2012 02 04 Good Friends

Log Title:
Good Friends

Sandman, The Thing, and The Vision

IC Date:
February 4, 2012

Parking Area - Avengers Mansion

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The Thing visits Sandman and Sandman pranks him.


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Saturday afternoon and Sandman has yet to venture outside. A phalanx of paparazzi and tourists have been outside the Avengers mansion, trying to snap pictures of the former felon after recent events have caused him to act oddly due to the Sinister Six. While word has been released that he is normal and has returned to the Avengers, snoopy reporters are always trying to get a scoop or try to antagonize him to lash out. Sighing a bit, he heads out the backway through the parking area. While not as crowded, he steps out to breath in some fresh air and stretches, using his powers for a moment, but then wincing and he returns back to flesh and blood.

"Hey lay off ya bums!" comes the Bellow of one of Benjamin J. Grimm as he shoulder's past some snoppy reporters that are lingering by the back entrance of the parking area. The Thing is apparantly carrying his ricketty old Jeep over head while wading past reporters. The gate opens to allow him through and hten closes behind him, and Ben figures he might as well walk to a parking space and sets his Jeep down within it now. "Crummy jerks. Can't leave a guy alone."

The image of the Thing carrying a large jeep overhead is an impressive sight, but also a scary one considering Sandman’s memory of them as enemies. Cursing under his breath, he winces again as he shifts his body completely to sand and extends his hand out, “Alright now. I know you are an Avenger too! But just in case you haven’t heard I am a good guy now.” Ready to fight if he has to but not automatically fighting, a sign that Bill Baker is back and Flint Marko would have just attacked outright.

Quickly the Thing raises his arms and says, "Woah Bill, I didn't come lookin' fer a fight! I heard you wuz back ta normal so I came to look in on yah. I just am in hot water with the FF's PR department already and I didn't wanna run over the reporters." There's a pause as he looks the Sandman over, "Seriously, how yah doing?"

Sighing a bit of relief, Sandman shifts back again to his human form and nearly falls over, but catches himself on a parked car, “Oh…um…I’m ok. Still kinda weak. Powers come and go. But at least I am walking.” Seemingly perplexed by The Thing’s presence, “Ok so you’re not lookin’ for a fight. So you just came here to see how I was doin’?”

"Well yah.. that's what friends do for each other." Ben says as he reaches into the back of his jeep pulls out… black leather bowling back, "And I figured I'd come bearing a git well present. I figure like Carol and Janey all got yah flowers and stuff, and who /knows/ what kinda crap Hank will pawn off on yah." he holds out the bowling back proudly, "SO I got yah a new bowling ball!"

When The Thing reaches into the back of the jeep, Sandman instinctively turns his hands to sand and forming fists. When the black bag is revealed, he extends his hand to snatch if from The Thing and place it on the ground. With both sand hands extended he opens the bag to peek in. Blinking a moment, “It’s a bowling ball.” Even though Ben said what it was, Bill still appears confused. He looks from the bag to Ben and back to the bag. “So I don’t get it. What’s the catch?” Some photogs take pics of the gift exchange, but are growing bored.

There's a few moments of awkward silence and Ben then finally says, "Um…. well yeah… We've talked about your bowlin' average over beers before… Just thought, yer probably busy don't get out to the lanes much anymore… and I'm pretty sure Stark has some private ones build in one of the rooms somewhere.. figured you could use a new ball." Ben takes a step back, "Look I thought the Red sand and all that was what made you so grumpy but if you're horked off at me about somethin' else, just out with already."

Scratching his head, “Well, thanks for the bowling ball. Yeah, we can go bowling some time, I guess.” Looking back at Ben for a moment, “Yeah, the red sand was Marko. He’s gone now. So it’s me, Bill.” He stands up a moment still somewhat confused, “Ok, so nah, I don’t think I got any beef with you and I guess you don’t with me. I am just
confused why you got me a gift.” He looks off for a second, “That rock star guy…” Bill tries to remember his name,
“Mike…” He fishes in his pocket and pulls out an official badge for that rockstar concert tour. He holds it out all official, more so that his Avengers id. “I am tryin’ to remember what he said…oh yeah…he said you were upset…he asked you about me…and you were upset. Seriously, that’s all I remember. He said you was grumpy and stuff. And for the life of me, I don’t know why or why you would get me a gift.” The photogs snap another picture, but then some just go home. Only one remains hoping for some fight to happen.

