2012 01 30 Cafe Chat

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Cafe Chat

Empath, Telemetry, Wither, and X-23

IC Date:
January 30, 2012

Grapevine Cafe - New York

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Marina and X-23 enjoy some conversation. Kevin reveals his powers and Empath tries to recruit him.


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This cold blistery wintry day has forced Manuel de la Rocha to enter into the Grapevine. Sighing to himself about how he wishes the weather would fit his needs, he makes his way to the counter. Dressed rather fashionably in an all black suit with matching black full length pea coat. The Spaniard moves to the counter perusing the possible options for caffeine and food and already deeming this place unworthy to service him. A young brunette waits behind the counter smiling and asking for his order.

"I'm glad we ran into each other again." Marina Zane says to her tablemate, the beautiful but deadly X-23. "I was worried after the club you'd decided I wasn't worth your time." Marina is dressed for the weather, in jeans and a USAF sweatshirt. She's got a steaming mug of coffee and what looks deceptively like an iPad in front of her.

God it's cold. Kevin, being from the south, is not used to such a dramatic dip in the weather. And he looks completely inept for the weather too, dressed in shorts of all things and a t-shirt. Luckily, at least, the under-amour shirt he's got on under the tee is long sleeved. But no coat and an overall shaggy appearance that does not fit in with the cafe's decor at all. Yet he ducked inside just to get a break from the wind for a few minutes. Slipping inside, Kevin blew warm air into his hands as, for once his breath wasn't turned into whisps of air right in front of his face.

"You didn't seem like a horrible person. I don't know many not horrible people," Nickie says calmly to Marina as she sips her own cup of coffee. The girl is wearing a rather strange mish-mash. A short pleated black skirt, no under-leggins, combat boots, and a puffy silver jacket with fake white fur trim. Over all though, the asian girl seems to pull it off.

Speaking of horrible people, Manuel notes the brunette behind the counter, “What are you smiling at? You look like an idiot just waiting there. However. . . since you are a servant, then I suppose you are being obedient and waiting to serve me…like a good little dog.”
He finally opts for a hot tea and a scone. “Bring it to my table and no charge.” The girl is aghast at having been spoken to like that and seems to pause a moment and just goes to fetch his order. As he moves to a table be notes the boy underdressed for the weather and speaking to himself but said loud enough to be heard some Spanish insult regarding homeless people.

Marina glances up at the rudeness happening at the counter. "Would it be terrible," she muses quietly to her tablemate, "if I put him on a terrorist watch list? Or maybe just the sexual offender's registry?" She offers a wan smile to Nickie. "By the way, that outfit's killer on you. I couldn't pull it off."

Kevin doesn't speak Spanish, however, he understands looks well enough. The one fro Manuel isn't the only one strewn his way either. Looks like he picked the wrong alcove to get warm in. Still, he couldn't bare going back out just quite yet so he concentrated on rubbing his hands together as his skin got enough blood going to turn a bit more red with embarrassment. His mind has to wonder just who the regal, if rather insulting man who passed him by was. This being New York, who knew…it could be a foreign king for all Kevin knew.

"Would you please, it would save me from doing something violent." X-23 smirks slightly as she glances over at the rude boy. She's already determined that she'll have nothing to do with him, so he is put out of her mind. A nod about her outfit, "It's a little chilly, but I don't know, I like skirts."

The brunette brings over his tea and scone and nods, “Thank you, sir. For your complement before. I am truly appreciative and it will make me better serve one such as you.” That is said in the sincerest of manners and tones. “And it is on the house.” He nods and looking over at Kevin, “Is it possible to have the riffraff removed?” Manuel asks while staring directly at him. She responds, “But of course. Whatever you like.” With that she moves to Kevin, “You cannot loiter in here. Please leave before I call the cops.”

Marina focuses her attention on her tablemate for the moment. "You have the legs for it. I wish I did. During boot camp I was always the last to finish a forced march. Best in my group when it came to upper body strength, though." She makes a bicep then laughs. "Good thing they wanted me for my skill with a computer and not for commando stuff."

"Most commando actions don't involve a lot of raw strength. It's more about endurance, agility, and mental fortitude." Nickie shrugs slightly and slurps on her coffee again. She doesn't seem to quite notice how scaldingly hot it is.

Not trying to eavesdrop but it was just the sheer strangeness of it that caught his attention. Compliment? What…? He spared a glance over to the brunette and the man and immediately wished that he didn't. He cringed slightly under the weight of Manuel's direct gaze and then his attention shifted to the girl who approach him. "Er…I know, but—" He shifted uncomfortably before trying something else. "All right, but, could I just use the rest room first?" he asked, soft southern accent in his voice.

