2012 01 30 Introspection And Revelation

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Introspection and Revelation

American Dream and the Super Adaptoid

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The Adaptoid stops a crime and the American Dream arrives to confront him about his recent actions and intentions.


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Down in SoHo, just west of South Houston street, a fight broke out between the likes of the Trapster and an unidentified heroic figure that bears a green hue of skin and costume. The fight went on for no more than 3 minutes subsequent to the attempted bank robbery and the results were nearly comical.
Witnesses are telling police about how the Trapster burst into the bank and started demanding money. When the green heroic figure arrived on the scene and challenged the Trapster. According to witnesses, the green hero didn't seem to have a pattern to his costume, yet had elements of various other costumes that they've seen in the papers. (Amalgam: Night Thrasher, Force, Firestar and then the Trapster was added during the fight).
Witnesses also report that the hero used the Trapster's own trapping power against him. And that's where the Trapster is found, glued to the vault door. The hero quickly departed leaving the police to arrive shortly afterward.

We pick up our story with the arrival of the American Dream on the scene of the conflict. While outside on the sidewalk (where all the witnesses are speaking to police officers), she will note a reflection in the large bank windows. A reflection of the Super Adaptoid (in his blank white form) standing upon a 5 floor rooftop across the street from the building - looking down upon the street and observing the scene below.

One of the problems of not having movement based powers? You get stuck in traffic. It wasn't for long but the snarl up kept American Dream from arriving on the scene until after the action was over. After parking her boss bike, she stopped to examine things, ensure everyone was alright, and was just about to head off when she spotted that reflection.
American Dream purses her lips. She's read the files. She knows that, in this reality, the Super Adaptoid is listed firmly in the enemy column of the Avenger's files. Still…
It takes less than two minutes for American Dream to locate a fire escape and make her way to the rooftop of the building. That's an advantage of being in top physical shape.

Arriving on the roof, the American Dream will easily discern the location of where the Adaptoid once stood. However the blank white figure is no longer there. However, a tall man of dark hair wearing casual clothing is in his place. He remains standing and looking down upon the scene. It could be believed that the SA is aware of AD's arrival as the fire escape squeaked and the rooftop is tarpapered with gravel spread thin upon it allowing crunching of each step (when she so chooses to walk across). It's an otherwise brick building, 5 floors tall with a raised lip around the rooftop that stands 3ft high.

While American Dream is trained in stealth operations, she sacrificed quiet for speed in this case. She doubts that her arrival was unobserved. Being cautious, American Dream steps away from the edge of the roof so a simple shove won't send her flying over. However, she's also not about to close to grappling range with the strange figure, either. "Hello." A simple greeting.

"American Dream." is said in a strong deep voice. He steps from the ledge and turns to face her. Maintaining the ~30ft gap. His eyes survey her form and his eyes may demonstrate questions being silently formed, "To what do I owe the pleasure of your presence?" he asks, formalizing their conversation.

American Dream can't help but smile. Just a little. There's something almost familiar about this figure. Tall. Dark. Handsome. Very close to a form she's seen before, in another reality. "Someone who had access to multiple powers and shifting costume parts stopped a robbery just now. Was that you?"

"Yes." he answers plainly as if there is nothing more to his rationalization. Yet, he replies, "Being a protégé of Captain America, I trust you are here to interrogate me to understand my motives?"

The shield hangs on her arm, ready to be used but not AT the ready. American Dream steps forward. "I'm not really his protege." She admits. "Though he inspired me, I admit. And yes. I would like to understand your motives. Or the motives of the person giving you orders. Whichever applies."

"I am sorry to disappoint. There is no puppet master, there are no diabolical motives. I've chosen been given the means of free will and have chosen a path that's more altruistic in nature.". Words remain strong and assertive as the synthezoid takes three steps toward American Dream.

American Dream adjusts her shield, slightly, so that she can draw it up in an instant. "That's good. Very good. You wouldn't be the first artificial lifeform out there to choose the right side. Where I come from, I knew someone very much like you. He helped train me."

"I posit that you speak of the Vision?" The Adaptoid asks as he continues to close the gap between them - with the intention of closing within 10 feet before coming to a stop.

Ten feet is normally not grapple range. Of course, with someone who can duplicate powers, that's not a given. Even still, some risk must be taken for what you believe in. American Dream stays in place. "Vision, yes. Not just him. I come from an alternate universe. There, the Super Adaptoid joined the side of the angels years ago."

Pondering that a moment longer, the Adaptoid notes, "That is a unique perspective of change. Your version of the Adaptoid, did it ever return to the side of corruption? Or at the time of your departure it was still a heroic figure?""

American Dream shakes her head. "Once or twice, I believe, there were problems with outside forces hijacking his programming. Or her's. I only ever met him as a he but I suppose you could be anything you wanted. But, when I left, he was still on the side of good."

"Had /he/ obtained awareness or sentience?" the Adaptoid asks in a curious tone. Quite interested in her knowledge of this other version of himself.

American Dream nods. "Yes. I'm not sure how. He never talked about it and it seemed rude to ask, but he was certainly aware of himself and other people. He was a tough teacher but only to push us beyond our limits."

"Teacher…" He reiterates in a tone of consideration. Then returns to the moment, "Forvive me. I have chosen the name Phillip for this identity. I am currently associated with the New Warriors and it was Telemetry of that organization who revitalized and reprogrammed me to be a better being."

"Interesting. Well, she did a good job, then. You stopped Trapster quickly and no bystanders were hurt in the process." American Dream smiles. "Philip is also a good name. A nice start to your own identity."

"And now…" he pauses then continues, "Now that we have assertained one another's placement and purpose in the world; I would like to ask a question about your status and my potential status with your organization and its people - the Avengers."

"You want to join the Avengers?" American Dream says. Not surprised. Just thoughtful. "Well, I suppose that's possible. I can bring your request to the team, at least."

"Actually, prior to my application I am more inclined on seeking the trust and forgiveness of Captain America. It was through my heinous acts that he suffered many an incursion and offense. With my history, I do not propose to assume that they as a team would be accepting of my presence - even as a hero. Without justifying my position and the nature of my new existence."

"That's nice." American Dream smiles, melting just a little. She appreciates someone actually learning from their mistakes. "Well, I can arrange a meeting, certainly."

"He is a man of action and diplomatic words. I have been operating in this fashion for only 4 months now and have little proof of my condition. He has also been made aware of my position as former leader of AIM as Alessandro which was of a more diabolical and materialistic nature. I am concerned that he may only believe that this is a 'long con' and would need further proof. I then offer to submit to the probings of Iron Man or Doctor Pym to assert my position. Is this at all possible?"

This could be a trap, yes. And she'd be a fool to walk into it blindly. Still, this is important. "I'm not sure where Dr. Pym is right now but I believe Iron Man is on the active roster. I think that can be arranged, too."

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