2012 02 03 The Gig Is Up Part 1

Log Title:
Is the Gig up? Part 1

Dr. Nemesis, Lifeguard, and Sikorsky

IC Date:
February 3, 2012


Brief log summary::
Dr. Nemesis and Sikorsky try to give Lifeguard a medical scan and may have figured out the ruse


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‘Lifeguard’ stands in a long hollow hallway outside of the Medical Facility and appears to be in an argument with a small looking robotic insect and member of the Starjammers, Sikorsky. In broken English, the robot screechs out, “You must …scan…health…were prisoner.” ‘Lifeguard’ lets out a small scream, “NO! They poked and prodded me on the Shi’ar homeworld. I refuse to go through that again.” Usually when screaming her thick Australian accent is heard. This time, no such thick accent. Only minor, more British that Aussie for those familiar with it. ‘Heather’ is also is her half-human half alien form and using that form attempts to swat at the insect robot doctor.

It was perhaps coincidence that had Dr. Nemesis come along on the space mission to help recover the mutant codenamed Lifeguard. He'd met her that once, and she wasn't entirely horrible, didn't cringe or run off in abject terror at the least. So there might be something worthwhile in her continued existence. Besides, the lab had become almost claustrophobic of late, exposure to new sensory inputs might stir revelations unexpected. Also it had started to smell in there.

So it is along with the X-Men that he went, letting the others do the heavy-lifting of the actual rescue. As for him he awaited to handle the medical side of the equation, in case anyone got hurt or needed attention.

Luckily the extraction went decently well, no severe injuries and they departed without much ado. So it is with an utterly curious abandon that Dr. Nemesis had started to delve into the alien technology surrounding him, learning what he could and comparing it to the other extra-terrestrial tech he'd been exposed to. It's once he hears the voices out in the hall that he emerges.

The doors hiss open, and standing there in the doorway, cane in hand and hat at a jaunty angle. "Dundee, what's the problem? You've been liberated for almost what, like a day and I still haven't had a chance to get my hands on you? Non-protocol. Completely non-protocol."

Still swatting at the robot alien doctor, ‘Lifeguard’ turns to the man who just exited from the room. She stares at him a moment as she appears to be in thought and utterly confused. Unfortunately her alien impersonator is not familiar with Earth pop culture and so the Dundee reference is completely lost on it also the Shi’ar had no intel on Dr. Nemesis and as such, it has no idea who he is.

Sikorsky hisses at his human doctor counterpart, “Mutant known as Lifeguard…refuses…medical scan…afraid…perhaps.” Sikorsky laughs, well more buzzes, as the fear is a challenge to ‘Lifeguard.’ Finally responding, “This thing…wants to poke and prod at me. I had already been examined by the Shi’ar. I refuse to be examined again. Plus I am still adjusting to this new transformation.”

"That's _exactly_ why you need to be examined." The good Doctor gestures with one gloved hand towards the door he just stepped through, motioning for her to precede him. "Yeah I know, you wouldn't imagine that it'd be a smart thing to have a doctor take a gander at you fresh after you'd been kidnapped, mutated, exposed to a myriad of alien eco-systems, and then participated in a highly dangerous extraction operation. Heck, no." And for a moment he lets those words hang there, heavily, with all the world's sarcasm dripping off of them.

Once his point's been made he then turns and keys open the door again. With a seriousness he reserves only for the criminally stupid, basically… well, everyone he says. "Get in there."

Sikorsky grins as he flies into the room now opened by Nemesis. ‘Lifeguard’ remains a moment. She hmmmns and realizes that this terran doctor is also a human male and even on the Shi’ar Homeworld, they are aware that human males are known to be driven more by their libidos than by their brains. She smiles a moment and grins and nods, “Very well, Doctor.” As she walks in, she pats his cheek. Taking a moment to look around the medical facility, she pouts when Sikorsky whirs by, “Dr. Nemesis, being the greater scientist and medical mind, I shall lead the medical examination.”

"Yeah, you were doing such a sterling job of it earlier." And as if Sikorsky hadn't even said anything, Dr. Nemesis steps to the fore,
gesturing with one hand towards one of the examination tables for 'Lifeguard' to take a seat.

Rising to the 'challenge' that Sikorsky represents, the good Doctor taps a few buttons on a display system on the wall, causing the device to flip down and begin an initial scan to compile some readings to set as a baseline. He also combines it with a hand-held sensor of his own design that he produces from inside his large coat. "I'd love to get into a pissing contest with a space bug, heck I'd even enjoy doing it in your own native language but I need both hands and can't spare the time to emit the proper pheromones and ritual dance that'll convey to you my disdain. Suffice it to say, you play backup. Got it? Good."

