2012 02 05 Super Bowl Sunday

Log Title:
Super Bowl Sunday

Sandman & the Vision and NFL Superpro, Instant Replay, Quick Kick, Repulsor, Ripsaw, Sanction, Stilt-Man, and Los Tiburones

IC Date:
February 5, 2012

Perry's Bar - New York City

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Sandman shows Vision how to do the Super Bowl and NFL Superpro is attacked by his rogue's gallery


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So it is Super Bowl Sunday! The culmination of a season of gridiron and athletics at its best. The streets of New York are empty as the city’s team has made it. All bars are packed including Perry’s the neighborhood bar. Grinning widely as he walks in, “So, Vizh, I know you are all nerdy and robotics and stuff. But even you are gonna love the Super Bowl. No super powers, no evil villains, no computers, it’s pure unadulterated sports at its best! So I am glad you are here with me. We can drink, eat, and yell as loud as we want.” The bar is packed, but with their Avengers status, Sandman has been allowed a corner section for himself and his friends. “I got an old friend joining us too.”

In the back, a man dressed in to what the average eye would be a NFL costume, but to those in the know, it is really armor made to appear to resemble a NFL advertising costume. Phil Grayfield, former NFL player and now clumsy superhero named NFL Superpro sits in the section awaiting Sandman and the Vision. “Yo!” He screams matched by an even louder “Yo!” from Sandman. The two rush at each other and appear to be grappling…or is it an odd form of male bonding.

The Synthetic Avenger is, indeed, with Sandman. The ghostly white being seems out of place, really. His stark, ghoulish lack of color clashing terribly with the garrish costumes, jerseys and t-shirts everyone else in the establishment are wearing. Vizh looks at Sandman, "It is agreeable to be here with you, Sandman. However I must admit, I am simply not one to enjoy these sporting events. The only part of it that holds my interest are the random and inplausible statistics that the announcers utter during their commentary." When NFL Superhero arrives, Vizh declines his head in a nod of greeting.

After a moment of grappling where Superpro tosses Sandman onto a table which he disperses into sand and reforms already sitting down, “Yeah, I let you get that, Pro. But now you pay for the first round.” He nods and nods to the Vision as he goes to the bar.
Kicking out a chair for Vision to sit on, Sandman gestures for him to lean in close and speaks in a whisper, “Do me a favor, Vizh. Try not to act like yourself. Be fun. You gotta have a progam in that head of yours that shows you how to have fun and a good time.” He then leans back as Superpro comes back with 12 shots of various alcohol for the three of them to divide up. Holding up some tequila, “Ok boys, get your shots ready.” Some thuggish looking gang members begin to enter the bar. As they do so, some innocent and scared looking people begin to make their way out.

The Vision blinks at Sandy getting tossed onto the table. He blinks again when he's told to not act like himself. He cants his head to one side at the requested favor and says, "If I do not act like myself than who should I act like? I can only be myself. You knew this when you invited me along." The inhuman brow of the Vision furrows slightly as he contemplates the though. In response to his thoughts, he activates his personal holographic projector. Holographic 'face paint' forms over the visage of the Synthezoid in the
colors of both teams playing in the big game.

“That’s more like it.” Sandman rises and hits Vision’s back firmly but friendly and passes him a shot of tequila. “You can drink this stuff and not get drunk….you’re the man…er…robot man…but man nonetheless.” Superpro looks over the Vision’s pale white body. “Maybe not where it counts…” he snickers and he is suddenly smacked with an elongated sand hand. “Be nice!” Superpro holds his hand up to the mask which protects his head and winces then smiles and holds up his shot glass. Making a large toast to the New England Patriots, he downs his tequila shot as does Sandman. The cheer to the rival team, is noted by some of the bar patrons who become noticeably upset. The thugs continue to push more patrons at the front of the bar outside as well.

Vizh is playfully batted at by his fellow Avenger. He forces a 'smile' in response to Sandman's gesture. The Vision takes the shot of tequila in his hand and he regards it for a moment. He shakes his head, "This beverage does not hold any appeal for me. It is not that I do not like it. It simply is not something that I would reach for given the choice of numerous alternatives." Vizh pauses and asks, "Who is it that we are 'rooting' for?" He has a verbal pause between 'are and rooting' as if he took a split second to think of the correct terminology.

Shaking his head, “Come on, Vizh. Take the shot.” Having already finished his first and moving onto his second, “It is part of the Super Bowl Experience. You kinda have to do it.” Trying to pressure the synthezoid into drinking. Superpro finds himself being heckled for rooting for the opposing team, so Sandman cautions, “We are rooting for the Giants. Giants ALL THE WAY!” He yells to try and appease Superpro’s hecklers. The thugs finally make their way to the corner where the three heroes are. And revealing themselves as Los Tiburones, the each hold out a firearm and aim at a respective hero. “Quick Kick would like a word with the Superpro. Avengers, stay out of this and mind your business!” Quick Kick is making his way into the bar as a path was cleared for him when the gang booted out patrons.

