2012 02 09 Black Door Beneath The Hills

Log Title:
Black Door Beneath The Hills Part 1

Alchemy, Black Knight, Sandman, and Alistaire Stuart, ‘Captain Britain’

IC Date:
February 9, 2012

Main Assembly - Sub-Basement - Avengers Mansion

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Alistaire Stuart visits the Avengers Mansion with Alchemy seeking the Avengers help regarding mystical doors appearing London. the door appears at the Mansion, Stuart is kidnapped and a mystic impersonating Captain Britain turns Sandman momentarily evil.


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Sandman sits in the Main Assembly Room as he was informed a meeting would be occurring shortly. Unsure of what exactly the meeting is about he sits at the head of the table for a moment and sits back like he is a boss. Then he begins impersonating Captain America, until Jarvis enters and goes, “Ahem.” Sandman falls off the chair and then quickly gets back up. “Oh Sorry, Jarvis…I uh…” Jarvis raises an eyebrow and shakes his head, “No problem, Master Sandman. I am just readying the monitors and com system.” He moves to the table and a holographic computer comes to life as he pushes some buttons which leads to the Avengers comlink, so those not present at the meeting will be able to listen in. With that he smiles, “Mister Stuart and some young British mutant will be arriving shortly.” With that he bows and he goes upstairs.

Somewhere between Jarvis coming and going in the Assembly Room, Dane makes his entrance as well. He notes another has arrived before him, and inclines his head, "Bill." Simple as that, today's attire is simply black jacket, shirt, pants, boots, and helmet. Brought to be on the safe side perhaps. He moves around to grab a chair, further commenting, "Glad to see I'm not the first on here." He could say only one, but his choice was probably safer. As he takes a seat, though, he looks at Sandman, "Is it too early to ask about the stuff you youtube?" He might not get that much time to browse the internet, but that's probably trending, in some circles at least.

As head of the Weird Happenings Organization, Alistaire Stuart is aware of things in Britain that most are not. He was aware of a situation regarding trolls being turned into gold and after some careful government type snooping, he determined that the young mutant responsible, Thomas Jones, was in America. Having just arrived, he sent some of his men to pick up the young alchemist to bring him to the home of the Avengers. Meeting him outside, he nods, “Mr. Jones, I am sorry for the abrupt manner of your pick-up, but there are weird happenings occurring in England and thought perhaps at the very least you would want to be made aware.” Jarvis greets them at the door and leads them to the Assembly Room.

Alchemy shuffles in behind Alistaire, being that 'some British mutant' Jarvis spoke of. He looks up as the man addresses him and frowns, adjusting his glasses. "Yes, thank you…I'm a bit concerned about Ellie and Mum. What is happening in London?"

“Hey Dane.” Sandman blinks when he is asked about youtube, not sure about that. He shrugs as Stuart and Alchemy enter,
Sandman’s face lights up when he spots the British teen, “Hey, it’s pizza-sliced boxers.” Sandman laughs and stands up patting
Alchemy on the back firmly and in a friendly manner, “So glad to see you are alive…and sorry about the last few times we met. I am better now. Avengers fixed me up nice and good.” With that he pulls out a seat next to his and sits down and waits to be addressed by Mr. Stuart.

Leaning back a little in his chair, Dane listens to everyone, throwing in of his own, "Trolls in london, now some othere weird happenings. Maybe it wasn't such a good time to return to the states." Its off handed, low key, maybe more towards Sandman then anyone else, but Dane stops there as a couple of people seem acquainted at least. Letting them catch up, he turns more of his attention to Mr. Stuart.

Taking his place at the front of the room, he hands Jarvis a laptop, which the Avengers butler contacts to the mansion systems. Mr.
Stuart is a bit unkempt today in a semi-professional outfit with his untucked shirt and undone tie and black slacks which are lazily covered by his brown overcoat, "Thank you for meeting with me, Avengers." He looks surprised to see only two members of the roster and turns to Jarvis, "I had expected more." Jarvis responds as he finishes connecting the systems, "They are all listening via comlink.
All the other members are currently on duty or on various missions, but all are aware of the meeting and can be heard." Mr. Stuart then nods and offers, "Hello to the Avengers listening…" As the monitor comes to life and switches on suddenly Stuart's backdrop is revealed to be a picture of Rachel Summers in a bikini. Embarrassed, he quickly presses a few buttons to reveal the backdrop of a Union Jack flag. He ahems a bit embarrassed and offers, "I am Alistaire Stuart, head of the Weird Happenings Organization and unfortunately even stranger than usual events have been occurring in the Docklands section of London that would require assistance from Earth's Mightiest Heroes."

