2012 02 02 Unwelcome

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Alchemy, Charles Xavier, Empath, Force, Selene, and X-Men

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February 2, 2012

Xavier's Office - Xavier Mansion

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Selene and her posse show up at Xavier's. He is rude to them.


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She didn't teleport in nope this time Charles would get a ring indicating somebody was at the gate a very long limo in fact, though if he scanned the car he'd find his efforts summarily blocked . When the car reached the school entrance Selene would step out and send greetings .oO Hello Charles I've come to talk to you may I enter your school? Oo. All telepathic of course.

A telepathic response is offered to Selene, oO(Of course, Selene.)

The front doors of the Xavier Mansion are opened to receive the arriving guests. The entryway of the mansion is tastefully decorated and quite expansive as well as currently devoid of students. They have been moved to other secure locations that are shielded from mental probing (much like the hellfire club's shielding). Charles Xavier is in the center of the foyer. To his right a tall alien female wearing metallic battle armor and bearing a staff of the same metal, her mind is shielded by the armor and even though regal and beautiful, she presents a look of strength mixed with grace - ready to strike if there is trouble.

To his left, another female wearing a purple hooded cloak and battle armor beneath. Her own mind shielded and strong. Her rounded purple eyes and locks of purple hair reveal that she too is a familiar mutant to those that have already encoutered her.

Then behind him, the ever present mentally as well as physically stands Jean Grey and the Beast (who growls lowly).

As one may well guess, their minds are being probed and processed for hostile intentions. The combined strength of Jean, Charles, and Betsy well exceed Selene's and Empath's mental defenses. One might even suspect that there are more X types within the next room, ready to leap into action if Selene or her lackys try anything.
Charles speaks, "Selene, I trust you've come under peaceful conditions." his blue eyes suggesting that he is ready for conflict as well as discussion.

Entering onto the ground of the Xavier mansion, Manuel does feel a sense of oddness. Manuel often showed disdain for being here. Antagonizing the New Mutants and fighting the X-Men were a past-time for him. However, with the recent passing of his father and the Hellions, his induction into the Inner Circle and the supposed truce, he cannot help but wonder if this place will ever be place of peace for him. Empath, dressed for the New York cold in a long black coat covering a completely black suit. He slowly makes his way as each spot he looks at is a different memory of a time gone by.

Alchemy is always shuffling along behind Manuel, it seems, dressed in a nice neat outfit consisting of dark grey dress pants and a black shirt, buttoned to the top with a grey tie. Adjusting his new wireframe glasses, he tries not to trip over anything as the gangly young man struggles to keep up and look around at the same time.

Selene is as she always is dressed in her rather provocative outfit and her long cape behind her . She smiles at

Charles almost evilly speaking with words her voice rich like velvet that caresses your cheek softly " I haven't come to fight Charles If I did I wouldn't have asked to come in and rung your front door, though I am going to be very upset if you continue to invade my mind without permission .. Or did you forget how rude that is ?" She chastises him just a little.

Force follows a few steps behind Selene. There is already a lot of armor in the room and he is one more. Arms across his chest. Not saying anything but he is watching. The sensors in his armor scanning as much as possible about those in the room and the general area. A very faint crimson field of energy wrapped around him.

The right hand of Charles moves ever so slightly as if he's waving off one of his girls' mental intrusions. Charles then states in an assured voice, "Then by all means, Selene, speak." His eyes bear no patience for the likes of Selene as he's heard well of her past infractions and offers no forgiveness in his present tolerance.

Moving past Selene’s posse to stand next to her, Manuel cannot help but grin as he remembers the last time he encountered Charles and had the old man in his thrall. Weakened as the telepath was, Manuel remembers events a bit differently. Looking up and down the walls of the room, Empath looks to the various X-Mem and the alien woman by Xavier’s side. “Interesting gathering…I was hoping Emma or some of the New Mutants would greet us. I do so enjoy their company.”

Alchemy folds his hands behind his back as he reaches his destination. "Thank you for inviting us, sir, you have a lovely facility here." the young British boy says, trying to not look overly nervous as he looks at all the strangers.

