “So, Manny, how has my father been?” Noting the kerchief, Manuel shakes his head, “Did you just address me in such an informal manner?”

"Are you using some kind of anise flavored chapstick?" Aurora asks Shinobi at the bitter taste she has from the kiss, looking at him with a slight confusion as he wipes his lips with the handkerchief and proceeds to toss it, "you know that's kind of a rude gesture, you have to wipe your lips after kissing me?" Aurora didn't seem to like that display one bit as she hits Shinobi's chest with her elbow and starts to walk away from him. Clearly she doesn't want to be next to him any longer.

“No my dear, it was anise flavored chapstick.” Shinobi offers before being poked. “Oh, Ms. Beaubier, I don’t need chapstick, what I just wiped away from my lips besides the disgusting taste of your mouth…was a toxin.” Turning to her, he mutters, “Give my regards to Sebastian Shaw…or either of those bitches in the Hellfire Club. Oh and tell them, Manny here is dead and the boy from London…his mother will be getting a visit.” Looking down at his watch…”It will be one of these, who will visit them…” Manuel looks shocked when his death is mentioned. After the end of Shaw’s sentence two things happen. The entrance to the Silver Crest is busted open by a troll. Seriously a large green troll who is charging towards the group. Manuel has no time to react when Shaw goes intangible and sticks his hand into Empath’s chest and squeezes. Manuel reveals a pained expression as he suddenly experiences a heart attack and falls to the floor.

"Disgusting!?" Aurora fumes at that and looks of the mind to really hurt Shinobi when he speaks those words, but even as she turns to face Shinobi again and is about to go medieval on his rear end, she starts to feel a bit disoriented, stopping her advance towards Shinobi to balance herself. She completely misses the troll busting through the door behind her, or the attack on Manuel, trying simple not to fall down. "What the hell did you do to me…?" Aurora demands, fear evident in the sound of her voice as she staggers back and forth.

As the Spaniard Hellion falls to the ground clutching at his chest, Manuel believes this to be his end and surprisingly his thoughts go to those of his past compadres in the Hellions. He will be joining them soon. As his body convulses and he falls into unconsciousness, Shinobi leans down and places his hand on Empath’s dying form offering a Spanish whisper, ‘Vaya con Diablo!’ His form shifting to intangible as he begins his descent through the floor taking Empath with him, as they phase he offers to Aurora, “Should you survive this, remember my words for my father and his whores!”%r%rThe troll continues its charge pushing past the wealthy New Yorkers and patrons until he reaches the staggering Aurora. He pauses a moment to watch Shinobi who points to Aurora, “She has gold. Take it from her!” “Gold! I want my gold!” His fists clenched he is ready to pound the gold right out of Aurora. “Where is my gold?”

"You don't just get to treat me like this," Aurora snaps at Shinobi who leans over Manuel, she is barely able to keep balanced, but does throw one concussive blast right at Shinobi. She wants to hurt him, bad. Problem is, whatever toxin he affected her with is a serious detriment to actually functioning properly, and she winds up staggering down to her knees after her attack. Leaving her quite open to the troll who cries for his gold, at least she understands games and manipulation though, because just as the troll demands her gold, Aurora points in Shinobi's general direction, and cries, "I can't give you the gold, because Shinobi stole it from me! I don't have it anymore."

Sebastian Shaw's thoughts roil with anger, frustration, and something approaching an entirely unreasonable -hatred- of the young nuisance who has barged in and caused such turmoil. And yet, there's an annoyance that -this- was the best he could do? When -he- seized control on the Inner Circle, no former member survived that night.

His mind reaches out to Emma, using techniques she herself taught him «Emma, please make sure the unenlightned hurry out. I am -already- out of patience.»

As he strides out into the area, wearing his late 1700s 'club uniform' his physical voice rings out, like an elder lion responding to an upstart challenger, "SHINOBI! … Even in -this-, you disappoint." Oh, the old contempt in there, "And since -when- did you manifest? I see you are -again- coasting on what you were born to." Those words are calculated to distract, to cut deep into the young man's psyche.

Emma Frost, on the other hand, says not a word as she steps in at Sebastian's side, her heavy fur-lined cape wrapped around her. «Of course, Sebastian,» she replies, and begins sending out a wave of general 'Get out quick!' impulses toward all but a few select minds in the room. The troll is noted, and she focuses some of her facilities on it. «Stop… you don't want to hurt her. You want to listen… to me and me alone,» she thinks out, then sends full-force into the troll's psyche, with a jolt of psychic bolts to get his attention. «Or I'll deal with you /quite/ harshly…» Between the evacuation and the troll, however, her hands are almost completely full. The rest of her resources she sends on a hunt for Shinobi's psyche, but with her attention thus occupied it may be a moment or more before she can sense anything…

The small crowd gathered find themselves suddenly very calm and almost vacant as they calmly begin to leave in an orderly fashion. The troll pauses a moment when Aurora says she has no gold and looks back to Shinobi looking confused. Which leads into the entrance of his father, a smug grin as he hopes to antagonize his father turns to a sour frown and then a snarl as once again, his father depreciates the situation. Unphasing himself as he become momentarily while keeping Empath’s body phased, the Spaniard is dropped through the floor until he is unseen. “Father, as always you are too bull-headed to not see the grander scale. This is just one part of larger scheme. And I see you brought whore #1. I have a nice surprise for her.”

