2012 02 10 The Loyal Order Of Damsel Saving Girl Kissing Blu

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The Loyal Order of Damsel-Saving, Girl-Kissing Blue Monks

Black Knight, Dajan, Nightcrawler

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a diner, downtown Manhattan

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Dajan's dating life and her connection with the superpowered community both get shaken up a bit.


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For a good several hours, Dane has paced his room in the Avenger's Mansion. In one hand he's held onto his smart phone, his thumb sliding back and forth across its black surface. Sliding and dipping, each time bringing up Dajan's number, him opening up a text message, but putting nothing into it. This has been accompanied by the rubbing of his forehead, struggling with what he must do for the now. Finally, as those hours have passed, he sits on the bid, a beaten man, and his thumbs scroll away at the device he holds. A text is sent to Dajan. 'Hello … sorry, don't know how else to say this, but I can't make our date to go ice skating. Avengers business has come up, I'm need to go to England. Hate to do this to you, hopefully I can make it up somehow - Dane.' He re-reads it a few times and once satisfied, he fires it off through wireless space and satelite streams.

Dajan is on the subway when the text gets sent, so she doesn't actually hear the notification ringtone until she arrives at the surface again. She pulls the phone out of her pocket and reads. "Well, ain't that somethin'," she says to herself, stepping out of the regular flow of foot traffic to type a response: 'Hi, Dane. That's too bad, but I understand completely. Duty comes first. — Dajan'. Off goes the response. She trusts his phone is encrypted, but hers isn't so she doesn't stick the A word in her text.

Feet still hanging over the edge, Dane has sprawled backwards on his bed, some anxiety perhaps in hoping the message was received and wasn't taken too badly. When his phone indicates a text he holds it up over his head, blocking the light from above. There is a hint of a smile, as if he is glad she understands. He replies, 'I appreciate the understanding, doesn't satiate the guilt here. Duty calls, but I'd rather get to know you more. If you're still game for it, we'll plan something extra fun for when I get back - Dane.'

Dajan makes her way to the diner where she, up until recently, was working. But now she's a customer like anybody else. She greets Kiffany and Brenda, both of whom are on duty today, and tucks herself into a booth by the window, telling her friends not to rush, that she's in no hurry today.

When Dane's text arrives, she smiles wryly and types back: 'What kind of person would give you a hard time for having to do your job! When you get back, we'll see if you can find the time. — Daj'

Getting the next text, he sits up in bed and paces once more. Perhaps it was meant to take some guilt off and then there is the thing about him finding time. Taking a moment, he drafts and then fires off a response, 'Dajan, you're one worth finding that time for - I'll fight for it as soon as I'm back. I'm going to get going here, will be available by text for a little while but will probably cross the threshold, don't know how long that could be. Thank you, thank you for being you - Dane.' If anyone is outside and actually listening, within 10-15 minutes there would be a sonic boom over the Avenger's Mansion and Manhattan itself as he full throttles the Atomic Steed on his way to England.

Dajan is sipping a cup of tea when the next text arrives. She winces slightly at 'you're worth it', because it's /so/ sweet, and also because she doesn't generally hear it. To say nothing of the fact that she is not as cut out for the wild playing-the-field lifestyle as she thought. 'Well, keep in touch when you can. Don't have to text from England — the roaming charges will be murder! Take care, stay safe, see you when you get back — Daj'.

It's probably way too far downtown for the sonic boom to make it to Dajan's ears what with all the noise New York City makes on the regular.

Dajan settles back in the chair, finally able to have a look at the menu now that the texting seems to be done. "Guess when you got a steel horse thingie like Bon Jovi…" she lets the thought trail off, turning her attention to what she feels like eating. Big day ahead of her.

Having spent a few days in New York City since his return from space, Kurt finally makes his way back to the cafe he first encountered Sledge at. This time though, he's looking for someone else. This requires he go within the building and, as a mutant, he isn't comfortable as his normal self. Thus, today he is once again Errol Flynn, daper, pencil mustache, dressed to the nines as if it were the real actor off the set and out on the town. He enters the small cafe, setting off the bell (or buzzer or whatever) at the door and looking around for a certain someone. Maybe he notices her first, looking ready to actually order food, not waiting on others.

