2012 02 05 The End Of An Empire

Log Title:
The End of an Empire

Havok, Lifeguard, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, RIchenda Gray, and X-Men, Deathbird, Imperial Guard, Starjammers

IC Date:
February 7, 2012

Shi'ar Homeworld

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The conclusion The X-Men arrive at the throne and rescue Heather.


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The Shi'ar Empire is vast and expansive but none of the planets in the empire compare to the lavish beauty and wealth of the homeworld, built from the plunder and conquest of various alien races and worlds. The throne room of the lavish palace to the Neramani line is an ornate and grand room unimaginable to most humans. Filled with various artifacts and treasures in designs and shape not humanly possible. Gathered today is the imperial court to her highness, the Empress Deathbird Neramani. As she sits atop her throne positioned at the top of a lengthy staircase, and protected by some sort of invisible alien field. She is surrounded by her Imperial Guard. In the middle of the grand hall before all present are 5 space-like guillotines. Gladiator, Oracle, Moondancer, Voyager, and Lifeguard are placed in the devices ready to be beheaded at the order of the empress

Suddenly portals appear all over various points on the Shi’ar Homeworld as Slipstream unable to control his emerging mutant powers has sent those who had been aboard the Starjammer to various points throughout the planet. However, he and a small group have found themselves landing in the middle of the Throne Room. Part of his mutant powers is the ability topsychically sense the locations of others and how to reach them. His thought of his sister has lead him and others to the spot of her execution.

Deathbird immediately screams, “Hobgoblin has failed, but that is a moot point! You have arrived to witness the death of Lifeguard and the traitorous Imperials Guardmens! Guards restrain the new arrivals. Technicians, lower the blades and off with their heads!” The empress screams her order and within milliseconds then new arrivals are surrounded by armored Shi’ar guards. A technician near a large alien computer system pressed a button and five blades are dropped ready to behead Lifeguard and those Guardsmen who would not follow Deathbird’s edict.

Storm and Havok gather their improvsionatial skills.

Storm leaps into the air, quickly behind and to her flank is Angel.

Havok targets the blades that are intended for Heather, he releases his blast - full power. He calls to Psylocke, "Bets, do your thing." then notes to Kurt, "Same plan as before. This time let's make it stick."

Colossus leaps into action with attempts to pummel anyone who gets in the way.

Bishop will be ready to absorb blasts from lasers so that he can get charged and redirect the fire.

Jubilee and Iceman spray their respective sides with sparkles and ice shards. Jean lifts up only by a few feet forming a protective barrier between the world outside and herself. She's getting ready to make a dome shield if need be.

Psylocke sets about turning the armored guards around then as much as she can. She rests a hand to her temple, eyes closing as she focuses on the minds of the guards and broadcasts at full telepathic strength. This is no time to hold back. The gaurds need to be turned in their favor to buy time or this is going to become extraordinarily difficult very fast.

Executing Plan A v1.2, Kurt doesn't need more instigating than same plan as before from Havok. "I'll get Heather, then Gladiator …" There is little movement from him as purple smoke engulfs him, his target is Lifeguard once more. He isn't bothering with the others, they knew what they were getting into. No, its Heather, he bamf's as close as he can get, makes a touch, and bamf's back to near Jean as that will probably become rally point. Assuming he makes with Heather, he'll spend his final move teleporting for Gladiator

This is most certainly Chenda's day for surprises! First the emergency, then getting hurled through spacetime, and now she's in a throne room that looks like the drunken-binge lovechild of Dracula and Princess Ardala! "Yow…" she mumurs. Which is all she gets out before the lady with the big mouth starts bellowing about offing with people's heads. And she knows one of the people. "Heather!"
There's no time for more thought. It looks like Queen Bigmouth brought plenty of goons in silly uniforms. But you can't fight what you can't see, right? "Flash!" Chenda shouts, summoning power seeds and hurling them aloft in a cluster, the detonations lighting up the whole room in stark relief and picking out dust the cleaning people can't find… and hopefully blinding the goons!

