2012 02 01 The Scan Of The Adaptoid

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The Scan of the Adaptoid

Iron Man and Super Adaptoid

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Electronics Lab - Avengers Mansion

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The Adaptoid reports to Iron Man to be scanned for subversive programming.


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-==[ Electronics Lab - Sub-Basement - Avengers Mansion ]==----
Most of this area is covered in benches, work tables and odd types of machinery and such equipment. A major robotics, electronics and fabrication laboratory is what is found here allowing on repairs on types of armor and weaponry as well as deducing the contents or origin of an unknown mechanical device. Also a storage for parts as well as several large lathes are found here. This can basically be described as a high-tech work shop. As well as the aforementioned, also less complicated devices and tools can also be found here. Different areas have things like screwdrivers, hammers, blow torches and other such devices are found here as well. A computer with instant access to computer files on locating and discerning a device is also located in the electronics laboratory.

The Mighty Thor enters the room in his normal heroic attire. His voice calls as if he's hard of hearing, "Friend Iron Man. Thee hast a visitor. Tis the once nefarious Super Adaptoid."
The Adaptoid in the standard blank form emerges from the hallway. The synthetic male voice resonates when eye contact is made, "Greetings, Iron Man. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me."
"Thor, thanks for bringing him down. Keep an ear out just in case, hmm?" Iron Man asks of the God of Thunder, turning away from a bench full of various electronic parts. Looking around the room one could hardly miss the fact that there's not one Iron Man here, but several different suits. All but one of them stand around the edges of the lab, however, utterly motionless, yet it's difficult to tell if they are active or not. "So, if I understand correctly, Adaptoid, you've undergone some changes and want me to take a peek and see what's going on."

The Adaptoid does notice the additional models of Iron Man armor, if it were evil still, it would drool. However, they are disregarded as the Adaptoid takes a step forward and offers a hand as normal people do. "You are correct, Iron Man. Telemetry of the New Warriors discovered my inert form and took it upon herself to reprogram me with another artificial intelligence and new protocols. These protocols are benevolent and heroic in nature and I would like for you to reaffirm that my original programming has been purged."

"I've heard the name, though I've not yet met Telemetry. Quite a feat though, given how rapidly your programming tends to attempt to adapt to and then counter most things it would consider an attack. " Iron Man says after a moment of silent consideration of the AI robot, "HOMER. Go ahead and lock down the lab and bring up the Faraday cage, seal it off from the rest of the mansion, leave a stub of yourself here to help coordinate the tests and then cut the control connection until I open the door." He doesn't have to speak aloud, really, but part of it's obviously for Adaptoids benefit..or warning. There's a flicker of lights and an increased very high pitched inaudible whine as the lab is separated entirely from the outside word at an electronic level, including power. He gestures at the chair in the center of the room. "Have a seat…tell me what you know about Telemetry while I get things prepared."

The Adaptoid moves to and takes a seat as instructed, "She is a skilled programmer and possesses an ability to mentally tap into cybernetic as well as electronic circuits. Additionally to that, she is able to create constructs that perform feats for her. Such as flight, shield creation, and generic functional duties."

"Hmm, interesting..I'll have to arrange to have a chat with her soon." Iron Man notes almost absently as he goes searching for a few of the instruments he's going to need to do the work. "HOMER Sub One: Go ahead and take a full ultra sonic scan of the subject, followed by the rest of the standard suite of phased array and particle scans while I get the rest of this probe put together." HOMER's response is a very flat: "In progress," as the red and gold Avenger assembles a few pieces of equipment. "What state did you wake up in? How did you .. feel about what she'd done to you?"

The Adaptoid watches the actions of Iron Man but seems to be more relaxed than a standard 'automation' would be. A moment passes before the Adaptoid answers, "Initial powering up sequences were not accompanied by emotional /feelings/. It wasn't until 15.65 minutes later that she uploaded an emotional protocol to my subsystems. At that point, I felt…. relieved?"

Iron Man hmms, the tips of his right glove fingers opening on the index and middle finger to extrude a pair of small manipulation probes that he uses to tweak the settings on a small metal disk that's attached to a long cable, which in turn runs into a hand held device in I.M.'s other hand. Meanwhile there's a louder hum, and for those that can see or sense such things a wide - in fact near full spectrum analysis of Adaptoid is made from various angles, down to millimeter wave radar as well as the aforementioned ultrasonics. Once that's done, Iron Man reaches forward and touches the metal disk to one of Adaptoid's temples: "What takes up more processing power then, emotions or logic? Did she need to upgrade any of your systems to deal with the changes she made?"

"The ratio of Logic to Emotion is 70:30, respectively. Though I am able to modify that ratio at will. I choose 70:30 for I am not yet accostomed to raw emotional and random states. My original AIM programming gave me emotional foundations in hatred and revenge. They were focused and not erratic as normal human emotions and they were focused toward Captain America. My systems are completely adaptive and did not require upgrading." Which makes sense, 'adaptoid/adaptive'.
It doesn't take long for the scans to finish and the probe that Iron Man's attached pulses with a faint bit of electrical current as it attempts to establish the connection to the other's core processing units. "And what, then, would you do if Captain America chose to walk in shortly after we're done here?" The timing is carefully done, the question asked only after he's established the connection to begin to be able to evaluate the programming and logic chains found driving the Andriod.

"I would greet him in a humble fashion for it was he that I truly wronged - regardless of programming. In my greeting I would apologize for my actions and ask that I might be able to prove myself to him so that I may be able to join the Avengers and do the most good." the Adaptoid answers in an honest intent.

The powerful unit that Iron Man's using at the moment isn't so much attempting to understand the programming involved as capture the functioning system that is the Super Adaptoid - much like trying to capture the state of any computer while it's 'paused'. No particular interpretation is done, but that in combination with the detailed scanning done, should allow for Tony to do some significant 'offline' analysis as well. Then Iron Man changes the mode of the device to start checking various states, programs, searching for nascent or obfuscated code. "Good.. a good answer and I'm getting some good results here as well, at least so far. I'll have to speak with Telemetry at some point and perhaps we can arrange for some random keyed encryption for your programming moving forward."

"That would be acceptable." The Adaptoid replies. "Once again, I appreciate you taking the time to scan me. It was stated by Ms Marvel that actions speak louder than words and I suspect she and Captain America will be my strongest adversaries when it comes to proving my self and my intentions. But I am diligent in my endeavor."

Iron Man reaches over and pulls the cable free, wrapping it around the device in his other gauntleted hand and looks down at the 'man', "I think that will do it for now. I'm going to have to pour over what I've got here, just to be sure, but I'll make sure to pass on what I've found to Ms. Marvel and Captain America as soon as I've a chance to do so."

Once disconnected, the Adaptoid stands from the chair and will regard Iron Man. "I would appreciate that and I am pleased your initial scans have found no residual trace of my original programming. Such items have plagued me in the past."
The Avenger nods, walking over towards the door and placing one gloved hand on a bare section of the wall, pressing firmly against it for a long moment. "HOMER Sub One: Go ahead and open the door, auth: open sesame. Once that's done, link up with HOMER Prime and you can bring down the security measures." Before the door opens he walks over to a small silvery metal box and drops the probe and it's hand held device into it, closing it with a 'thunk' and keying a quick code into it. "Well then, Adaptoid, when the door opens I'll have Thor escort you back out again unless there was something else?"

"No, I have taken enough of your time. Thank you again, and good day to you, Iron Man." then the Adaptoid will walk to meet up with Thor and be escorted out.

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