2012 02 09 Lounging At The Voodoo Lounge

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Lounging at the Voodoo Lounge

Sandman and Topaz

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February 9, 2012

Voodoo Lounge - Greenwich Village

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Sandman relaxes at the Voodoo Lounge and meets Topaz


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Topaz is making her way through the bar, amongst a quiet crowd. It's not quite the weekend yet, but some people are trying to unwind from the stresses of a New York work week.

Also making his way through the bar is the Avenger known as Sandman. Due to recent events, the man has had a difficult time reintegrating into society and has finally found some downtime for himself. And he can use a good drink. Never having been to the Voodoo Lounge, but having been in Greenwich Village, Bill Baker opts to enter and check it out. Finding the ambience a bit odd and not really his forte, he stays at least for one drink. Dressed in his usual recognizable garb of a green and black stripped shirt and brown trousers under a brown trenchcoat to keep off the snow, he makes his way to the bartender and as he looks from person to person, he spots the woman wearing the name of the place and he gestures for her to come over.

A ripple of emotion goes through the bar at Sandman's arrival. Some know him as an Avenger, but worry that he's not as reformed as he says he is. Topaz shakes her bracelets up her arm — a gesture that looks like a simple adjustment of her jewelry — but is really just a gentle magical empathic nudge to quell the unease before it can grow into fear.

She sees him raise his hand and comes over. "Good evening, and welcome. What can I get for you this evening?" She favors him with a warm, bright smile.

Smiling to match hers, “Oh hello.” Sandman offers warmly enough as he spins in his stool to fully look at Topaz, “I have never been here and I am in the mood for a drink to just relax and enjoy the night. What do you recommend?” After asking he does a quick glance to those in the bar, instinct and habits. He is always ready for whatever comes his way and being in an unfamiliar environment, he does the quick once over, but then returns his smile back to Topaz.

"Welcome," she repeats. "Nice of you to stop in. We have a wide selection. What are you in the mood for?" Topaz gives him a tilt of her head, looking him up and down speculatively. "A gentle unwind, or something that will knock the stress out of you a little more abruptly?" If she recognizes him as the Avenger, she gives no indication, and treats him like any other patron, perhaps in response to the crowd's having recognized him and been unsettled before she took that emotion and smoothed it down.

“Well, I recently had some troubles and just recovered. So something to knock the stress out would be nice, but not kill me or seriously hurt me is also good.” Sandman offers a toothy grin, “Something along the lines of a tequila or a whiskey…but stronger.” He stretches a moment cracking his neck which makes an untypical noise akin sandpaper.

Topaz makes a show of thinking very hard, and then having the lightbulb of an idea appear in her eyes. "I am certain I have just the thing." She turns to her current bartender and whispers into his ear. "A Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster," she tells Sandman. "It may not look like much, but I rarely get any complaints."

Blinking a bit at the name, Sandman chuckles, “A Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster? Sounds like something’ Galactus makes his heralds drink.” He chuckles again at his joke and then realizes the average person would have no idea what he means. He grins to himself and shakes his head, “Sounds cosmic and outta this world. I’ll give it a shot, then.” He points to Topaz, “But I am trustin’ you.”

"It does, doesn't it," Topaz agrees. "It's inspired by something from a book. No peculiar ingredients. Everything in it found right here on planet Earth." She holds up her right hand in a 'Scout's honor' gesture.

After a moment the drink is brought out to Topaz on a tray, which she brings to her customer. It's a highball glass with Jack Daniels, Peach schnapps, Blue Curacao, and orange juice, carefully layered. How the bartender managed to get a layer of Jack on top and bottom must be some kind of trade secret. "Here you are. Enjoy."

Peering at the glass for a moment as if to examine it, Sandman pretends to be some sort of connoisseur and while he loves all types of alcohol, he will typically drink whatever comes his way and so he does. Holding the glass out to Topaz, “Bottoms up!” he downs the drink rather quickly and seems to let the taste linger. He hmmmns and then smiles, “Wow…that was very good. I gotta say. I’ll have another and if yer boss don’t mind. I can get ya one too, if you like?”

Topaz tosses her head back and gives a soft little chuckle. "I am pleased you like it," she tells Sandman, motioning for another with a nod to the barman. "And while I thank you for the offer, the boss, she doesn't like me to drink on duty." A saucy little wink through her hair. "I should know, as I am she. Topaz." She offers him a handshake.

Extending his hand out to shake hers, “Well, I am impressed. This is a nice little place you got here. Voodoo Lounge. Feels almost magical.” Sandman smiles, “Well, if the owner would like to join a customer with a non-alcoholic drink, that is cool too.” He looks around again, “Is this place new? I gotta say I had never been here or even heard of it.”

Her handshake is gentle, but she meets his eyes for its duration. "Well, thank you. I am delighted you find it enjoyable." Topaz' smile brightens as he describes it as magical. "Thank you — that's exactly the vibe I was hoping for. And it's not exactly new, so much as revamped. It was closed for a while since I had to do some traveling. I decided to go for a quiet spot instead of a rowdy one when I returned."

“Well, it is a cool little dive. If ya don’t mind, super-types. I can have my friends and teammates come here and check it out. Might be some good publicity…” Sandman thinks about it, “Or actually it can be a very bad idea too.” He shrugs, “Well, I won’t bring the whole team, but will bring a few friends to chill and relax. I think we could all use the downtime to enjoy ourselves at a place like this.” He ponders a thought, “This place has gotta have hooka? It just feels like that kinda spot.”

"I do not mind," Topaz shakes her head. "Anyone who seeks a little break from the fast-paced madness New York has to offer is welcome to stop in and catch their breath." She raises her eyebrows. "Well, that is generous of you. And of course, they're all welcome as well."