The confused troll yells “Where is my gold?” Shinobi tosses him a device, “Here ya go.” A toss is made, “Not gold.” The troll hears a voice in his head and feels much pain from the psi-bolts. It turns when Shinobi tosses the device. The device (a psi-scrambler) begins to light up and when telepathy is used in its presence and like a grenade goes off in the telepath’s head. With one confused and pained troll two more emerge rushing into the entrance and towards Shaw. “A parting gift, Father.” Shinobi phases and slowly begins his descent but wanting to see his father face off against the new trolls.

Aurora is all confused, disoriented from the toxins, and the only thing she still manages to acertain is that the troll has been deterred from killing her. It is about that point that she fully collapses to the floor, starting to cry that she doesn't want to die. She's not sure what this poison Shinobi inflicted her with does, but she really is scared she's going to die, and that all that matters to her at the moment. She's actually starting to cry like a frightened little girl as she feels the toxin course through her veins, further debilitating her.

The Black King eyes the trolls with an expression not even approaching disdain, it's somewhat -less- than that. After ascertaining the guests have left, he begins to take off his coat, vest, ascot, and shirt, neatly folds them with a practiced hand and lays them on a nearby table. His muscles tense slightly, as he speaks again, "A -physical- threat? You really wish to see me waste my time on this?" he shakes his head, "What do you hope to gain here, Shinobi? Vengeance? My -respect-?" his chilling tone indicates how likely -that- outcome will be.

"Even if you -do- manage to take a few pieces…the game isn't won until you capture the -King-." He begins to stride towards the trolls, clearly challenging them, "Imbecile! Let's get this over with."

Emma manages not to scream as her head seems to have a few dozen knives driven into it all at once. But it's a near thing. She feels herself falling, finding herself on her hands and knees only after she has struck the floor. "Uugh… Sebastian, get rid of that scrambler! Once it's gone, I can do the rest!" she cries, shaking her head. "And I want that little twat's /head/ in a /jar/!!!" She crawls over to where Aurora lies, still dizzy from the pain.

Under normal circumstances, Aurora may have heard Emma, and may have gone on her own to remove that scrambler from the premises or even destroyed it. But as she is now, clearly affected by some kind of toxin, disoriented, and scared, she doesn't seem to be of much use. Curling into a ball on the ground, crying about not wanting to die, and looking as if she isn't quite seeing reality when her eyes deliriously look about the room. She doesn't even seemt o respond to Emma crawling towards her.

With Empath's body completely gone, Shinobi watches with half his body through the floor. "Piece by piece, father. Your rook is dead. And that little British pawn is next. The next match…is in London." His body lowers further with only his head sticking up and offering to Emma,"My head is too big for a simple jar. But I will be sure to send you Manuel's. You can put it with the rest of charred remains of your Hellions!" Despite needing to make a quick exit, the boy does admire his father and there is something to be said of the sight of a boy watching his father fight. The thrill of the battle. The strength. All that he is not, but watches and learns for he knows Shaw speaks the truth. The death of the new Hellions will hurt the queens, but the ultimate goal is the king.

The trolls rush at Shaw, these two not as eloquent as the earlier troll who is dumbfounded staring at the lit device in his hands. The two simply growl and charge at the Black King. One leaps up to smash down on the King while the other moves his heavy fist to bash the King's head in. The crowd is gone is all but gone as the trolls go to handle Shaw leaving the two women on the ground and in pain.

It is a strange thing, the power that courses through the elder Shaw. What at first seems only a variant of the common superhuman strength is so much -more-. As the first troll lands and the second strikes, the blows…slow…down, most of the energy of motion leeched away. It's like striking something soft, in a way - but what comes next is anything but.

This isn't a -challenge-, it's a distraction, and Sebastian knows it. He doesn't even give the trolls a moment to realize what's gone wrong, he simply turns and strikes. One. Two. Blindingly fast, stronger than -two- of the things put together (he hardly ever goes out without carrying a charge already). He is a -brute-, even without his powers. Hugely muscled, powerful, masculine…so much his son is -not-. As two huge bodies fall to either side of him, he immediately begins to walk towards the third, "Give me that." he commands, imperiously, but to his wayward son, he then adds, "I see you're dodging one of my questions." It has the air of an old and oft-repeated lecture, "When did you manifest? How have you been wasting this apparent talent?"