Then, his brow knits as some of the readings return.

The insect robot doctor sticks its tiny tongue out at Dr. Nemesis and then flies ahead of ‘Lifeguard’ as the scan begins. “Patient, rise…” He hisses. ‘Lifeguard’ does so. “Oh my…is this some sort of man versus alien duel for my honor?” The grin on her face widens as she moves to the side, greater than men’s libidos is their egos. Sikorsky then flies so he is at Nemesis’ eye level. “Terran, I have studied at the best Chr’ylite facilities… My time as a Shi’ar prisoner, …I worked on various aliens… and life forms… that you can only dream of… You will defer to my authority!” ‘Lifeguard’ moves towards the door. “Perhaps, I should speak with Havok or Corsair to see which of you is the better doctor?”

"You, sit." And with that, perhaps, Dr. Nemesis displays his superiority in at least one facet of being a doctor. Beside manner! At least that's what he calls it. Dr. Nemesis turns to focus full yon Lifeguard and steps to the side to try and intercept her departure. He casually tosses his display device onto a nearby table and points at it for Sikorsky.

"And you, all I hear is bzzz, bzzz. Take a look at that, and hush it for a moment." He trusts that that initial flicker of an erroneous reading might serve to draw Sikorsky's attention away while the Doctor focuses on the patient.

"You'll do no such thing. You're not so busy you can't spare ten minutes, and you'll thank me. Otherwise you'll tell me you feel fine, wander out of here, and then whammo, a critter will pop out of your chest during dinner."

Sikorsky hmphs a moment at the thrown device and while still disliking Dr. Nemesis, he follows the device to interpret the initial readings. ‘Lifeguard’ does nto make it very far as she is intercepted by the doctor. “You know, Doctor…what was it…Nemesis…Yes, one thing that I do miss and may be interesting to try in this form is human relations. Perhaps, if you could have the bug leave. We could partake in a different type of examination.” The grin is forced and bizarre as is the awkward overt flirtation.

Now that causes some alarm bells to ring. In his all too brief interaction with Lifeguard there wasn't any flirtation really, and their interaction wasn't what one would call friendly as really… Doc doesn't get along with many people. So when she makes this clumsy attempt at distraction, he cocks an eyebrow behind that surgical mask of his and folds his arms over his chest.

"Are you certain? I mean after the last time I thought you said you didn't enjoy yourself." Now that might serve to perhaps send curious signals. From what she knows of 'male humans' such a thing wouldn't be speculated on lest some element of truth was there, so rarely do they even joke about difficulty with sexuality. Perhaps he's being serious, perhaps he's making a joke, perhaps he's buying time for Sikorsky to scan the readings further while he keeps Lifeguard occupied.

Sikorsky looks between the two and is not sure what exactly is going on as he ponders a moment about ‘human relations’ but turns back to the scanning. His propeller like wings buzz a moment and he turns and flies back up. “Inter…esting…” ‘Lifeguard’ is curious at Dr. Nemesis’ response as she finds it hard to believe that even the real Lifeguard would have had relations with this particular human. She grabs her head a moment, “You must forgive me…if last time was uncomfortable, I do not remember. Oracle may have messed with my mind…but given this new form and what it can do, perhaps it will be more to your liking.” Thrusting herself at Dr. Nemesis, “You are a scientist, are you not? Perhaps, you would enjoy helping me explore this new body?”

"Sure, exquisite, perfect, brilliant." Dr. Nemesis does his best to seem accepting, yet even so moving to subtly shift her approach from him towards one of the tables. To which he says, "Of course you'll forgive me if I go change for a moment. I'll need to go put on my rubber suit and get the funfetti."

Having said that he backs towards the door of the medbay, reaching a hand into his coat as he steps ever so subtly in that direction. He lifts his voice towards Sikorsky, "Dr. Bug, if you'd please finish up the examination as soon as possible. I'll be right outside this door here."

And, of course, the door whispers open just in that instant. If he's able to get clear, Dr. Nemesis plans to get just out of view and to contact people to let them know that all sorts of crazy is happenin' up in hizzere.

“Oh of course, please get the rubber suit and bring me one as well and we can begin the relations.” ‘Lifeguard’ offers and coos and when Dr. Nemesis is cleared of the room. She looks to Sikorsky who returns his gaze to her and scans her instantly and then flies towards the door. “Yes, I will let you and the doctor consummate. I have my readings that is all I need.” He soon buzzes out of the door. With both doctors outside, ‘Lifeguard’ hops off the table where she had been left and looks about the room. Finding some scalpels and various blades and drills used purely for science and medical reasons, she ponders if her ruse has been spoiled. Reaching for two scalpels and placing them behind her back, she leans against the table and waits a moment.

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