The X-Men gather their wits and begin the rescue of the real Heather, they are met in full force by the Imperial Guard and Shi’ar guardsmen, the regular palace guards lash forward but find themselves enthralled by Psylocke and are immediately attacking and rushing the guillotines. They shoot the blades and combined with Havok’s blast none of the blades come down, but the prisoners remained shackled. Various Imperial Guard members move to counter the guards and engage them in a battle. As for the attacking X-Men, Hardball leaps in an attempt to collide with Storm to knock her over and then bounce from her to get Archangel. Glom rushes forward and as Ice-Man fires off ice blasts, he eats and absorbs them and rushes towards the Cryo mutant to literally eat him, while Mammoth charges past guards and ram himself into Bishop and Jubilee. Plutonia and Astra act in unison as the intangible Guardswoman work to sneak up on the telepaths, Astra for Psylocke and Plutonia flying up towards Jean.

Kurt is able to port Heather to safety as he posits her by Jean and the attacking Plutonia. When he moves to get to Gladiator, he is met by Fang who lashes out with his claws and teeth to rip the demon mutant apart. The light show by Chenda blonds some of the Shi’ar guards who are quickly downed by the Imperial Guard but suddenly growing behind Chenda is Scintilla, “I made the mistake of allowing a youth to defeat us last time. I will not make that mistake again.” She reaches to grab Chenda and throw her to the floor.
Slipstream wastes not time as he creates another portal and disappears, reappearing behind his mother. “Hey. Mom.” He moves to backhand Deathbird across the face, but finds his mother is more than a match for him.

Surrounded by Storm are the winds of disruption. They lift her and hold her aloft but also provide a cushioning barrier between her and the outside world. Even the world of someone trying to collide with her. The wind will take any interloper and cast them aside at significant velocity.

Iceman immediately sees the problem, "Uh! Havok, trade partners!" and they'll do the shuffle dance. Where Iceman was, Havok emerges and releases a blast of fiery plasma toward Glom in hopes that the opposite form of energy will dissuade the guardsman from attacking.

Meanwhile, Iceman creates a wall of ice in front of Mammoth in hopes of stopping the assault.
Jean says aloud giving a rebuttal to her attacker, "Please, have you no idea with whom you approach?" then promptly discharges
Plutonia's mental faculties for better targets. Meaning that she will mind control the guardswoman to attack her partner (Astra). As we all know what happens when you put two desolids together in the same space - immense pain.

Angel releases his flachettes in all directions like a spinning dervish casting them toward various attackers in attempts to subdue them through poisonous means.

Psylocke currently is in control of a number of underlings, those she subverted. It means her focus is on controlling them rather than on her own defense. As Astra draws near, it seems certain that the sneak attack will succeed this time then Jean intervenes. She murmurs absently, "Thank you Jean." And she sends her guard minions after Deathbird. Why not cause the ultimate insult?

If he'd been ready for this, Kurt might have a couple of sabre's to defend himself readily with. Alas, he is weaponless, but good news is he wasn't caught without pants. Bad news for some, he's wearing his borat like super suit, having grown accustomed to it while in space perhaps. Actually, he just rather likes it to be honest. Still, he'll once again defend, his main goal will remain, get close to Gladiator, teleport him out so that he might join their side against the remaining Imperial Guard. He'll also look for a makeshift sword - relying on his flexibility and acrobatic training to evade Fang while he doest these actions.

Chenda doesn't hesitate, diving forward into a shoulder roll before Scintilla's done with her first sentence, coming up out of reach and facing the minion. She then hurls a pair of concussion power-seeds at her former attacker, trying to knock her now-enormous self down - HARD. "Believe it or not, lady, you're /still/ making that mistake! Next time, grab before you talk!"

