2012 01 30 Enter Ares

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Enter Ares

Ares, Mockingbird, Ms. Marvel, and Black Knight

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Jan 30, 2012

Avenger's Mansion - Foyer

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Ares arrives at the Mansion, pre-Catching up with Sandman


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It's been a few months since the Avenger's Mansion has had its hall darkened by the form of Ares. It took some persuasion and a myriad of concessions, but with a suitably adept negotiation the young woman known as Mockingbird was able to gain an agreement from the elder God, as well as a position amongst the Greek Pantheon that might be enviable, might not be.
So it is with little ado that the gate is opened, then the door. The system's alarms go off, signaling the arrival of a team member and a former probationary member as well. It's not an alarm of danger, simply awareness. Though some might react in their own particular way.
When we rejoin our heroes they're in that foyer, Ares removing his jacket slowly and looking over the area with a slightly sour expression. He's recently clean-shaven, though still seems a touch haggard. Standing tall beside the young woman next to him, he grimaces a touch but says nothing. See, he's giving it a chance.

One of those taking note of the arrival would be Dane Whitman. Somewhere between the alarm notice and the arrival on the Foyer, he finds himself at a door jamb, leaning shoulder into the frame as if watching the spectacle from the shadows. Attire today includes dark jacket, Avengers shoulder patch, white shirt, blue jeans, boots somewhere between biker boots and riding boots maybe (or construction worker style (Wolverines)). His face could use a shave, but its no more than a day out and little more than a five O'clock shadow with a few hours and minutes added in for good measure.
Lips at his face turn into an amused smile, little and much could be said at this site, that is for certain. Pondering the myriad of words that could be expressed at this arrival, Dane chooses instead to simply call over in a form of greeting, "This is good, I can get off a few of black lists around here with you showing up." He doesn't have to look or suggest who its for, even though his eyes look right at the man he has intended.

Mockingbird is wearing her costume, although the glasses are perched atop her blonde hair. Yes, she'd expected the alarms to go off. And yes, she expected some response. Flashing Dane a smile, she jerks a thumb at the large form of Ares and offers. "He's with me." Not that guests are common in the Mansion, but it's a hospitality loophole. And a technicality. She looks up at Ares as if trying to read his expression, then shifts her attention back. "That's not to say he's back-back."

Smirking from across the way towards Dane, Ares crinkles his nose somewhat and gestures with a wide hand to the side, as if brushing past the man's words. "I am pleased that with my return you are no longer the Black Sheep of the Avenger's family." Ares slides his hands into the pockets of his jeans and takes up a place to stand beside Mockingbird. Towering over the smaller woman he cants his head to the side towards the Knight and then adds, "And no, I am not… as you say, back-back." He takes a deep breath, looking askance off in the direction of the various meeting rooms that hold the Avengers from time to time, his thoughts drifting back to the last time he was in one with Captain America haranguing him about his lack of 'team-spirit'.

An alarm, alert, or any other kind of notice that sounds inside Avengers' Mansion makes it specifically the business of the woman the team has chosen to elect as their current leader. Carol Danvers doesn't walk, though she could and often does. Instead, she hung around in the command center, watching the monitors to see exactly what was going on, who was involved, and who else was inbound, before deciding to attend to this herself as well. She sets the automated monitor systems, and then 'catches up' - since she's behind - by zooming up the elevator shaft under her own power, then tripping the doors to cycle open and allow her out at the ground floor just shy of the foyer.
Ms. Marvel arrives in her uniform, boots clicking on the hardwood floor as she lands, giving Ares a long once-over before glancing at Bobbi. "Welcome home, Mockingbird." she offers. Then, to Ares, "Nice guest. Hello, Ares. Been a while." Just that. Nothing more. No warmer than neutral, perhaps, but not condemning or excluding either. She of all people knows how hard it can be to show up again, depending on the leave-taking that preceded it.

Stepping off the door jamb, no longer supporting the frame so to speak, Dane enters the Foyer proper and seems to shrug perhaps. He nods towards Ms. Marvel at her entrance, but stays more focused on Ares and Mockingbird, the former to be precise. "Not quite back-back, just see how things are, take what you need, and be off again is it?" A wicked smile perhaps for the moment, noting how Mockingbird had said, 'he's with me.' Certainly, he's not one to speak about relationship, then again, he's not speaking about himself. It could almost be a way of asking what it really is then, but in Dane's own way.

