2012 01 30 Catching Up In The Kitchen

Log Title:
Catching Up in the Kitchen

Ares, Black Knight, Mockingbird, Ms. Marvel, and Sandman

IC Date:
January 30, 2012

Kitchen - Avengers Mansion

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Ares returns to the mansion and Sandman is recovering and everyone meets up in the kitchen


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Already in the kitchen, the man once again wholly known as William Baker steps out or rather rolls out in a wheelchair. Near the cabinets, he is attempting to reach for something, but gets frustrated when he is still unable to sand, shifting his arm into its pssamic form, he is able to extend it and open the cabinet, but sighs when the cups are on the highest shelf. After a complicated week of recovery from the Sinister Six ordeal, the Avenger is finally ready to try and do things on his own. Stopping short, he recognizes two of his female team members. The two males, he is familiar with, but has not encountered since his recovery. Offering an uncharacteristically cheerful greeting, “Yo ladies, miss me?” To the males, taking a faux formal medieval type speech tone, “Greetin’s fair warriors…um…what ho?”

"Hi, Sandy. Good to see you." Carol offers simply as she enters behind Ares, Bobbi and Dane. She moves around the others and steps up to reach down the things William needs from the cabinets with a smile. "Have to confess, we didn't arrange things around here to make it easy for the less mobile. Sorry about that. How are you feeling?"

Coming in with the group, Dane is rather straight faced for the naunce. Raising a brow at William and the faux speech pattern he appears to have little to say to the question. Then again, he opens his mouth and some words spill out just the same. "That question is out of my purview, maybe Ares could speak of his inability to write poems for women if you're really interested in knowing which it is." Making his way to the fridge, he reaches in and takes out a six back of stout beer, Harps, its labelled as his, in vary black permanent marker. Manuscript isn't the best but ledgable. He was serious about the beer afterall, not metaphorically, for anyone who though otherwise. Taking one bottle from the box, he offers around to any takers, removing caps with a twist for any inclined for a cold one.

Mockingbird walks in with the rest of the troupe, and waves to Sandman as well. "Hey there, Sandy. Slow steps, remember?" The latter is offered as he tries to extend to reach a cup. Walking over to him, she rests a palm lightly upon his shoulder and offers a smile as well. "I think you've probably heard of Ares and Black Knight, but these are their alter egos. Gentleman, this is William Baker, a.k.a. Sandman." And then yes, she'll have a beer.

Like the pronouncement from a judge on high, granting words to one who is about to be executed, Ares' voice has an air of severity to it. "I do not know you." He says this levelly, sternly, though his gaze flicks towards Dane and the man's procurement of said brews. A few paces carry the large man into the room with an easy gait until he accepts one of the drinks. That having been done he turns back towards Sandman.

"Though if you are an Avenger I shall trust you deserve to be here. And if these will vouch for you I shall consider that acceptable." That having been said he tilts back his drink for a long pull.

"Thanks" to Carol who took the extra and final step of ridding the world of Flint Marko. As Carol hands him the cup, he offers to Dane, "Um, not really. I was just thinkin' you bein' a knight or whatever and him being some god or whatever. I thought hey, why not try." Sandman shrugs as he attempts again to make his arm take a sandy form, but winces when it only shifts for a second and returns to flesh and blood, "I'll have a beer, BK." When he reaches over to places his unpained arm around Bobbi, "Thanks for bringin' me back!" And to Ares, he eyes the Greek god with a confused expression but with seemingly approved by him, Bill nods,"Well thank you…I think."
Carol merely gives a rueful smile and a nod to William when he thanks her. "I gave you my word, William. Anything it took." And she kept her word. She'd do it again. Which doesn't mean she'd take it lightly, either.

Beers handed to all takers, Dane uncaps his own and downs several big gulps himself. A moment afterwhich he exhales across the mouth of his bottle, not whistling it, but blowing some cool steam rising into the warmer air of the mansion. In response at first to Bill's last sentiment of thanks, "From him, it means something," honest but begrudged from his voice. Then a hint of a grin, "Dane Whitman, just Dane there Bill." Another sip from the cool one, before he hads on, "BK is trademarked and lunch boxed. I'm not going to wake up next to you and offer you flame broiled patties." Then squaring a look to Ares, "No, that's not open for witty repartee," as if catching himself exposing thoughts to some male ridicule or another. Then a ponderance, "So, you're the one that's been talked about lately?" Suggesting he's heard a thing or two from England through communications, but doesn't know much first hand about what recently has transpired.

