2012 02 08 Space Party

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Space Party

Starjammers X-Men Havok Polaris Nightcrawler Psylocke

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Starjammer, Deep Space

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The group celebrates the defeat of Deathbird


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Alex Summers finds his way through the Starjammer and X-Men crowd while carrying a plasticized cup of some form of ale. The room itself is the main dining hall of the Starjammer, but most of the tables have been cleared to the sides to allow for the central area to be refitted with a large cooking device, akin to a bbq pit without the harmful CO emissions that normally accompany gas or charcoal. Upon the rotisserie spit is a large pig like animal that's being roasted.

You paged Psylocke with 'Alex Summers finds his way through the Starjammer and X-Men crowd while carrying a plasticized cup of some form of ale. The room itself is the main dining hall of the Starjammer, but most of the tables have been cleared to the sides to allow for the central area to be refitted with a large cooking device, akin to a bbq pit without the harmful CO emissions that normally accompany gas or charcoal. Upon the rotisserie spit is a large pig like animal that's being roasted.'

Of course Nightcrawler made it to this shindig, it is the most happening thing on the ship right now. He two has a plastic like cup of some space material that looks cool, feels more like ceramic and holds some indigo blue liquid that is probably imbuing him with certain toxins that makes him feel tingly all over. At first he is with Colossus nearer the spit and he raises his voice for the punchline of some joke, "So then he says, 'you had to mention bugs on a stick …' !!!" and he laughs, Piotr grunts amusement all the same, himself carrying a bottle of vodka it would seem. To someone else he throws out, "Guess you had to be there," then smirks up a little tightly. Parting the large Russian's company he finds Alex and meanders in his direction, "That's not kool-aid is it?" Holding up his own drink he quorking his head at an odd angle, pursing his lips.

Lorna is tending the rotisserie, settled into a comfortable chair with her long legs stretched out. Her 'tending' involves the slow circling of a fingertip while magnetism turns the metal spit. She's sipping something that looks like cola, smiling as she half-listens to the jokes by the barbecue. Keeping a casual eye upon the crowd, the green-haired girl perks noticeably when Alex finds his way back into this part of the Starjammer.

With a smile to Kurt, Alex shakes his head, "Not bug juice either.". That's when Alex takes note of Lorna and alters his vector. He grabs a chair, drags it over, and sits it next to hers. "Hey babe." he says in a tone of greeting while taking a seat.

Psylocke arrives looking no worse for wear though she moves more gingerly. She may be telepathic and may be skilled at stabbing people in the brain with psychic blades, but she still heals like everyone whose name is not Logan. She finds a seat where no one can drunkenly stumble into her back and settles there, sans drink. For now she watches her partying friends and team mates.

A chuckle from Kurt at the one-liner from Alex, he lifts his glass in a silent toast to the other as Alex veers closer to the pit and Lorna in particular. Instead he finds Storm for a moment, taking some time to compliment her attire as she playful bats Kurt away, probably thinking T'Challa just the same. He offers to grab her a drink, moves off once more meander around the group. At one point he seems to notice Betsy/Elizabeth seated and watching. Somewhere in his mind he probably thinks she doesn't need to be seated and alone while everyone else mingles. He begins to cross the room in her direction.

Lorna smiles when Alex greets her, or perhaps it's because of -how- he greets her. In either case, she casually extends a hand towards him to brush fingers lightly with his own. "What -is- this that we're cooking, by the way? Or is it better if I don't know the details?" she muses, taking a sip of her drink. "Either way, there's plenty of barbecue sauce."

The brush of fingers will likely turn into hand holding <as the audience goes AWE>. Then Alex will answer, "I'm afriad to ask. But it kinda smells good." with a glance over to the grill and then to the rest of the party.
Corsair is across the room, telling Bishop and Iceman about some great pirate raid on a remote Shi'ar outpost that resulted in protecting a blablabla.. the main point is that he's enthralled the two Xs.
Hepzibah mingles with her own bottle of liquid refreshment. She's very flamboyant and attention mongering.
Raza enters the room and walks toward the quiet Angel. Soon they'll be comparing sharpness of wings vs swords.

