Irish Radio Interview

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NEWS: Irish Radio Interview


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Feb 05 2012


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Snippet from a radio interview in Ireland


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With the Drago album release in Ireland, there has been a quickly put up slide show of commonly found pictures of Mick Drago that can be found by a basic search of Google images. What is also added for the sound is the exchange between Drago and a DJ from a radio station located in Ireland. The description of the video credits this to an interview that was done early afternoon February 5th in Ireland.

Dobson: And we're back with 'What's the Craic'. This is Conor. Will is out today. And tough luck because today we've got Mick Drago in the studio with us. Hi Mick.

Drago: Hey Dobson.

Dobson: So Mick, can I call you Mick?

Drago: It wouldn't be much of a stage name if I wasn't willing to be called by it now would it?

Dobson: *laugh* No, I guess not. Alright Mick. It's been a very exciting time for you, hasn't it? Your second solo album is coming out, this time with a bit more publicized international release dates compared to the last one. And then on top of that you're doing a US tour?

Drago: Yeah. It'd be kind of shitty to release an album and then not give people a chance to hear it live you know?

Dobson: What about over here?

Drago: That'd probably be a ways off, but it's being considered. Can't well be flying back and forth 'cross the ocean doing both US and Europe together. Good way to go nutters doing that.

Dobson: Fair enough. So, I heard that there was some form of excitement the night of your US release. What's the deal with that?

Drago: *pauses* I'm not sure I can go much more beyond what was mentioned in the news already, I wouldn't want to get in the way of an investigation, you know?

Dobson: Still, it is a bit gruesome. The throat? Who'd do such a thing?

Drago: *another pause* If I knew, they'd be in custody, wouldn't they?

*there are a few moments of silence*

Dobson: Alright, we will be back with Mick after a few words from our sponsors.

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