Notice her first he does, as she sets down the menu. Her cellphone goes off again, and she glances down at it. It's apparently somebody different this time, though, as she gets a serious expression and thumbs a quick reply.

"Protein," she decides. "Double scrambled egg platter, Kiffany," she finally tells her waitress as she passes. "I'm lookin' after triplets after lunch."

Hopefully she's seated at like the round stools near the main serving bar so he can just take one of those, otherwise, he will move up to a table to slide into a bench or take a chair. Before seating though, he smiles on his approach, "Mein Engel, I was hoping I would find you here. May I join you?" Maybe it was rhetorical, Kurt slides onto seat all the same. "Things are well I hope?" Then he reaches for a menu himself, seeing what they offer in this diner after all.

She's at a booth because she's a paying customer now, but she also doesn't want to take up valuable counter space, as she's already told her waitress friends to serve other customers first, so Kurt will have to pop into the booth across from her.

Dajan looks up, big brown eyes going wide with surprise. "Mr. Blue!" she greets him — because, well, Kurt seems too formal for someone she's only seeing the second time, and 'Nightcrawler' too superheroic for a diner at breakfast. "Nice to see you. And um, yeah, things were a little hectic for a while, but they're settlin' down nicely again. How 'bout you? Nobody tryin' to go upside your head recently, I hope."

"No," he grins warmly, looking over something with gravy and sausage and biscuits and eggs, like that could well be good. But turning the menu aside, he grins warmly, "Well, define upside head more accurately." Then, still head over menu and directed at her, he casts his eyes downward, nonchalantly as if looking at the menu. "There have been a few encounters, but I don't want to bore you with the details - swashbuckling fun isn't everyone's cup of tea, ja?" He says, perhaps wanting to share details, him liking adventure all the same. Good thing they are getting other tables first, there's a few good items he'll have to make up his mind about.

"Well, as long as you're enjoyin' yourself doin' it," is Dajan's shrugged response. "I've never tried …" She pauses, wrinkling her nose in thought. "Is it 'bucklin' swashes, or swashin' buckles?"

"Well, its more the use of the sword and tying it up with," he grins, as if going into a real explanation before chuckling mirthfully, enjoying her play at the words. Kurt shrugs himself, "If I said I swashed buckles, would that be unbecmoing?" There is no intention for a response, he does order the gravy covered sausages, biscuit, eggs, hash thing when asked. Then back to his table mate, "Any luck with Sledge? Or too busy finding ways to torment the blue elf?" He is after all comfortable with being called Mr. Blue, and he indicates himself as an elf in that after all.

Dajan gives Kurt a big grin in response, knowing that he's a playful sort. After all, he gave her a nickname within minutes of meeting her, and he cheerfully speaks of swashbuckling. "I'm afraid I haven't seen him back here since that one time." she says, going a little more serious as the topic changes to business. "And, well, I don't know that I'm gonna. I…kinda…got fired." Though it must've been with no hard feelings, as everybody on staff is still friendly to her. "Now why'n the world would I wanna torment you, Mr. Blue? You're a nice guy."

"Kinda fired," he picks up on, not showing too much difference towards her not having seen Sledge. Rather Kurt ponders that but nods with a grin, "Mein Engel, you are too kind. I am a nice guy, but perhaps there is a good deal of fun in trying to torment me. Perhaps you know I will repay the service and you're trying to one up me with an early lead, ja." That being said, he gets a drink, coffee, half milk, not steamed latte, but cold coffee, cold milk. "So, what are you doing for now, without a job?"

"Oh, I see," Dajan says, expression brightening. She doesn't say 'a prank war' but there's a certain mischievous twinkle in her eyes now. "Oh, babysittin' for the workin' moms around the neighborhood, mostly," she explains. "Cheaper than day care, and, well, I can keep up with wiggly toddlers better than your average person." She takes a sip of tea, and marshals her courage. "Which is why it's kinda lucky you swung by again."

