2012 01 30 No Painite No Gainite

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No Painite, No Gainite

Sebastian Shaw, Phantasm

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Jan 30, 2012

Painite Plus Gym

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Shaw and Mike run into each other at a gym for the elite.


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-==[ Painite Plus Gym - RP Suite #1 ]==-------

No pain no gain. And you can't spell Painite without the pain. With these factors in mind and with Painite thought to be the rarest mineral on the planet averaging around $60,000 per carat, it was just a matter of time before someone decided to name a gym meant for the social elite something spawned off of this. Take THAT Gold's.

As Monday evening rolls in, there's a bit of an uptick with the amount of persons present in the gym. The treadmills are pretty much spoken for, so are the step machines and bicycles. The upstairs track overlooking the basketball court and rock wall also have a number of people making use of it.

Ah, a gym for the elite. A place that likely has a hefty price tag also upon the membership to discourage the riff raff. And yet, the ever frugal Mike Hannigan, AKA Mick Drago also seems to have a membership here. Wow. How on earth is this possible? Has he splurged on himself? Nope! The membership is a gift from the label and he's not about to let that membership go to waste. Especially not after hearing that they have a rock wall. How awesome is that? But, alas, he is not using the rock wall right now and instead is hanging out near the juice bar area, drinking from a paper cup filled with filtered water. Judging from the way the stray hairs from the pony tail are clinging to his forehead, he's likely just finished up a set of workouts.

Over by the somewhat less-packed free weight section (so many fabulous people are so into cardio nowadays), captain of industry, Sebastian Shaw, has decided to take his exercise out among the people today. 'The people', of course, being somewhat exclusive, but really, when you have a secret HQ where you could spar and work out with highly paid, incredibly dangerous professional mercenaries, coming to a place like this -is- taking it more casually.

Unusually, he has taken the time and effort to allow every last iota of his stored kinetic energy to drain away - today is about the man himself, and from the somewhat self-satisfied (and a not a bit feral) grin on his features as he racks a set of 90 pound dumbbells, it's been a good one.

Toweling off his forehead, he walks to the juice bar, a few carbs to keep him going to the end of his workout would be nice. He wears somewhat tight, designer sweats on his lower body, jet black 'five-finger' shoes, and up top, one of those 'barely there' tanks in black, open all the way across the sides.

He's frankly -massive-, rippling muscles shining a bit with sweat, huge arms, deep chest, traps like bridge cables. His business attire tends to hide that a bit. But here, it's impossible to miss. He's larger than almost any man here who isn't a bodysuilder.

Mike's attire is less impressive as it's apparent that he doesn't give a crap about what he's wearing when working out. His shoes, well worn in, likely very comfortable. The sweats, are well worn to the point of being extremely comfortable as well without giving away any form of modesty in coverings. He has given in a bit in his public image to have opted for at least a dark gray to faded black color. The shirt, is an old concert tee with the sleeves cut off to allow a bit of movement exposing his arms to be, muscled enough due to more day to day things than spending time in the gym every day but still much smaller than Mr. Ripples over there. But hey, at least they have the pony tail thing going, right?

Due to his close proximity to the juice bar, Mike does note Sebastian coming nearby and gives a bit of a slight nod of acknowledgement to the man. The cup lifts as well in a bit of a slight half toast before he glances back towards the rock wall area which is sadly still occupied. Aww. Oh well, his time slot's not up yet anyways.

Yes, the ponytail, less common lately, but Shaw has never been one to be a slave to -fleeting- fashion trends, despite being a bit more into it in general than one might think. He orders a kiwi smoothie, protein powder, powdered creatine, obviously he takes this stuff seriously, "Well, Mr. 'Drago'-" a nod to the affectation of a stage name, "Good afternoon, how goes it?" he notes Mike looking towards the climbing wall, "Encountering a bit of selfishness?"

"I am doing well, Mr. Shaw." Mike replies, returning the favor of a name being spoken as the use of the stage name is more than enough of a reminder that he should be in a more working mindset here. Be nice, be courteous, sell the brand, do it for the hobos! Ok, maybe not the last part, but the other stuff does indirectly help with that too. Pale eyes break their gaze on the wall before he lifts up his cup to take a sip. Buying time for the response to Shaw's answer. "I've signed up for an upcoming time slot." He finally offers up.

Sebastian takes a long drink from his cup before responding, he's a little winded, but rapidly recovering, "Image is important for entertainers," he notes, "Or is this something you actually enjoy?" he sounds genuinely a bit curious. His own fitness fanaticism is quite evident, of course.

Mike glances over to Shaw, expression a bit surprised, "Who wouldn't want to climb a rock wall if presented the chance?" He gives a bit of a half smile, glancing to it. "It's kind of like monkeybars and jungle gyms when you were small enough for them and actually could find them."

He gives a bit of a shrug, "Although I guess it'd also be good practice for climbing random stage set pieces as well."

"Always some practical value, hm?" Sebastian asks, "I suppose it's important to take time for amusement, when one is so very busy." As well he knows, he -does- take that time, for all -sorts- of amusements, really.

