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Emma Frost & Charles Xavier

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Esca, New York

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Charles confronts Emma about Selene's school (AKA: buffet table)


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Seated at a table near the back left side of the restaurant, Charles Xavier is within his wheelchair and stationed where he can see the door while he awaits the arrival of Miss Frost. Before him is a glass of water and little else. The mid morning crowd of the restaurant has wained and the staff are getting ready for the lunch rush that will take place just outside an hour. So few disturbances.
Behind Xavier are two of his X-Men seated at another table entirely (15-20 feet away), Psylocke and Beast. Neither are noticed for who they truly are as Psylocke maintains a psychic recognition field for all the normals within the area.

Emma walks through the observed door only fifteen minutes behind Charles, alone and, as always, impeccably dressed. If her familiar white suit is any indication, she came directly from the office, as she certainly didn't come from the mansion.
After a few brief words with the greeter, she approaches the good professor's table and seats herself across from him. "I do apologize for not getting here sooner, Charles… a matter came up that refused to be put aside for later," she says, calmly. "I am curious as to what this is all about… especially since I have lesson plans languishing on my desk from days ago."

"Thank you for coming and I do apologize for the inconvenience of late. It seems that you and I need to discuss some things that have come to my attention." He places a napkin on his left thigh and takes a drink. A waitress approaches with a glass of 'whatever Emma wants' and then will depart. As she does it's like the 'cone of silence' comes over the two of them and the world around no longer pays any attention to Charles or Emma.

Emma nods her thanks to the waitress, glancing after her for only a moment as the woman moves to depart. "Wise," she murmurs, noting the mental 'privacy screen' over their table as it comes into being. "So, what might these 'things' be?"

"Selene stopped by the other day." Xavier states setting the direction and uneasy tone of the conversation. "I became acutely aware of just how dangerous she is. In this, I must ask permission to enter your mind and seek pervasive modifications to your personality as I suspect she has corrupted those around her so as to further her unsavory goals."

"You certainly don't ask much, do you?" Emma replies, her tone ironic. "As I prefer to keep my job, I'll allow it. I really doubt she's been up to anything in /my/ head, but… would I truly know, if she had arranged for me not to? I do ask that you respect the privacy of my memories… not that I should have to. It's not as though you're not the foremost advocate for ethical use of our powers."

Entering her mind, Xavier is careful not to go down memory paths that aren't warrented in his search. During his penetration, he states in a calm mental voice, "Thank you, Emma. I see that she touched your mind here.." indicating Hellion emotional therapy, "And of course a general calming touch. I regret that I've not been available for you in these trying times." His own mind flashes to the presence of Lilandra within his life and home then he continues his purusal. Passive thoughts address various psyche aspects and then in what seems like seconds (which was nearly 15-20 minutes) he pulls from her mind and says, "You have not been manipulated and you are well aware of the dangers that you're putting potential students into. I am disappointed."

Emma blinks once, twice, in quick succession, as she becomes aware of the physical world once more. "That's your right. But I think you should know that while she /could/ take advantage of her position in the ways you are thinking, she has not," she says, levelly. "She could have taken advantage of /me/, easily, and in the state I was in I might even have welcomed it without being aware of the danger I was in. But, again, she did not, and has not. I admit freely that this fact surprises me. But I gave her the benefit of a doubt. Are you saying that you are unwilling to do the same?"

"Quite.", Xavier states an affirmative to her query. "I realize that I have not gained your trust enough to take what ever I say carte blanche. Which is why you should investigate on your own. In the mean time, we are now at odds. For what I have gleamed within her mind concerns me. She seeks godhood through the use of followers - such followers being her newest and upcoming students. It should also be known that the word followers directly translates to dinner when she is concerned. At this point and until you have chosen a side, instead of continue to walk the fence between good and evil, I would ask that you not return to the school or interact with my students or X-Men. Both factions have been warned of Selene's treachery and the senior of the group has full intentions of stopping her and her nefarious plots. She cannot be allowed to achieve godhood. Especially at the expense of innocent lives."

Emma frowns, very faintly. It's gone in a blink. "Then I suppose there is nothing more to be said. Save that if your people intend to do violence to anybody living at or employed by the academy, for any reason, they may do so only with the proper proof of that person's guilt… if such is provided, I shall willingly step aside and allow it, with my blessing. If not… I will have questions for them. And I had better like the answers."
She leans forward just slightly, eyes narrowing a little and turning cold. "And any such violence will be done well away from school grounds. I will not have my school turned into a battlefield again, for /any/ reason. I'm sure you understand."

"Then make your own strides toward expunging the evil that you have allowed into your domain. I will not willingly endanger your children, but she will. She will put them between my X-Men and herself to form a barrier of what she considers expendibles. Good luck to you, and I hope you find the answers of which I have already discovered."
The cone of silence is lifted and the Beast stands directly behind Xavier holding the handles of the wheelchair. Psylocke (Elizabeth Braddock - English version) stands to his left, her pretty little psychic butterfly adorns her face and she has no love for Emma in her expression.

"When she makes any such move, no matter how small, you are welcome to her. But not before," Emma replies, softly. "Good day, Charles. Safe hourney home. Please do drive safely, Doctor." She glances up at Psylocke, a tiny smile coming to her lips. "That look really doesn't suit you, Betsy. I could recommend a highly-skilled cosmeticist…"

Psylocke nearly snarls as she's had significant troubles dealing with said topic. But she's kept from doing anything out of the nature of the current situation. Beast will wheel Xavier away and with a parting 'good day, Emma.', the heroes of the scene will be away.

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