Ben makes an 'oh' sound as his slow rocky brain starts to put pieces together. "Oh well… I guess ya don't remember…. We're friends. At least we were." Ben clears his throat, "But you prolly got alot to work through. When you remember and you wanna get a beer sometime, Give me a call." There's a pause then, "Oh and… the rockstar guy.. Mike. Never listen to him, Rockstars think the world revolves around them and only half pay attention to what's going on around them. The reason I was upset an' grumpy was because I was worried about a friend."

Finding it hard to believe that the two former enemies can actually have been close enough friends that Ben would bring him a gift is a bit much. Sandman pauses, “Well, friend or not…beer is always good.” He forms a smile on his face and walks over to his friend and extends his hand a bit to shake, “Sorry about the memory stuff and I guess I don’t remember too much…but sure I guess we coulda been friends.” The photographer yells out, “How about a picture? Thing and Sandman. Old enemies now Avengers and friends.” Sandman blinks a moment and shrugs and looks to Ben.

"Get lost ya freakin' vulture or you'll be eating that camera!" Ben snarls at the reporter. He hates them and he hates their flash bulbs. "All I can say Bill is that it's a strange world we live in and strange things happen, but I happen to be one of the ones that know you're a better man than most people know, and that you've got more friends than you think you do. I'll come back to yah in time, I'm sure." WEll at least Thing hopes it does.

Offering a crooked smile, he places his large arm around the Thing’s shoulder and gestures for the photog, “Go ahead and snap some pics of me and my friend here.” The photographer starts snapping some pics and Bill seems to form a genuinely friendly smile which turns a bit mischievous, he pats, Thing’s back a few times as the pictures snap when his hand goes all sandy starts to snake down the back and yank Ben’s Fantastic Four trunks up and down, first as a wedgie and then to depants the hero as the photographer continues snapping away, “HA!” He laughs and quickly moves away from the rock hero. “It came back to me the minute I saw the bowling ball…and there you are all sensitive and shit…aw Benjy misses his friend…Benjy loves his friend. . hahaha…Gotcha!”

"Hey!" Ben protests as he gets a sand-fist wedgie and he calls out, "Hey ya bum! It takes for ever to clean your sand outta everything." he says swating a fist wilding, missing Sandy and trying to force him away, "Well.. I mean I wasn't /that/ worried." Ben says protesting now because he's embarrassed as hell. "Man get back over here so I can wallop you one!" he says as he tries to tackle Sandy but falls short.

The Vision arrives from somewhere below, presumably one of the sublevels of the Mansion. The ghostly synthezoid solidifies and lands in the parking area not far from Sandman and The Thing. He crosses his arms over his chest, "Sandman; It is good to see you out and about." He pauses and greets Ben, "How are you doing, Ben?"

Having successfully wedgied and pantsed the rock hero, Sandman laughs and safely away, “Hey, taking a swing at an injured friend. How is that gonna look?” Sandman chortles and as he does so sneezes out some sand laughing too hard. The photographer laughs and runs off with the picture ready to sell it to highest bidder. With the cameraman gone, Sandman takes in some deep breathes, “Seriously thanks for the bowlin’ ball. And yeah, I remember we are friends. Good friends. So how about that beer?” With the Vision making his presence know, “Vizh, ya missed it…I just pranked the great Thing of the Fantastic Four!” Realizing the humor of the situation will be lost on the Vision, he stops laughing and then just smiles, “We were gonna have a beer, you want?”

Realizing it is time for some medical check-ups, Sandman sulks, "Sorry boys, but have fun amongst yourself."

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