2012 02 02 The Short Sweet Life Of The Spider Signal

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The Short, Sweet Life of the Spider Signal

Spider-Man and Dajan

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The rooftops of lower Manhattan.

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Dajan offers an apology to the Amazing Spider-Man for trying to kill him while ninjafied.


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When the sun went down in New York city, it took the balmy, almost spring-like temperatures with it and left the biting wind Native New Yorkers call the Hudson Hawk in its place. And clouds rolled in from the west, threatening rain or snow, or that scourge of weathermen and commuters: snain.

Thus it is that Dajan is sitting on the roof of her boarding house, on a blanket, holding a toy Spider-Man flashlight and pointing it across the way at the brick wall of a building that happens to be lit from below by the lights of a couple seedy bars. Rumors are in the neighborhood that this impromptu "spider signal" has popped up for an hour or so this time every night. While it has yet to actually draw the wallcrawler's attention, the crime rate in a few block radius has dropped just from the uh-oh factor of someone /trying/ to get the webswinger's attention on the regular.

Eventually it's gotta work, right? Eventually the wall-crawler's going to have to notice it and stop by. Though probably for a while beforehand he'd kept an eye on the situation, checked it out, listened inside his noggin for the tell-tale spider-sense to tingle. He checked out the neighboring rooftops, the storefronts, and nothing. No tingle, no gunmen, no hiding supervillain.

So when the Amazing Spider-Man appears it's without preamble, without fanfare. Just one moment she's there shining the light, then the next there's a voice that comes from somewhere above hanging upside down, holding to a single webline that keeps him suspended in mid-air.

"So, you know I can't officially endorse your spidey-signal. If I do I'll open myself up to all sorts of law suits and things and craziness and then it'll be nothing but work work work."

"Oh, I know," Dajan says, as the spider drops into her view. She was hoping and expecting, so his appearance is welcome if not a surprise. "I just … wanted to get your attention for a minute is all." She shuts off the light and takes out the batteries, using the action to keep her eyes off the mask with its somehow friendly lenses. "I just …wanted to…" This was much easier in her head. "Say thank you. And, um. Sorry, too."

"Hey, no worries. It's why I do this thing. And sometimes craziness occurs. Well ok not sometimes, all the time. Really in the greater scheme of things your crazy is relatively uncrazy on the scale which I gauge these things." Spidey continues to dangle there, slowly twisting with the drift of the wind and turning his head to keep her gaze in view. He gives a small shrug of his shoulder, weird looking upside down, and tilts his head to the side. "How are you doing? Things alright? Everything under control?"

"More or less, none the worse for wear," Dajan replies, brushing her hair out of her face as the wind shoves at it. "I spent a couple days bein' poked an' prodded by robots. An' then Miz Richards loaned me a jacket and a pair of her brother's shoes so I could actually go home." Dajan, for all that she's a spindly little thing, apparently has bigger feet than Sue does.

"Spent two or three days scared stiff I was gonna dissolve into purple fizzy stuff. That ain't happened, yet. Not even a little whiff of purple stuff, so I'm guessin' that my temporary ninjafication has no permanent after effects." She glances down at the rooftop again. "Still. Told I tried to kill you an' that's really not /on/, what with you havin' saved my life 'n all."

"Hey, it puts you in a distinguished crowd of people, just about all of my friends have tried to kill me at one point or another." Spidey twists slowly around on that webline, turning fully about so he turns his head back around the other way so he can keep on watching her. Holding the webline partially with his hands and partially with his feet, he looks almost circus-like in that casual acrobatic conversational posture. "In any case, for realzies, don't worry about it. Was there anything else? I should probably, you know, go attack a bride or something at her wedding." He smirks a bit.

Dajan manages a tiny little smile at the idea he thinks of her as perhaps maybe beginning to approach fixin' to be a friend. "Oh, yes. My mama raised me to show manners." She turns halfway around and produces a zippered thermal bag. It's black and has the Spidey symbol painted on it — apparently in nail polish. "This's for you. 'Cause, well, you saved my life. You look like you could use a sandwich, but a po'boy don't travel as well as this will." She holds it up with both hands. "I know you got no reason to trust it, but the majority of the pot was served tonight at the diner where I work, if you wanna check my bona-fides."

And Spidey accepts the thermal bag, slinging it under one arm and giving her a smiling nod. A smile that's hard to read, of course, but it's there. "Thanks, and don't worry. I don't think you're trying to poison me."

He casually shifts his weight so the webline swings just anough that he can flip over and onto the wall of the building. He balances there with just his feet holding him up as he adjusts the hang of the bag. "I'll save it for later tonight, maybe grab a soda." He gives her a small salute, "Thanks again, though hey be careful with that light. I have like not that many fans and if some of the people think I can come running or that you're a friend or sommich then well, yeah it can be rough. Ok?"

As he speaks he's already climbing up the side of the wall towards the rooftop, about to slip from sight.

"Won't see it again after tonight," Dajan promises, smiling as he accepts the apology gift. She can hear the smile in his voice, and that does her mental state a world of good.

"It was just so I could catch your attention and apologize." That was one reason she took the batteries out where he could see her do so.

"You be careful up there. And yeah, a soda's prolly a good idea." She rises herself, stretching with fingers laced over her head. The pose would probably be sexy on someone else, but Dajan is unconscious about that sort of thing, and wearing a heavy woolen peacot on top of that. "Hopefully I'll seeya around, but not in the 'needin' rescue from ninjas again' kinda way?"

"Sure thing, you never can tell!" Those words float down from on high in that cheerful voice of his, even as he slips over the lip of the rooftop and out of view. A few moments later she'll see his silhouette against the night's skyline as he leaps off and swings away.

Dajan watches him swing for a minute. "That is just so damn cool," she murmurs to herself, before hopping off the rooftop herself to the fire escape, and climbing down to the ground. She emerges from the alley, and enters her boarding house like a normal person.

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