Not trying to eavesdrop but it was just the sheer strangeness of it that caught his attention. Compliment? What…? He spared a glance over to the brunette and the man and immediately wished that he didn't. He cringed slightly under the weight of Manuel's direct gaze and then his attention shifted to the girl who approach him. "Er…I know, but—" He shifted uncomfortably before trying something else. "All right, but, could I just use the rest room first?" he asked, soft southern accent in his voice.

"No, I'm sorry, but that is for patrons only. You're going to have to leave now." As she ushered Kevin, passing just a bit too close for his comfort, Kevin inadvertently brushed against a hanging on the wall behind him, which, before he noticed it, began to dissipate and cause the poor receptionist to gasp.

"I…" Marina, being the observant sort, catches sight of the use of mutant abilities. "… I think we're about to have a small riot." She says, softly. "Sorry about this." She picks up her "iPad" and begins tapping the monitor. Hacking into the building's network.

"It depends on how much people decide to over-react. I for one am going to ignore it," Nickie is quickly learning how to be a good New Yorker, it's a gift really. The gift of indifference. She glances at the tablet in Marina's hands, looking a little curious, "What are you doing?"

A power display quickly catches Manuel’s attention. He hmmmns as he rises up and looks to the brunette, who is suddenly very frightened and backs away from Kevin. Holding out his hand to the woman, “No need to be afraid. Clearly this boy is in need of some assistance.” The woman who was frightened seems confused and simply stares, “I was wrong. He should not be removed from here. Perhaps something warm to drink may be good for him. A hot chocolate perhaps.” The still confused barista goes to get the order and Manuel looks over at Kevin, “It was an ugly painting anyway.”

As soon he caught the look on the girl's face, Kevin darted away from the wall. Something bad was coming, he knew it. Except, that it didn't. Instead, the man who'd just ordered him be gone was talking to him. Kevin glanced from the girl back over to Manuel and hedged, "Er… yeah actually, it kind of was," As an artist, he could agree on that point and offered a nervous hint of a smile. "Still I…I didn't mean to do that..um..Sir." Whomever this man was, he certainly seemed entitled to a 'Sir'.

Marina glances over again. When the situation seems to defuse itself, she sets the iPad down. She turns her attention back to Nickie. "I was going to set off the sprinklers. That usually clears the room. Seems to be under control, though. So…" She hmmms. "You know you have gorgeous eyes, right?"

"Oh, I try to avoid that level of property damage, myself." Nickie shrugs slightly and crosses her legs, still nursing her cup. "Oh, no, I didn't. That's good to know."

“It’s alright.” Removing the lengthy coat he was wearing, “Here. Take it.” Manuel grimaces a bit, “You need it more than I do. Sit at the table and I will take to the barista before anything worse happens.” Heading to the counter, he gestures for the barista to come close. She does with a cup of hot chocolate. When she comes close, he whisper into her ear and she seems to nod and goes to a backroom in the coffee shop. Taking the cup, he brings it to Kevin.

Kevin edges closer to the table, but he is careful to tuck his hands into his pockets. "That's very nice of you Sir, but I can't…actully…um…" he shifts a nervous gaze around the room before settling it back on Manuel. "I can't touch the coat. It'll end up like painting." The cup however, is hot and too tempting to dismiss.

"I can't tell if you're not interested or you just don't know what flirting is." Marina says with a short laugh. "Either way, I guess I can stop." She picks up her coffee and takes a sip, mming. Nothing like chocolate and caffeine combined.

"Interested in what?" X-23 looks slightly confused and shrugs herself. She picks up her cup, draining it and placing the empty cup down on the table again. "So, what are you doing today?"

Taking the coat and placing it on the chair. Manuel hmmmns, “Sorry about earlier. I don’t do well with homeless people. One accosted me recently so, I am typically leery of them…” Apparently asking in a semi soothing, seemingly nice tone, the Spaniard uses his own mutant powers simply to scan the room, trying to get a ride on people’s current emotional state. Manuel has learned it is best to gauge where someone is at emotionally first before truly interacting with them.

The busy shop is buzzing with emotion. There's a teen girl who's getting a cup to go at the counter who's in the depths of dark depression. A stock broker in the corner is gleeful and lecherous as he works on his computer, the screen hidden. An elderly couple in the corner is uncomfortable, but have a warm glow as they hold hands. The child at the end is boiling with indignant rage that's about to boil over, her mother emanating deep embarassment. The young, slick haired man near Empath's table is feeling unnaturally amorous at the moment, his emotions moving towards action.

Kevin is nervous as he is most always nervous these days. Nervous, and embarrassed would be the two emotions on the surface at the moment. He settles gingerly into a chair at the table and wraps his cold hands around the warm cup. Just the feeling of heat relaxes him a little. "Oh. Well, er, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable or anything."

