2012 02 02 A Botched Rescue

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A Botched Rescue

Kisha Havok Psylocke Lifeguard The X-Men The Starjammers Deathbird The Imperial Guard

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Shi'ar Homeworld

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The heroes try to save Heather, instead fail.


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Shi'ar technicians enter into the grand ballroom and whisper into the ear of the empress. She nods and stands before the aliens gathered before. "The terrans are in our orbit and arriving now. I have granted them the right to bear witness to the fate of these abherrations." She whispers to the technicians about the procedures for scanning them individually before they are allowed to enter into the grand hall. The aliens begin to whisper among themselves as to why the seemingly cruel empress would even allow the lesser beings onto the planet, let alone the grand hall. Her lips curl as she speaks to some guards who quickly spread throughout the hall positioned and ready to defend her should the humans be foolish enough to launch some sort of attack.
As the Starjammer pulls in, guards greet the humans and Starjammers and slowly and individually they are processed until they are led into the Grand Hall of the Shi'ar Homeworld. One by one they enter as Deathbird rises and greets them, "Welcome to my empire, terrans!"

Storm and Havok (leaders of each faction) will take the front of the X-congo line. Neither are pleased with the situation but they hold their tongues until it's assessed what is about to happen. Following them are Iceman, Jubilee, Bishop, Angel, and Colossus.
The plan is simple, if the Shi'ar intends to follow through with their threats against Lifeguard and her brother, then there will be a fight. The idea is to secure the hostages and then be transported back up to the Starjammer and run like hell. Simple enough plan…. then again we all know Simple never works.

As the processing and filtering into the Imperial Court proceeds, Kurt mingles as much as he can. Mostly team attire (X-Factor, red - indigo, white) for him, he has favored two swords and a sash even, as if to fit right in with Corsair and their group. He's even mingled some with them as the regular X-gold lineup moves up with Alex and they (those who came off ship) finishing the processing. He's mostly reserved himself not to talk so much during this part of the precess. Going so far as to offhand a comment to Raza (they both have swords now, they should be pals right), it isn't well received, so he returns to mostly quiet.

Betsy Braddock may not have known Lifeguard or her brother terribly long, but it really isn't important in the end is it? The X-men take care of their own after all. As the ship docks and all of the team members emerge from within, Psylocke reaches out to the minds of the team members. «Establishing links. We are all now able to communicate privately but do try to keep the excessive chatter down to a minimum.» She appears to be unarmed, her weapons manifesting at the time of need after all.

Having managed to pester her way into a trip on the spaceship Kisha has somehow ended up on the ground party. Likely because no-one dared leave her unsupervised with the get-away vehicle… (Or maybe they plan on dumping her on the Shi'ar as revenge who can say!) Being a student she's also a little light on the weapons side. Having nothing to hand aside from an engineers multi-tool, some duct tape and a pack of chewing gum. Plus a packet of cigarettes staff aren't supposed to know about. "Do you think they'll mind if I smoke? Because if I have to rember what seems to be a public execution for the rest of my life I would rather prefer to have all the mild distractions I can muster."

Returning back to her throne, the empress calls out, "By Sharra and K'ythri, the terrans known as the Camerons have been found guilty of crimes against our empire. And for that, they shall pay the ultimate price. Death!" At the bottom of the steps a short bald chubby man is forced onto his knees. Begging for his life, Warwick Cameron is dragged to the top of the stairs by Black Light and White Noise. Screaming for his life, Deathbird steps forward and shshs him, "My love, Be still." She moves forward caressing his cheek and kissing it, "Goodbye!" Snapping his neck in a quick movement and then tossing it down the steps. It bounces down leaving bits of blood, flesh and tissue on the steps. The body is removed by Shi'ar Guards as Deathbird looks momentarily somber. Before returning to the seat of her throne, "Let us decide what is to become of his children!" The head finally rests at the bottom of the steps with dead eyes staring at the alien-filled hall.
She then turns her gaze to the X-Men for their reactions, "I see neither Xavier nor my criminal sister has opted to intervene. How unfortunate!" With a formal and authoritative tone, she continues, "Crimes against our people is treated as grievous offenses. With the ultimate punishment, death! However, I am one who is a fair leader. The sacrilegious birth of these two is most grievous as they are abominations in my eyes. Tell me, why should I allow them to live? And in my place, what would you do?" Her lips curl again as she forms the coldest, most sinister smile this side of the universe.