Flachettes fly across the hall hitting various aliens in attendance, but Hardball who is beated aside by Storm’s wind but is able to collide into Archangel knocking him down, but also putting Hardball out of the fight as he poisoned by multiple pricked flachettes As
Jean dispels the intangible Guardswomen, Plutonia lunges as Astra and the two are pulled under to duke it out themselves. As Havok fires off his plasma blasts , they do little to dissuade Glom who is moving forward and finally leaping at the blond hero ready to take whatever Havok can give. His mouth wide open, he intends to swallow Havok whole. Mammoth crashes into the wall of ice and continues charging as he hurls both Ice-Man and Bishop to the side and runs to barrel over Jubilee. Scintilla falls and hard from
Chenda’s attack as she begins to shrink down as she is knocked unconscious.

The guards under Psylocke’s control finally fall as the Imperial Guard defeat them and now fully turn their attention to the mutants.

Hussar unfurls her whip and attempts to punish Psylocke into submission. Slipstream is no match for his mother who grabs him by the wrists and bites into his neck, “I created you and I will kill you!” Fang keeps Kurt from Gladiator and continues to attack akin to Wolverine in berserker rage, his claws rake at the mutant and his Borat style mankini costume. Gladiator and the other imprisoned Guards remain shackled. Fader remaining out of sight due to his invisibility power, remains a distance away from the battle but aims his laser blaster at Jean Gray attempting to take her out of the fight. Deciding teamwork to be the best option, once again Earthquake,

Black Light, and White Noise work in unison. White Noise emits a subsonic scream attempting to confuse and daze the mutants, Black Light starts to create a darkforce barrier to encase the mutants and keep them from the light and Earthquake shakes things up sending rumbles under the fighting mutants.

Swallowed whole, Havok is taken into the darkness that is Glom. There he will realize that he's in trouble and instead of going into a panic, he'll turn every ounce of cosmic energy he's absorbed into a meltdown of his very own. Intent on burning his way out of Glom

Storm will take note of the situation below with Mammoth and the bowling alley. She will cast her lightning bolts toward Bishop who will in turn cast them toward Mammoth.

Jubilee's pretty sparkings go in all directions as she tumbles over.

Iceman slides across the floor, casting ice beneath himself he'll get to his feet and start sliding around the room.

Angel tumbles, but will get back up and start again with his soaring attack.

Jean starts to get pissed off - there's a tiny little fire beging to grow within the depths of her eyes.

Psylocke cries out. The timing is such that it isn't entirely clear why the guards finally fail - simply a lack of skill, or the lashes that land across the Asian woman's back, even drawing blood through the sliced unform she wears. Turning her head toward Hussar, Jean isn't the only one growing angry. The Telepath reaches down and draws on the darkest images she can imagine and broadcasts directly into Hussar's mind even as the other Imperal attacks seek to overwhelm.

Straight out fighting with someone in a wolverine rage isn't Kurt's cup of tea, especially without swords. The moment it starts to become too dangerous, he'll start moving away from the crosses. "Nice kitty, I did not mean to steal your treats …" he says, trying to give a little taunt to the other. His goal in this, if there is sonic screaming going all over the throne room to try and get mutants, he will try to lure Fang into such a sonic blast. Though, his real goal is to lure Fang away from Gladiator's crucifex so that he can double bamf in another 'rescue' attempt of the strong former Imperial Guard name Kallark.

Chenda stumbles, wincing as her impressive balance goes awry for microseconds at a time on the unstable floor. One look tells her that she can't get to Kurt and the rabid beast attacking him, but she's within reach of the fallen Jubilee… and Mammoth. Dashing to the rescue, she hurls a flash power-seed straight at the monster's huge face, to help set him up for the dynamic duo of Storm and Bishop!