"Well, things are what you make of it." Mike replies, glancing over to the rock wall again, "Although, maybe that's what they were thinking when they gave me the membership. Timing's a bit off though, considering the tour coming up and all."

"Take what time you can. One's health is important." Sebastian says, obviously he lives by that, "As you get a bit older, you'll appreciate it."

Mike gives a bit of a slight chuckle at the reminder, "Believe me, I'm already appreciating what I get. Life's too short to waste it all away with work. But then again, Life's long enough that you can't give work up entirely."

"You, dear boy, are preaching to the choir." Shaw says with a hint of amusement, "But I do make time to enjoy myself when I can." Barely having to sleep is an advantage the man abuses -tremendously-, "I see you've managed to keep your head about you as regards the influx of funds and opportunities. I do remember that." He explains, "While my father had -been- wealthy and connected, he lost most of that and emigrated to the States. I had to claw my own way up the ladder as a younger man."

The cup stops in it's motion towards Mike's lips and instead lower as Shaw offers up some insight to his father. "I don't know my father." Mike admits, "And I don't remember if my mom ever mentioned what she did before we moved to Jersey. But we lived on a hotel maid's income until she died. Then it was my aunt. Then it was a lot of crap jobs and well, there wasn't much to lose to put all into the music thing."

"It was a bit less dramatic in my case." Sebastian replies, "Father was…he had lost something, some 'spark' if you will. He took a risk and failed, and rather than stay, he fled. Filled my head with stories of the old days. And yet…" he pauses to finish his smoothie, "I worked up more slowly. Academic awards, scholarships…and a willingness to put my work out there and not to lose my head and sell patents early on. Thought that -was- quite the temptation."

"I could imagine." Mike muses. And imagine is probably all he could do. "A promise of a quick reward probably would be enough to distract a lot of people." His eyes flit back over towards the rock wall, in time to see the people over there making their way down. He turns his head, glancing around for a clock as his phone is 1) locked away and 2) useless for helping with this delima anyways. "I sometimes wonder what I'd be doing if it hadn't turned out I was actually good at this performing thing."

"Most people have -some- potential, if properly nurtured." Sebastian says. It's on his mind lately, what with the new school coming together, "And some squander it, unfortunately." There is a genuine note of regret in his voice as thoughts of a particular 'disappointment' enter his mind, "But it's unfortunately true that general education in this country leaves a great deal to be desired. I mean honestly, the things argued for inclusion in curricula…"

"Kind of makes getting a GED worth it." Mike muses, giving a bit of a half smile again, opting to take another sip of water, "I'd probably prefer it if they focused more on making it so students can actually go to school with them being able to focus on what they're supposed to learn rather than who's going to try to jump them on the way home."

"Or, being taught critical thinking skills. -How- to learn, instead of rote memorization." The older man notes. Despite his own inclination towards elitism, he much prefers to surround himself with intelligent people, "Mind you, I may dabble in education a bit, in the near term."

With the mention of dabbling in education, Mike's brows lift curiously, "Oh? Pursuing another degree? Or, is this more of a guest lecture thing?"

"Actually, I may be helping to finance an educational facility. Something for gifted students," Shaw explains, "Some colleagues of mine will be the heads, having a background in education." the use of the term 'gifted' amuses him, considering the Inner Circle's rivalry and current detente with the X-Men.

As Shaw gives a bit more information, confirming something that was floating in the back of Mike's mind, he gives a slight nod, taking a long moment to sip the contents of his cup, before emptying it. Alas, no more idle sipping pauses. "That sounds, interesting. What's the focus on? Technology?"

"I will be emphasizing that, of course, but primarily, it's to give them the tools to succeed in a variety of careers. Think of it as a more defined series of AP courses. Negotiation, critical thinking, psychology, data analysis, all of that." Sebastian explains, "The world is changing rapidly, and flexibility is becoming a key skill, as is the ability to pick up new ways of thinking and applying knowledge."

"I see…" Mike gives a bit of a nod to this before stopping, crumpling up the now empty paper cup in his hand before turning to toss it into a nearby trash can. It likely would be a more impressive display of hand eye coordination if the trash can wasn't a mere three feet away and waist level but hey, he gave a hoot. "Good luck with the school."

Sebastian also tosses his empty cup away, "Thank you. I enjoy the thought of molding young minds." There it is again, a tiny note of wistfulness when he speaks of the young.

If Mike caught on to the tone, there's little indication of it as he gives a bit of a nod once more as his eyes flit about, finally locating a clock. "It, looks like my time's almost up." He gives Shaw a nod, "Nice running into you, Mr. Shaw."

"You as well, Mr. Drago." His eyes go back over to the free weight section, "Ah, a good, and diverting, breather. Back to it then. Major muscle group day, back and biceps. I do try and stay balanced." there's not undue pride in his voice - for while his power augments it to staggering levels when needed, his body is -earned-.

With farewells exchanged, Mike starts to head over to the desk to get his needed equipment. YAY! HE GETS TO CLIMB STUFF! WOO HOO! Ahem. In a totally distinguished manner, we're sure.

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