The mischievous twinkle is met in kind by Kurt, somewhere between her seeing and chasing wiggly toddlers - perhaps he's more wiggly, being a blue imp maybe. Though about his luck, he fakes being shocked, "Swung by …. sie verwunden mich - there is only one swinging wall crawler …" Though he brightens up at that, "But, I am honored that you know I too am capable of crawling walls, and ceilings." Then grins playfully, maybe she didn't know, maybe he just had to play off the swinging bit. "Do tell, I am curious why I am lucky."

Dajan giggles, and has to cover her mouth, because she was not expecting the rivalry of wallcrawlers to be brought into the conversation, and that surely wasn't what she meant. "Well, yeah," she says. "My folks were real nervous about what we saw on the news, but certain things they made sure we got to see." Mutant kids need mutant heroes, after all. "No, I'm lucky. I mean, okay, maybe you're lucky too, but I meant it was lucky for me that you … came by again. Somebody suggested I should get a little training, and that " she lowers her voice respectfully, " one of the X-Men would be the first person I should try'n ask."

"Oh, so somebody is getting lucky afterall," ponders Kurt mischeviously with all the luck going about. It had to be said, he said it, though as for the rest of it, he nods the same. "Mutant to mutant, I agree with whomever made the suggestion. I had suggested before talking with Alex Summers about you, I don't know what training you've had as of yet. But I know he is looking to fill out X-Factor." He scrunches his nose at that, not sure what all is known by mutants on the fringe so to speak, "That is the government branch of mutants aligned with Charles Xaviers ideal of peaceful coexistence, we handle mutant threats specific to the US. A job with free training, I just didn't know how interested you might be ni the offer."

"Pretty much none, an' flyin' by the seat of my pants," Dajan answers honestly. She shakes her head vigorously and holds up both hands as Kurt suggests X-Factor. "Good gracious, Mr. Blue, I'm not even close to ready to doin' anythin' on a team. I mean, I can do li'l things, but nothin' more complicated. All the good stuff I can do tends to happen when I'm freaked out an' adrenaline' rushin'. I don' think I'd be all that good with government work, yet."

As food starts to come out, Kurt blinks curiously but takes what she says in good stride. "Oh, then, you know, there is the school. I could speak with Charles about accepting you. I just didn't want to insult you if you'd spent time training yourself, or had a lot of world experience prior to coming to the school." He never knows where someone stands, with the few that entered with him, they'd come with training arleady, learned to work as a team. "If that is acceptable to you - perhaps you have some school left you would like to attend. If it is just for training, accomadations could be arranged. Just that, the school is 200 miles away in Massachusetts." The distance given to see how tied in she is with NYC, or of there was other training she might be interested in.

"Thanks, that's awful sweet," Dajan says, genuinely pleased he even thought of whether she'd be insulted. "I wouldn't be insulted. Maman, she was always worried we'd get into trouble if we tried trainin'. I think I get into more trouble 'cause I'm not trained." She blinks. "Massachusetts? That's a bit of a hike. And I can't fly or anythin' like that."

A swift shake of his head in the negative, Kurt offers, "Oh, we'd get you there, just if you took up residence as a student, you would have to live on campus. Depending on your level of education, the Professor would design cirriculum to suit your needs." Then a grin, "and your Maman was right, training leads to trouble, but what we are also has the affect of bringing trouble to us regardless it seems. Better to be trained than ill-prepared. Who knows, I could speak with the Professor and assist personally with keeping you in check - you seem a wily one."

"Well," Dajan says, consideringly, after a bite of eggs, "I'm done with high school." Probably at the insistence of the aforementioned mother. "Haven't given a whole bunch of thought to what I wanted to do after. Was thinkin' psychology, an' maybe mutant studies." She listens to Kurt and nods. "Yeah. I think I found that out the hard way." She gives him an exaggerated innocent look. "Moi? Wily? Why, Mr. Blue, I don't know what you have heard, but I am no trickster, me."

"Oh, you …. yes, I'll definitely make sure Charles keeps the duct tape locked up and secure while you'r around and I'll double lock my room least I enter to find it full of pink packing peanuts," Kurt laughs lightly, "And he would definitely be the one to speak with about psychology and mutant studies. I think you'd fit in nicely. I will confess, you'd certainly brighten up the hallways, at least for me." A warm smile, he begins working at biscuits and sausage. "I mean, unless you enjoy the baby sitting gig, there are bigger, wigglier babies at the school though."

