2012 01 30 Defer To Experience

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Defer to Experience

Nightcrawler & Charles Xavier

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Xavier's Office, Xavier Mansion

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Kurt approaches Xavier about teaching at the Mass Academy.


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Xavier's door is open to reveal the expansive and well decorated office. Within the office, Xavier himself is seated within one of his wheelchairs and seemingly occupied with paperwork. A few folders are upon his desk, some in an 'IN' box, while far fewer are in an 'OUT' box. He seems intent and quite focused on the tasks at hand. Presently, Xavier is wearing a business suit of gray with a white shirt and red tie. Soft classical music plays in the background.

Showing up casually with a soft knock at the door, Kurt doesn't outright intrude but pokes a head in. "Now a good time, Mein Lehrer," he says with a smile. "I could come back." He is dressed casual, shirt, jeans, no shoes, tail swaying. While's he's been back a short while, enough to start helping Alex with his new X-Factor, he probably hasn't had much interactino with the Professor. Still, by his tone, it wouldn't take a telepath to realize this isn't just a catch up sort of meeting.
With a signature the professor replies, "Kurt." in a raising pitch of his voice in a welcoming tone. His blue eyes raise from the paperwork while folding the manilla folder shut, "Please, come in." is also offered with a smile.

"Much has changed," grins Kurt, moving in towards a seat across from the desk. "And it still is familiar," the school, the world, people, everything in general perhaps. When he comes to a seat, he sits with both legs up, comfortable for himself. "It is a lot of work, a school. That is my current interest. That is, the former Massachuessetts (sp) Academy." He leaves it at that, not sure what all is known by the other but ready to give any information needed.

Watching as the topic takes a more serious approach, Xavier leans back in his chair to give Kurt his full attention. He notes, "I've heard that the school is being rebuilt. Though I have yet to speak to Emma on such matters as I've been busy with recent developments. Do you have concerns about a particular situation?"

There is a shake of his head, no direct concerns. Instead, Kurt redresses, "I have been approched by Selene. She feels she could use additional faculty. She knows my position on things, she knows my faith. I feel the students could truly use more perspective," implying outside Hellfire Club representatives, "I told her my one condition was any objections you would have." His yellow eyes seek the Professor's blues then, seeing if he can see any objection before it is voiced. Kurt is seriously deferring to Charles' expertise in this matter.

Leaning to his left, an elbow is placed upon the arm of the chair and fingers raised to his lips. He ponders a second and then lifting his chin (pulling lips away from his closing hand) he states, "It would be wise to steer clear of any exploits that Selene is partaking within. Her entanglements are both far reaching and dangerous. Being immortal she has the patience to oversee diabolical plans which encompass decades if not generations. It is my intention to speak with Emma on these matters as she must be somehow involved." He gives pause and then asks, "Tell me, Kurt. What is your motivation in this matter?" with a slightly raised eyebrow. Kurt may be well accustomed to Xavier's off the cuff queries, as this one comes with a cursory scan trying to detect manipulations of the mental sort.

Taking all that is offered from the Professor's personal thoughts on the matter, Kurt isn't caught off by the query. "My personal motivation is to teach students. I don't know what plans she has or why she would seek me personally to search as faculty. That is a curiousity itself, Professor. Since she has come to me and knowing of this opportunity, I am interested in seeing that these students she wishes to mold are given good choices to make. I would like them to know and believe in coexistence, rather than be denyied that opportunity."

Xavier nods, accepting the answer then adds, "There's a story about a scorpion and a frog. The Scorpion and the Frog is a fable about a scorpion asking a frog to carry him across a river. The frog is afraid of being stung during the trip, but the scorpion argues that if it stung the frog, the frog would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog agrees and begins carrying the scorpion, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When asked why, the scorpion points out that this is its nature." He gives pause a moment to allow the story to sink in and then adds, "Personally, I agree that people should be given a second chance. Albeit, the nature of an individual comes into question when dealing with those whose nature does not lend room for change."

Two fingers come up to Kurt's jawline, that is all he has, and they rub as he listens to the story. "I cannot say what my faith would ask of me for Selene. She may well intend to sting me," knowing himself to be the frog in the Professor's fable. "But I cannot judge those she finds as students for her academy. There is more than a frog and a scorpion in the equation. It is because of any potential students she might have that I have given any consideration to her offer. She knows of my condition to defer to you on this matter. I think she may have spoken to Emma about this and she may come to speak with you as well."

"I hope that she does. It's difficult to imagine what end she is trying to accomplish." Xavier states and then inhales deeply and releases. His next question comes shortly after, "So it is your intent to leave X-Factor and your home here to move to the Massachusetts Academy?"

There is a shake of his head, "I would not intend to leave X-Factor. I have expressed this to Selene as well, I have given my word to Alex that I will work with his team. She will know as well that I am registered and known to the US government," suggesting it places her school on the map just the same. "The distance between schools compared to the juristiction of X-Factor is negligible. I would be closer to New York should X-Factor's presence be required, anything less in distance between the schools would be more readily handled by the team from here. Everything else would mean slight arrangements to have me meet the team. This is up to Alex and Val as well, Alex knows my interest and suspects Selene as well. I have my reservations with her."

"If you would, give me a few days to investigate this. Then we'll speak again. Fair enough?" Xavier says as he moves forward again with his forearms on the desk and picks up a pen.

Kurt nods, "That is fair enough … Thanks for the consideration." One foot comes off the chair and then the other, "Hopefully we will be back in a few days, with Heather." It is hopeful at best, but may just be Kurt's way of saying, the school issue is in the back of his mind though his foremost concentration is going to the present mission of X-Factor.

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