2012 01 30 Talkin With Tony

Log Title:
Talkin' with Tony

Iron Man and Sandman

IC Date:
January 30, 2012

Main Dining Hall - Avengers Mansion

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Tony and Sandman chat over dinner.


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It is early evening at Sandman sits in a wheelchair seated behind the large table as Jarvis brings him a tray with some food. "Here you are, Master Baker." Sandman who is still adjusted to being returned to life and being in a wheelchair, nods his head and Jarvis and chuckles. Jarvis seems confused, "Is something amusing, Master Baker?" Sandman chuckles again, "You said it again." Jarvis looks confused again. "You said Master Baker which sounds like…" Jarvis just shakes his head, "Yes, sir. If you need anything else, just use the com system, Master…Sandman." Sandman laughs loudly and lifts the tray to see what Jarvis prepared.

Tony strides in looking fairly tan and flashing the typical high wattage billionaire smile at Jarvis, then pauses as he spots Baker there and lifts a hand in greeting. "Bill, you're out and about, how're you feeling?" To Jarvis he flashes a quick look, "Grab me some lemonade would you Jarvis..and a sandwich or something." Then he's making his way over to the wheelchair encumbered Sandman and leaning against the table near by.

“Tony, I am doing well.” Managing the chair as he pushes it back and rolling over to Tony, Sandman extends his hand out, “Seriously, Mr. Stark, I have to thank you again. You and the others really saved my life. Literally. So I am not sure how I can repay it. But I will. I’ll be the best Avenger yet.” Giving a toothy smile of pride and gratitude, he turns his hand into an elongated sand bar and moves the tray closer, “Join me for dinner.”

"Good to hear it." Tony says, smiling again, and finding a seat as Jarvis returns with the requested sandwich - looks to be a Philly cheese steak, fries, and the lot as well as the lemonade that Tony asked for. There's a nod to the butler and Jarvis moves to depart saying, "You have but to comm, Master Baker, Master Jarvis." For his part Tony glances unpreturbed at the hand turned sandbar, "Part of the job, Bill, and I think you'll do just fine…repay us by being that Avenger and I think it'll be easy to call even."

"Alright then, that works, Tony." Munching into a mutton sandwich, Sandman spills some sand, but does not seem to mind it mixed with the food and Jarvis will surely clean up the small grains. But noticing that he is spilling a bit, Sandman sighs a bit, "Yeah, using my concentration to stay together makes me spill a few grains. But when I am back to normal, that won't be a problem." Reaching for his drink, he sips, "So, what brought you back to the team? Where were ya hidin'

Tony settles in, drops a napkin in his lap, and watches as the other man does his best to 'keep it together' quite literally. There's thought going on behind the man's startling blue eyes but exactly what is always hard to tell. He takes a bite or two from his own sandwich and then washes it down with his drink before he replies, dabbing at his mouth with a napkin, "Fiji. Needed a bit of a vacation, took some time to handle some business issues out in the general area at the same time. Never really left, just .. was out of touch for a while. Doesn't seem like things went /too/ badly here while I was away."

“Nah, Carol has been good. She stepped up as leader and is doing great. And it seems with your return more have come back. I just met Ares and Dane earlier today. So looks like we really will be Earth’s mightiest, I guess.” Sandman chuckles and takes another bite of his sandwich, “So I gotta ask, because I am nosey and stuff. Are you like, the world’s richest man? Like Bill Gates rich or like…richer?”

"I imagine she would be." Tony says with a smile which then after another bite, he chuckles and nods slightly. "Well, it's good to hear that folks are showing back up, seems like we all had a bit of a need for a little R&R. I'd heard about Ares, just not Dane…haven't seen Janet yet, is she still about?" There's a pause for another sip from his glass, "Depends on the math and what Gates is worth right now, I'm doing well enough that I don't need to count the zero's so much any more." He flashes a grin at that and glances around, "Nor am I gonna repo the Mansion anytime soon."

“Well, damn…if I were a criminal again…” Sandman shakes his head and starts laughing, “Well, I am good on what I get here. Hey become a hero and live at a mansion. So it worked out well.” Finishing his drink and almost done with his sandwich, he continues, “Yeah, Janet is around. She was actually one of the first to notice what the Sinister Six had done to me and her and Ben captured Vulture way back when I got kidnapped. So, I owe her a bit of thanks too and as for Dane, I think he was just getting bored in England, not so merry over there, I guess.”

He laughs at that and shakes his head, "Bill Gates'd be a better target, his stuff's easier to steal." Tony doesn't appear to be joking all that much, hides part of a smile between a few more bites of his sandwich and then nods. "Good, place wouldn't be the same without her and .. Vision either. Dane's good company to have around in a pinch as well, so you're right, sounds a helluva lot like the roster's just about set up with decent draft picks."

"Yeah it is. I broke into his house a few years back, just to see if I could. You'd be surprised with all the security, he would think he could defend against sand." Shrugging his shoulders and eating his meal, "So, you were here in the beginnin' huh. What was that moment like when you guys first became Avengers. Did ya have any idea it would grow into this?" Sandman takes the final bite from his mutton sandwich and lets out a belch.

Tony finishes his sandwich, dabs at his mouth again with the napkin and then cleans up his hands before dropping the napkin onto the plate just about the time Jarvis comes in, "Master Stark, let me take that for you please." Despite the politeness the butler swoops in and manages to grab the napkin before it lands on the plate, which is scooped up with the other hand. A quick glance at Sandman and then Jarvis is off to deliver the dishes elsewhere. Tony, meanwhile, leans back in his seat with a slight smile at the departing man, clearly the 'summoning' with the napkin thing has happened before. "Planning ahead is something I have to do, Bill, but I'm not a prophet or gifted with that sort of foresight. I'd /hoped/ it would become something like this, or I'd not have pitched in what I have."

Looking about the room and gesturing to the mansion in general, “Well, you have pitched in everything, I guess. And with that fancy armor and leadin’ the team from time to time, I guess you are the foundation for the team.” Offering a smile as he is done with his meal, Sandman holds out his napkin and readies to drop it to see if Jarvis will suddenly appear. “You have him trained well. I bet he has some super powers. Like super cleaning or cooking.”

"I've also broken a helluva lot, and had my arguments with how things're done. It's part of why the normal operating funds for the Avengers are in a trust." Tony chuckles as he notes the other with the napkin, "Careful..he's left a pile of the dirty ones in my bed before. I'm not so sure it's training him as he's trained me and most of the others here as well."

Considering how messy his room Is already, Sandman does not drop the napkin, but places it on the plate…very gently and gingerly. With a smirk, he looks back to Tony, “So Jarvis can have fun too.” Sandman looks towards the kitchen, “Maybe I can get his help to pull some pranks.” The grin on his face getting wider shows he is already thinking and planning, “Need to have some fun while I am recuperatin’ of course.”

Tony chuckles at that, finishing his lemonade and getting to his feet, "He can, though I'll be damned if I can figure out the rules." That's saying something. "Be careful who you decide to .. prank, there are a few that'd prolly not enjoy being the butt of them." He nudges his chair back into place and flicks a glance in the direction of the door he came through, "Bill, good to see you doin' so well, but I should see to a few things."

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