Selene Looks to empath " Behave were guests dear " She turns to Charles " Well then I suppose my reputation proceeds me and it's true I never made a good impression " . She walks her heels clicking as she moves to look over a display case " Recent events have had a ?. " she pauses a moment " Deep impact on me I've felt things " she frowns and you'd actually feel emotions from her more then the standard cold ones she allows " I want to help the mutants of this world .. to that end I'm helping Emma and I would like " She looks to Charles " your help as well " .

Force stands still…not moving from his location since he followed Selene in. He almost could be an statue if it wasn't for the green and yellow pattern of his armor. Finally turning his head slowly to follow her movements.

Xavier's elbows rest upon the arms of his chair and his fingertips steeple in front of his chin. Watching the movements of Selene, he's reminded of the movements of a venomous animal. His expression is of distrust and disdain. "Help mutants? Are these mutants you wish to /help/ going to be informed of your historical activities - activities that Empath knows of first hand alongside Amara <Magma>. Will these mutants you wish to aid be forewarned that you are a psychic vampire and they will likely end up on your menu. Just as those cult members that populated Nova Roma and followed you, as you would have the mutants you wish to help /follow you/? I also trust that your /help/ will come with a price. A price that everyone should be made aware of."

Sensing the emotions from Selene, that is rare for Empath and his brows show that he is indeed surprised. The mention of recent events has had an odd effect on Empath. Following Selene's orders he takes it as if you can’t say anything nice, then say nothing. And so he does. His thoughts wander though to ghosts of the past. Those thoughts are broken by Xavier what says and so he speaks, "I don't need to use my powers to see you are not so welcoming of the potential competition. And are doubtful of reform…and yet, look at some of the people you house here. Killers and thieves. Is this a school or a lion's dean, Charles?"

Alchemy blinks, jaw dropping slightly. "Manuel? I beg your pardon, Professor, but Manuel has done nothing but help since I met him! Surely you're mistaken. He invited me to join his school, which is quite lovely, by the way, and nobody has asked anything in return."

Selene Sighs " I see coming here was a mistake as help will clearly not be given " She shakes her head " The children can know of my past I will not hide the monster I was that is a pain I have to bear as is making amends for the abuse and neglect I have done for thousands of years " She sighs " Clearly your are not willing to help those that ask for it , I've come to tell you that I'm reopening Emma's school with her help if you need our help we will come to your aid I know you don't trust me but do not punish the children of the school for my misdeeds " . She smiles at alchemy " Your right Alchemy Manuel like myself is trying to make up for what he did in the past we booth have rather dark histories but it looks like were not welcome here ".

Force quiet just listening to the headmasters fence and jab at each other. A glance given to Alchemy for a few long seconds. Seeing that it appears the meeting is about done just waiting for the order from the headmistress that it is time to go.

Xavier returns in kind and in a dry closing tone, "Clearly." then will remark, "Be very aware that I will be watching you. And when you begin feeding off your students and they come to realize the vile creature you are, they are welcome to come to my school for sanctuary. Following such a revelation, me and my X-Men will send you back to the shadows where you belong. Now, if you do not mind…" his last statement giving the impression that it's time for her to leave.

Grinning, Manuel does a grandiose bow, “Thank you for your time, your mutant highness.” Manuel turns to Alchemy and offers a thanks for the kind words and starts his way to the door not even waiting for Selene. He knows where he is not wanted nor does he really want to stay. Eyeing Lilandra, Beast, Revanche, and any other X-Men who is physically present as he walks to the door.

Alchemy frowns, looking a bit disappointed that Xavier didn't even see fit to respond to either of his statements, and turns to leave with the others, brow furrowing and wondering what he's just witnessed.

Selene Turns and makes her way to leave " It would seem that's the best I'm going to get thank you " She actually bows a little to Charles " But empathy is correct Charles be carful your starting to sound like many men
I've known in the past and they committed the worst crimes in history , I will be watching you as well and if it looks like your following that path I will stop you " . She then sweeps out the doors towards her limo .

Force gives a parting glance to the others in the room…then turnsheading out. Following Selene out towatds the black limo.

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