Whistling at the picture of Phoenix in a bikini, Sandman chuckles loudly and then like a student about to be reprimanded remains quiet and folds his hands and listens to Mr. Stuart. Looking to Alchemy and Dane, he offers an apology and whispers an introduction, “Black Knight…this is Tom Jones…a young mutant who can change things by touching them…Tom, this is Black Knight…you both speak with funny accents.” He leaves it at that and then resumes listening to Mr. Stuart.

Alchemy rolls his eyes at Sandman, then nods toBlack Knight. "A pleasure to make your aquaintence, sir." he fidgets in his seat as he listens to Stuart, getting a bit antsy to hear exactly what is happening in London so he can make plans.

Nodding to both, Dane says, "Pleasure's mine." But leaves it at that, seeing as everyone is intent on listening to Mr. Stuart elucidate on the happenings in London. There is some fidgeting of Dane between the edget of the table with a thumbnail, which also drops down from time to time to work at his jeans. He tries not to be distracted while giving his hands something to do.

Getting his composure, a map of London is shown and information regarding the Docklands is shown. “Docklands is the semi-official name for an area in east and southeast London, England. It forms part of the boroughs of Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Newham and Greenwich. The docks were formerly part of the Port of London, at one time the world's largest port. They have now been redeveloped principally for commercial and residential use. The name London Docklands was used for the first time in a government report on redevelopment plans in 1971 but has since become virtually universally adopted. It also created conflict between the new and old communities of the London Docklands.” He ahems after the brief Wikipedia version of the information and then continues, “The area has always been known to for mysterious lights and odd phenomena, especially when the fog and mist roll in…however…the past few days, more than just lights have been appearing. Children and villagers have been seemingly taken without explanation. They are simply gone. And then these starting popping up.” He clicks a button to reveal a large red wooden door behind him. It is a hologram, but appears to simply be an ordinary red door.

Sandman hmmmns and takes a pose as if trying to appear to be smart, “So maybe the kids and villagers are openin’ the doors and goin’ in?” He asks as if he has solved the problem which just warrants silence and a look of pity from Mr. Stuart. Sandman frowns and remains silent again before folding his arms and sulking.

Leaning forward some, Dane nods to Bill's question. He throws in as a follow up, or continuation of the very same question, "Not just going in or disappearing … what else is there that you know, that would bring you to the Avengers." As if to explain other connections, he contends, "Doctor Strange has mentioned before the British Government is more want to use the assistance of clairvoyants in missing persons cases." Suspecting more information than simply mystical red doors appearing out of no where.

Alistaire Stuart continues, “Yes, they are opening those doors. The problems is, we are not able to open the doors. While they appear to be simply wooden doors, when we try to open them, by turning the locks, we are unable to. We have tries key-makers and locksmisths. The doors themselves are indestructible. We have determined there is some sort of mystical quality to them, but other than that. Nothing else seems available. We have worked with both the RCX and Black Air, but pulling our resources together has yielded. Same with Scotland Yard, S.W.O.R.D., and MI6. We have sought some of our nation’s superhumans, but again. All has proven futile and people still continue to disappear.” With the mention of Doctor Strange, Stuart offers, “We have made attempts to contact him and have used our own resources in the world of the occult, but again. Nothing. They were the ones who determined the doors to be more mystical in nature than extraterrestrial.”

Sandman simply remains quiet as he will offer no more insight. Nor does he have any to offer. But he nods when Dane speaks thinking Doctor Strange is more appropriate for the job than the Avengers.

"I can't speak for the group," affirms Dane who has sometimes stepped up to the plate, he offers, "We can look into this matter, those who are available. Though with reknowned occult experts offering little explanation, we are at a disadvantage." However, he looks at Tom then, "Unless, Tom's mutant ability could possibly be of some service." Sandman did say he was capable of altering substances. Though back to Mr. Stuart, "The question then is, has the problem grown worse …. or, I should say, how soon do you need us to begin our own investigations?"