Bobbi stuffs her hands into coat pockets, nodding to Ms. M as well. "Thanks. Good to be back." she replies. "No, Ares isn't back on the roster now or anything. But he has agreed to lend his assistance on a case-by-case basis." Mockingbird explains. Grinning to Dane, she clarifies further. "I will be acting as his go-between, actually. It's a bit of a long story, but it seems I've become his oracle."

Stepping forward into the hallway, Ares smirks at Black Knight, having always had some measure of amusement derived from the man's occasional rebellious nature. "Basically I am here to save you all whenever you realize that pictures on lunch boxes and newspaper headlines don't save the day." He shoots a glance towards Bobbi and then those dimly glowing red eyes shift back towards the approach of Ms. Marvel.
"Ms. Marvel," He says this levelly, tilting his head somewhat to the side as he asks. "Is Captain America present or are you serving in his role?" The word choice seems to indicate that he's not actually accepting that she's leader, but merely that she's temporarily in the spot.

Carol's response to Ares is one part brutal truth, one part scathing comeback. "Don't be an idiot, Ares. No one, living, dead, or yet to be born can ever take Captain America's role. You, of all people, should know that. But I have been elected the team's leader. And if you could pick up a newspaper and do better than looking at the pretty pictures, you'd know that."
That said, however, Ms. Marvel shrugs a bit. "That said, you're on the reserves. You're welcome here, whenever you want to grace us with your presence. Whether that remains the case will not be my decision alone, and will be based on what you do from here on. Simple as that." Just like the Air Force taught Carol: Lay it out, straight. What follows, follows.

A hint of a chuckle from Dane at the words from Ares, he listens to the play in the room. "Simple as that," he echoes, "Good to know he'll be the one saving us, we all need it." Unspoken words, resentment perhaps. Then to Mockingbird, he furrows his brow curiously, "Then its of your own consent, him using you," a hint of a pause but before anyone can correct him, "As his oracle?" Its short enough one could, by stretching thought, perceive it as a natural break - drawing of a breath. Then again, everyone in this room is smarter than that.

Mockingbird grins at Carol's retort, folding her arms over her chest as she peers at Dane. "He's -not- using me. And some of us don't -have- our pictures on lunchboxes…" she quips back. Looking from Dane to Ms. M again, she continues "From what I understand, I triggered the process by offering to be his spokesperson. Then Hermes swooped in to try and make a game of it, invoking ancient laws or rites or something."

Stretching out his arms to the sides, Ares makes a show of yawning, and then slamming his fists against his chest. An almost brutish gesture as he enjoys the moment, then he looks to Dane. "You see, back five minutes and already I act as your lightning rod. Accepting the harsh words in your stead." He shakes his head slowly, sadly, and affectedly.
Looking back to Carol he replies, "Well it is good then, let me know when the rest of you are finished with your deliberations. I will be sure to avail myself of the free food and drink in the meantime."
Though Mockingbird's words draw his attention. "To be fair to Ms. Morse, she faced several trials and travails and prevailed. She spoke to three of the divine from my pantheon, stood her ground, and even drove one to rage. It was an act worthy of song did I have such a gift." There's something in his tone, his pattern of speech.

"No deliberating, for now. Enjoy the vittles as you see fit." Ms. Marvel offers Ares with a shrug. She's not into the condemnation game. No glass houses for Carol. She looks carefully at Bobbi as Ares recounts her deeds, but says nothing. What is there to say, after all. "Glad you made it through OK." Just that simple.

Pursing a lip and raising a brow as if differing to Ares in all fairness, Dane nods lightly. "She's right though, we don't all have pictures on lunchboxes. Something to do with unspoken honor system, the length of your stay on active duty and how well you control your rage." As if he's making it up on the spot and not trying to be so sly about it even. "It should be said that Ms. Morse stands true as a better person than I," no sarcasm, honesty even in his words, though hinting he wouldn't of stood up on the others behalf if given the choice. "I imagine we'll get along well enough, I'll be the first to offer you a beer when you prove yourself right." Then to Mockingbird, "Ancient laws are tricky devils, no? I would advise council on all that is entailed in being an Oracle."

Mockingbird chuckles softly at Ares' praise, and gives a shrug. "To be fair, Aphrodite WAS acting like a bitchy teenager." she admits. Lips curling into a wry smile, she nods to Dane and adds. "Thanks. No matter WHAT Clint thinks of me." It's likely no secret that Bobbi and Clint have filed for divorce, either. "Ares and I have discussed the terms at some length, actually. I'm not his manager, nor am I his publicist. I'm simply a go-between for those whose sensibilities might be ruffled by what he represents."

