2012 02 10 Black Door Beneath The Hills Part 2

Log Title:
Black Door Beneath the Hills Part 2

Black Knight, Sandman and Balor, Bres and Captain Britain

IC Date:
February 10, 2012

The Docklands – London

Brief log summary::
The Avengers go to investigate the doors and all hell breaks loose


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With Sandman and Black Knight arriving in the Quinjet, they will find the Docklands section of London to be quarantined and separated from the rest of London as the Weird Happenings Organization and the British authorities, though the residents of the Docklands are permitted to remain. When they spot the Quinjet, many of them disapprove and vocally yell out at it and some even pick up rocks and other handy items to toss at it once it lands. Waiting for the heroes, as they exit the craft are two scientists and Dane’s friend, the man himself, Captain Britain, “What ho, Avengers.” A smile and a bow of his head greets Sandman as he exits the Quinjet, “So why are these people hurling stuff at us?” A rock is launched at his head which it connects but seems to sink into and then spit out the other side courtesy of his sandy form.

Many of the residents continue to hurl stones at the Avengers, When Captain Britain leads them to an area away from the general public and right towards one of those Red Doors that had appeared at the Avengers mansion and caused quite a mess and kidnapped Alistaire Stuart. Captain Britain offers, “Thank you for coming, Avengers. We are at a loss for what exactly is happening and we have continue to run more tests. All that has been confirmed is that there is some sort of connection to Otherworld, which is why I have been brought in. But we have yet to attempt to open the door, though we will try again, if anything to retrieve our mate, Alistaire.”

"More curious Captain," responds Dane, using the former title for Captain Britain in this instance with public hurling stones and all. "Any connection between your image and this connection with Otherworld. I am speculating, why would your face have been used by whatever threat is through these doors - like when the hologram projection abducted Mr. Stuart." Then a smile under his barbute,
"And good to see the real you." Looking at the door he also ponders, "Any of us just going to try the handle first, see what jumps out at us, or speculate on whether or not it will be mystically locked against us?" Saying this, me moves towards the door and reaches for the handle/

“My understanding is that, the doors open at specific times…which may be why the people are hurling stones and generally unpleased with your presence here. Apparently, creatures of some sort, described to be some sort of mythological like entities have been opening the doors and drawing children and hunting the residents. Your presence here leads them to believe that things will get worse before they get better.” Captain Britain offers before giving a friendly smile acknowledging he has missed his friend, Dane as well. “Good to see you as well, Knight. Perhaps next time under better more fun circumstances at the pub.”

In all that discussion all that Sandman gets is ‘pub’, “Um, I’ll be up for a trip to the pub, but, no offense, yer highness, shouldn’t we maybe deal with this first?” Sandman never really understand the use of titles and so assume with his accent that Captain Britain is probably the ruler of the England or something. He stands by Dane near the door, “I saw we open it. Rush in. Grab Stuart. And get the fuck out.” Capt. Britain laughs at Sandman’s stupidity. Not to offend him, but more to lighten the mood, when the handle that Dane reaches for starts to turn.

A slight chuckle from Dane, "Good to be back on the Island - definitely better pulls off the tabs," he says, referring to the pub comment. As for the stones, Allistaire had warned them, he's not surprised by the behavior simply because these are the Docks, they're more in line with the fact that they do represent some level of authority as well. Hand nearly on the handle, Dane stops when it begins to move. He reaches for the photon sword instinctively. "Maybe its ready for us … like back at the mansion …" A flick brings up the force sword (vs. psycic version), if he has time to fire it up.

Captain Britain seems to gently (but firmly) shove Dane and Sandman away from the door. “Behind me, gentlemen. I am perhaps best to serve as the…what do you American call it…point guard?” As the door opens inwards, that hurricane like winds starts up again blowing the authorities and heroes this way and that. Captain Britian in his might is able to withstand and maintains his footing and through gritted teeth, “Gentlemen! Hold on!” As the wind blows a horned humanoid creature comes running out and rams into Captain Britain and charges with him into a nearby field. To have pulled the Captain off his feet suggests, this creature has quite the strength to match his.

Following the horned god is another thinner orange-hued humanoid similar in appearance to Pan and with his hand around an old man’s throat, he hurls the very different very aged form of Alistaire Stuart through the door. The creature that Black Knight and Sandman may recognize from the Avengers files is Bres, the Fomorian. The horned god is Balor who is away from the two Avengers engaged in an all-out fight of brute strength between the two. Bres leans against the post as he eyes Dane, “So we meet again, Black Knight.” The two have encountered and fought each other before and Bres manners means to show that they will fight again. With a gesture of his hand, the wind focuses on Sandman which literally crumbles him apart as sand is scattered throughout the Docklands.