"I had three brothers, Mr. Blue," Dajan says, faux-archly. "I was the one cleanin' up after the pranks mostly." She grins at him though. "I wouldn't say I precisely enjoy the baby sittin' thing, me, but I am good at it. Still… I only just got settled here in New York. I don't have any other family or friends. An' I think mebbe Monet's lonely. It'd be just the most ungrateful thing ever if I up an' left her after all her kindness."

"So, you are skilled," he responds, somewhere referring to cleaning up, three brothers, and baby sitting. Kurt doesn't elaborate on that topic but there is Monet. "I don't know who she is, sounds like a roommate. To train with the school would require you to relocate. But if you would like to train, perhaps I could make arrangements to come here periodically," meaning to the city, "And we could train, you and I - I could introduce you to friends along the way. I wouldn't mean that as a come one, as lovely as you are and as curious as I might be about your lips, but a serious offer if that is more suitable for you."

"Well, most of it is just regular people stuff," Dajan insists. "I mean, okay, the extra hands came in handy with the twins, especially when they were little. But it's not the sorta thing you all handle, no." When he asks about Monet. "Yeah, I'm sort of her charity case project an' roommate all in one. Funny, thought she said she was famous. Guess not 'house hold name famous'. Um, her last name is St. Croix?" Maybe that will ring a bell for him. "Why, Mr. Blue, this is all so sudden." She has at least gotten at least comfortable enough in New York to recognize being flirted with, and so the blush doesn't immediately light up under her freckles this time. "That'd probably work better for me, yes. I'm not so sure I wanna pull up stakes so soon after just finally findin' a place I feel at home again."

Shaking his head at the ponderance of Monet St. Croix, he doesn't know her as being famous. Though there is a slight ring of a bell, "Hmmm, Maybe you mean the Monet that was with X-Factor for a brief period recently. I haven't had a chance to meet her, I was with Excalubir, British group same concept. That was until several months ago. If its that Monet, files indicate she is gifted but arrogant." The way he says it indicates its not to his flavor, being good and helping others is something one should strive to do, not brag about it. Though there is the training and other matters. "We'll see what we can do then for training. You'll have to let me know times you have available, we'll schedule time to begin training. As for too sudden, I suppose I'll just be comfortable complimenting your natural good looks and save the rest for dreams." Forking another sausage, he adds in afterthought, "How comfortable are you with me telling X-Men about you?" As in, putting her name in a file and on the radar for 'watching.'

"She did mention somethin' about that, now I think about it," Dajan says. "And yeah — arrogant doesn't even come close to describin' it. But I'm thinkin' maybe it's a dodge, y'know? A cover-up. To keep people at a distance except the ones who don't mind jumpin' through her hoops." She shrugs. "I'm kinda beholden to her at the moment, so I'm jumpin'."

"Um…Maman always said if I needed help specific to bein' a mutant, the X-Men were who I should look up, because that's what y'all do. So — um, tell away, I guess." Dajan finishes her last strip of bacon, and beams as Kiffany brings her a refill on her tea. "Thanks, hon."

"It's not like I'd be of any help unless they needed somebody to cook or babysit, but sure… if I'm gonna get trained, an' look into helpin' the mutant community, it only makes sense to get introduced," she adds back to Kurt after sugaring her tea.

"That is good, I will speak with Charles first then," he says when she agrees to let him give word about her, down here in NYC. After another bite of biscuit and some gravy, Kurt seems more want to simply toy at the food on his plate. Struggling with taking another bite it would seem, and deciding if he's too full for that one more bite. "Wait, beholden to her as in you owe her a real favor or beholden as in, she's more than a roommate." Not that he's put off by that topic at all, but he smiles, "Because, if its the later, I need to know … 'cause that could mean you're fishing for compliments only from me. Not that I'm opposed to flattery, you are mein Engel after all, just then I will know for certain about the lips and them only ever remaining in my dreams." Mirthful, perhaps flirty, perhaps curious.

