2012 02 02 Bugs On A Stick

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Bugs on a Stick

Psylocke, Havok, Nightcrawler

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In Route to the Shi'ar

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While on a planet, the three x-types get into trouble with the locals.


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The journey to Shi'ar Empire space was merely long and arduous for the Starjammer, routine in some aspects but just a good deal of distance from good old Earth. On the second day of the planned three-day voyage, the Starjammer calls to port at Pi'a Tra, a small planet tucked into a cluster of dwarf galaxies that is really on the edge of the Shi'ar Empire. Not much to it, but a frequent of space pirates and well known by the Starjammers. Its a quick supply check to make sure everything is in order before properly crossing boundaries and no telling how soon the ship will leave Shi'ar space. This leaves a few hours for people to get off ship, see exotic locals, a breath of fresh air so to speak before the confines and seriousness of the real mission.
X-ers in small groups make their way into the capital city of Pi'a Tra, an old terracota/glazed brick city called Sc'mpa. It is clean and cared for if not having an ageless look not unlike ruins in Greece or, more appropriately, the near east (Turkey, the former conquests of the Persians, etc.). There is a mix of aliens, the local attire favoring veils and the like, in mixed fashion from revealing to completely see-through glass-like covering.
It is here that, at the least, the X-men (ers) known as Havok, Psylocke and Nightcrawler find themselves. Shopping or, perhaps, being adventurous and sampling the local cuisine of spike-matted fruits and large bug-like 'meat' items still in Chitinious (sp) skins. As they make their way, Kurt turns to Alex and reaches for a stick with several varieties of 'meat' items on it, looks like legs, arms, and maybe an abdomen or something. "Dare you," he says, implying the other should eat it. It smells good after all.

"Pshaw." Alex exclaims with a horrified look on his face in regards to the food selections, "I steer clear of arthropods and mollusca. Plus, there's no telling whether or not that stuff would kill us."

Psylocke walks along beside the men looking around the market with curiosity. In an alien place most don't even look once let alone twice at a fuzzy blue elf with a devil's tail, let alone at a human female seemingly intent on showing off.. nearly everything, really, in her chosen uniform. She glances over to the conversation and observes casually, "The bugs won't kill you Alex. But you'll develop an itching rash if you hold the stick they're impaled upon for more than ten seconds." She offers a slight smile that leaves it unclear if she's serious or joking.

Chuckling himself at Alex's refusal, Kurt is going so far as to put it near his own mouth, suggesting he's ready for a bite when Betsy chimes in about the rash. That is when he mocks Alex's horrified expression and sticks his tongue out in a blech sort of gesture. "You're not serious right," he says, even though he was starting the gest … putting the stick back in the ceramic bucket with its other stick delicacies for the strong of stomach, or the locals. He itches his hands as if he feels it tingling already, the power of suggestion.
Meanwhile a couple of intermixed locals being pointing at the group, two or three aliens in veils and cowls making it hard to tale if they are male or female. They seem to be in some light debate over an issue, but its hard to tell what that might be other than they think it may involve the trio, or someone in the trio.

With a slight shudder, Alex shakes it off and looks away from the 'food' to greener pastures, or in this case greener girls. For a moment he wishes he was Captain Kirk and smiles to himself. That's when he's distracted by the people pointing, he almost says something about their mothers teaching them that it's not nice to point, but refrains. Instead he comments to Kurt and Psy, "Looks like we've got fans."

That gets another feigned gross look from Kurt, who throws in, "And Piotr was up with Cho'od drinking last night," suggesting his want not to be stuck in those bathrooms for the now. He follows Alex's eyes to the group, "This is what it feels like to be an Avenger, we should do autographs." All joking of course, but he looks curiously himself.
The group comes to an agreement, and the taller of them, a thin, toned, green fellow that is nearly insectoid in appearance, wearing a thick cowl and a trench-coat semi-opened (male most likely), approaches. Followed by the several others, he holds out a hand, "Pay up apethings, deal was a deal," for whatever that is worth. He is looking more at Alex in this.