"So we do," says Black Knight to Bres, squaring himself away. "The difference being, it is not you trying to get past me, but me wanting past you." Still doesn't mena he will be successful, rather now he must rise to the challenge. Bres is in his world now, not Avalon. "You'll tell me what you want with the children or perish, the choice is yours." The thing is not human in Dane's eyes, he feels justified in letting some of his dark side out perhaps. His sword is ready and he is squarred for a fight, but doesn't push the first move, perhaps preparing to deflect any attack of the other and counter.

Captain Britain continues his battle with Balor as an entire building falls down around them. Sandman for his part has been spread thin, literally as the hurricane winds have spread his sand throughout the Docklands and will take time for him to reform, if he is even able to.

“I have no need of the welps of this world other than they provide a tasty meal…the ‘mastermind’ behind this little scheme wants the children for her own purposes. But I have found siding with her will lead myself and the Fomorians, our proper place as this realm’s rulers.” The Fomorian god rushes forward as he hands glow with mystical energy. Bres moves to punch Dane square across the face.

Prepared for an attack, Dane lifts the photon sword to block as it is literally his only protection. A strong force sword, this doesn't account for mystical energies and the strength of the god that comes for him. Staggered from the initial punch, he moves back enough to give him some room. In return, he lifts his sword for a downward slash at Bres with a lunge, but he is playing cautious for the moment, as if measuring the other - knowing last time he was bested.

The photonic sword slashes across the god’s wrists as he falls back from the lunge. Not much damage, but a pained expression forms on Bres’ face. “And what of your Ebony Blade? That was much more fun for you to use, was it not?” Rebounding and leaning against the door, he lifts his unharmed hand firing a direct blast of mystical energy towards the Black Knight. As the now old and feeble form of Alistaire Stuart starts to crawl away. What sounds like sonic booms and explosions play off in the distance as Capt. Britain continues his fight with Balor and Sandman tries to reassemble.

"It was a curse I care not to relive," responds Black Knight, attempting to deflect the energy at the door if he can. Otherwise, if Alistaire Stuart is crawling away, Dane does his best to keep Bres occupied. "This sword serves just as well, perhaps I'll let you get a real taste of it strengthes." That said, he pushes back towards the door, regardlesss of where the energy may have ended up. This time he'll execute a side slash aimed for the midsection of Bres and, if he has enough room, to go through him and hit the door - or if Bres moves, at the door itself even.

The blast is deflected by Dane’s photonic sword and hits the area around the door, but seems to ricochet off and bounce off into the distance. When Dane aims for the midsection of Bres. The godling is struck and falls to the ground. The sonic booms in the distance seems to stop a moment and Bres smiles, “It seems your luck has run out, errant knight. Here comes the Captain.” Captain Britain struck by the blast comes flying up and out aiming to collide with the Black Knight. Alistaire Stuart has slowly crawled to safety and Sandman is still reassembling himself.

The Black Knight is taken by the attack and slammed back into a wall by the force of Captain Britain, as they were off the main thoroughfare here. His armor absorbs the force from the wall. Dane fights through the confusion and charges Captain Britain, slashing with his sword once more, "Time to end this." Though, there may be some conviction lacking in that statement.

When struck by the blade, Captain Britain is stunned and reels back from the attack in pain. Bres is once again within the door and it is closed as his plan has taken effect. But Captain Britain remains enthralled. Suffering from the attack, he attempts to swing at Black Knight to down the hero.

Narrowly missing a fist from the enthralled captain, Dane switches sword to the psycic blade setting in an attempt to down the stronger opponent and hopefully remove the spell on him.

The sword strikes the British hero who falls back slightly but remains unstunned. A grin forms on his face as the darkside takes over as he attempts to grapple with his old friend.

Held by the Captain, Dane hopes he has it in him to get his sword to his the brain of Brian Braddock.

While holding him in a bearhug, Captain Britain is again struck with the photon sword and again not stunned. So he uses his strength in an attempt to crush the Knight.

With the Knight stunned, Captain Britain releases the body onto the ground and lifts his foot ready to stomp the head of the Knight.
Missing with the foot stomp, the sword is lifted upward once again striking Capt. Britain for a third time and once again not stunned, but staggered a bit and slowly lifting the haze of his mind. Capt Britain attempts another punch to down the Knight.

Rolling out of the way, Dane stays on the ground but tries to dodge until he sees another opening.

The Captain keeps punching hoping to land a blow to the knight.

Again missing, the Captain fights the spell and when he is struck one final time by the blade though he is not stunned, he shakes his head, “Dane?” Coming off the enthrallment, Captain Britain stares and looks about, “What happened?”
Looking up, Dane holds his sword at the ready, two hands on hilt, breathing heavy. "You were enthralled - by Bres or some other god he is allied with. We must find out who this she is, next time I fear you will kill me."

Sandman reforms himself finally after the hurricane winds spread him all across the area. Balor seems to also have disappeared and the Avengers id cards begin to buzz as Jarvis screams through his comsystem, “The door has appeared again in the mansion to all the rooms of the Avengers and one outside which does not allow us to leave the mansion. We are all seemingly trapped.”

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