2012 01 29 Return Of The Thrasher

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Return of the Thrasher

Night Thrasher, Super Adaptoid

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New Warriors Base

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Night Thrasher meets with the Adaptoid. They discuss the current state of affairs.


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Seated at a terminal, a base white humanoid and featureless form seems to be interacting with the system. Albeit his fingers are not touching keys nor the mouse. Instead, a string of fiber optic cables are extended from his palm directly into the terminal box. His face (also featureless except for white eyes) seems to gleem the screen as various images and documents flash through. There is a musical score being played over the wall mounted speakers, something by John Williams.

[OOC] Super Adaptoid says, "http://www.comicvine.com/super-adaptoid/29-10861/all-images/108-207759/picture_2/105-1320315/"

Dwayne Taylor steps into the Warrior's Lab with a stride that betrays a sure purpose to his being here. He came here for a reason. Dwayne is wearing his armor, minus his helmet and belt. The helmet is left somewhere else, as it is not with him. His belt is draped over his shoulder. Once inside the lab, Dwayne looks side to side in search of something. His eyes catch sight of the Adaptoid. He walks over to a lab table and places his belt down on it. A tablet computer slides out of a section of his gauntlet and he starts plucking away at it. As he does this he says outloud and towards Adaptoid, "We haven't met."

Being pulled from his research, the Adaptoid blinks and begins to withdraw the cables from the computer. The white head turns to face the new arrival and a synthetic male voice relays, "You are correct in your statement, Night Thrasher." then the Adaptoid stands from the stool that supported his weight and will take a step toward NT. "I am the being known as the Super Adaptoid."

"You most certainly are." Dwayne says in a cautious tone of voice. He looks back down to his tablet, enters a few more keystrokes before looking back at the being, "I was just trying to pull up, from the Warrior's files, the circumstances that resulted in you being here." He slides the tablet back into a slot on the forearm section of his gauntlet.

The synthetic voice replies, "My intert form was discovered by Telemetry. Through her programming skills, she was able to restore my consciousness and give me the ability to see beyond my initial programming while performing deeds to aid those in need." The Adaptoid maintains a 1 meter space between NT and itself while engaged in the current conversation.

"So you are a member of the team, now?" Dwayne asks while raises a hand to rub at the back of his head. He exhales a 'huh' before turning towards the table he left his belt on. He slides a couple of hidden tools out from some place on his armor and starts working on the belt. As he works he asks, "So what is it that you do? What kind of 'deeds' are we talking about?"

"Prior to my /enlightenment/ I was an agent of A.I.M. bent on the destruction of Captain America and his Avengers. It was through Telemetry's work that I am now a member of the New Warriors. My abilities arise from the cosmic cube. It gives me the ability to duplicate any being and the powers, abilities, or technological attributes that are possessed. Creating a pantograph for my subsequent use. For example…"

The Adaptoid then shifts to take the form of Night Thrasher (armor/sans the helmet) and holding the belt. The voice is also depected as Dwayne's, "Now I possess all of your skills and weaponry. Though I am absent your helmet, as you are not wearing it and thus remiss of your full capabilities."

The Warrior's Founder turns from the belt to regard and observe the Adaptoid, "I can see how that can be useful. Is it just skills and abilities that you are capable of mimicing? Or do you also, somehow, attain the accumulated experience of those that you take the traits of? For instance, you may be able to throw a shield or baton like Captain America or Daredevil… but do you gain the knowledge of how to ricochet the object off of walls and whatnot?" He turns away from his belt and gives a the being a curious once over.

"It depends on the nature of one's skill set. If it is directly related to the particular weapon; such as Captain America's shield, then yes. I however do not gain memories from said individual. I cannot recall where Captain America learned how to ricochet said shield; Only that I am able to duplicate such techniques. It is likely due to muscle memory. Albeit, I am also able to duplicate the Fixer's skill with electronics and computers or Reed Richard's ability to hyper invent. This compiles upon my own ability to interlink with computer networks and thus makes me superior."

Shifting from the form of NT, the Adaptoid takes another form <see desc>. An unfamiliar male figure wearing normal clothing.