The Synthezoid glances back down to his shot of tequila and grimaces, "I have to? That is a part of the Super Bowl experience? Odd.
Judging from the number of beer commercials I've regarded during football games before, I would imagine that beer would be the beverage that passes the most time." Vizh raises the little glass to consume the beverage when the thugs stop by their table. Vizh sets the drink back down on the table and looks at them, "An ill advised series of actions have occurred. This led you to enter into an unfortunate, and also ill advised, scenerio for yourselves.

“Yeah…what he said.” Sandman finishes his second shot and reaches for the third. His mostly made of sand body composition allows him to get drunk, but not as fast as most humans. He holds it out and toasts, “By the time I am done with this shot, you better be outta here. Or my biy, Superpro is gonna show you a thing or two about manners and whatnot.” Superpro appears nervous for a moment while the three Tibuornes continue to aim their firearms at the three heroes. When Quick Kick makes his appearance, he draws out his katana blade and points it to the Superpro, “A formal request for a duel …to the death.” The patrons still inside the bar cheer, “Fight…Fight…Fight.” Quick Kick ignores the patrons and turns to the Avengers, “This quarrel does not involve you. Leave. And you will not get hurt.”

The Vision lifts up off his chair as he goes intangible. He floats up above the table, flutters over everyone and lands, almost casually, behind the trio of individuals interested in Superpro. The Vision shakes his head, "This establishment, I am certain, does not condone the series of actions you are insinuating with your weapons or fights to the death-" He pauses before adding, "-unless they are, of course, sanctioned by a Professional MMA circuit. Please holster or sheath your weapons and seek to do this some other time. You risk upsetting some individuals that have been looking forward to the 'Big Game'." His tone of voice is rediculously calm.

The patrons get upset with the Vision’s appeal for nonviolence and some rush him which they find useless as they simply fall through him. But that was enough of an instigation to start a bar fight. Sandman shifts to his pssamic form as a chair is flung at him.
Sighing and throwing an empty shot glass through the Vision, “See what ya did!” He extends his arms around the three gang members and allows Superpro to deal with Quick Kick. With the katana held to his helmet and swipes at it cutting it in half. Phil suddenly meeps and rushes off into the bathroom.

A look of genuine confusion falls upon the inhuman visage of the Vision. The confusion stems at the response from the patrons as he clearly did not expect that they were so close to the boiling point that they would resort to wholesale bar brawl. We can chalk that up to Vizh's inexperience in these types of establishments! Vizh says to Sandman, "I did not anticipate this reaction to my plea for sanity. Is this typical on Super Bowl Sundays?" Anything thrown in Vizh's direction will simply fly through his phased form for the moment.

The patrons continue to try to attack the Vision, but find their attacks futile, but since most of them are drunk, they continue anyway. Sandman makes quick work of the gangsters tossing them out of the bar through the front doors. Turning to the Vision,

“Hey, I am more of a people person than you are. So why don’t you go help Superpro in the bathroom.” Quick Kick is running into the bathroom and makes short work of the wooden door with a series of kicks. Holding out his katana blade, he finds Superpro cowering in a stall.

The Vision nods at Sandman, as Vizh doesn't seem to have any intention on joining in on the bar brawl. He hovers an inch off the ground and just floats towards the men's lavitory. He phases right through the door leading into it. The Synthezoid calls out to the man who retreated into the restroom, "Superpro; It's the Vision. What is your status? Are you damaged?" Clearly not registering that Quick Kick is in here as well.

Quick Kick stands over the cowering Superpro who calls out for help as he holds his stomach. Quick Kick, clearly using some sort of enhanced blade slices down and slits the Superpro’s super armor in half. Quivering and making wrenching noses, the now underwear clad hero vomits all over the villain, who backs away and lets out loud disgusted roar. And attempts to cut off Superpro’s head with the katana. Any noise from the bar itself seems to have quieted down as whatever Sandman has done seems to have worked.

The Synthetic Superhero, as quickly as he can, flies over towards Quick Kick and Superpro. The intangible Vision reaches out for the raised katana. The Vision commands in an emotionless, but loud, voice, "Stop this!" He attempts to wrap his intangible fingers around the blade and if successful, will turn tangible once again and raise his mass to superhuman levels, intending to trap the blade in its raised position and force Quick Kick to lose his grip if he tries to swing it out of Vizh's grasp.

