2012 01 30 Chicken Check In

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Chicken Check-In

Harley (Cattail), X-23, Dajan

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Harley's Apartment

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Dajan drops in to assure her friend she's still alive after dropping off the radar for a bit.


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It is a night in at apartment 808. Harley is busy multi-tasking. She has out her laptop, where she is editing news into her achive system. On her iPad she's got a paper that she is reviewing for school, and on the television is an action movie that she is sort of watching as well, with a bowl of popcorn between her legs, a big tee-shirt on, and Nickie at her side. Just another night of chillaxing.
Nickie is totally multi-tasking too. The girl is firstly chillaxin in an oversized sleep shirt, is also stealing popcorn from time to time, and is watching a movie AND is sucking on a soda. The girl can get a lot done when she puts her mind to it.
It was a few days before Mrs. Richards would be satisfied that Dajan was fit to go home — such that home was. And after getting home, she had to make sure her little room was still secure, and confirm whether she still had her job. So it's now in a new pair of boots and her new coat (yay, warm!) that she knocks on the door to Harley's apartment with a bucket of KFC in hand. Knock, knock.

Harley settles the bowl of popcorn onto 23's lap when the knock on the door comes. She hops up and pulls her big shirt down over her thighs while heading towards the door. She peeks through the security peeper, then quickly yanks the door open. "Dajan! Oh my god!" She practically leaps onto the woman, giving her a big hug. "I have been wondering what on earth had happened to you."

Popcorn in lap, 23 looks over at the door suspiciously as Harley pads over. When the caller is revealed she keeps up the supicious look for another moment before simply offering an idle wave, sipping her drink and turning back to watch the movie. Now that Harley isn't sitting on the remote she changes the channel, where is it, where is it… succcess, My Little Pony.
Dajan is hugged, and has to quickly fling out one arm to keep the bucket from being crushed. "Sorry about that," she says, muffled, hugging back with her other arm. "Things've been weird, yeah. You crushin' my ribs, chere."
Should Harley let go, Dajan will return the wave to Nickie. "Hey, girl." She hands Harley the bucket.
Harley takes the offered bucket and steps back, waving Dajan inside. "Come on in. Come on in. Chicken? Are you hungry?" Once Dajan is inside she shuts the door and engages her multitude of locks. "So…let me get your coat." She stretches a rubbery arm across the room to set the chicken down, while taking the coat off of Dajan's back.

Nickie watches the girls go about their business. She idly munches on her popcorn, sniffing the chicken in the air with a hopefull look on her face. Then goes back to seeing what sort of trouble Rainbow Dash is getting into.

"I'm good, actually," Dajan promises. "I've been fed within an inch of my life over the past couple days. Miz Richards seemed to think I was too thin." She looks down at herself dubiously. Yeah, she's still a little thin. "So how y'all been?"

"Nickie hon?" Harley sets several pieces of chicken onto a plate, and offers it to Nickie while she hangs Dajan's coat up. "Well, busy with school mostly. Classes have been hectic. I'm still not used to the new class schedule, and the gym is hassling me about the new availability." Eyeing Dajan, she nods. "You could gain some weight. You look gorgeous of course, but a bit of weight wouldn't hurt."

Nickie is just a quiet person, it's her way. She nods and murmurs, "Thank you," when offered the chicken though. The chicken pieces are dumped atop the popcorn and the plate placed to the side. The girl goes about eating it her usual way, snapping bones and all and spitting out shards onto the plate as she finds them.

"This's my normal metabolism," Dajan answers. "Maman thought the same thing. Fed me like I was starvin', but always I'm skinny, yeah. Guess my lil mutant thing eats all the spare calories." She glances at Nickie, and grins. "Well, good. Glad it won't go to waste. How you been, Nickie?"

Harley shakes her head with a smile at Nickie's dumping of the chicken onto the popcorn. She then waves, "Have a seat Dajan. Can I get you something to drink? I've got some water, tea, soda and orange juice. And milk of course."
"I'm ok," Nickie says offhandedly while nibbling on a wing. "Stopped some guys who were trying to steal some nuclear material a while ago. Busted up a street, tore apart another pair of pants."
Dajan blinks at Nickie's nonchalant enumeration of what she's been up to. "Oh, well, that's good, then," she says, sort of spreading her hands in an 'I dunno' gesture. "Can't have nuclear stuff just lyin' around, no." At the mention of the pants though, she offers a smile. "I'm pretty good with the mendin' if you want."