"Hookah," she repeats. "You know, that's a good thought. I do have some back rooms I hadn't done much with yet. I may have to implement that and give you a discount for the inspiration."

“Well, I am much appreciative. It is a good way to get the relaxation effect of smoking without the nicotine and negative effects from smoking, like cancer and stuff.” Having gotten his second drink, the same as before, he offers, “So I am Bill Baker. Some people call me Sandman, but you can call be Bill. Hopefully as a new friend and regular customer.”

"It is a pleasure, Bill," Topaz replies easily,leaning back against the bar with her elbows. "This is true," she agrees about the hookah. "And it will lend to that 'air of the mysterious and exotic' I am trying to cultivate here. I am always glad to make a new friend. I have been away from the city so long, I'm practically a stranger."

“Well be careful when you use the word ‘exotic’ when referring to a lounge. People might come up and be disappointed they don’t see strippers and cage dancers.” Sandman peers again for a second to make sure, though he most certainly would have picked up on it the first time he entered. Grinning again, “So where did ya go? Was it a fun trip or more business-oriented?”

Topaz nods. "I think we're in the wrong neighbourhood for people to get that sort of idea when I say exotic, but your point is well taken." She considers. "Perhaps unconventional, then. Still — you see what I mean." She extends an arm to encompass the entire laid-back environment she has built here. "I've been — here and there," she says, elusively. "And a bit business oriented."

“True…about the area. But still I would think people might expect some kinda sex place.” Sandman laughs, “So like, you went on a world tour or somethin’ checking out different tropical drinks and stuff? What was the coolest spot you visit?” Sandman ponders to see if he has been to any cool places himself.

"Oh, obscure places. Far off the beaten path," is Topaz' reply, "Not so much checking out drinks. But you know, helping friends with whatever they had going on, doing a little bit of finding myself. You know how it is." She shrugs. "And yourself? Do your feet only remain on the soil of Manhattan Island?"

“Well that is nice of ya. And business must be good if you can take long trips like that. I myself get outta Manhattan all the time…why I was just in the Bronx yesterday.” Sandman laughs as he drinks, “And I got around to other spaces…literally space…from time to time. My job takes me to different countries, planets, dimensions…you name it…I may have been there.”

"That must be exhausting," is Topaz' observation on traveling to other dimensions and such. "I find myself in such places more often than I'd prefer. Sometimes, I just want to go back to California, and lie out on a nice beach." Hence her preference for a laid-back environment, perhaps, that she too has been to different countries, planets, and dimensions. Though she hasn't come right out and said as much.

“Such places?” Sandman asks for clarification before presuming she meant off-world. Tapping his glass as he finishes the second drink, “A beach…I tend to get spread out there a lot.” He makes his joke and wonders if she gets it considering his codename. “But I am looking forward to heading somewhere warm and soon. This snow is starting to get to me.”

Topaz gives him a little musical bit of laughter in response to his joke. "I thought the beach would be your sort of place," she observes. "To replenish, if nothing else." She shrugs in response to his question. "One goes where one needs to when duty calls. I cannot leave my friends in the lurch when they need me — wherever they need me." Not precisely an admission, but closer to an outright statement than her previous answers. "Though I am hoping things have quieted down enough that I can stay /right here/."

“Well, there will always be a need for people in New York to provide some sort of good deed. This can be a bad city and a very dangerous place in and of itself. Plus, the service you provide here is definitely necessary. Everyone needs a place to come and rest after a hard day’s work, whether it is saving the world or simply working in a stressful office.” Offering another smile, Bill asks, “So I didn’t get your name?”

Topaz cleans up both his glasses, and slides them down to a waiting employee who sweeps them up and disappears with them into the kitchen. "This city does seem to attract an inordinate amount of crazy," she observes. "But all the better that I am here to counteract it." She laughs. "I did," she assures him. "Topaz. Just Topaz."

“Oh ok…Topaz?…you have to forgive me. I hang out with some of the smartest people on the planet, but I am not so bright. Topaz…that’s like a jewel or stone or something, right?” Sandman asks a bit embarrassed at not knowing, but also not ashamed to admit his lack of education.

"It is," Topaz replies, shrugging. "It is the only name I have ever had. It was given me by my father." A shadow crosses her expression. "I suppose it beats 'hey you', " she adds smiling her way past the momentary cloud in her expression. "I'm not sure what made him consider the name, but there you have it. I find it suits me — it is rare and unique. As am I."

“Well, if it is a jewel, then you are pretty as you are rare and unique.” Sandman offers the compliment free of any clear flirtation. Just a compliment. A beeping can be heard a moment as he sighs and pulls out a card that flashes information, “And just when I am trying to get a break. They buzz me even when I am not there.” Reading it a moment, the sigh turns into a smile, “Ok the world is safe. Gotta report to a meetin; tomorrow is all.”

Topaz inclines her head appreciatively. "Thank you," she says with genuine sincerity. It is not something she's inclined to admit, but it's rare that someone compliments her with no intent behind it, or without wanting something from her. So the compliment is going to be something treasured. "Good to know you need not rush off to save the world. As if there aren't dozens of you — Avengers, yes?"

“Even with dozens of us, you’d be surprise how often I am pulled this way and then…literally sometimes.” Sandman laughs and stands up off the stool, “Well, I gotta get goin’ So…it was nice meetin’ ya, Topaz…I am sure we will meet again.” He leaves a few bills to pay the bill and leave a nice tip, “Gotta get up early, but thanks again.” He would typically leave in a manner befitting his status, but decides to simply walk.

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