Seeing the approach of the insectoids, Alex listens to their challenge for currency and replies, "Pay up for what? I had no deal with you.". Alex's response becoming slightly defensive in his stance and tone as his chin raises and eyes narrow.

Watching this happen, Kurt hears Betsy and turns a look to Alex as well, accusing perhaps. For once, he avoids comments, Pyslocke took carry of the funny business on this one, Nightcrawler can stand back and by fuzzy and cute.
The tall one, pushing maybe 7' in height, even without the cowl wrap, lifts a finger (three-fingered hands it appears). He shakes one finger in the universal (cosmic) gesture of negation. "You carry the match marker, white circle, no funny business. Your boss lost the Figarian Pok'er match, give us the Alb'stra Quartz and we are settled."

Alex smiles, he looks down at the glowing circle on his chest and then back up to the bugs, "Oh dude, you've got it all wrong. You see, this so called match marker means that I'm filled up with plasma. When it glows like that it means that I'm ready to blast the hell out of bug-uglys that come around and try to extort crap outta me. So, either you step away and go about your business, or you'll get to experience it first hand."

Psylocke sighs softly and murmurs telepathically to both Alex and Kurt, «Really, Alex? We aren't here to drum up a contest to see whose is longer.» She regards the 'gang' of bugs and prepares for the expected kerfluffle.

Starting to crouch a little, Kurt's move to signify the twitching gun finger before a fight perhaps, could look like he's withdrawing some. As the telepathic comm is opened, he things, «True, we certainly don't need any wind preceding us to the Imperial Guard that we're itching for a fight.» Ya, its a lot of space between here and there, but who knows what moles are planted where.
The bug-ugly cocks his head slightly, 'is that a fact' manner, his long arms pushing his coat open more now, revealing a chest harness with several blinking lights and what could be energy guns. "Don't know what tree covered rock you and your apelings swung off of, but Grm'xt is wanted in a dozen score systems for killing the likes of an air sucker like you, Flashy." The others beging to step up the same, four total, mixed races. The four jointed fingers of the bug-ugly flex over a weapon. Aside from racial advantageous, their might be mutates/mutants amongst them. They might be a bounty hunting group by the looks of them.

Alex mentally returns, oO(Guess it's too late to talk now. Betsy, unless you can turn these guys away using your TP juju, then we're gonna have a fight on our hands."
His fists tighten and he takes a defensive step back as his elbows bend slightly, ready for action, ready for Betsy's say-so or initiative.

Psylocke watches the situation deteriorate further and sighs. «Alex. You owe me.» And without any warning a glowing pink psychic katana appears within the purple haired woman's and even as she lashes out toward the leader of the group, slicing it through what appears to be his 'brain'. Even if not exact, just being close is enough to short circuit most sentient being's minds for long enough that the trio can at least make good their departure.

The attack catches the tall, leader bug-ugly off guard, the cut is clean. However, bug physiology is a little off. The functioning pieces up there twitch - eyes closing, mouth speaking gibberish as if brain function were completely servered to that area. But the arms still grab for guns and shoot semi-erradically in the vicinity of the group, mostly in the vicinity of Havok as that is where it was focusing. The aim is only as good as a blindfolded/deaf man shooting at a silent, shadowed target.
As the katana swings and the gun is fired, Nightcrawler narrowly misses an energy bolt in a bamf of purple smoke. Reappearing instantly near a blue alien from the poker group, this one squat and bulbous, swords in hand. As he moves to take a swing to cut it off from the group and stop further actions, a blue goop shoots form its sleeve to grab a sword - it is like a tar baby. There are two other beings, one pink with rock like skin and a dragon snout, human in size the other is about 4' tall with a good dozen arms/legs or whatever appendages like a centipede. The dragon one pulls swords, the centipede like thing pulls out various apparatus that could be a mix of archaic like weapons (bolas, nets), some energy type (like cross bows that could fire energy bolts) and even some shielding.

Dodging to the right, Havok evades the random laser blasts and rolls off to the side before getting back to his feet and starts moving away defensively toward a physical structure he can shoot from <in the next round>, "It's On Now!" he calls out with a serious tone.