Mentally Havok relays over the link, "I'm reminded of the last time we stood before this court, when Jean was on trial and Lilandra presided. She was a little more tolerant and just. Deathbird is just diabolical and devious. There's no way we're going to win here in any of these proceedings. The only way to take this bitch down is to … well, take her down. And look at the size of this place?. Listen gang; if this goes sideways, we stick with the plan; hit and run then we can work on our sorting out the subsequent fights we're going to have when they come. Chuck and Lilandra along with Blue Team are minding the store and they're ready for whatever Earth-side things go on. We've just got to get Heather, there's no way I'm leaving her to the judgment of this kangaroo court."
Storm responds, "Agreed, Havok. She's your team mate, you say when and we've got your back."
Havok and the rest of the NPC'd members of the team space themselves out in accordance to where they're directed to walk to view the going's on of the court.
That's when things go sideways. Aghast, Havok says audibly and mentally, "She just snapped the dad's neck!" and realizes that this isn't a trial, it's an execution one that he intends to stop. Then he steps forward and says, "NOW, WE MOVE NOW!" while raising his arms and releasing a plasma blast at the throne and Deathbird.
Meanwhile, the rest of the Gold team leaps into action. Colossus rushes forward. The winds pick up and Storm takes flight. Angel follows behind her. Jubilee starts casting her sparkling lights at the nearest set of guards (distract) and Iceman takes the opposite side (from Jubilee) to cast sheets of ice toward other guards (entangle). Bishop starts rushing forward trying to draw fire while moving toward Heather.

The speaking isn't for Kurt, he's not in that position and certainly defers to the authorities on this mission. Its somewhere between Havok and Storm to represent the X-men on this mission. For his part though, he begins taking in all of his surroundings. Knowing if it turns to a fight and fly mission, he's going to have to get in, snatch Heather and her brother and bamf back amongst the group for protection. He's certainly explained that if it comes to him getting more than one person, two would be his limit (such as Heather and Dave, lacking Warren to worry about now) and then he'd need a stretcher if he made that teleport. As he watches quietly for any signal from Alex or Ororo, he steadies his breath, almost a meditation.
As they move more into court and spring into action, following the deheading, he plays his part and makes calculations to bamf himself to the crosses holding the siblings. If there isn't anything preventing his teleporting and he makes it, he intends to teleport with both if they're close enough to reach at one time, otherwise he'll make two trips.
The Starjammers present would begin to establish a rally point in the court to come back to before returning to the ship.

Betsy Braddock stepped into the room with the rest of the team, eyes sweeping the area and getting a feel for where the guards are. Though in reality probably every one who is not an X-Man here is probably hostile. And then the execution is performed and Betsy's jaw clenches in anger herself. As Gold Team moves in, Psylocke keeps near the exit. Someone has to make sure there's a way out now that this has - decidedly taken a turn for the worse.

"I don't hear a no…" Kisha notes, just about managing to light one of her illicit smokes just before an alien twists the head off another alien. "Oh. /Crap/. See if I ever sign up for a field trip again…" Still cursing in a stream of Russian that would make sailors blush she makes a break for the nearest cover she can hide behind and if the cover she finds happens to have some kind of device she can hotwire in so much the better.

Before the terrans speak, a cadre of Shi'ar armored troops form between them and the staircase leading to her highness, Deathbird. The empress feigns listening, ever the epitome of grace, elegance, and fairness throughout the multiverse. However a plasma burst is suddenly fired her way. Even she winces when the blast is stopped by the force field protecting her and her crucified prisoners. She curls her lips. "A trial by combat. Lovely! You lost last time and will lose again! Imperial Guard, get me their heads!" And the guard are quick to act. Starbolt rises up from is quick and able to sustain himself against Storm's winds as he fires two bolts of flame like energy directed at Storm and Angel. Jubille and Iceman make quick work of the Shi'ar guards but more rally out which Colossus deals with, but behind them is Neutron and Titan. Neutron a cosmic version of Colossus rushes forward attempting to match strength against strength while Titan grows and looms over Jubilee and Ice-Man attempting to crush them with his powerful fists as he grows to nearly 30 feet within milliseconds. Guards begin to fire energy blasts at the Starjammer, when Fang leaps out with claws ready to engage Bishop.

For Pyslocke, Astra, the intangible guardswoman slides up from beneath her attempting a sneak attack to drag Psylocke down below the floor of the hall. As Kisha attempts to hide, she finds a safe spot away from the action and near enough to a small little alcove with a view screen and the equivalence of a computer, but suddenly growing behind her is the diminutive guardswoman, Scintilla who grows to about 3 feet. "What are you doing? Children are not allowed here!" When Kurt attempts his port, he is successful to the opposite side, but Davis and Heather are crucified at opposite ends with the throne and Deathbird in between. When he arrives, she laughs out, "Ah, I thought I would not be allowed direct combat. Thank you, demon." She rises up and with clawed hands leaps out to the side to try and rake Kurt.