"Oh, I'll keep that in mind for next time." Nickie looks curiously at Dajan's current dress and hmmms as she sniffs the girl again. She holds up a strip of a breast she's torn clean, "Chicken?"

Dajan shakes her head, "No, serious, I'm good, chere," she tells the other woman. "Couldn't eat another bite. Just bad manners to pop up both unnanounced an' emptyhanded. Only Harley's messages sounded so worried, I thought I mebbe better show up in person." She gives Harley an apologetic glance. "S'pose you wantin' an explanation, too, yeah?"

Harley looks at Dajan's clothes and nods, "Well, that is a handy skill to have. But when she means she tore them apart, she really means that. I don't think you could salvage them, especially since they never came home." Settling down next to 23, but not too close, since she doesn't want to get eaten along with the chicken. "An explanation would be good. But you can just grunt at me like Nickie does when she doesn't want to talk."

Nickie casts a sidelong eye at Harley. She frowns slightly, slides her finger along the fried chicken skin and then slowly, deliberately, begins inching the grease and crumb coated finger towards the front of Harley's shirt.

"Oh, well, you know. Broke family. Buncha sibs. It was a survival skill," she says modestly. Her waitress outfit shows recent basting at the armpits, if anyone is looking /that/ closely at it. Dajan raises a brow, apparently considering taking the concept of grunting rather than talking like Nickie does. But she talks. She obviously feels guilty for worrying her friend and it shows on her face, as she looks away and toward the floor, mouth twisting in embarrassment even now. "It was the /stupidest/ thing," she says, almost under her breath.

Harley cringes as Nickie starts coming for her with that greasy finger. "Nickie!" she gives a whine, then retaliates by leaning forward to clean the finger with a kiss. After she's defended herself she looks to Dajan, "It is an important skill for a fledgling hero to have. Uniforms and all." She nods her head, "So you turned into me, and went back in time and told my mother that you didn't want to live in New Orleans anymore because she was a total bitch and was driving you crazy?"

Complex emotions, weird stuff. Frankly most of the conversation is just flying over Nickie's head. But at least she's got chicken. The girl munches and watches the girls go back and forth.

"I am /not/a fledgeling hero!" she protests, handflappily. "I don't have a uniform. I don't want a uniform!" Apparently her waitress uniform is exempt from this distressed exclamation.

She shakes her head vigorously to punctuate her emphatic tone. "And no, I didn't go back in time,me. I apparently picked up the wrong knife-sword-blade thing and got turned into a Ninja for a couple days, though. Then I apparently decided to take on Spider-Man of all people. He wen' mopped the floor with me of /course/." She bites her lower lip and adds, "…told you it was stupid."

Harley laughs and says, "I didn't say that you were. I was talking about myself. My mom would not approve of me running around naked like I do. But I've never told her really about me being able to do this as well as I do. Becuase I know I would get asked about it constantly." She picks up a napkin and brings it back to grab at Nickie's hand, trying to clean it up while they talk. "You don't want a uniform? You can't be a real hero without one. Well, a superhero at least. You can be a hero naked or in street clothes." Then she frowns, "Are you pulling my leg? You got turned into a /ninja/?"

Nickie lets herself be cleaned up by Harley, looking curiously over at the girl. "She wouldn't? So she really won't approve of me?" She almost looks disappointd, almost. Then she watches the back and forth again, not much to say.

"Well, if you want a uniform, I could prolly help you whip one up, yeah." She blinks at the idea of Harley running around naked, although she sort of vaguely remembers her clothes melting off the night they revealed to each other they had powers. "I got no business wearin' a uniform or tryin' anykinda superheroin'. I got no idea what I'm doin, chere. None a'tall!" A pause at the frown, and her mouth tightens a little. "This's what I been told. I don't remember anythin' between my last shift at the diner an' wakin' up on a hospital bed in the Baxter Building, wearin' a buncha black clothes I don' 'member buyin'."

