2012 02 09 Beers And Broken Glass

Log Title:
Beers and Broken Glass

Empath and Phantasm

IC Date:
Feb 9, 2012

Jack's Pub - Chelsea, New York

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Empath runs into Mike at the pub.


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-==[ Jack's Pub - Chelsea ]==---------

A low lit, well furnished, standard English bar. Jack's Pub has quiet music playing in the background, sometimes an actual piano is being played for tips. The bar itself is located in the center part of the room and is well manicured, polished, and decorated. The waitress' all wear short, black skirts, yet still hold the feel of beauty and elegance. The bartenders all wear tuxedo shirts and bottoms and have a smile wanting to serve you.

After a rather exhausting trip overseas for promotions followed by a serious catch up session on his deep sleep. Mike is now awake but still a bit in his Monday after-meds haze. However, it is Thursday. And in the evening leading to his decided place for recovery to be quite crowded with those just ready to start their weekend early. As people crowd the bar area and chatter amongst themselves in the establishment, Mike takes his time occupying the corner booth. The food he's been eating is nearly done and the most recent beer before him nearly finished. The envelope that contains his payment plus a sizable tip has also recently left the table. But yet, he's not done with his food, nor does he seem all that inclined to leave just yet.

Entering the bar, Empath looks about. Dressed for the winter snowy weather, he has khaki pants and a Blue sweat covered by a Northface. Making his way through the bar to a corner table parallel to the corner booth, he snaps his fingers to a waiter to come over with a menu. Handed the menu, he holds his hand out for the waiter to remain as he peruses his options, "You know. I'll just a have a burger and fries and a beer." The waiter looks him over, "Are you old enough?" Empath simply gestures for the waiter to go without answering and the waiter does leave. Bored a moment, he taps his fingers on the table to a beat from a song he heard recently, by coincidence one of Mikeâs. He hums it as he checks out the pub and stops when he spots Mike and raises an eyebrow.

The knitcapped musician does not look over towards Empath as he looks somewhat blankly to the seat across from him. He lifts up the bottle, sipping the contents in a lingering manner. The bottle turns, thumb running along the edges of the label etching before he eventually places the bottle back down onto the table. He's not so much bored as he's… well, kind of in, for lack of a better description, apathetic.

When the waiter returns with Manuel's order, he peers at Mike who seems out of it. He ponders what could be on his mind, but not being a mind-reader, he will have to opt for something else. Looking up at the waiter and smiling, the waiter suddenly grows very angry and takes his glass of his tray and smashes on the floor next to Mikeâs table. He blinks a moment and then leaves. Empath blinks and then looks to Mike. "Well that is one way to get someone's attention."

With the sound of breaking glass in close proximity to Mike, his head quickly turns, one hand setting upon the table top and the other upon the edge of the bench seat. The apathy drains away as it seems to become a bit more energetic. As he looks to the departing waiter, he pauses. Lips settling to a bit of a frown as it turns out what he was expecting wasn't happening. He grows a bit irritated, which upon Empath reaching his line of sight increases a bit. "I can think of others," he offers up in response to Manuel's commentary.

"True enough. But it seems that shattering glass spooked the daylights out of you…it's as if you were somewhere else mentally." Manuel brings his order with him to Mikeâs booth as the waiter comes to clean up the mess he has made. Offering to both gentlemen, "I apologize. I have no idea what came over me, but consider your meals on the house." Manuel smiles and offers a thanks when he turns back to Mike, "Well something good came of it, I suppose."

Mike looks to the waiter as he cleans up the broken glass, giving the slightest of nods as he starts to work towards surpressing the irritation. "So it'd seem." He reaches for his beer, "Except I've paid already. Silly me." He waits for the waiter to head off before he looks towards Empath. "Manny, is it?"

Nodding his head as he begins on the burger, "Yes, Michael." He reaches for his beer and starts to sip it as well. "You should wait right until you leave to pay your meals. You never know when it will be free." Offering a polite smile with the advice. "So you've been pretty busy. I saw your name all throughout the news. How was Ireland?"

There's a bit of a stifled laugh at Empath's observation, as Mike pauses in the attempt to drink more of the beer, shaking his head,not bothering to direct the empath back to the stage name, "Yeah but if I wait until I want to leave, that's when the wait staff conveniently seems to just disappear. As for Ireland," He shrugs, taking a sip before finishing the sentence, "Better than Italy."

"I have heard that the Irish are more fun and less rude than the Italians, but then they are also less educated and more prone to alcohol and aggressive behavior." Continuing with his meal,"Did you find that to be the case? Get into any barroom brawls? Anything fun like that?" Manuel asks.

Mike archs an eyebrow at Manuel's 'observation'. "No," He replies, voice crisply cool in response to the Spaniard, "They drink about the same, it just varies on WHAT they drink. Education comes in many forms and aggression is not a foreign concept to any nationality."

Empath hmmmmns, "Fair enough. So how was your trip overall? Tell me everything. I miss Europe. Other than a quick visit to London and attending my father's funeral in Spain. I haven't really been there in awhile. So other than Ireland and Italy, where else did you go?"

"It was work." Mike answers matter of factly, "And it was cut short. The other stops will be rescheduled for after the release party."

Noticing that Mike did not give condolences when he mentioned his father's death, he looks at him, "Oh what cut it short?" Manuel eyes Mike and examines him as if staring deep into the singerâs soul getting an emotional scan and reading the musician like a book.

There's a spike of irritation mingled with a bit of a tired recollection. He shakes his head, "Just, stuff." There's no promise of an overly detailed explanation, "There were scheduling and travel problems."

Sighing and exhaling loudly, "Well, I suppose that is reason enough." Smiling at Mike, "I have to say, Mike, You look like shit. You should probably get some rest or something. Don't you think?" Manuel offers.

Mike gives a bit of a quirk of the lips at the suggestion, having pretty much just woken up from a lengthy one before coming here. It's kind of amusing, considering he's pretty much rested up and is just trying to shake off the after effects, "I'll, keep that in mind."

"Good good." With his meal done, Manuel rises, "Well, get some rest. I'm sure I'll see you around. I'll be sure to download your music." Dropping his napkin on the plate, he waves and exits the restaurant.

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