2012 02 10 The Rebirth Of Cytoplasm

Log Title:
The Rebirth of Cytoplasm

Black Knight, Cytoplasm, Sandman, and Reed RIchards

IC Date:
February 10, 2012

Conference Area - 33rd Floor Fantastic Four HQ

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Reed revives Cytoplasm


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The Conference Room of the Baxter Building, home to the legendary family, the Fantastic Four, has been made open to the superhero community. Reed Richard’s dressed in his Fantastic Four uniform which is slightly covered by the white lab coat, has converted the room into a large laboratory where the remains of Cytoplasm, the young hero who died protecting the city against the Mole Man, lie. Having finished his demonstration and points to a metallic cast that has been shaped to a humanoid shape which contains of the goo that makes up Cytoplasm have been poured into. After some science mojo, Reed Richards is done and wipes some sweat from his brow as this has taken all of his time for the past few days. “Ok.” Taking a moment to have some fun, Reed takes a Dr. Frankenstein pose and yells in a faux accent, “Arise, Cytoplasm! Arise!”

Sandman has been watching this for sometime and while he has no idea what Reed is lecturing on, the Avenger cannot help but feel uncomfortable. For the longest time, he was a member of the Frightful and had fought Reed on numerous occasions. Also his thoughts go to the metal casing with Cytoplasm in it. He is reminded of only too recently how he was in a similar situation and had to be revived by the Avengers and for a moment he pities Cytoplasm if he has to have the same recovery that Sandman experienced, but he is also hopeful that this works.

For his part, Dane is seriously interested in this, both with his interest in physics and genetics. He figures he could stand to learn something from all this and came to attend. Mostly quiet, he does chuckle at the Frankenstein reference but stays focused on Cytoplasm. Afterall, if this works, he can finally thank the lad for most likely saving his own rear.

A "Schlorping" sound can be heard as the goo starts to pour into the metallic cast. Finally, with a sound hydraulics the cast opens as a blob of goo flops to the ground, apparently moving around a bit but not doing much else. For a few seconds, it appears as though everything had failed. Then, the shape starts to bubble and churn a bit as it compresses into the form of a man in a black bodysuit, not unlike those worn by workers in a greenscreen production. Looking about in a somewhat confused manner, Cytoplasm starts to stumble forwards, apparently almost moving by momentum before he looks around and says, "Wha-? This isn't… What happened?"

Smiling at the success of his experiment to revive the young hero, Reed steps forward offering a gloved rubber hand to Cytoplasm and patting the lad on the shoulder, “Rest up and take your time, Cytoplasm. You were destroyed in a battle against the Mole Man. He shot you with a laser when you were protecting the city.” Looking out at those gathered, “Many thought you were dead, but I realized you were not. It just took science and time to put you back together again.” He offers a smile as those in the room applaud at the rebirth of Cytoplasm and yet another successful science event for Reed Richards. Surely this will be placed in a journal…Nobel perhaps?

Closing his eyes at the Frankenstein reference, Sandman seems to be like a kid watching a horror movie. Finally when he hears Cytoplasm speak, he opens his eyes and smiles jumping out of his seat, “Alright, kiddo!” Sandman is thoroughly impressed as he has seen this kid survive being sliced in half by Scorpia and now this. He ponders a moment if Cytoplasm is really killable. The old Flint Marko would have enjoyed testing that, but for Bill Baker, he is just happy to see his friend alive.

Dane is impressed just the same, Black Knight gives applause, lightly, following Sandman's excitement. "Impressive," he says, standing as well, but addressing adulation towards Richards for his part. "Proof once again, evidence is in the details. Oversight that I assumed anything else for this kid." Not saying so much as Ben made the offer to see if anything could be done for all the goo that was left in the debacle. Then towards the regrown Cytoplasm, "Thanks are much ado here," he gives applause there as well, light just the same.