"I was trying to get this hot chick I met interested in me but she's not into flirting." Marina says with a faint shrug. She's more amused than annoyed. Her mind's working overtime on something, though, as if its solving some heavy problem.

"Oh, do I know her?" X-23 tries to be attentive as she's talking to Marina. But it seems she's mostly oblivious to things.

Content that no one is going to suddenly call the police or anything, he nods his head and looks back at Kevin, “No worries. I’m fine now. I notice you are not suddenly disintegrating the cup. Heat keeps your abilities from working?” He asks as he takes his own tea and sips.

Kevin blinks. "Huh…oh uh…no. I mean, it doesn't work on everything," he explains timidly, his voice low and private. "I just can't seem to touch anything organic, like paper, or cloth…" or skin, but he doesn't add that to the list. he brings the cup to his mouth taking a sip. It's warth is wonderful.

“Oh I see.” Manuel blinks a moment, “I have to ask though. Is it just through your hands or is it like your whole body?” Moving to eat his scone, he pauses, “And can you even eat? I mean food is organic. Well, I guess it depends on the type of food.”

Well, isn't this a fun bit of conversation. However, considering that he's getting warm, Kevin can't exactly complain. "No not just my hands," he replies sullenly. "I can eat," he adds, addmittingly that's kind of odd, but he can. "I guess once it's in my mouth it doesn't count?" he shrugs. Never really thought too hard on the logistics of it.

“Well, alright then. Um, I can’t imagine you are warm in this weather. Do you have a place to live? I can take you anywhere you need to go. I was going to head over to the hotel to meet with other students. But I can drop you off anywhere.” Manuel offers a smile, “Oh and I’m Manny. I would offer my hand, but…” He smiles.

Kevin nods, understanding of course about shaking hands. It's those kinds of causal things, just a natural reaction that he now must be hyper-aware of that never allow him a moment to forget just how dangerous he is. "Kevin," he offers his own name is return to Manuel's greeting. "I have a place," he tells the man. "I appreciate the offer, but it's not too far away. I can make it back. It's best if I'm not around people too long."

“I understand. But still at least, get a full meal. And I don’t know, I feel like I want to offer you money, but it would just disintegrate.” Manuel gestures for the barista to come back and she is completely under his thrall, “Please take this boy’s order. Give him whatever he wants and make sure it is free.”

Wither blinks dumbfounded. The man seems to have completely changed, from being intimidating and callous, to friendly and helpful. That should probably make Kevin more wary than it does, but, for a lonely boy from the south, he takes the offer at face value. "Thank you very much, Sir." He's far too hungry not to take the chance on the full meal of a burger and fries. After it's ordered, he turns back to Manuel. Homeless or not, he is not without some pride. "Is there anything I can do to pay you back? I mean…I don't have much, but if there's something I can do, like a chore?"

“Actually yeah, there is something you can do for me.” Manuel ponders a thought, “The school I am at. Could use some hands. Hey, it could maybe even lead to a job. Or even you could become a student…maybe.” He sounds iffy on the last part, “Are you in school or busy during the day?”

Kevin looks worried and skeptical again. "Oh..okay. Well, what kind of job?" He's iffy already about the idea of going anywhere near a school, but, he wants to be helpful. "Um, I can probably make some time," he says ambiguously.

“Ok good. Oh and don’t worry about your powers hurting anyone like that. We are trained.” Manuel smiles, “The address is (give an address). Pass by within the next few days and ask for me. Oh…but um…it’s a different school. Not typical high school.” Manuel has a befuddled expression on his face. “Special students.”

Kevin lifts his brows, his curiosity piqued, although still wary. He doesn't see how his powers could ever be something not to worry about, no matter how 'trained', whatever that meant. Still, not to be rude, he nods. "Oh…well, okay. I will."

“Yeah, you don’t have a problem with mutants, do you? I’ve met mutants who don’t like other mutants. They think they are so cursed that they force themselves away from others. Or they are so depressed about being a mutant, they hate others.” Manuel shrugs, “Sorry, it would not be good for the students to be around someone who hates them. You are not a mutant hater or anything, are you?”

Kevin blinks. While he hates his own power and certainly fits the criteria of being depressed, it's never occured to him to hate others. Well jealous maybe, but not hate. To be honest, he hasn't met enough other mutants to say for sure how he feels, bt he's never truly hated anyone. "Um, no Sir. I don't hate other mutants."

Smiling, “Well that is perfect.” Manuel stands up and looks to barista, “His meal is on the house and thank you again.” She nods and then Manuel turns to Kevin, “Remember the address and just ask for Manuel.” He bows his head, “Good luck and I hope to see you soon.” When he walks to exit the Grapevine, he adds, “Glad to know you don’t hate me then.” He smiles again and then leaves

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