Mockingbird gives Ares a look and offers Sandy a wry smile as well. Jerking a thumb towards Ares, Bobbi takes a swig of her Harps and returns the one-armed hug. "He may LOOK like the God of War, but Charm is his real superpower. Don't tell anybody." A wink follows, then Bobbi pats Sandy's shoulder again. Perhaps to make sure it's fleshy.

"I am a social creature," Ares admits this casually, and without a lick of truth to it. The tall man leans back against the counter, looking from each individual to the next. His thoughts wander for a time, and perhaps for an instant, a bare sliver of an instant he reflects on whether or not he should be here. In that moment his gaze drifts across towards Mockingbird and he cocks an eyebrow slightly, then as if to grant answer he offers a small shrug. It's enough as if to say silently, 'I'll try, at least.'

There's a crinkle to the god's nose as he looks back. "So what has passed. It sounds as if Sandman has returned from some travail." He looks across the way at the former villain, then towards the other Avengers.

The shoulder is indeed fleshy as it may be a bit before his uses his powers the way he has in the past. Laughing a bit at the image of Black Knight as the Burger King, he remembers it and will be sure to tease him about it again in the future and in response to his ponderous question, “While you were away. The Sinister Six missed me so much they thought they would kidnap me and do all that funky science stuff. Was fighting it and my friends here help me beat Flint once and for all. So I am the one and only Sandman now.” When he says friends, he reaches for Bobbi’s hand on his shoulder and squeezes a bit and winks to Carol. He gives the short version of the story, “And so now I am recoupin’ and gotta make nice with the people I screwed, beat up, and was apparently not so nice to.”

"Flint was an ass." Carol offers, helpfully. "Bill fought him every step of the way. But, being Bill, he still takes it to heart as his responsibility to fix up Flint's screw-ups." Oh. Right. And Ms. Marvel killed Flint Marko. Yeah. Not mentioning that.

"Making nice with all those people sounds like an arduous task," says Dane, snorting a moment in conisderation before stealing a glance towards Ares. It could be taken as a suggestion for him, then again, it could mean Ares if anyone would know how long Dane would have to spend making nice with people he's 'beat' up. Carol's words bring him back a little from those thoughts, "Still, a lot of fixing, maybe you can't fix it all, just need to make right in things to come?" Then he double takes on something, glancing from Bill up to Bobbi next to him, then over to Ares who is nonchalantly working on his own beer. "Wait, charmer? There's more to this Oracle deal then you two are letting on." That is not a serious acquisiation, the smile at his lips giving evidence.

"Well you weren't a jerk to -everyone-, just for the record." Bobbi offers, between swigs. She smiles to Dane, then, and waggles blonde brows knowingly. "He hides it well, which is why it's a secret." she quips back. And somehow the realization that Carol -killed- Flint Marco doesn't seem to bother Bobbi. All the same, she doesn't comment on it either.

Then, as if to give the lie to Mockingbird's words, Ares tells Sandman levelly, "You should never apologize. Sign of weakness." He nods sagely at that and then takes another hefty draw of his beer. Setting the now empty bottle down upon the countertop with a glassy clink, the God of War folds his arms over his chest and peers calmly at Sandman. Then he looks back over towards Dane and adds, "I shall replenish your stock as soon as I am able, and augment it should you so wish."

“Yeah, but I’ve been there before. Reformin’ is a pain in the ass…but worth it.” When Dane double takes on Bobbi and he looks to her, “Oracle? Like um…” Bill is not the brightest bulb in the pack, “Some kinda Greek thing? You going to Greece or somethin’?” Looking at the Greek god now and back to Bobbi, “I guess somethin’ is a secret, cos I got no idea whatcha talkin’ about?” Looking at Ares, “Well, that may work on Mount Olympics, but here in the real world, you gotta pay up for when you mess up.” He takes a healthy hearty swig of his beer as well.

"It's part of being a hero, and a person of honor and integrity. When you've done wrong, you acknowledge it, and do what you can to make it right. It's what allows others to trust in your word and your intentions in the future." Carol answers, simply enough. One might almost thing she was lecturing. But she's not. Instead, she's repeating the words of another. A lesson she took to heart long ago.

There is a nod towards Carol, that he believes in, but finding people and physically saying sorry to each individual could still be arduous. Dane doesn't state it, instead finishing off more of his beer. "Exactly," he does confide, "Let your actions speak for you. Don't say it, prove it in what you do." Then first to Ares, "No, you're good," as far as beer tally goes, "Someday my thirst shall have need of quenching." And back around to Bill, Dane ponders, leaning against a cabinet, "I'm with you, apology isn't a weakness, just deeds carry more weight than words. If I make a mistake, I have to work that much harder in what I do to prove that I am not defined by that single mistake.