Starting to walk down the hallway, Ares steps around Dane and then Carol even as he slides his hands back into his pockets. "During the Winter Solstice, however, she shall have to perform the blood rite of Archaeopteryx. We shall be accepting volunteers for the human sacrifice." He manages to deliver this with a sternness and a severity, even as he walks towards the hallway that leads to the kitchen. He pauses at the turn down the way to look back at the other Avengers, "I must admit, however, I did miss this measure of camaraderie. It's thrilling."

Carol lets Ares walk past unmolested, but gives Bobbi an arched eyebrow at mention of human sacrifice. She's pretty sure Ares is yanking her chain - their chain, as it were - so she doesn't leap to the bait. She just waits for Bobbi to handle it. "I always did think Aphrodite must be a spoiled brat, the way she always messed around on poor Hephaestus. Then again, most of the Greek pantheon always struck me as a bunch of trumped-up children with delusions of grandeur." Oooh. Ouch. And this from a soldier. She, of all people, ought to respect Ares. Right?

Dane doesn't move much, letting Ares step around him, and is about to respond to Mockingbird when Ares calls back. Turning to look at the god, he stands shoulders perpendicular to both as he responds, "Ya, the dirt you have to take, its part of trusting each other when it really is life and death. To have that trust, it means we need to be dead honest with each other when our lives aren't on the rope." Take it or lump it, so his turning back to Mockingbird would indicate. "Go-between is exactly what I mean," he reaffirms, "You're the direct link of communication, along with all that it entails. How much say do you have when someone from Olympus just wants to chat with Ares? You sort of go blank, black out, they take over your body?" While far from an expert on things mystical, Dane has his fair share of spiritual visitors using bodies, a natural conclusion for him in the circumstance. The comment from Carol gets something of a grin from him, perhaps her own thoughts or words mirroring his overall thoughts on all divine beings.

Bobbi lets Ares go, her mouth twisting into a wry smile. "No, he hasn't lost his sense of humor." she offers, beginning to follow Ares. Pausing to respond to Dane, then, she replies with a chuckle "Nothing like that, I'm afraid. At least no one's taken over my body without my consent. While Aphrodite -assured- me that she will now have some form of influence over me, the one who really matters is Zeus. Ares has sworn oaths to him, and I am indirectly affected by those."

The mention of Zeus does cause a measure of dampening to Ares' manner. The God's features twist into a slight hint of annoyance but then when Mockingbird finishes speaking he nods to her, even as he stops his departure for the moment. He gestures with one hand towards Dane, as if asking for the man to accept the words from him. "I have taken steps as I can to minimize the exposure that Ms. Morse will face. With her position a measure of prestige is gained, however it also makes her a point of attention for those of my ilk who might wish to take exception. Naturally the position of oracle is not one that is not without its protections."
There's a moment as the tall man cants his head to the side, as if letting his thoughts drift. Then he finally adds, "She is endangered, but no moreso than we all are by the various paths through life we have led."

Ms. Marvel purses her lips for a moment at the reminder of the danger all of this poses to Bobbi, but then simply shrugs her shoulders. "Any time you need backup, you know where to find it, how to reach it. The rest is your call." she mentions to Mockingbird respectfully enough. Like a teammate. As if!

Letting Bobbi decide for herself how to take the admittance there is possible more danger evident than exposed on the surface of this oracle gig, Dane dead eyes on Ares. "For what its worth Ares, I trust you have taken as much steps as you can to protect her in this. You knowing the jurisdiction better than any of us in this matter. As well, you know Bobbi holds the loyalty of most of us should anything happen undo towards her in all of this." It didn't need to be said, but its Dane's way of saying he is giving trust and difference to Ares in the matter. "Perhaps I owe you the beer now."

Mockingbird folds arms over her chest and shrugs lightly. "So far, at least, it's not been any more dangerous than being an Avenger." she offers. "Then again I've not hit very high on the radar, either." She smiles at the offers of assistance, however, and nods just the same. "I went into this with my eyes open, and everything was laid out pretty well for me."

A rough hand lifts to scratch at the hint of stubble along the curve of his chin. Ares looks distant, then refocuses his gaze back upon Dane. "Well she is female, so unfortunately there is naught I can do about that and the inherent limitations that brings. But despite that I have taken what precautions I could." Alright he might be just playing to expectations at this point, but there is something to it that makes him smile wryly.
A turn is taken towards the kitchen and the God of War starts to move off once again, "Come, all of you if you wish. We can all share a good draught together and you can catch me up on what has transpired since my last time here."

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