2012 02 07 The Gig Is Up Part 2

Log Title:
The Gig Is Up - Part 2

Havok, ‘Lifeguard’, Psylocke, & Richenda Gray, and Slipstream

IC Date:
February 7, 2012


Brief log summary::
Hobgoblin's ruse is revealed, leading to the destruction of the Starjammer


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Seated in the medbay hitting scalpels behind her back, ‘Heather’ sits and waits and Dr. Nemesis and Sikorsky have left to warn the others regarding the medical scan results revealing that ‘Heather’ is not really still in the guise of ‘Heather’ in her Shi’ar form, Hobgoblin realizes he has been discovered, “By Sharra and K'ythri, I will destroy them all…I makie my sacrifice in honor of the empress herself, Long Live Deathbird!” The yell can be heard outside the medbay which brings in Slipstream, Lifeguard’s brother. Confused as he enters, “Heather, what is happening?” Eying him like meat to a rabid dog, “Foul abhorration, die.” Hurling the scalpels through the air and striking Slipstream on his shoulders, he falls back against the wall. Alive, but hurt, blood drips from his red and blue uniform as he falls, “Heather?”

Leaping at the sound of trouble, Havok (dressed in costume - as always) bolts toward the medical bay to address the problem. In route he'll gladly exclaim to others that there's trouble and it needs to be checked out.

Psylocke was in her quarters meditating when the alarm sounded. Refocusing on the present, the Asian woman rises and emerges from the room to find Alex sprinting past. "What has happened?" She falls in, following after him.

Not having adjusted well to space at first, Chenda Gray has finally recovered from space-sickness, and is just coming out of her quarters for some much-needed food when she spots two of her Earthling friends dashing down the corridor. "Havok? Psy? What is it?" she asks, quickly toggling her door shut and running to join them. Suddenly an empty and aching stomach is the least of her worries.

As the others arrive. ‘Heather’ leaps off the table and moves towards Slipstream, “You have the honor of being her highness’ offspring and yet you are wasted genes of terran blood. For that I qill skewer you like the pig you are.” Her arm turns into a large clawed furry arm of some exotic alien beast. “Prepare for death. Let Sharra and K'ythri guide my hand.” The clawed hand grabs Slipstream by his throat choking him. Her other hand takes a similar form and she holds it out ready to rip through his chest and feast on his entrails.

"No idea." Answers Alex, "..but it's in the med bay, with Heather." And his movements continue with intent.

Arriving on the scene. To Havok's disappointment, it's not Heather, but something else and it's definitely challenging. He knows his resources at hand and begins with the commanding, "Psylocke, shut down its mind while I distract it. Richenda, hide."

Alex then releases a broad area effecting blast of plasma toward the target.

"But I've got the best distrac…" Chenda starts to protest, but Havok's already firing. She ducks to the side of the hatchway on the outside, mostly out of the way but able to peek around and see what's going on, and throw in some mojo of her own if she needs to. Just as importantly, she can use the hatch lip for cover. A power-seed flickers in her hand, ready for use.

Psylocke follows the two to the scene and can already sense the situation. The alien mind and his intentions. Even as Havok gives her a combat order she was already taking that shot, unleashing a mental blast of static at the peak of her power range. This isn't Heather and who knows what else he can do if he can shape shift? Better to scramble his thoughts till he can be subdued than risk it. He might just be drooling for a few days as his synapses try to remember how to fire properly.

With the arrival of the heroes, Hobgoblin stands revealed and taking the true of the alien form he was impersonating, he hurls the injured body of Slipstream towards the arriving mutants. With his form shifted into that of something akin to a combination of Chewbacca, a brown bear, and a giant, the blast strikes the Imperial Guardsman sending him flying across the room and leaving a large dent in the wall. A grin crosses his face as his mind is scrambled, “No…By Sharra and K'ythri…” He screams out a prayer in an alien language to an deities as he fights his mind. With each growl and hiss, he pounds against the metal walls of the medbay with this alien’s super strengthA flash to a rather horrible thought comes to his mind and Psylocke’s as he continues to pound trying to break through the wall and into space. “You have already lost. Lifeguard is dead and you will soon follow.” . Slipstream starts to come too though weakened from the earlier attack. When he hears his sister has already died, his eyes begin to glow.

“Again!" Alex intones as he releases another blast, this one a bit more focused and damaging (80/100). He has no intention of letting up and hopes Psylocke has a better grasp of the inner workings of the alien brain than his blasts do the alien body.

At the screaming and thumping, Chenda glances around the doorsill, and her dark eyes widen. Oh, fudge… "If he gets through that, we're /popsicles/!" she cries, and puts her hands together. Not in prayer, but to reconfigure her power seed for a concussion blast. "Flash!" she calls in warning, hurling the seed into the room, aiming for the furry brown hulk. Maybe she can knock him off his feet and blind him so he'll stop trying to beat his way through the wall. She can hope!

Psylocke broadcasts the thoughts of explosives all over the Star Jammer to everyone on the ship with the rather meaningful impression that finding such explosives immediately if not before would be a very very wise move. In the mean time she leaps over Havok, her katana materializing as she slashes the Psychic blad through Hobgoblin's brain to truly seek to short circuit it and put him down for the count.

THREE! His mind focused on his sister, Slipstream lets out a loud guttural scream, “HEATHER!” His uncontrolled powers lashing out as his only thought is of that of his sister. His expansive teleportational powers kick as he begins to glow as bright as a tiny star. Growing from the medical bay and quickly encompassing the ship.

TWO! As the glow starts to engulf the medbay, the teamwork of the mutants proves to be successful as first Havok’s blasts careens across the room as Chenda’s powers seed is tossed by strike the now furry alien square in the chest. With the grace of a ninja gymnast, Pyslocke manages to land the final blow as her psi-blade strike Hobgoblin’s mind, shutting it off. His pounding comes to an end.

ONE! As all aboard scatter to find the bombs set-up by Hobgoblin, the glow from Slipstream’s ship-encompassing portal distracts them and soon swallows all aboard and in a wink, they are gone.

ZERO! The empty ship explodes silently alighting space as the Starjammer is no more! Those aboard find themselves hurtling through a portal to an unknown destination.

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