Emma knows right away she can't do a thing with that scrambler active, so she does her best to rein in her powers, in spite of the /need/ to know what's going on in the heads around her. Instead, she takes Aurora's hand, squeezing it gently. "You'll be all right… I promise," she whispers. "Sebastian, please hurry…" Her own idea is worthless now that Sebastian has already engaged the third troll. Now it's all up to him.

As his father blathers on, Shinobi knows the tactic to keep him talking, but with a smile and a wave, he slips through the floor and is gone. The two latter arriving trolls find themselves on the ground dead. One lies with the life literally knocked out of him. The second, his head completely forced its body from the sheer force of Shaw’s blow. When its body hits the floor, it seems almost deflated the blow was powerful to crush internal organs, tissue, and bone into jelly. As Shaw goes to the other troll who sees his allies knocked on the ground. It holds his arms out as if to halt Shaw, “Gold. Give me gold and you get light up device.” Though it has seen his brethren fall, its mind as with most other trolls is simply on gold.

Aurora looks at Emma in confusion as she squeezes her hand, and shakes her head, "he poisoned me…I can feel it, I'm going to die…better not touch me, so it doesn't affect you too!" Aurora cries out, truly believing she is going to die. All of the wasted trolls around her go unnoticed, as does Shaw.

The Black King actually pauses, for a moment, at the simply -shocking- stupidity of the creature. He stares for a moment, looks back to the bodies, "GIVE ME THAT OR I AM GOING TO CRUSH THE LIFE FROM YOU. NOW." All that frustrated paternal anger is being channeled, constructively, towards the creature. This isn't like Shinobi, he's a talker, normally. For all his disappointment and a tiny bit of genuine -hurt- that his prodigal son did not come to him when he found he was also a mutant, he isn't taking this as lightly as he comes off.

"A moment more, Emma. He can't possibly take Manuel too far." His tone softens a touch at that, she is his friend, one of the only -real- friends he has allowed himself, and the boy…well, there was potential, and a better relationship, ironically, than with his flesh and blood.

"Oh, just smash the thing, Sebastian! Trolls have a one-track mind!" Emma shouts from the floor. "And that little bastard is getting away and I /can't stop him/!!" She squeezes Aurora's hand again. "No, you're /not/ dying, you are going to be fine! Stop saying that!" She hopes…

The troll sees Shaw in an impressive display of words and strength. It tilts its head to the side and looks at his fallen brothers-in-arms. It believes that Shaw can and will kill him. Its eyes meet Shaw and only one word is uttered in as much determination and authority as Shaw’s tone, “Gold!” As for Shinobi having pulled some surprises on his father already, he has more than made his escape his thoughts to the next step in his stratagem against his father.

Sebastian Shaw's jaw sets grimly, "Amazing…-this- is what he considers effective muscle. -Such- a disappoinment, how he ever sprang from my loins is a mystery…" He steps into the span of the creature's arms, both hands reaching for its huge paw, clutching the scrambler…the crunch of metal is lost in the sound of finger-bones the size of cattle limbs splintering as
Sebastian simply crushes the hand, device and all, . o O«Emma, it's done. -Find him-.» he projects, verbally he also adds, "Summon the staff for her as well." Well, someone seems to actually take notice when others are struck down to get to him. It's the principle yes, but the man's not a -complete- monster.

Just like that, the crying stops as Aurora's intense blue eyes stares into Emma's, "you're right," she suddenly whispers, "I am starting to feel a little better." Struggling at first, Aurora soon sits up, looking around her in disorientation for one more moment, before asking Emma, "where is Shinobi? I have to go kill him now." Yes, she still hasn't bothered to note the dead trolls, and raging Sebastian, Shinobi has earned her unbridled hate, and she wants to make sure he gets what he deserves.
Emma comes to her knees, still staring into Aurora's eyes. "You and me both, dear," she growls toward Aurora, already focusing on the area around them, looking for two minds. "He's… he's gone, Sebastian. He's too far away for me to sense him right now. My head's still full of needles…"

And then she stills, eyes widening. "Manuel… he's alive, Sebastian. But hurt, and in pain. He thinks he's dying…" And then her eyes widen yet more, and she blinks several times, hard, her eyes unfocused.

As the troll’s hand is grabbed, the device it held and the bones in its hand are crushed. There are popping noises and the creature falls to the ground with troll blood dripping from its wrist. It lashes out screaming and then simply falls to the side unconscious…alive, but unconscious. Shinobi is gone. Empath’s few last thoughts picked up by Emma and then those are gone.

The Black King frowns as he flicks his hands to the sides, speckling troll blood on the floor, "Damnation, he wasted -just enough- time. Seems he's learned something after all." He turns, picking up a cloth from the floor and wiping his hands on it as he continues, "Emma, are you alright?…Note: he killed no one. He's too caught up in the game. He wants to beat and humiliate me, if he's going to kill anyone, he's going to want me to -see- it." Strategizing, and perhaps, a little, reassuring Emma

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