Seeing the resistance will be significant, Havok calls over the mental link, "Don't spread ourselves too thin. Kurt, stay on the defensive, get heather and her brother down to me. Everyone, keep as much a circle as possible so we can hold our own until Kurt gets back with the siblings. Then we're transporting out."
Another blast is lashed out, but this time toward Bishop. Knowing that Bishop can absorb the blast and redirect it toward his own attacker. "Bishop, Catch!" calls Havok and Bishop will then redirect it to his attacker.
Storm casts lightning from her hands toward Starbolt while dodging to the side in an attempt to take him out.
Jubilee casts more of her sparkling fireworks toward the looming Titan.
Iceman will try to freeze the floor beneath Titan.
Angel casts dozens of his deadly blades toward the various persons in the room. His agility prevents him from being struck by blasts and it should be noted that his blades are coated in a sleeping/paralizing agent.
Colossus will engage Neutron, his intent is to strength vs strength and use the Guardsman as a punching bag.

For his part, Kurt knows he can't take Deathbird. Even as Havok is calling through communications to him to play defensive he is doing just that. "You're qute Dame Vogel," he says, treating her nails like swords, his two coming out to simply parlay with the current Majestrix of the Shi'ar. "Perhaps when this game is done, we shall enjoy getting to know one another." Playing the 'game' of leading while on the defense, he will try to make her enraged … enough to really throw swings at him. His efforts are geared towards her cutting down one crucifix. If he can get her to do that, he'll use his tail to pull it in a falling motion towards the other to bring the siblings close together. Should this opportunity/game plan come to fruition, he will use any appendage he can to stretch the distance between the two and bamf to rally point. If this doesn't work, such as no crucifix being cut (by Deathbird, or assisted by him), he will have to rework his game plan.

Rally Point Alpha: Holding the area near Psychlocke, the Starjammers function well as a team. Corsair stands a touch cocky, steadying an energy gun and returning fire with guards. All he really needs is a cigarette under his stache, it would completely the look. To his side is Hepzibah with her Mephitisoid dexterity, she is quick to acquire an energy weapon herself and crouches near Chris, moving around him in a feline (skunk'esque) manner to return fire on guards closing in on the group, she also uses her senses to help keep the solid Corsair moving a little to avoid fire. Cho'od steps forward of the peremiter, engaging in hand to hand with any guards that get close enough, using a energy battle axe of some alien design to try and push the guards away from closing in too much. Opposite the circle, Raza brandishes sword in free hand, his cybernetic hand going full blade as well, dodging fire as best he can, taking the fight to nearby guards akin to Cho'od (but not quite the smashing, throwing variety of fight).

Psylocke sensed Astra coming. Even as the immaterial guard sets up for her attack, Psylocke transmits to the rest of the teams, «A swift and effective exit is preferred. We cannot presume to go toe to toe with all of their kingdom and succeed.» Then to Astra, at the point when the guard materializes enough to grab ahold of Psylocke to try and drag her away, "I heard you coming. Your thoughts are too loud." Two psi-blades plunge into the female guard's head, unleashing the psychic energy to short-circuit Astra's mind. She'll get better. Eventually.

"I surrender," Kisha proclaims as soon as the tiny alien appears. "But for the record your Empress has basically just staged a sham trial and execution, don't you think you should be more bothered by that than my age?" All the while she's talking she begins trying to figure out just what the computer-like panel does thanks to the wonders of her mutation. "Look I swear I'll just stay and smoke quietly in this corner here, don't you think you should go help your Empress? She /is/ being attacked and the travels through the floor one just got her brain turned into paste…. Oh and for the record I had no idea anyone was going to start a fight. I'm as shocked and appalled as you must be."

Bishop takes in what Havok offers and uses it to throttle Fang and toss the clawed guardsman to the side who is flung into Neutron who was going swing for swing with Colossus. Storm's lightning makes it target as Starbolt is downed right away. The teamwork from Jubilee and Ice-Man causes Titan to take a cartoon like fall to the side knock down a large number of aliens who had gathered to watch. Between Titan falling on them and the plachettes from Warren keep the audience members at bay. However, more Guardsmen appear and decide to use teamwork like their mutant opponents, Earthquake appears and forms a localized tremors around the main floor of the hall where the X-Men and X-Factor stand. As the ground rumbles, Deathbird's two alien children engage as well. White Noise emits and general scream pointed above Earthquakes's attack and Black Light follows suit bathing that general area in pure darkforce, into which Manta enters with a small group of guards, being able to see in pure darkness she points out to the various X-Men shouting directions for the guards to attack the individual X-Men and X-Factor members caught in the darkforce area.