"Huh. Those guys over at A.I.M. are something else, aren't they?" Dwayne says in response. Dwayne returns to his belt and goes back to tinkering with it. He pulls out several pellets from one satchel on the belt. As he works on that he asks, "How are you with chemical equations or applied chemistry, Super Adaptoid?" Thrasher looks up with a concerned expression, "Do you like being called Super Adaptoid or do you prefer being called something else in casual company?" He asks this while looking back towards the other being.

"In this form, I have chosen the name, 'Phillip'. You may call me that. I found it necessary to take a human form when intermingling with the populace." His presences seems less formal as he backs away and takes a seat upon a nearby stool, "My knowledge of chemistry is only that which I can obtain from resources. I have not duplicated individuals such as the Beast and I have lost my templates of Henry Pym and Reed Richards. Do you require additional support in said knowledge? I might be able to duplicate someone who has a particular talent in such skills."

There is a little quirk of a smirk on Dwayne's face after Phillip asks his question. In response he says, "You're in here and I am in here. I'm working on trying to fine tune my various gas bombs and pellets. I figured since you are here, I'd ask. A couple of extra sets of hands are always nice." He pauses and opens up one of the pellets and pulls out a small bladder where the chemicals are stored. He sets it aside and continues, "I'm pretty competant with chemistry. I did create all of my weaponry myself. So if you've got me in there now, you should be handy with a chemistry set."

"That is where the difference of common knowledge and skilled knowledge defeats and escapes me. Your skills with your weapons and method of travel are what I have duplicated. As you may be well versed in chemistry, it is not your primary focus. While I can pull a Caballerial on your rocket board, I cannot mimic your ability to mix H3SO4 with Na2OBnBr6 without causing an explosive effect. I would better be able to serve your chemistry needs after duplicating Pym or Richards."

Dwayne nods, "Noted." He goes back to tinkering with the opened gas pellets. As he works, he jerks his head to one side as a means of pointing. He's gesturing towards where he saw the Super Adaptoid jacked into the computers. He asks as he tinkets, "So, I am sorry for interrupting you. What is it that you were doing when I came in here?"

"Research. If it can be called that. However there is no true control nor is there a hypothesis to my method. I seek knowledge and experience. In my awakening, I have thoughts that I have yet to understand. Questions that I'm sure you, as a human, have already pondered. It is through the world wide web and interpersonal exchange that I hope to master these questions." The Adaptoid/Phillip answers in a reflective tone. His voice is still being refined, while no longer synthetic, he can be detected adjusting the tone.

Dwayne slides the bladders back into their pellets and then there is a light clicking noise as Dwayne finishes doing what it is he was doing with that compartment of his belt. He looks up and around towards Phillip, "I understand what you mean." He pauses and adds, "I am not usually the most approachable guy, Phillip. However, I'd like to help you if I can. Don't hesitate to approach me with questions or concerns."

"Thank you for your offer. Might I ask, will you be rejoining and taking the lead of the newly reformed New Warriors?" Phillip asks in return with curious eyes.

Dwayne purses his lips tightly at that question, an unexpected one apparently. Dwayne raises a hand and scratches at the back of his head, "Heck, I am not sure if the team wants me back. I haven't heard yet whether or not I am even welcome. So if I am welcome, I will stay with the team. As far as leading it? It was reformed without me, I am not going to step on toes. If I am meant to lead it, I want the team to be the ones to give me the reigns. You understand what I mean?"

Standing, Phillip nods an affirmation, "I believe I do. Though you should be aware, the team is nothing more than a loose affiliation of people who stumbled upon this base joined by one of your former teammates - Firestar. She is the only one with ties to the original team and reformation is nothing more than in name only. There is no 'spirit' or 'embodiment' of the initial organization. The team lacks direction, initiative, and leadership. You would be a clear choice, if you so wanted such a role."

He turns and begins walking toward the exit, "In closing, Night Thrasher, it was a pleasure meeting you and perhaps it is time for your own internal research. I believe it is called 'soul searching'."

Night Thrasher slides his belt off the lab table and sets about clasping it around his waist. He does this while listening to what Phillip is saying. There is a clasping noise as well as a sucking noise of a vacuum seal as the belt is attached. When he looks up, his lips are pursed tightly again. He offers the other being a nod, "Indeed I do, apparently. I also need to speak with Firestar, it seems." He raises a hand to wave a good bye to Phillip, "Good to have met you as well."

The Adaptoid departs.

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