Smiling at the offer of help, "The sooner the better, I believe. Though I warn the citizens of the Docklands are not very welcoming to the outside world. Even with us, they were not much help and seem to know more than they let on." With the mention of Tom, "Yes, that is actually why I asked you here, Mr. Jones. I thought perhaps your powers would be used to gain us access to what is behind the door. Also I am reaching out to British metahumans not currently at home." Content that he has received the confirmation of help. He disconnects his laptop from the system and shuts it down. But the door that had been only a hologram remains where it is, which causes the British man to blink a moment. “What?”

As the door remains despite the shutting down of the computer system, Sandman finally feels like he can speak and offers a, “Huh?” With that he moves forward placing himself between Alchemy and everyone else. He has learned from experience that things like the door suddenly really being there can only lead to bad things.

Quickly to his feet the same, Dane moves towards the door, his instinct saying, "Don't anyone touch it - yet." As if anyone was about to, but who knows with the youth present. But Sandman is already reading his mind perhaps, or getting ready to block anything that might come out. Reaching for the photon sword he has in place of the Ebony Blade, he looks at Mr. Stuart, "Do you mind then …" He nods to the door, suggesting he would simply try it first - having experience in visiting (being trapped) in other dimensions and out of time, he's willing to risk whatever it is again - at least before Tom does anything it would seem.

Moving away from the door, Stuart allows Dane the chance, “By all means.” He still remains close to the door as he is curious by nature and by profession. Once Dane approaches the door with his photon sword, the door simply swings open. Inside is nothing, just pure white…”It is nothing? Empty? Perhaps some sort of other dimension.” Stuarts moves next to Dane, “I was thinking something was evil was going to happen.” Speaking too soon, a whirling can be heard coming from the door and a breeze puffs out, and in an instant the breeze goes from gentle to rough as a literally hurricane is unleashed from within the door and into the Assembly Room. Alarms go off and the room seals itself to prevent anything from going out. But the winds prove very strong blowing everyone to and fro, but attempting to pull Stuart in.

Bracing himself over Alchemy, Sandman attempts to anchor himself and the British teen down, using his own strength but does not turn to sand right away afraid that by doing so, he would be blown about and hinder any attempts to stop the hurricane force winds.
Finding It difficult to maintain himself and Alchemy, he shouts to Black Knight, “Close the fucken door!”

At this range, Dane is indeed close enough to close the door. With one hand on the flashlight like blade, he puts that arm up to try and stop Stuart from blocking the door being closed and with another hand makes a grab for handle, door, frame, anything to close it.

If it opens inward, he'll risk putting himself between Mr. Stuart and the winds. "On it," he affirms in response to the request.

The winds increase their force and focus just on Black Knight with the force of a hurricane directed just at him. Stuart drops down covering his head and kneeling at the entrance and peering in as Dane swings wildly on the door handle and frame. Trying to close it, the winds continue to press on him as Stuart, ever the curious scientist, “Let me see what is in.” Ask and ye shall receive, the winds seems to defy physics and logic, thus its magical nature as wind attempts to blow Dane away as he holds onto the doorhandle trying to push it shut, it also sucks Alistaire in. And with an extra kick, he is within the white world beyond the door. But once inside no trace just pure white. With him inside, the winds stop but a voice can be heard. A familiar voice to Dane and perhaps Alchemy. “Avengers! Desist!” the voice comes from within the door, but appearing atop the door a giant head, like an illusion or hologram appears and the face of Captain Britain looms over watching.

Alchemy covers his face to protect his glasses, and finds himself pinned down by Sandman trying to protect him. When it finally lets up a bit, he looks up, squinting. "How did he…" he tries to get loose to see what's happening. "How did you get here?"

With the winds no longer focused on him and Alchemy, Sandman decides to shift to a pssamic form, he creates a sand barrier around the British alchemist and moves closer to the door and Dane trying to help. He dives down when Alistaire is sucked in. Missing completely his form crumbles a biton the floor but when the winds stop and the hovering head appears, he is confused as he has no idea who Captain Britain is and has no idea how to answer Alchemy's question.

The floating head of Captain Britain speaks in an authoritative tone and manner, stereotypical of most Brits. When he is referred to as Brian the head turns to Dane, “Address me not so informally, young squire! “ Various Avengers voices can be heard coming from the communication systems stating they are on their way when beams shoot out from the Captian’s eyes destroying the comlink and leaving only the three left to deal with. “Avengers! You are not to involve yourself in matters that do not pertain to you! I have Alistaire Stuart and he will learn all he needs to know!” The Captain offers the warning as he peers at all remaining in the room. Thankfully Jarvis had left earlier but is already trying to gain entry into the room and working on the security system.