Crinkling his nose and looking sidelong at Sandman, Ares mouthes simply, 'Don't apologize.' And he leaves it at that. Then he looks back to the other Avengers and relates as Mockingbird departs towards the hallway. "Her accepting the role of Oracle was not my idea. She…"

The tall man scrunches up one eye and looks distantly past Dane for a moment, as if choosing the right words, then he looks back. "We were discussing matters, my return. She stated she would act as an intermediary, and agreed to represent my interests. Hermes chose to interpret that as the initiation of an age's old rite where a mortal binds themselves to a God." He waves a hand to the side, dismissive

Nodding at everyone’s input on forgiveness and apologies, Sandman simply nods, “Thanks, everyone. I’ll take it all into account.” When Ares clears up what Oracle is, Sandman blinks, “Bind themselves to a god. So she is like your interpreter, messenger thing, right. It’s not like y’all are married or somethin’, right?” Finishing off his beer, “Dane, another one, good sir.” And then he looks to Carol, “Hey, do ya want like juice or coffee or somethin’?” He feels a bit awkward drinking in front of her, though he will still do it, but offers something for her to enjoy while they all imbibe.

Carol clearly appreciates William's effort, and gives him a smile. "No, that's OK. I have coffee waiting for me down in the monitor hub. I should get back down there and see what's going on that the automatic filters haven't picked up." She gives Bill's shoulder a gentle squeeze. "You take care of yourself. I'll see you a bit later." Then Ms. Marvel turns to Ares, offering a nod. "Good to see you." No, she doesn't warn him to be good to Bobbi, or take care of her. Bobbi can take care of herself. And if Bobbi gets in over her head, she hasn't the testosterone to face it alone without telling her friends she needs a hand. Ares may be the cause, but it's not his call. She knows that. "See you later, gentlemen." she offers, and then walks back out of the kitchen towards that elevator shaft.

"Oh, that's exactly what it means … mortal bound to a god," implores Dane, though perhaps with some hint of sarcasm in his words. "I don't know, something I wouldn't get mixed up in. But then, I already have enough to worry about with the obligation's placed on me, and that's only a genetic obligation." More than needs be said, he reaches into the box, pulling out one of the last two of the original six bottles. This time he simply tosses it to Bill. Wheel-chair he may be in, but Dane's sure his hands are still working. He gives a nod to Carol's parting, business as usual perhaps.

Arms remaining folded over his chest, Ares looks after Carol and when she makes her departure he returns the nod to her. "And you, Ms. Danvers." Leaving it at that he shifts his attention to the other Avengers and replies. "In ages past it was primarily a mortal who was tasked with furthering the goals of their God, and to speak with their voice on matters that pertained to them."

The tall man pushes off of the counter with a shift of his hips, arms unfolding as he walks over casually towards the refrigerator and opens it to peer inside. Glass clinks and containers thump as he starts to scavenge for something to meet his desires. "I have no desire for worshippers, no thought to inflict strictures or whatnot on mortals. So her role is primarily to speak in my stead if needs be." A small shrug is given and then from inside the fridge he straightens up, having procured an apple in one hand and shining it on his sleeve.

“See ya, Carol.” Catching the beer with his hands, Sandman lifts it up ina mock toast to Ares, “Congrats on the nuptials.” With a smirk, he takes another big swig, “So will yer bachelor party be an orgy featurin’ like…um…nymphs and are we all wearin’ togas and stuff?” Enough with the teasing after the clarification from Ares, “So you’re both back with the team? Whatcha brought ya back? Other than wantin’ to meet me, o’course?” he laughs as he clearly jokes.

Finishing his own bottle off, Dane doesn't move for another. Instead, he continues to lean against a cupboard and hold the empty bottle - tucking it into a fold of his elbow while the other hand holds the lip. "I am back because I can be effective once more and there is little in England for me now." Stated, left at that, he defers to Ares then, curious how he'll round off his own coming back, not back situation for Bill. Or curious about these bachelor parties Bill has brought up, but if that's on his mind, he's doing a good job of hiding it for the moment.

Ares smirks around the apple for a moment as he digs his teeth into it. There's a loud /crunch/ as he takes a bite and for a time he chews as Dane answers Sandman's question. Then when it comes to his turn, Ares wipes his mouth on the arm of his shirt and casually replies, "I am back because I was asked. Apparently I am here in case the situation calls for it when the nice people are out of options."

At this he smiles, perhaps ruefully then he takes another bite of the apple. "But no, no Bachelor Party." He scritches his chin again thoughtfully even as he twists the stem off the apple, "Though if I were to have one I shall be sure to have nymphs if naught else."

