2012 02 05 Its Not A Party It Is An Intimate Get Together

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It's not a party, it's an intimate get together

Firestar, Night Thrasher

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Control Room - Warrior's Central

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Firestar meets up with Night Thrasher and shoots the breeze about what has happened since their time in Japan.


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It has been quite some time since Firestar last heard from Night Thrasher in person, to be exact, it was when the New Warriors had a falling out with Night Thrasher in Tokyo, where he showed how for him achieving his goal at any cost meant just that and the others had too much moral fiber to keep at it. Firestar still was quite pleased to hear that Dwayne is coming back, and has been rather eager to meet him. Right now she's in Warrior Central, having sent him a message to come meet with her if he has a chance.

That message was received and Dwayne indicated he would come at his earliest convenience, which was soon after the reception of the message. Dwayne exits the elevator that leads into the control room. He's clad in his Night Thrasher armor, sans helmet. The helmet is being held at his side by one arm. He steps off and gives a cursory glance around the control room. When he spots Firestar, he steps in her direction. He calls out, "Hello, Firestar." in greeting as he approaches.

"Night Thrasher!" Firestar sounds perhaps a bit more excited than she'd like as she sees the man who turned her life around after the torment at Emma Frost's Academy, "how are you? It's so good to see you! What happened in Japan? Did you find the truth behind the Taylor Foundation? You gotta tell me!"

Thrasher raises his free hand and waves it dismissively in response to her question, "Just like most things in my life, it seems, I found few answers. Consider it an ongoing, side operation. Japan allowed me the benefit of seeing things a little more clearly, though. That is why I am back." He glances around the Control Center, "I like the new HQ. I understand I have you to thank for reforming the Warriors?"

Firestar grins at the wave and just reaches to embrace Night Thrasher, even if he's not open to an embrace, "it's been way too long for just a wave, Dwayne." Firestar nods at the last spoken sentence, "yes, well, with Telemetry's help. I got my mind set that the New Warriors did a lot of good, and there was no reason to stop all of this just because we had a disagreement in Japan. I take it you don't feel like talking about what you discovered? Did it have anything to do with Tai?"

Thrasher wasn't open to an embrace and was, honestly, not expecting one. He expected to be more coldly received than how he has been received thus far. After the embrace, which Dwayne reluctantly acquiesces to, Dwayne shakes his head, "What I am saying is that I haven't found many answers. Just more questions. Tai is at the center of things, but what those things are still baffle me. I feel I will be uncovering things Tai did for some time." He says this with a hard look on his face. That look softens tremendously when he speaks about the Warriors, "And you are right about the New Warriors. The team did a lot of good. No sense letting my attitudes end that good. I am glad you brought the team back." He pauses, "Telemetry; Another of the new members I have yet to meet. I was surprised to meet with The Super Adaptoid…"

"That's always seems to be the case, you look for answers, and you find new questions." Angelica shakes her head, knowing how important finding the truth behind the Taylor Foundation was to Dwayne, and if one is honest, she was rather curious herself. All the business with Tai and Chord was quite mysterious to her. "Oh you really should meet her, Telemetry saved me when I went after those disgusting criminals who wiped out the Massachusetts Academy where I used to go. They set an ambush and if it wasn't for Telemetry, I'd be dead today." Firestar seems to have been expecting Dwayne to not be too pleased with being embraced, but doesn't mind it one bit. "I don't know much about the Super Adaptoid, I found Telemetry working on him and then he came to life and turned to look exactly like me, it freaked me out! But he seems to be doing good, so I don't know what to make of him…"

Thrasher nods at what Angelica says, "That is the story of my life; More questions than answers." He offers a slightly reassuring smile and adds, "I am endeavoring to not become obsessed over it. I realized that the New Warriors were not my pawns in my war of crime. They were my friends." He exhales slowly and steps over towards a table. He sets his helmet down on it and turns back to Angelica, "I look forward to meeting Telemetry than."