Psylocke seems content where she's at it would seem. She looks to Kurt, however, as he begins to walk over. It's likely that the Telepath is passively, but openly listening to the ebb and flow of conversationsa round her, participating by hearing what everyone is saying even without having to be in actual earshot. Thus she 'heard' Kurt's thoughts of including her. She smiles even before he arrives.

The smile is met in kind by Kurt, he lifts his plastic-glass object slightly in greeting, but not sipping from the dark blue liquid within. "Ah, schonheit," he says casually, "Now the festivities may begin." Folding one arm up over his chest to hold the elbow of the drink carrying arm, he ponders, "Perhaps a drink, I would be more than happy to retrieve one to your liking?" He may have notice the entrance, as she came in gingerly to take a seat, as if to preserve any dignity she may wish to preserve even.

Psylocke dips her head to Kurt and smiles, "Prost!" but then shakes her head, "I do not require any inebriation to share good spirits with my friends, but thank you Kurt." She adds, "Your skills were a big reason we may have this celebration. Were it not for you.. we don't know if we might have gotten to Heather in time.

Lorna quite readily clasps Alex's hand, fingers comfortably loose. She flashes him a small smile, then watches the others as the group unwinds. "It's good to be back in the hero business." she offers casually, perhaps half to herself. There's a longer, more questioning look offered to Alex after a moment but she doesn't clarify. Fingers give his a light squeeze, however.

A warm smile and a shake of Kurt's head, "Nein … that we worked as a team has assured our success. My skills were but part of a comprehensive strategy that played in our favor." Translation: X-Men and X-Factor pulled it off again with little forethought but much team preparation in the Danger Room and many real life missions. "I would argue more that it was your special talents to which we owe thanks this day. I would include I am happily here now and did not fall prey to Deathbird because of you Ms. Braddock."

"I know what you mean." Alex agrees with Lorna's comment. "Where else are we gonna find such an eclectic group of people to party with?" then returns the squeeze with a smile then a drink.

Lorna keeps the rotisserie turning with that slow-circling fingertip, and she chuckles softly. "As if the archeology nerds weren't bad enough…" Rising smoothly, she shifts her hips just enough so that she can slide across Alex's lap. This close to him, now, he can smell the rum in her coke when she raises the cup to sip again. "So do you think we've seen the end of this, now?"

Psylocke laughs quietly. "I do not know about that. But I did take particular pleasure in causing great distress to Hussar. I had not entirely realized that the images of flowers and parks and puppies would be so horrific to any one creature as to induce near catatonic symptoms. BUt it was particularly enjoyable to measure out that attack upon her."

While talking with Psylocke, Kurt shifts a little and uses his tail to pull over a chair for himself. He grins with amusement, some mirth in his voice, "Ja, quite an amusing thought, something to remember when facing those hard to crack opponents. Flowers and puppies can certainly be a menance to allergies." Then a slight pause, maybe he won't go on about that topic, himself being of the fuzzy sort and not wanting anyone to joke about his own contributions to those who suffer allergies. Instead he climbs into the chair, sitting both feet up and knees at a high angle, comfortable for himself. "You going to brave the game today? Smells better than bugs. Mr. Summers assures us its a delicacy," on some strange world no one really knows about.

Now with not only kung-fu grip, but with Lorna parts in lap, Alex smiles and says, "The way I'm reading it; Deathbird has been dethroned and Lilandra will take back power. But I doubt that's the last we'll hear of Deathbid. Villains never really go away."

Lorna shakes her head slowly. "That's so very true, isn't it?" Drawing a deep breath, she exhales a long, low sigh. "But if Deathbird wants to come back for another round, we'll be ready. That's what we do, I guess." Taking another drink, she lays her head on Alex's shoulder.

Alex glances around the room, seeing that he's the only guy with his dame in such a fashion and smiles to himself with a mental impression of 'score'.
He says in a low tone, "Truth be told, we barely came out with our skins in tact. If it weren't for us going directly for Deathbird, then the Guard would have taken us down." - it was in fact his idea to go after the head of the snake. But he doesn't dwell on successes.