Content with the answers, Sandman adds, “Ok, sounds good, but you know you could always celebrate your returns with an orgy with nymphs there…I’m just sayin’” Reclining in the wheelchair and leaning a bit further back then he should, he does a wheelie type move before correcting the pose and wheels it back to the table. Attempting to get up, he stumbles a moment and then is able to put his full weight onto his legs and as he makes his way using the table for balance to reach a chair by the edge. “Well, it’s good to have ya both back. It seems Iron Man is back to, so hey nice to have a full roster…and not havin’ to do all the work myself.” The last bit is another joke.

Watching the man maneuver the chair, Dane doesn't move to assist as he stumbles up and then to a chair, but seems ready to move should the need have arrived. Instead he makes due with putting his empty bottle into the box it originated from, not getting the last one out either. He does turn back towards Bill at the mention of Iron Man but leaves it there. "I'd say I would enjoy an orgy celebration, but nymphs aren't good for me. The last time that happened, I lost my sword and it ended up in the hands of some mad man trying to overthrow Olympus." He waves if off as if those days are behind him, funny though that he looks at Ares when he talks about the man who took on the mountain.

“Oh…so orgies aren’t anything new to the Avengers then, huh.” When Dane mentions what happened to his sword, he looks to Ares and realizes he was the mad man, but makes no mention more of it, but only adds, “Well, at least that was the only pointy thing you lost. Some nymphs can be a dangerous bunch.” He chuckles as he finally plops down on a seat, “Hey, Dane, would ya mind gettin’ me some of that mutton. Jarvis put it for Thor, but I guess he is busy with god stuff. So I’m gonna munch at it.”

"You want I should get you a chair thingy, with the wheels, too?" Ponders Dane at Ares sudden requests to be served as if his hands didn't work, as much as Bill had just done the same in asking to be served another beer.
Still, mutton sounds good and its put out. Taking all said mutton even, Dane does grab some utensils such as knives, some bread and some sandwich fixings. He comes over to the table and spread it all out, a help yourself sort of thing. Any fixing he does is for his own food, but its within grasp now for Ares to help himself. "Nymphs and god stuff, a lot of weight to think about. I'll settle for being a mortal man and focus what's on my plate."

“Speaking of what’s on my plate.” Sandman put claps his hands together as he smiles, “I am hungry.” He closes his eyes and focuses internally on his abilities. His hand shift a moment and suddenly extend out as he reaches for everything that Dane has placed out before him and begins to make himself a sandwich. Unfortunately sand starts to spill a bit onto some of the plates. But once everything is before him, Sandman bites into his own sandwich and looks over, “Oh, sorry about that…looks like I am leakin’ a bit.”

Shaking his head, Dane brushes what he can away. One good thing about out of body experiences and being stuck in the 12th century on Crusades is that and in food isn't a bad thing in the least. In fact, a little grit in certain items involving the use of flower was regular during that time period anyways on account of stone mills.

"Don't worry about it," is all he offers, putting his sandwhich together and taking a few bites as well. "So, Bobbi and …" he says looking up at Bill. "I admit the whole oracle thing sounds fishy but, she was friendly on your shoulder there. Not to mention your sudden curiousity in her being bound to a god." Putting the sandwich down, he looks for some more toppings to add on. "Is it you two might be becoming something of an item?"

“Cool. Yeah, when I first became Sandman and had to hide away from the police and stuff, I didn’t have too much control and got sand everywhere…and I mean everywhere.” Shakign his head and then laughing as he bites into his sandwich. He puts it down and has a quizzical expression when asked about him and Bobbi, “Oh no…well…” He lifts his hands, “Nah…she saved my life. Or put me back together again. Part of the whole ordeal was, The Avengers were a bit leery lettin’ me be around here. During one of my more lucid moments, she was the only one here and we talked. And after the big fight, she, Iron Man, and Moondragon put me back together again is all.”

"Sort of concern then," he says, grabbing his sandwhich again but not eating it. "She helped you, both with your ordeal and with joining the Avengers. You'd like to know the intentions of some random god calling her his oracle." He takes a bite, chews it up quickly, swallows it almost whole. "We'll see how that one goes. I don't blame any mistrust you have. Hiding away from the police is one thing, being the god of war is another right?" That may be rhetoric from Dane, he's pretty straight faced as he says it all. "One beer left, its all yours Bill. I need to get back to the lab, have an experiment running. Clocks ticking on it, don't want to burnt right?"

With slightly better control then before, Sandman uses his powers to extend a sand arm for the beer, “Yeah, well, we’ll see. I’ll keep an eye out. But Bobbi can handle herself.” He smiles as he finishes the final beer in one swig and then burps, “And yeah. Nice meetin; ya and I’ll see you around.”

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