"I… Was destroyed. I've never been through something like that. I can remember feeling… Weak. Somehow like I was touching a lot of things at once, but not really anywhere together." Cytoplasm says before looking at his arm and realizing the appearance of a bodysuit he has and saying, "Oh!.. I probably look weird, don't I?" before his appearance starts to shift once more, solidifying into the old appearance that he had used on a regular basis before. "I really wonder if I'm able to stand up to people like that. All the others I saw like that were doing fine, but it only took one… Beam or whatever it was to blow me apart like that."

“Well, you are a very different lifeform. The dynamics of your abilities are still being learned. You should take your time, do not jump into battles head first. Learn what you can do, which will be very impressive considering what you are already capable of doing.” Reed advises and nods and gestures when Cytoplasm shifts his form into his old appearance.

Sandman approaches the where Cytoplasm is and is shifting his hand to sand ready to pat him on the back but then he stops himself and looks to Reed. Reed nods that it is ok and Sandman smacks Cytoplasm’s back affectionately, “Welcome back to the land of the living, science project. Good to see you up and about. Sorry I wasn’t there to stop Mole Man.”

"I think he's already taken the first step," tones in Black Knight on the entire subject. "You stepped up when Mole Man came, the rest is semantics. You know you have that much at least, training and hard work will pay off now." Curiously, he comes to the main area where the discussion is occuring too, not merely in the 'audience.' "You're just running around alone, or you been working with anyone kid?" He goes with kid, he's never been introduced and doesn't know if the man even wants people knowing his real name.

"I haven't been 'Working' with anyone before. All I've done in the past was work for… I don't know if I can remember, some people, Retrieving things. I don't think I was supposed to be doing that, though." Cytoplasm says, apparently unsure of what he's describing,
"But that was before I came to… New York, I think." his body starts to churn again as a small, apparently broken metal device appears in his hand. "I think I was supposed to be… Hurt somehow, by this if I ever ran away. It's damaged and I don't think it works anymore, but I'm still not sure what it is."

With his friends stepping forward and Cytoplasm revived, Reed offers, “Well, I will leave you all to get on, while I take questions in the lobby.” Also patting Cytoplasm on the back, “It is good to have you back. The rest of the team is out on a mission, but should be back soon to welcome you properly.” He gestures for the remaining audience members to follow him into the lobby where a press conference begins.

Still smiling as Cytoplasm speaks, Sandman waves to Reed as he exits and then looks at the device, “So what is that supposed to be?” He attempts to see if Cytoplasm will give it him so he can examine it a bit, “You were supposed to hurt someone? Do you remember were you were before you found your way here?”

"Whatever it was, it survived the whole explosion and regrowth part, pretty advanced stuff I'd wager" ponders Dane when Bill picks up the piece of metal that fell out. Regardless, he also continues, "So, you don't recall much other than being in New York and fighting Mole Man, or is this memory loss thing something from before that day?" That is probably the basis for other questions he might have, but looks over at Sandman to see what the metal might just be.

"No, I've met a few people before that… That thing was destroyed before I came to New York." Cytoplasm says, "A while back, I was going to pick up some files from some sort of building, and I got the attention of one of the guards. They shot it, and now I'm here. I can remember a little bit about my job before I left, but not all that much. Also, I don't remember where I was aside from some kind of… Capsule with a lot of scientists working around me, working with computers and other things. When I wasn't out getting things, anyway."

Having the device in hand, Sandman’s Avengers id goes off as he looks to Dane, “Time to head over to England.” He looks to Cytoplasm, “Good to have you back, kiddo.” He leaves the device behind, “Hopefully the Fantastic Four can figure out what it is, but if not, then maybe pass it on to us or the X-Men or New Warriors or someone.” With that he gestures for Dane to follow him.

With a nod, Dane seems in agreement, "If they don't give you any answers, send word our way. I can run some tests on that metal if you like. Sorry to say, Sandman here is right, we've serious work to do ahead of us, I just wanted to see the science here Mr. Richards was displaying for us." He's probably geeking just a little, but he has a good game face.

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