2012 02 01 A Contest Of Strength

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A Contest of Strength

Ch'od (emitted by Nightcrawler) & Colossus (emitted by Havok)

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Common Area - Starjammer - Deep Space

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Ch'od and Colossus relax some and show off their strength.


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Common Area - Starjammer

Piotr is in Colossus form. He and Ch'od have always been competitive in the past as both are significantly strong. Albeit, in recent months Colossus himself has gained some additional strength bumps due to working out. Colossus takes a seat at a metal circular table that's bolted to the floor and states, "Come my friend, you and I should settle this once and for all. I give to you the opportunity to display your strength in arm wrestling." His right elbow will to upon the table and his open hand will be raised to accept the monstrous green hand of Ch'od.

The large Cho'od, how had been chittering something alien to Cr'reeee, looks over at the metallic Piotr, his face becoming more serious. HE chitters something again, the furry thing skuttles off to a bench and the alien moves to join Colossus at the metal table. "If you insist," he says moving and matching form, perhaps not wholly familiar with arm wrestling as a pasttime on earth. "But if we break the table, you'll have to deal with Chris," he says with a grin. "What are the rules of this contest." Though, he's assuming enough to get his hand into the metal palm, matching the poise of the other.

When the palms are clasped together, Colossus says, "This is a contest of strength. We apply force to one another in hopes of bringing the other's arm down to the table. When your knuckle touches the table, you have lost. Surely you have such contest on planet where you are from."

Raising one scaly brow at the thought, Cho'od nods acknowledgement of the contest, force arms, strength, knuckle on table means loss. He wriggles his fingers a moment while setting his legs firmly on the floor for the now. "Everywhere there are such tests of strength, some to the death even. This knuckles to the table sounds intriguing," says one of the more elegant speaking members of the Starjammers, opposed to say the fairly direct method of the likes of Hepzibah.

"There are games like that in my country, one called Russian Roulette. Though it is only a game for the extremely brave or moronically stupid." Then once in position, he states looking about, "Someone count us down."

Someone in the vicinity, who has taken interest, does count down … 3-2-1. Cho'od will most likely be caught off just a little by the other who has more technique for arm wrestling. Then again, he doesn't know this is only arm wrestling, this is 'get knuckles to table surface' game and he's going to do it by any means necessary. This will become evident when he uses his feet under the table to distract Colossus and his other hand even. In fact, if Piotr doesn't stop and explain he can only use his hand, Cho'od just might grab the table with his free hand and use it to tap the knuckles of Piotr.

Colossus starts off like anyone would imagine, forcing Ch'od's hand toward the table. Then there's the kick, and then the other hand is involved. He smiles realizing that he didn't sufficiently explain the rules and will say, "No no, Comrade Ch'od, it is one hand." But then, with the additional force and leverage, Ch'od has already moved Colossus' hand back and precariously close to the table, then whammo, the table breaks and will give them the opportunity to catch themselves before toppling over.

Catching on after the table breaks, Cho'od registers the one hand offered by the other. "Ah, one hand, that is a different test," at least than the one he had just attempted. "We need another table in that case," he chuckles even at the thought. It'll be his responsibility, unlike his joke about Piotr taking the blame from Chris. Shrugging to another nearby, he offers, "Shall we try again to settle this?"

Piotr stands and looks to the next table, "Da. We will settle this properly." and moves to a chair of the next table. Again placing his right elbow on the table and raising his right hand.

Coming to join again, Cho'od matches the gestures, "One hand, what are the rules of this hand?" He says, to make sure he doesn't break any rules or tables again.

"One hand, forcing the other singular hand to the unbroken table, da." Colossus reiterates with a grin.

A big nod of his head, side fins flapping slightly, "So it is Colossus," intones Cho'od, then he looks up this time, "Someone count us down." Having picked this up from when they first attempted the arm wrestling competition.

The count begins, '3-2-1' and Colossus grips the table and Ch'ods hand putting his force into the taking down of the alien's hand, intent on taking it to the table. Even at 30 tons stronger, it will still be a challenge.

With the metal form of Piotr containing more raw strength, the large, scaled Cho'od takes the defensive, putting his strength into at least holding off the inevitable, hopefully making it difficult for the other. Slowly, his hand begins to move down and at their strength levels, its a long contest indeed. Some on-lookers in the common area might get bored with the affair.

The closer Ch'od's hand gets to the table, the more pleased Colossus appears. Yet he maintains his strong Russian determination. The last several millimeters are difficult, but Colossus will give it his all, "Relent, comrade. It is but mere seconds that I will take the match."

Struggling at this point, Cho'od shakes his head, "If there is one thing I learned in the slave pits, one never relents friend." So, he holds on until the very end when his knuckles touch the table. "Good show," he says finally, few beings capable of beating him like this, "We are even as you would say," on Earth, perhaps counting the table breaking and upturning as his win. His smile places some emphasis on the joke.

With the win and the release, Colossus smiles broadly and says, 'Yes, comrade Ch'od, we are even." then will stand and say, "Let us open the bottle of vodka I brought and celebrate our strength of arms."

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