Psylocke sees little point in waiting to be shot. After the first slash, she reverses direction and slashes through the bug leader's torso this time, intent on short-circuiting more of its form. With her other hand, she forms a Sai blade of the same energy and seeks to stab out toward the next nearest creature as well. Why fight outnumbered?

When the sword is stuck to the short, blue blob/tar baby, Kurt flicks his tail out to retake the sword. Like captains of baseball teams before the coin toss, they begin to alternate appendages going up the metal. At least, Kurt uses hand and tail to grab less sharp parts, the blue thing grabbing any surface it can. It would seem he is pushing towards becoming entangled, but at the same time, the blue blob isn't moving towards real weapons as they struggle in a sword fight (fight for the sword).
The bug-ugly on Betsy is slashed in the middle and that was probably closer to home for the brain. Everything above the slash goes limp, guns stop blazing and the next nearest alien, the centipede-esque entity is next in line. The protective shielding seems to slightly interfere with the sai blade, at least enough to protect the centipede from getting a mind meld(/melt). "I not so easy hairless ape," it calls to Psylocke. Meanwhile, the sworded dragon head thing surveys the situation then seeing goes after Havok, loosing its own cowl and coat to sprout pink wings, it takes to flight, making a sworded dive for Havok.

Alex targets the one diving toward him and unleashes the plasmic energy from within, "Wrong move, bug." with the intention of blasting the bug into oblivion.

Aside from blue goop struggling with Kurt, it would seem the bugs are dropping like flies. The dragon headed bug is hit with the ionizing plasma, its wings singing off, literally as the centipede takes full frontal psychic blast that knocks out all nerves and brain activity for the moment, it crumples on the ground. At about that time, Nightcrawler does a double bamf, trying to confuse his own targets senses and befuddle it. This works, the goop melts away loosing all stickiness.
As the group regroups to probably make a retreat from the area, things change. Some chitinous sounds are heard and what may not be seen is that when blue goop recovers some, its apparently the brain of some morphing creature and the other bugs, in taters, reassemble around it. Rising up as one figure, it now stands a good 6 meters tall, "Not so fast apes, Grm'xt is whole, now you pay up." This time, people do start to scatter a little from the fight. This is more a pirate oriented port so the first gun fight and combat didn't scare everyone away.
Thu Feb 02 15:03:21 2012

Watching the flying centipede fall at his feet, Havok starts to regroup and then notices the giantest bug, "Oh hell…. Uh, guys, maybe we should call this a day?"

Psylocke looks around, "I supported that theory before this began. It is an even better idea now." She then looks to Kurt, «Can you portal us away?» The question is both hopeful and curious. Even a half block would buy time.

As Grm'xt pushes any straggling aliens out of the way, Kurt gives the group a nod. «I can get us some distance, but with two, its hard … hold in your food, don't think of» both hands come up to grab his friends, and bamf «bugs on sticks!» - they get some distance, several hundred yards, the limit he can with two people, and recollection of a shop they stopped by earlier showing scantily dressed alien women on gaming cards and other various objects - probably because Alex stopped to look. But it was good, because he recalls it, landing them in an alley right next to the shop.

Standing next to Kurt, Alex is grabbed and just after the teleport has a moment of disorientation and nausea. He then bends forward and pukes. A moment later, he says, "You had to mention bugs on sticks…"

Psylocke had little warning herself but enough to keep from losing her lunch. She looks at Alex, appearing rather pale regardless. "I hold you responsible." She looks to the two, "We should return to the ship. Now."

More familiar with the sensation of teleporting, Kurt is nauseated but manages, feeling the strain on his body. He holds the wall, nodding in agreement with Psylocke about getting back to ship. Then he gets wind of Alex's mess in the alley, and dry heaves himself a few times, not loosing anything because he has nothing. As they begin to move, he looks to Havok, "What'd you eat?" Suggesting whatever it is, its not helping his stomach for the moment.

Back near the bugs on sticks, small energy weapons fire can be heard, doubling the suggesting to move back to the ship. Local authorities may indeed be responding to the bug infestation.

"I think it was fried zucchini back on the ship. But the more I think about it…." then he too decides that moving away is a great idea, "Let's roll." and he'll take off toward the ship.

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