Unable to move the blade very much, Quick Kick presses but himself unable to use the blade to cut through the Vision or move it. Instead he attempts to a quick karate kick to the Vision’s robot chest area. Meanwhile Phil Grayfield trues to crawl past the two out of the stall, still clutching his stomach, he continues to drip chunks of vomit and puke. When suddenly a rip sound seems to be heard from nowhere and appearing in the bathroom with them is the armored villain Instant Replay, with blades flying from his armor towards the unhealthy underweared man.

The Karate kick against the Vision's chest doesn't really make the Synthetic Avenger move at all. It moves him in the same way someone nudging another person with their elbow would move them. The Vision shakes his head, "What is this all about? You must stop." He lowers his mass enough to allow him to move, albeit slowly. He tries to yank the man's katana away. Vizh also turns and looks at the newcomer, Instant Replay. The crystal on Vizh's head flares with a bright flash. A beam of solar energy darts out from it towards Instant Replay… as a means to trying to cover Phil's retreat.

Instant Replay is struck by the beam which sends him flying against the tiled wall while Superpro makes his way out of the bathroom. Instant Replay lets out a loud yelp and shoots another round of blades towards the Vision while Quick Kick uses his own natural agility to dodge to the side in a roll. Landing near an open janitor’s closet. Reaching in for a broom and a mop, he swirls them like bo staffs and readies for the Vision, “He is our arch enemy! All that he has defeated in the past are coming to kill him! For the ultimate humiliation. We will kill him!” Instant Replay offers, “Plus he is rooting for New England against New York!”

The joke about New England over New York goes over the Vision's head as he does not even pretend to understand its meaning. Instead of replying to it, he hurls the katana away and turns to face Instant Replay. That villains blades inbed into his superdense form, but does not seem to cause the Synthezoid much harm. For a brief moment he goes intangible and the blades drop to the ground, before returning to a superdense form. He warns the two of them, "You should leave this place and him alone. I will defend him against your aggressions and the outcome of my defense will not be in your collective favors." He looks between the two of them.

With the Vision’s warning, Instant Replay is gone seemingly having teleported away as are the blades he launched at The Vision.
Quick Kick uses the opportunity to strike down on the Vision’s shoulder with the broom and mop combo. And suddenly the wall behind bathroom is broken with chunks of concrete, brick, and tile hurled at the Vision and Quick Kick. One piece conks Quick Kick in the head knocking him out. Standing on the opposite side of the giant hole are Ripsaw and Sanction. Ripsaw with bladed weapons whirring around his costume and Sanction in giant golden armor reminiscent of the first Iron Man armor. “Where is Superpro?” They yell.

The makeshift weapons bounce off the dense Avenger. The Vision waves his hand around to bat the mop and broom away from Quick Kick. When the debris flies out towards the two of them, Vizh raises an arm to shield himself. The Vision asks after the demanding question is made towards them, "How many are after him? He is gone, only I am here. Perhaps I can relay a message to him the next time I see him?"

Ripsaw and Sanction look to each other as they stare at the pale white Avenger, Sanction states “It’s only the Vision.” Ripsaw says, “Yeah, the real threat is NFL Superpro, but we can easily get to him to get to the other guy.” Ripsaw launches out four circular bladed weapons towards the Vision, while Sanction runs at him taking a football stance ready to tackle him. “There are many of us.” The sound of fighting starts up again outside the bathroom, but the sound of sand pounding too and fro can also be heard as Sandman seems to be handling the threats in the bar.

The Vision increases his density at the sight of the oncoming villain intent on plowing through him like a Linebacker. He lowers his stance slightly to better weather the incoming force. The Avenger readies himself to simply accept being charged into by Sanction. The blades flung at him inbed themselves, but also seem to bend under the force of being thrown against the Vision.

Sanction is able to tackle the Vision and hurl him through the door and out into the bar. Ripsaw follows them out. Once outside,
Sandman has Repulsor and Instant Replay held with his large sand fists with sand entering into their armors and messing up their technological advantages. Superpro no longer in costume is being lifted by the crowd and dragged outside where Stilt-Man is waiting for him ready to kill the tightied whitied athlete.

The super dense superhero is flung through the door. He lands against the ground with a heavy thud before turning intangible. Vizh is still under the influence of physics, so his momentum continues sending him backwards. He spins around in midair and redirects himself upwards. He neutralizes his inertia and looks down at the melee unfolding in the establishment. Vizh calls out to Sandman, "I am unfamiliar with these individuals." The crystal on his forehead lights up and a blast of solar energy darts down towards Sanction.