Dajan does blush, a little, at the Angel nickname again. "Oh, beholden as in when I got fired, she let me have one of the spare bedrooms in her place. There are eight. Besides the one she's usin'. An' she bought me a whole bunch of fancier clothes, an' possibly is gonna hire me as her secretary, since she's thinkin' of doin' the private investigator thing." Dajan shrugs. "I think she feels bad about kinda announcin' about me but doesn't wanna come down off her high horse to say so."

"Nothin' against girls who like girls, but I think boys are my preference. An' I ain't fishin'… but there somebody I'm kinda-sorta-seein'." Two somebodies, even, but they both seem to be running into obstacles.

"Well, that sounds like a good opportunity, but if it doesn't work out, consider the school as a real option. But personally training is something I would gladly do, and whoever else we can find. I'd need to know more of your mutation, perhaps someone would be better suited to assisting your needs." That is left as it is, he'll still train, school still an option. Giving up on his food, the fork sits idle on his plate with the uneaten food. Instead he takes some of the soda, keeping the cup in hand. "Kinda-sorta, that's a lot of wiggle room, but you are good with the wiggly ones, ja?" A chuckle, maybe he's playfully saying dish the details. Even after slight advances have been semi-deflected, Kurt is just as friendly as ever and curiously social.

"She's trainin' me in martial arts, and now that I got access to a computer, I'm studyin' yoga on my own," Dajan chirps, pleased Kurt is so understanding. "About my … ability? I … kinda change, based on the situation. I can't do it on purpose, mostly." She seems curiously at ease having this conversation in this diner. But nobody seems to be overly nosy or appalled at the pair of them quietly talking over mutant issues.

"The guys? Um, well, I met Aurelio when I was exhausted an' literally just gettin' off the bus. He's been a good friend. Dane, I met when I was indulgin' my touristy tendencies. New York has so much cool stuff to see, I try to do at least one every couple weeks. He's sweet, but I feel a little intimidated. He's got a real … significant job." But that's all she'll say about his job. She promised she'd keep the more significant details about him under her hat. Even though Kurt's another of the costumed set, the word has been given.

Feigning mild shock, light jaw dropping, Kurt pretends to be flabbergasted. Slowly he sets his drink down, oddly the ice crackles as if on purpose to highlight his mock expressionism. "Mein Engel, two lucky gentlemen callers … I don't know, are you sure you'll have enough time to train?" Mirth again chuckling in his throat, he lifts glass and straw to his lips, "I mean, between sight seeing, martial arts, and two men is all. I don't think you have time to hold a regular job is all." Then a joking sigh even, "I guess there is little time left for me. I can't teach martial arts, at least as well as your boss, Ms. St. Croix. Maybe we can squeeze time in somewhere thought?"

Dajan ducks her head, but gives a soft little chuckle. "Considerin' how I have, between the two of them, managed maybe sixty five percent of a date?" She orders a slice of chocolate cream pie. Yes, after breakfast. And she's clearly not shy about eating whatever she wants. High mutant metabolism, probably. "So yeah, I manage, since one or the other is always runnin' off to do somethin' or other. I have way more free time than it sounds like. I don't get to sightsee as often as I'd like either." She leans her chin into her hands like a fascinated studen. "Okay — if martial arts is not your forte, what kinda specialty would you be teachin' me?"

He's grinning at all of it, even if its only been sixty-five percent of an honest date even. Kurt is one to talk on the topic. "Well, I won't run off, I take my training very seriously." A chuckle at that, or maybe he means to be serious. "I can teach you some hand-to-hand, but my speciality is ariel acrobatics and the sword. But, there are other things good to learn. Simple surivival things to consider, teamwork, opponent assesment and self assessment for that matter. You know, rising to the call and knowing when to run I suppose. But I prefer the dramatic heroics and prefer not to run. It would require certain scenarios where I can truly see what you do," away from unwanted eyes, "and offer advice while, training. Strength, endurance, monk sort of stuff."

Dajan listens, and even takes out her phone to take notes. "I'd love to learn aerial acrobatics," she says, eyes shining. "Always wanted to take gymnastics as a kid, but it wasn't in the family budget." But she nods and continues taking notes on the phone as he describes the things he can teach. "Teamwork, I pretty much got, though. Six brothers'n'sisters. Five of them were like me. "

"Rilly? Runnin'? I didn't know y'all X-Men ever backed down from a fight." She pitches her voice low again just in case when she says the name of the team. The diner seems more or less mutant friendly, but you can't be too careful. "Monk stuff?" She tilts her head. "You're a monk?" A monk who flirts?

