2012 01 30 Win Win

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Paladin and Domino

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Hell's Kitchen, Tenant Building

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Domino and Paladin encounter one another during a 'sting' operation trying to get weapons off the streets.


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The tenant building is occupied, albeit by unsavory sorts and very low rent tenants. It's here in Hell's Kitchen where nefarous deals are worked and often go sideways.
Presently, in apartment 202 (that's used as a business front for the Sambura crime family), Guido and Tony Sambura have on display several light and medium firearms. Normal weapons that can be bought legally at just about any gun show. But here, one can buy them off the books for a cut rate price. Domino isn't here to buy just any normal weapon, but it came to her knowledge that they have an energy weapon that was lifted off an agent of AIM. The weapon is high tech and shouldn't be on the streets. Likely she's here to broker a deal to take the weapon off their hands, put it in her own collection and save some innocent lives from it being used on them.
Guido says, "Dayum, youz got a nice rack."
Tony, the more professional of the two says, "Guido, calm down before she gets offended and takes us out. That's Domino, she's a merc and no matter how many guns we got, she's got more."

Domino quirks her black lips into a small smirk as her eyes settle on Guido for a moment. She ignores the man though and glances to Tony, offering a small nod of her head before glancing briefly around the apartment. After a second, she looks back to Tony and says, "So, I heard you might have…something a little more interesting than the usual fare."

Guido recognizes that she wants the laser, "Baby, I got youz something a little more interestin…"
Tony interjects, "Ignore my moronic cousin. I hear what you're sayin and I gather that you're lookin to purchase the blaster… first, show us that you brought the money cause I gotta say, I reckon we gotta cover our asses and make sure you're on the up and up."

"Be quiet," Domino says to Guido as she reaches for one of the pouches at her waist, after holding her other hand up palm out. "I've got money." She opens the little pouch and pulls out a. Wad of Benjamins. Or something. She tosses the money to Tony, "That's enough, I assume?"

Tony catches, Guido's eyes widen a bit but he's used to seeing money.
Tony states while thumbing through the money, "This'll do." and then thumbs back for Guido to go get the item, "Yo, muttonhead, go get the boomstick."
Guido chuckles and walks to the back of the room where he opens a cabinet.

Dom crosses her arms under her chest, tilting her head as she watches the two men in silence for the moment, waiting to see the item in question.

Returning with a shiny blaster rifle that's silver and gold in hue, Guido carries it like he's all proud of their newest toy.
That's when the scene suddenly changes. The only window of this room is shattered inward as a man in purple and black bursts into the room. He hits the floor, rolls and leaps up with a pistol in hand.
"That'll be quite far enough!" exclaims the Paladin then - BTAW, BTAW! energy shots are fired at the shocked and awed Guido and Tony. They're struck and suddenly fall comatose (stun gun).

Dom's icy blue eyes flick towards the rifle…and then there's smashing glass and all sorts of fun things. As soon as the window is shattered, Neena is reaching for one of her pistols. Which fires you know, actual bullets. The gun is aimed at the Paladin as the chalk-white merc slowly steps in the direction of…the rifle Guido dropped when he got knocked out. "And..who are you supposed to be, exactly?"

His own gun is then pointed back at Domino. He smiles and says, "Guido wasn't kidding; you are easy on the eyes. Allow me to introduce myself, 'I'm called the Paladin.'. But you can call me, 'lover, dreamboat, sexxah', or I'll even settle for 'babycakes' in the right context."

Dom continues stepping towards the rifle, her gun still aimed straight at the man. Her lips twitch into a small grin, "Do I know you? You remind me of someone. Wears a red outfit. Gets shot a lot." She shakes her head slightly before adding, "Put the gun down, babycakes. I'd hate for this to get messy."

"Did you just compare me to Deadpool? Seriously? He's nothing more than a hack. But that's not really why we're here. You put down your weapon first and we'll talk about who gets to take home the prize." he indicates the rifle. "You see, I was hired to obtain that weapon. Surely you don't want to get in the way of my profit."

"Actually, yes. Yes, I did. And yes, I do. You can take the money I gave the man there. And I take the gun. And nobody gets shot." Dom sets a booted foot on the rifle, "Sounds like a deal to me. You should probably stop talking and just get the money."

Glancing to the roll of money, he assertains the amount and smiles, "First… sweetcheeks. Tell me what are you gonna do with the gun? Cause being a hero for hire I have a moral obligation to ensure that such a dangerous device isn't allowed in the hands of some criminal or youth element."

"I think your biggest obligation should be making sure you get out of here alive, dreamboat." Domino comments as she crouches down to grab the rifle with her free hand, not lowering her gun or her gaze as she does. "Do I look like I'm going to go give this to some kid? The gun is for personal use. I promise." What's the entail, exactly? Nunya!

"So what do they call ya, other than 'spot' or 'nice rack'?" The Paladin queries while taking a seat on a table where lots of other firearms are spread out - still keeping his stun gun on her.

Domino lifts the rifle, setting it against her shoulder, "Domino. Call me spot again, and I'll go ahead and pull the trigger." She smirks at the man as he takes a seat, "You're welcome to keep the rest of those for yourself. Keep them out of the hands of the youth, and all that. We done here?"

"Only with the professional side of our parley. We can totally segue to a non professional, maybe a few drinks and who knows what.. if you're open to other possibilities." He says while slipping his stun gun back into the holster.

Lowering her own gun, Dom smirks at the man, "Well, good. I didn't come here looking to kill anyone." She taps her fingers against the rifle as she eyes him, "What makes you think I'm interested in a few drinks with you, lover?"

"Because, Domino, you know a great thing when you see it. And baby, I'm a great thing. So what do you say. We meet up at my place in an hour and get into something a little more comfortable than our super suits."

"I'm afraid I'm not that easy, hon. I don't go home with somebody on the first date when I've never even heard of them." Domino chuckles, shifting her grip on the rifle, "You work for money, hm?"

A challenge, he likes it. He smiles and says, "That I do. And I'm quite good at it too. When people need a hero they can call up and count on, they call me. What about you?"

"The same. Really. Minus the hero bit. Though I do that sometimes too." The pale merc smirks, "So, who paid you to come try and get this pretty little toy?"

"S.H.I.E.L.D.. I contract out from time to time with them. Not a bad organization and they pay well. " The Paladin answers with a content smile. "But… I'll just tell them that you got to the gun before I got here. Win-Win.

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