Sanction is blasted by the solar ray and flung back into the bathroom. Ripsaw launches more circular blades at the Vision while
Repulsor and Instant Replay are pretty much left depowered with malfunctioning armor. “They are NFL Superpro’s rouge gallery. He has defeated them and humiliated them by winning. But when they learned that he officially supported the New England Patriots, they were upset and a hit has been placed to kill him. As the NFL’s officially licensed superhero, he is not supposed to favor one team over the other.” Ripsaw appearing to be the only remaining villain inside the bar, Sandman moves to deal with him. “Hey, Pro, can use some help outside? The crowd looks like they want to kill him.” The crowd for the most part has merely tossed Superpro outside, but watch as Stilt-Man increases his height and moves to crush Pro under his long metallic stilt foot.

The rotary blades fly strait through Vision's intangible form. He looks from Ripsaw to Sandman. After Sandman's explanation and his comment about Pro being outside, The Vision nods stiffly, "I will assist him. Do be careful in here." After that is said, The Vision flies towards the front of the establishment to provide Superpro some backup. He phases right through the frontdoor and wall of the establishment to get outside. Once outside he spots the very tall Stilt-Man and immediately flies towards his extend-o legs.

Sandman makes quick work of Ripsaw leaving him defeated and deflated next to the defeated Repulsor and Instant Replay. Entering into the bathroom to find the unconscious Quick Kick, he tosses him with the other villains and Los Tiburones, which only leaves Stilt-Man left. Outside Stilt-Man pauses from crushing Superpro when the Vision appears, “Oh hell no! The Avengers are here!” He attempts to kick at the Vision, “Mind your own business! Unless you support New England, then I will kick your ass too!”

The Vision flies right through Stilt-Man's leg, phasing through its material and coming out the otherside behind the gimicky villain. He turns around in mid-air to face the villain. He clutches the ends of his cape and has it wrapped around his intangible form. He converses with Stilt-Man, "I do not support New England, I support Superpro. I will not have you harming him further based on his desire for one team to best the other." As Stilt-Man kicks him, Stilt-Man will find that he remains intangible. As Stilt's leg passes through him, Vizh solidifies just slightly. He uses his molecular disruption technique on the leg as a means of trying to neutralize the villain.

When the Vision declares that he does not support New England, the patrons outside watching cheer, “Yeah! The Avengers support
the New York Giants.” Hearing the cheers inside, Sandman just shakes his head as he has restrained the last of the villains inside. Upon hearing the crowd saying Vision supports the Giants, he smiles and stops his attack, but his leg still manages to go through the Vision, which suddenly sends sparks flying out and breaks off one of the legs. Hopping and trying to balance himself, Sandman comes outside and yells ”Timber!” And he falls over crashing into an expensive parked car. The crowd cheers and goes back inside. And Superpro is nowhere to be seen. Carrying the remnants of the armor, Sandman gestures for Vision to come down, “I have an idea. How well does your holograms work? Can you look like anyone?”

Sandman hmmmmns as the crowd seems to be getting rowdier again, Dropping the armor that is not operable. Think you can shift your face enough to look human and put this on and go in there. I can handle the rest.” Sandman’s expression seems to be thinking of something. Not being the smart Avenger is a rare sight as he tries to formulate a plan.

The Vision shakes his head at the idea that Sandman verbalizes, "No. I do not believe I will be doing that. I would not fool anyone with such an effort. I am sorry." He looks at the rowdy people, "I feel we have created enough of a ruckus with our fracas here. I am sure the management of this establishment would welcome our departure?"

Devastated that his idea has been shot down. Sandman sulks a moment, “But the Super Bowl.” He frowns a moment and nods, “You are right.” He slowly starts to walk in the direction of the mansion as if dragging his feet like a sad child.

"I understand that one of Jarvis's many talents is his ability to assemble highly sought after nachos…?" Vision states as a means of trying to pull Sandman out of his sulk. Vizh lifts up into the air, "Someone called the police, so someone will be by to apprehend all of these members of Superpro's Rogue's Gallery. So, perhaps, you can finish watching the 'Big Game' from the adaquate comfort of the mansion?"

“Yeah, I guess. I could use Jarvis’ nachos…but the whole thing about the game, is watching with someone and yellin’ and cheerin’ and drinkin’” Sandman looks at Vision with puppy dog Disney eyes. “Are you goin’ to do that wid me?”

The Synthetic Avenger flies along over Sandman on their way to the mansion. His body visibly sags at the request. Vizh doesn't answer at first, he just kind of flutters along there. After a few moments, Vizh activates his holographic imager and suddenly his upper torso appears to be covered in a football jersey. Not knowing any better, the jersey is a New England Patriots jersey. Vizh says reluctantly, "I will make the attempt."

Looking up and eying the Vision, Sandman lets out a loud laugh, “Alright…but change the jersey and we are good.” Smiling and shifting his form into that of a sandstorm, his disembodied voice rings out, “Loser has to do extra shots!”

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