With smoke rising from his mouth and his eyes watering, Glom suddenly explodes as Havok was too much for him. Covered in Glom’s goo, Havok emerges relatively unscathed. In a similar motion Bishop jacked by Storm is too much for Mammoth who is batted aside by the amped up mutant and Chenda’s power seed. He is suddenly met by the similarly powered Solar Wind who amped on cosmic energy rushes Bishop. Two aimed foes rush and collide. Hussar lets out a loud scream as she falls with dark visions of flowers and parks and peace. She cries out like a child. With Ice-Man sliding about, sparks flying from Jubilee, and Angel back in the air, it seems the mutants are getting their footing.

Fang continues to slash and claw at Nightcrawler, frustrated that he is not making any contact. So enraged in this battle that White Noise’s sonic scream does little to halt him, he finally grabs the teleporter by the tail and hurls him away from the imprisoned Imperial Guardsmen. Earthquake presses his attack rips the ground apart on the non-flying mutants sending up stone spires and making things rough for them.

Mentor and Delphos stand next to each other and begin conversing as the precog speaks with the strategist and points to Jean Gray. Nodding his head, the blast that had been fired by the invisible Fader strikes the protective cocoon that Jean had created around herself. Looking at White Noise and Black Light, the two alien children of Deathbird, and without speaking a new strategy is formed.
The two children attack Jean simultaneous, the ear shattering scream to scrabble Jean’s concentration and her surrounding area covering her and Lifeguard is bathed in pure darkforce. The two mutants are trapped within. Slipstream falls back after being bitten by his mother. He starts to crawl back as she stalks forward, “First you and then your wretched sister.”

Havok, now back in the fight calls out while wiping goo from his face, "SPEARHEAD!" which means everyone moves forward toward the leader of the opposing force in a arrow shaped assault. Havok means for them to take down Deathbird, take her out, take her to the prom, or just capture her so the fight will be over.

Storm knows the manuever, she will send blinding winds and fog toward the opposition to give them the right of passage.

Angel slings his blades in all directions once again but will fall in and take up the rear.

Colossus and Bishop will move forward while Iceman intends to coat the floor underneath the villains with a sheet of ice.

Jubilee will seek to give aid to Jean/Lifeguard

Psylocke looks toward Havok and is moving. Katana in her right hand, shorter psychic tanfa sized blade in the left and she proceeds to psychically slash her way through the opposing forces, vaulting over those she cannot simply charge and rush past, slashing down through them as she leaps over them, keeping her position in the spearhead.

Not quite his plan, but Kurt is ready for a teleport. Just because there isn't an opening to get to Gladiator doesn't mean he can't do it. No better timing than when Fang overtakes him to grab his tail. His tail being capable of holding himself and another similarly sized person should be enough to grab fang he hopes. When he is grabbed, the spade will wrap onto Fang's arm so that when he Bamfs, he'll pull the other in with him. "No one messes with the tail mein freund," he says, amidst the action. He'll reappaer in the vicinity of Earthquake, with the intent of dropping Fang on the reptilian being to stop Earthquake from taking the footing out from the good guys. Whether or not Fang is caught and dropped on Earthquake, his second destination will be the back of Colossus, a close friend who has carried him this way before - so that Kurt can join the spearhead.

Chenda's only heard the name, but everyone suddenly going in the same direction is a pretty good clue as to what it means! There's not much she can do for the assault now that it's started except go along, but once she's in reach she can give Black Light and White Noise something to think about with a pair of concussive power-seeds, one nice and noisy present for each of them! "This is for Jean and Heather!"

The shackles restraining the four imprisoned guardsmen seemingly come undone by themselves. With all the mutants focused on Deathbird, Mentor commands all the Imperial Guardsmen to stop their attacks. The quaking stops when Fang falls atop the Earthquake knocking him out. All the remaining guardsmen stop their attacks on the X-Men and listen to Mentor, “The Phoenix is being rebirthed. This futile attempt at an execution is not our concern.”