"Well, it's not that we didn't want to help you when you needed it, Dwayne, but helping a Yakuza clan was a line we just didn't want to cross." Angelica reaches for a handshake, "still friends then? So…are you going to take back leadership? You're a pretty good leader, even if not very likeable at time," she says with a playful wink.

"I understand what you mean. The Yakuza is a terrible organization and really flies in the face of my original goals." He shrugs his shoulders and gently takes her hand. He gives it a shake as if the two have an accord, "Yes; Still friends as long as you will have me as one." He releases her hand and places his hands on his hips. He considers her last question and offers another shrug, "Super Adaptoid asked me the same question, Angelica. I don't want to come here and take the reigns from you guys who kept the team going. Like I told Adaptoid; If you guys want me to, I will take leadership. Only if the team wants me to, I don't want to impose my will in that way."

"Well, if that's how you want it, I'll ask Marina. Oh, Marina is Telemetry's name, by the way, I think you'll like her, she's super efficient and very good at what she does. Computers, technology, wireless communications, that's her thing."

Firestar says.

Thrasher nods at what she says, "Alright, of course." He offers a slight smile, "And she sounds like a perfect fit for the team." He walks over to the glass window that allows view of the hanger. He steps up to it and looks out, "So what has the team been up to since the reformation?"

"We helped take out The Right, if you heard the news about the Mutant Massacre, they were involved and we found the informatio that lead to the Avengers putting a stop to them." Firestar mentions the one big success, before adding, "we also have Yishi around, she's shorter then me! But she's a detective and really good at martial arts, you should see her practice her moves! It's like a dance!"

"Fantastic." is Thrash's reply to everything Angelica just said. He turns away from the window and looks back to her, "Yishi, huh? You have been busy since I've been in Asia, haven't you? Several new team members. Some important work. I am happy to hear it." He pauses before asking, "What about everyone else? Where's Nova, Speedball, Justice….. Silhouette?"

Firestar looks less enthused when Night Thrasher asks about the other team members she hasn't been able to contact, "I've tried to reach them, but maybe they were affected a bit more than I thought after what happened in Japan. I couldn't contact any of them," she particularly looks disappointed about her failure to reach Justice, which she quite fancied. "I couldn't even reach Namorita."

Dwayne purses his lips tightly at what Firestar says. He offers her a stiff nod of acknowledgement, "I understand. You know, we all need some time off alone. Certainly what happened in Japan…" he shrugs and allows that to trail off, "I am sure we will hear from them again at some point."

Firestar nods at Dwayne's encouraging words, "I'm sure we will, I glad you have that positive attitude too, Dwayne. So…did you learn ninja or samurai skills while you were in Japan? I always feel like I missed out on not taking lessons. They do openly teach Westerners, right?" Firestar chuckles, knowing how far fetched the notion is.

Dwayne shakes his head in response, "No. I didn't learn any ancient samurai or ninja techniques. I did, however, get numerous opportunities to test my own abilities. It was good practice." He lets out a humph of laughter then stops, thoughtfully. He quips, "Now there's an underserviced market. I am surprised no one has capitalized on it, 'Teaching Westerners martial arts' clinics all over Japan." he shrugs his shoulders, "Something I certainly can't look into right now. I am kind of in the middle of tracking down gun runners here at home."

"Let me know if I can help with any projects you're running, in any case, welcome back to the New Warriors, it's not the same without you doing some borderline psychotic stuff out there," Firestar grins, sure it's funny now, but there were occasions Dwayne had her freaked out before she gotten used to him.

Dwayne smiles slightly at her offer of assistance, "I came back to the States to once again be a part of a team. Flying Solo is alright once in a while, but when you've got a team to rely on, it makes solving things so much easier." He steps back over towards the table he left his helmet. He grabs it and turns to look at her, "I'll let you know when I get my next lead on the case." He pauses before adding, "And you'll let me know what you and Telemetry agree upon."

"Sure, I'll keep you posted, Dwayne, good to have you back." Firestar concludes, as she turns back to the console she was at, going over her recent messages. She smiles as she re-reads Dwayne's message on coming back, it felt different without him around, would be interesting to see how things go from here on and how Telemetry will get along with Night Thrasher.

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