Meanwhile outside the darkforce barrier, when Kurt attempts to enrage her holy empress, he succeeds. Prone to going into a berserker rage to match Logan. The empress unleashes an unfurled attack cutting wildly and manicly swiping his swords her claws and armored wings. As her wings expand, she unintentionally begins cutting down the bindings keeping Heather in place, who begins to fall. Realizing what she has done, Deathbird backs away placing herself in front of the crucified Davis. "Come closer, imp and I will wear your fur like a coat." As they are engaged, regular Shi'ar guards continue to flank the Starjammers attempting to draw them out of the Grand Hall and outside into the awaiting army. Astra falls through the ground after being rendered unconscious. Scintilla allows Kisha to ramble on, but the minute Astra falls to the floor, she goes to engage Psylocke leaving the kid to her new toys. Seemingly disappearing, Scintilla also attempts to sneak up behind Psylocke as she is only a few inches tall and planning to rise in height to engage Psylocke when she is directly behind her. The panels by Kisha seem to control the force field separating Deathbird from the main action and a general defense/weapons system for the palace.

Havok calls from the darkness over the mind link, "Jubilee! Give it all you got - here's your chance to shine, use your light fireworks to cancel out the dakrforce, otherwise we're toast." . He himself starts to move to the side intent on staying out of harm's way (because he knows it's coming and he's normally a standing target).
Storm however doesn't take well to the absolute darkness. Her claustrophobia will ensure her need for escape. She pushes straight upward trying to escape the darkness, thus taking her out as a combatant until she can see again.
Angel is used to the darkness, not that he can see within it, but he's practiced for so many years, blindfight is second nature. He casts his flachettes again toward targets that he last saw.
Colossus continues with his grapple
Iceman will project toward his last known targets
Bishop will continue the good fight…

Focusing on the falling form/crucifex of Heather, Nightcrawler makes sure nothing happens when she comes down. If she isn't free, he'll take the moment to slash bindings while Deathbird holds him in a Shi'ar'ian standoff. She with the one intended execution victim, him with the other. Caught at this seeming stalemate, he turns to Heather, "Get to the guy with the mustache, he's with us," in case she wasn't paying much attention after seeing what happened with Warren, "Plan is to live, not fight." That being said, he turns towards the Majestix, "I don't plan on getting closer to you, my intention is," and he bamf's, instantaneously appearing near Davis, "him," followed by a second bamf. Intention being simply to get Davis away from her in the blink of an eye. If he succeeds, the second bamf is intended to land him near Heather and, follow up with a third bamf with both the siblings. This will exhaust himself, and Davis if he had energy to begin with. His final destination being as close to Chris and Hepzibah as possible.
In their own melee, Chris calls out, "Cho'od … Raza, back to rally. Close in tight, hold our ground as long as we can." He's not standing truimphant so much, even crouching now as the chaos grows. Cho'od backs towards the group, swinging at any guard that comes near enough while Raza is more quick to respond with his dexterity, falling to the group to make sure the rally point holds for as long as they can keep it.

Psylocke turns to look at Scintilla. "You are no more quiet than your ally." She focuses her telepathy upon the diminuative guard and alters the perception of the situation - so that Lifeguard appears to be the Empress and Nightcrawler and David appear to be guards helping carry her injured form away from the fight. "Go. Defend your Empress." And the other guards now take on the appearance of the Xmen. A little Chaos in the ranks never hurts to buy some time.

Kisha shakes her head. "Thank god for stupid opponents," she mutters while sidling up to the panel. "Well hello now what do we have here?" Whistling she pulls out her multitool and sets to work. "Do Shi'ar need air to breath? One of the many important things no-one told me… Guess we shall see." A few adjustments here and there and the forcefield generator makes a very small box of non-porous energy around Deathbird. "And heeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllloooooooooooo automated weapon system. Lets just swap the friend or foe targeting commands and then add in a fire pattern based on the Eighteen Twelve Overture adding a little culture to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl."

As the X-Men and X-Factor continue their struggle in complete darkness, some prove successful as Warren makes quick work of the guards are him and Storm and Ice-Man keep guards away from them as they use their powers of wind and ice to keep the guards tentative. Colossus holds his own for a bit but as more guards enter the darkforce barrier being led by Manta, they start to overwhelm him, but he manages a good fight. Bishop is in a similar predicament. And try as she might, Jubilee is not up to dealing with the darkforce a few sparks and she is soon fizzed out by guards. Manta herself takes the fight to Havok appearing behind him and attempting to grab hold of him and shoot him with a blast of light energy, a strategy Kurt is familiar with as that is how she defeated him on the moon. However Scintilla seeing Psylocke's illusion begins to run and heads straight for Black Light who she sees as Phoenix and White Noise who she sees as Polaris, Growing in height, she runs and tackles them causing the sonic and darkforce attack to end.