White Noise and Black Light press their attacks ignoring Mentor. Soon the darkforce barrier is overcome as fiery wings seem to emerge from it. Lifeguard finally fully aware of the situation and in action seemingly drops out of the darkforce box, her usually golden form now black as night matching the darkforce. Ready to engage her siblings, they are taken out of the fight courtesy of Chenda’s power seeds knocking them out.. The darkforce box that had trapped Jean gone, Jean is revealed in a fiery aura and Phoenix costume, first red, then green, then white and then nothing. For a moment almost overtaken, Jean screams out as the Imperial Guard surrounds her. She then falls from the sky, and into the waiting arms of Lifeguard in her regular costume unconscious and seemingly safe. But surrounded by the entire line-up of the Imperial Guard.

As the spearhead plan takes effect, Deathbird is at her throne surrounded by a force field and ready to strike at her human son. With none of the Imperial Guard preventing the mutant’s attack, she finally comes to realize what is going to happen. Leaving Slipstream alone for the moment, she screams out, ‘Come, mutants! I will kill you all singlehandedly!” Still behind her field, she readies herself for what she believes to be the ultimate battle.

It is an epic battle that they will bring. The remainder of the X-Men under the leadership of Havok press forward and unleash what is it is that they have against the shield that protects Deathbird. They intend to end this, now and forever.

Havok blasts, the field cracks.

Storm's lightning assisted by Bishop's continued push makes the field fall.

Colossus barrels through and Iceman takes up the rear covering their tracks with ice and snow.

Angel will move in behind Deathbird and slice her with his wings - intentionally trying to poison her with his touch.
head. Penetrating without bloodletting, frying her very mind - overloading every synapse. Causing her collapse.

The Imperial Guard will know, for sure that Deathbird now belongs to the X-Men and if they try to jack with them, she's f'd.

And there's that crazy queen screaming again! Granted, it's from behind a force field, and she does look like she knows what she's doing as she prepares to fight. But the circus girl's not quitting now, not after light-years and explosions and watching her school's den mother being ganged up on. Dashing forward, she summons and hurls a pair of flash-seeds directly at that force field. "Here, Queen Bigmouth!" she shouts as she dives to the side, eyes shut. "Some radiance to supplement your royal beauty!"

As there is an force thrown at the force field, something mixed between lightning bolts, plasma blasts, blades, ice and the like, presumably to be followed by a power punch or slam from Colossus (^^) … Kurt notices Heather's brother forgotten by Deathbird and in the mayhem he teleports forward to her brother. There he pulls him as much out of the way as he can, "Herr Cameron, whip us a tunnel out of here," preparing for any failure or what may come if Deathbird isn't defeated. Whichever the case, he stays with Davis.

Psylocke closes in as the barrier fails. And with no little satisfaction, she slashes her katana through Deathbird's brain, enjoying her observation of the mental capacities short circuiting and failing as the evil bitch is enveloped in unconsciousness.

“Gladiator, Mentor, Guardsmen, hear my words. I beseech you. Stand down. The Phoenix was merely an illusion created with my powers in synch with Jean’s. Oracle, scan her and see the truth.” Oracle does so and after a few moments she looks up at Lifeguard suspicious as she knows how Lifeguard’s power works, but satisfied she turns to Mentor and Gladiator and nods. The two nod as well. Heather offers, “As while you stand here, engaged in conversation. My mother falls.”

”The empire is in shambles now. We will send word to my aunt. It stands to you to right the wrong Deathbird has made throughout the universe.” Gladiator furrows his brow as he looks to his teammates unsure of what to do or how to act. He holds his hand out and they listen to their praetor allowing the mutants to leave.

Heather ponders what has happened and the secret she keeps to herself for the moment. All she wants is to go home and with that finally making their way to the Throne Room, The Starjammers and others who had been on board arrive in time to see the curtain fall on this tale. Davis, injured but alive summons his warp wave and into the portal go the victorious heroes ready to go home.

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