2012 01 30 To Teach Or To Be Eaten

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To Teach or Be Eaten

Nightcrawler and Havok

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Patio, Xavier Mansion

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Kurt reveals that he is interested in teaching at Selene's new school.


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The mixed winter, between cold days hinting at snow and the days melting everything away, Kurt enjoys dressing for the nearly fall like weather as it is above freezing at least. As it dwindles down to Alex and himself looking up at the night sky, some expectancy, some reserve about Heather's present situation and their inability to just go up and handle it themselves, Kurt turns to look at the other man. "You know, there was something I wanted to talk to you about," before Imperial Guard showed up and it was a race to get everything in order for the team to go up after them and their teammate. "I ran into Selene in the city," somewhere between his fight with the Sentinel and looking for information before Lorna went down to dig things out of the dirt would be implied.

"Selene." is stated in a darker tone as Alex continues to look up at the star filled sky. "She ain't anyone to just 'run into in the city'. I'm surprised you still have all your parts."

"True," grins Kurt, "You should probably have Emma check me out make sure its really me." Then a snort of a chuckle, he sips from his drink de jour. "Then again, if it wasn't all me, I wouldn't bring it up. But you're smarter than me and so you switched the drinks knowing I like Australian pilsners," he mocks at Princess Bride game of wits. "That's the catch though, see. She's opening up Emma's old school, under Emma's guidance. Offered me a job." He lets that ride, seeing the other's take on all that so far.

The cold doesn't bother Alex, though he wears black cargo pants and his costume top with the glowing white streaks that diverge from the center of his chest. Combat boots and no head gear.
"You didn't accept her offer, did you?" Alex asks as his eyes move sharply to confront Kurt. "You know this woman is evil, right? She eats people - sucks the life force out of them. Ran a cult down in Nova Roma and tried to eat the New Mutants. Oh, and let's not forget that she's the black queen of the Hellfire Club."

Folding one arm in front of it, the drink arm going over the top of that so he can still moisten his lips. "No," he says, slowly, "Not exactly." Which would probably enduce a response, Kurt quickly amends, "I was there when she went after Rogue, I know what she's capable of," on several occasions. "But the young mutants, if I could give them something so they aren't completely enthralled, reason if you will." He shakes his head again, "I told her I was interested, but it was dependent on Charles' opinion of the school. So long as he was comfortable there was no evil intent, I would consider. I also explained to her my first obligation would be to you and X-Factor."

"Dude, seriously. I know you're thinking that you're meaning well, and I'll give you that Selene is hawt. But dude.. you can't be serious. That woman is evil… she needs to be shut down, not supported. You totally need to talk to X about this." Alex is potentially miffed. His tone annoyed and concerned all at once and he's definitely emotive about the subject.

There is a nod from Kurt, "There is no intention to accept with speaking to him first." A quick sip from his drink then, "As well, I was told by her that Emma would discuss this with him as well. But I will not say yes or no to any offer she really has until I hear from him on this." Then looking from stars and now more at Alex, "And you, you're Herr Leiter on this, if it conflicts with my obligations to the team, I will decline the offer before speaking to Charles. I only ask that you give me some benefit of doubt in knowing what I'm doing."

"Emma.", said in the same dark tone as his initial statement of 'Selene'. "That blonde snake has definitely gotten the professor fooled - and a lot others from what I can tell. 'Oh no, I'm no longer evil, I'm a good girl now, totally believe me and don't mind that I'm a telepath and can manipulate your brains.'. Dude, I also think she's got the Professor in some mind lock or some crap cause she don't just turn around overnight and decide to scrap all her former evil ways that were quite profitable to be one of the good guys. I think they're both up to something. Hell, the entire HFC is probably in on it. Snaking their way into our good graces and the 'light side of the force'. Hell no."

"Mein fruend," grins Kurt, more so at the mocking voice of Emma in what has been said, "I respect your reserves on both of them. While I've had differences with both of them, I also believe their is some chance of redemption for both. Selene has tried to kill me, but, it is also to hear I owe my thanks. When Nimrod nearly destroyed me, it was her who brought the HFC to the fight to work alongside the X-Men. We have our difference, we always will have our differences. But if there is a chance to plant the right seed in the minds of the children she lures to that school, better to do it now than when they are a fully functioning team coming against any of us?"

Alex remains silent for a moment, "The Starjammers should be here tomorrow. Once we get Heather back, we're gonna see what necrotic vile Selene is producing and put a stop to it. Kids do not need exposure to such vile and villany." He's adamant, unbent and focused on taking Selene down. He obviously feels she's too dangerous to leave lurking and around children.

There is a nod of agreement from Kurt, "Should there be any villiany, it will be stopped. I will be along side you on that mission. Just, know if there is no evidence against her as concerns her new school, I will still seriously consider the appointment to teach." Almost if you can't beat them, join them, but more so that if a direct confrontation will not work, he sees it better to teach his own good over a show of force.

Alex glances toward Kurt, gives a slight nod and then starts walking toward the basketball court, "Get some rest, tomorrow's gonna be hell." and thus dismissing himself from Kurt and the conversation.

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