Getting to his feet but remaining in his pssamic form, the humanoid sand form yells up to Captain Britain, “Hey, limey fucker. Bring the nerd back ok!” Sandman has no patience for authority, royalty, and titles. He shakes his sand fist up in a disrespectful manner.

Alchemy doesn't like being so confused and uncertain about what is happening in his home town, and not knowing whether or not his family is safe. He tries to make his way toward the door. "See here! What is going on in London! I need to find out if my mum and sister are safe! If there's a problem, you bloody well better let them help! You lot were nowhere to be found when the Troll Associates were attacking London!"

Beam from eyes is enough, with a simple switch at his hand, Dane brings the flashlight to life - now wielding the Photon Sword. "Either Brian is enthralled, or this isn't Captain Britian," he says, but holds up a hand to Tom, "Not so fast kid, one man down is enough."
Trying to put himself between Alchemy and Tom, if Sandman doesn't - or alongside even. "This concerns Avengers now," he returns to the head of Captain Britian, using his sword to point at the other. "Don't kill the head until we know for sure," this is more at Sandman than anyone else. He readies himself for action, sword between him and eyebeam shooting floating holographic like head.

“Very well. I warned you. Let it not be said that I am not gracious.” The voice is feminine now while still depicting the head of Captain Britain. The head begins to dissolve as the door closes, but before fully leaving, “Oh Sandman, be a dear, and show your true self.” Mystic blasts strike the hero and he suddenly falls to the floor. When the door is fully shut, the head finally dissolves leaving only a hollow sinister laugh. When it is gone, growling can be heard from the ground under the table and a sight all to familiar to
Alchemy appears as a reddish sandy humanoid appears. Dane would have heard through reports that this signaled when Sandman was not in his right mind.

Momentarily enthralled by being hit with the mystic blast, the red Sandman peers at the two in the room with him. Without saying a word, his arms turn to tendrils and he whips attempting attempting to strike the two.

Alchemy jawdrops and brings his hands up to protect him against any incoming sand. "W-william? What are you doing?" he asks, backing up. "Don't make me transmute you again!" he holds his palms out, concentrating on transmuting anything that comes in contact with him into air. Fortunately, he doesn't have to do that, as the tendril completely misses him.

Dane is hit by a tendril, staggered, but attempts to strike with his sword at Sandman, switching the effect to stun rather than force.
Having missed Alchemy and stunned Black Knight, Sandman is thrown off when the photon sword makes contact. He staggers back but is not stunned. Shaking it off quickly, part of the red sand that was struck begins to turn a normal sandy color and when he hears Alchemy’s warning he pauses and looks at the two. Still enthralled he resumes his attack more tendrils lash out at the two, once again trying to whip them, though the attack is more clumsy, signs that Baker is trying to fight off the spell.

Hit again, Dane takes full fist to the face as it is, in his own attempt to strike closer to Sandman's brain this time with the photon sworld.

Alchemy tries to get out of the way, but a piece of furniture blocks his path. Trying to dodge the other way, he throws his hands up to try and transmute the sand hitting him, but it hits him like a ton of bricks and the slightly built teen is thrown into the wall, very hard, propelled by the crushing force behind the tendril, clumsy attack or not. He doesn't have enough time to see whether or not his attempt to fight him off is successful as the world suddenly goes black.

With the final attack, Alchemy manages transmute some of the tendril to gold, which Sandman immediately drops from his body keeping the effect from his whole body but the attack from the photon sword connects and Sandman drops to the ground. The red color fading and returning to normal sandy color and then he shifts back to flesh, bone, and blood and is knocked out but freed from the magic enthrallment.

First Dane goes to Bill, if he sees breathing, he goes to the kid next. Again, once he sees breathing, he goes for the door (Jarvis, not the red door if its still here). Opening it up, he says, "Well need someone with medical expertise to look after these two." Then he goes back to both persons, checking more directly over Tom to see if he's alive and can be stirred awake even.

Alchemy is alive, but was hit pretty hard. His glasses are broken, laying in pieces at his side. He tries to stir, but can't quite make his way out of the dark, just yet.

The red door is gone

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