"Moms always think in terms of their own youth an' they don't get that things /change/," she offers to Nickie by way of explanation for the potential disapproval of Harley's mother.
Harley frowns and reaches over to pat Nickie, "When she meets you she will undoubtedly love you Nickie. You are wonderful. But yes, she is a stickler about clothes. It isn't clean work we do, and a lack of clothing means more potential contamination of scenes, more potential…well, everything." She shrugs, "But she's never been as stretchy as I am." She looks at Dajan, "Well…yeah. Sorry. I just was thinking power means heroing, but I know that isn't a logical conclusion. So…you seriously turned into a ninja? Dressed in black, the little swords, the stupid throwing stars?"

"Most ninja don't use the stars, they use throwing blades, when they don't use guns." Nickie shrugs slightly and nods, looking fairly placated by Harley's explanations. She hmmmms and goes back to her chicken, nibbling again and mussing her hands again.

"No throwing stars," Dajan says, pausing to consider it. "At least, I don't think so. Nobody mentioned any." She shakes her head. "An' the most annoyin' part is that I don't remember anythin' 'bout any of it. An' I now owe Spider-Man an apology on accounta he rescued me /twice/!" She makes a noise that's part frustration, part exasperation. "An' the second time I was apparently tryin'a kill him!"

"That's because throwing stars are dumb." Harley leans back on the couch, shifting her iPad out of the way so she can shift a bit closer to 23. "So, you picked up some evil sword that turned you into a ninja? Wow…that would be a hard one to explain to a boss. And…I seriously don't think that Spider Man is going to need an apology. He is like the world's epicenter of weird shit."

With chicken consumed, 23 puts the bucket on the ground. She twists in her seat and curls up with her head in Harley's lap. She absent-mindedly tugs down a shirt so her undies ain't showing as she watches her show, her cartoon is over and now some stupid boy cartoon is on.

"Yeah. Because, y'know, they came outta nowhere, chasin' me. If it wasn't for him and Phantasm, I'd'a been a statistic. Found dead, floatin' in the river, or in pieces or who knows what!" Excitable, much, Dajan? Yeah. Apparently she's put some consideration to what negative outcomes could've been. "Mr. Grimm and Miz Richards, they said they'd call, clear it up, yeah. And they did. I still got a job." Whew, says the relieved roll of her eyes. "Why wouldn't he need an apology? I mean, my mama raised me right. It's just /awful/ he saved me an' then I tried to kill him!"

Harley slinks her arm around Nickie, then covertly picks up the popcorn bowl, empties the contents into the trash, then sets the bowl into the sink. Then she washes her hand with anti-bacterial soap before pulling it back so she can rest it on Nickie's hip. "Ugh…that sounds horrible. And I am sure glad they saved you. But, if you run into Spider Man, I am sure you wouldn't upset him with a thank you, but apologizing for being mind controlled? WOuld you expect someone to apologize for that? I sure wouldn't. That is like apologizing for breathing or something. Give him a thank you. Bake him some cookies, something like that."
"Be honest, I was thinkin' beignets, at first, but mebbe Jambalaya or Gumbo'd be better. That costume don't look all that warm and it is /freezin'/ way up onna rooftops, yeah," Dajan says, giving it obvious, serious thought. "I think I saw a thermal travel case for a cookin' dish on sale at Target, even." She finds herself fighting a yawn. "I better be headin' on home myself, chere. I only swung by to let you know I wasn't dead or somethin' worse." She shakes her head. "Damn. I'm becomin' a real New Yorker, me, if I can say 'or somethin' worse' than dead in conversation without battin' an eye."

Harley stands up and steps over to give Dajan another hug as she stretches an arm to grab the woman's coat. Once she has offered it over to Dajan, "Well, you are more of a New Yorker than I am, because I can't say that quite as casually as you just did." She laughs and escorts her friend to the door, "A thermal what?" She shakes it off and leans in for a cheek kiss. "Take care of yourself hon. And don't be a stranger okay?"

"A thermal travel thing so you can carry the food and it don't get cold." Dajan grins. "that much I know from experience — it must be /cold/ up there, because it felt like I was /never/ gonna get warm." She hugs Harley back and gets into her coat. "I won't be a stranger, promise. Now I just gotta find Aurelio an' see if I can make it up to him for missin' that party." Dajan turns and opens the door to let herself out. "And mebbe I'll pop by your gym an' see about some self defense classes… everybody seems to think they a good idea." And with that, she tugs the door closed after herself.

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