As she drops down, Heather begins to come too, "What?" She asks as she looks to what is happening with her brother crucified and Kurt engaged with Deathbird. She seems to stare at Deathbird a moment who offers her own wicked evil smile, "Fleeing. You are no child of mine!" Hearing Kurt's words, Heather finally moves, stumbling but the field keeps her back. As Kurt manages, he is able to grab hold of Davis and teleport towards the Starjammers who are doing well used to interstellar combat, leaving him overwhelmed and Davis all but conscious. When the darkforce is dropped, suddenly the internal systems of the palace begin to fire off set to the symphonic work and suddenly the aliens in the audience flee from the Grand Hall as the Imperial and Shiâar Guards find themselves not battling the mutants but defending themselves. Heather able to run with the field down gives one last look at her mother. An unknowing look and offers, "Goodbye, Empress." She runs down and makes her way towards the X-Men and X-Factor.

When the darkforce goes down, the results of Manta's attack are seen. Luckily for him, Havok wears a thin layer of body armor that doubles as his costume. He's been blasted (blindsided) and is now rolling off a table and fully able to see the alien who blasted him. He returns the favor.
The rest of the X-Men continue their assault upon the Imperial guards.
Havok calls over the mind link, "We have the packages, let's get the hell out of Dodge." a signal to activate the transporters.

As retreat plan kicks into action, Kurt is sprawled amidst the group next to Davis. With the, um 'package' amidst their group, Starjammers move to take the fallen comrades. Raza goes for Davis, scooping him up with his bionic arm, returned to normal arm, keeping his other hand free to wield the sword. Kurt, at the point of total exhaustion, is scooped up by Cho'od, before he is completely out of it, he says, barely audible, "No … Hepzibah … carry … me …" No one really listens to his request, as Corsair and Hepzibah are moving to assist Heather should she need help coming off the throne and rallying with everyone.

With the darkfield down, Psylocke continues on her roll of twisting perceptions. She focuses on the most apparently powerful guards and intends to cause them to perceive the Empress as Heather. The one who should be killed after all. It won't likely last long but it should help sow enough dischord amongst the imperial guard that the team's exit will be so much the easier. For all that it isn't going to be easy to escape an empire without (likely) grevious injuries.

Kisha claps with glee when the guns begin blowing up just about everything in sight. "Now to add insult to injury and run like fuck," she murmurs sealing the console back up with a duct tape heart shape. Into the middle of which she stubs out her cigarette. "Perfect. Perhaps I /do/ like this school trip business after all…" And then she begins running for the dubious safety of where-ever everyone else is retreating to.

When the favor is returned, Manta falls to the floor stunned, "But I am a woman. You hit me?" She then falls unconscious from the plasma blast. The X-Men make quick work of the Imperial Guard courtesy of Kisha and Psylocke earlier intervention. His signal is sent and received by Polaris aboard the Starjammer who had actually been assisting along with Jean who from a distance used their abilities to keep the aliens in the audience in check with a little combination of telepathy, telekinesis, and magnetism. With Heather, Davis, and Kurt safe with the Starjammers, they hope to make a quick exit. With the last remnants of the guards seeing Deathbird as Lifeguard trapped in the force field box. They are uncharacteristically content to let the mutants escape. With Kisha joining the rest of the group, Jean pulls the transporter button and the mutants and Starjammers find themselves about their ship and already zooming off to safety. Once safely on board, Heather asks for a moment alone before she is taken to Sikorsky for medical check. Standing on platform which looks out onto the planet, Heather's eyes glow red, "Mentor's plan has worked."

Astra who had been zonked out by Pyslocke earlier in the battle unconsciously floats through the various levels of the planet until finally awakening and stopping herself. Having landed in a dungeon deep within the planet. She looks about and finds five forms shackled and unconscious as Mentor welcomes her. "The ruse has worked. Hobgoblin has successfully replaced her and the psi-screens will keep his identity safe for the moment." Shackled against the walls, are Gladiator, Oracle, Moondancer, Voyager, and Lifeguard. Back in the throne room, the ruckus caused by the battle is cleaned. Deathbird smiles, "Perfect. Let prepare for the final fight, Guardsmen. Let us blot out the blight that is the X-Men!"

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