"Oh, I'm the first Blue Monk you have met," chuckles Kurt, "The kind that is good with a sword, swings with the damsel in one arm, and kisses the girl in the end." A laugh then, "And it's not exactly running, consider it a tactical advance to the rear. The knowledge to know a fight can't be one and surviving to return a new, with a different strategy. By teamwork, consider this mutant teamwork training. I mean, if it came to a fight, we'd have to know how much we trust each other. Like if we fell from a building and I caught you, we tumbled on the ground, I'd need to know you're comfortable with me using that momentum to throw you at the opponent for the win you know. Valuable stuff."

"This would be true," Dajan confirms, "I had no idea there was a loyal order of swashbucklin', damsel-swingin' girl-kissin' blue monks." She subsides to listen to him go on though. "Throwin' me at somebody," she repeats, brows going up. She's seen the Fastball Special, given her parents made sure if the X-Men made the news, the kids got to see it. "Well, okay, sure, why not? That would not even be the strangest thing that's happened to me since I got to New York.

Face lights up, Kurt's expression falters over not the strangest of things. "Oh, not exciting enough for you, we'll have to work on finding you the strangest thing ever." Okay, maybe that is werid even for Kurt, he lets it slide away. Instead, smiling over, "Yes, that sort of blue monk, but we'll have to work on your boy-kissing though, its part of the training after all. That'll take you from 56 percent date to one hundred percent date, the one hundred and one percent will have to be all you though. Just, for your records."

Dajan gets and digs right into her slice of cake. "Okay," she says, brightly. "It should be an interestin' trip, at least. I mean, I've already been —" she puts down the fork to count on her fingers, "attacked by a good guy accidentally turned into a bad guy. Outed by Monet. Mind controlled. I've met somebody from outer space. Fought techie thugs tryin' to mess up a weddin'…I've been attacked by honey badgers. An' hit with a freeze ray."

Letting the straw hand from his mouth, Kurt sits dumbfounded a moment, perhaps in jest. "And you still need training … I mean, you sound ready for X-Men after all that." His smile grows as he says this, "I"ll admit, honey badgers and freeze ray, that's still on my list of to do. We just need to combint it all, how about techie thugs from outerspace that attack you at first and then you train them to be heros? I know, no mind control in that, but it'd be more fun to remember it and be in control, trust me." Finishing his drink he amends, "If I hadn't said it already, mein Engel, I like you, cuteness and all aside. I'm going to still try to convince you to come up to the school while we train, just so you know now. Give Monet her dues, but after that, you're a prefect fit in around there."

"I promise, I'm in no hurry to be mind controlled again. WHat a ripoff. I spent a whole weekend thinkin' I was a ninja, and I don't remember any of it." Dajan jokes along with Kurt. "Space thugs, huh? Are those so easy to come by on short notice."

"Okay, you're welcome to try, Mr. Blue." Dajan jumps, last bite of cake having just been put in her mouth, as an alarm goes off. The ringtone is a music box playing Brahms' Lullabye. "Whoops. That means I got half an hour to get to Ms. Garcia and her triplets. I'll give you a text to let you know what my week looks like, and if you want, maybe I can take a tour and give the place a fair chance." She tucks one of those one-use debit cards out of her pocket and under her plate. "And if you impress me, maybe I'll practice my boy-kissin' on ya."

"I'll have to work on that," grins Kurt, "Impressing you then." As she puts her card out and is ready to leave, he nods, "Enjoy wriggling babies, definitely take the tour and I'll look at your times and figure out when I can make it back into the city next week. Training is going to be so much fun," as if he has ideas in mind already. "Enjoy our day, mein Engel, I'll be careful not to get knocked in the head, at least not while you're away from me and unable to rouse me again."

Dajan giggles and bats at her fluffy cloud of hair. "Natural cushionin'," she tells him, and waves to Kiffany. "See you soon. I can't wait!"

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