Psylocke considers the question. "I suppose I may try some. At least it isn't a bug on a stick." She manages to project that so that Alex cannot help but hear it. Tormenting him for his attempts at being adventuresome before the whole 'mission' began.

Grinning himself, Kurt nods his head, further offering, "Besides, there's enough sauces over there to really drown anything in whatever flavor you like." Looking out, perhaps seeing Alex as Psylocke did speak in a higher tone (volume) in his direction, "It would be a good game face moment, best show - stay on Chris' good side in case we need to come back into space or something like that right?"

Lorna wrinkles her nose at Alex's assessment, but she doesn't question it. She's been outpowered before, but that doesn't mean she has to admit it. "Still, that's what we DO, Alex." she replies. "I mean, if it wasn't for us, who else would there be? I'd much rather be digging, but this is much more important." She tips her head back, draining the rum-and-coke.

Alex glances Betsy's way and smiles. The bug/sulfur smell and dizziness of Kurt's porting is gone. He's only got fond memories of not wanting to relive the bug on a stick incident.
His attention is drawn back to Lorna's conversation and he replies, "I couldn't agree more. It is what we /do/. Without us, the universe would have been lost a long time ago."

Psylocke nods, "It would seem there are enough flavors there to suit every taste. Perhaps the creature tastes like chicken then. Since it goes well with almost anything." She smiles some then winces as she sits back. "I believe I shall probably have leftovers and instead make my way to rest a bit longer. Thank you for coming to talk with me Kurt. It was welcoming."

"I'd offer to help," grins Kurt, still seated, "Hands on first aid … but it doesn't take a telepath to see you might want to really relax." Silence and sleep even. "Still, if you'd like company to your quarters, I could use a walk myself. Gentlemen's honors even." Not that he'd try unwanted funny business, but he'll put funny business aside the same.

Shrugging, Lorna replies. "All the same, I hope she just stays put. There's plenty of room in the universe for everyone." Her gaze shifts over to Kurt and Betsy, a small smile touching those green lips. In a low voice, she offers. "Kurt is such a sweetheart…." Perhaps he'd hear it, or perhaps not. But Betsy would quite likely pick up on the thoughts behind it, at least.

Alex glances in the indicated direction, he smiles as he looks away trying not to call attention to Kurt or that he even notices the elf. Alex mutters, "Is that what you call it? Cause I'm thinking the elf's got game."

Psylocke smiles, "Thank you Kurt. If I am in need of any further lashings, I'll be certain to call for you." She's joking. Probably. Rising up she pauses a moment before making her way toward the corridors leading to the bunks.

Lorna sits across Alex's lap holding an empty cup in one hand. She turns the rotisserie magnetically using a slow circling fingertip. She rolls her eyes at Alex's remark, shaking her head. "And that's all it is to you -boys-, hmm? Just a 'game'?" All the same, she chuckles and leans down to kiss him on the cheek.

Alex smiles. Lorna knows the way his mind works. Like a 14 year old boy. He receives the kiss and says, "Hey, so we should get more practice in zero G environments. I saw this one room just for that training."

Lorna chuckles at that, leaning back enough to look at Alex's face. "So… 'training, hmm. Is that what all the kids are calling it, now?"

Lorna chuckles at that, leaning back enough to look at Alex's face. "So… 'training', hmm. Is that what all the kids are calling it, now?" she teases, ruffling his hair. Giving him a knowing smile, however, she doesn't outright refuse the invitation. Then again, she doesn't get up from his lap, either.

A moment later, Alex will smile and nudge her as he starts to stand, "We should test it out. It'll be a while before that thing is cooked and the party will still be going on." he alsmost says something about not taking too long, but catches himself.

Lorna slips off of his lap as he stands, and when she half-turns towards him the woman is beginning to blush. Green lips curl into a small smile all the same, and she sets her cup down as she offers. "Someone's going to have to take over rotisserie duty, then." She gives Alex a curious look, then, and it's probably a good thing she's NOT a telepath.

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