2012 01 26 Imperial Tards

Log Title:
Imperial Tards

Havok, Lifeguard, Nightcrawler, Polaris, and the Imperial Guard

IC Date:
January 26, 2012

Front Grounds - Xavier Estate

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The Imperial Guard come and kidnap Heather and Davis and X-Factor gets their butts kicked.


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Early afternoon this cold winter day, and the young Australian mutant, Heather Cameron finds herself distressed only minutes ago, she received an urgent call from her brother rambling about lights, powers, aliens and some chaotic things. She heard a scream and then the dial tone. Unsure of what do, she is literally running out of the mansion in her X-Factor uniform. Right when she reaches the gates, the mansion’s defense systems start blaring loudly. Heather screams as her danger sense kicks in. Dropping to the floor and bathed in a the golden light that typically appears when her powers enact, she falls to the ground in pain as a new and violent transformation begins. For the first time, since manifesting her powers, Lifeguard is scared and any telepaths in the mansion will instantly pick up on her fear and strange almost unhuman thoughts.

Lying on the ground still bathed in the bright golden light, A simultaneous blue light pops above the Aussie, at first a small dot and then a circle until a full blown warp hole has opened. Once fully emerged an explosion rips out through the front lawn and literally popping out is a Blond male who bears a strong resemblance to Lifeguard. Her younger brother, Davis Cameron wearing only swim trunks comes exploding out followed by his surfboard which is spit out. He lies unconscious on the ground next to his sister. The blue portal fading fast.

Mansion alarms rouse Alex from his lounging in his room, stealing him away from his daydreams and moments of lucidity. Then again he never really was a clear thinker.

Leaping to his feet and already in costume, Alex Summers vaults down the hallway and to a com station to get a situtation report (sit-rep). He's informed that there's trouble on the front grounds and will be in route as fast as his legs will propel.

Hearing the alarms in the Mansion, Lorna is caught in her civvies instead of her uniform. Mental note to start wearing the costume around the Mansion in the future… Bursting out of a third floor window, she launches herself into the sky over the front lawn and powers up a shield bubble. Looking down, first, she notes the familiar faces and one who is less so. Then the shrinking portal catches her attention. "Alex!" She cries, pointing towards it and already ascending.

Being in comfortable sweats, Kurt is also wearing costume underneath because, dangit, he like the feel of the Borat part of his costume. Of course, the costume would only become evident if his civvies were blasted off of him. Though, he too responds to the alarm, checking comsys and getting the location of the front grounds just the same. For his appearance, there is a purple cloud just outside the mansion, level with the second floor - that being him bamf'ing from inside the mansion to the outside and just starting to fall, he bamf's again, audibly outside, purple smoke where he goes back in, more wisps trailing when he hits the lawn. Himself not going towards portal, but running towards the blonde siblings on the lawn.

Screaming loudly as the transformation continues to take place, Heather has only a limited understanding of what has happened, but she manages to catch sight of her brother and forcing her to move closer, she whimpers out, "Davis?" followed by another unearthly scream. Roused back to consciousness, Davis moans out, "They're coming…for us…" Davis manages to note his sister and shows some shock, "Heather? What?" as he falls back unconscious. Her blond locks shift to black and tattoo marking appear around and under her eyes. Wings start to sprout forth from her back, but unlike the wings she has previously used, these take on a more alien design and droop as opposed to spread out. Anyone familiar with the Shi’ar may recognize the markings and features as Heather is suddenly very less human and much more alien in form. With the transformation complete, Heather stands much taller than usual, her muscle definition enough to make a bodybuilder jealous. Not fully aware of what has happened, she spots her brother unconscious on the lawn and screams out, "Davis!"

Even with her power and training with X-Factor, even she ignores her danger sense when something akin to a meteor approaches and then touches down onto the lawn, rending the gates all but destroyed. And again a rip in the time-space continuum is felt when another portal opens behind. But more like a tear in a piece of paper as opposed to a circular portal. It opens behind Lifeguard and a whip lashed out from the portal around her throat. Electricity shoots out from it as it rings around her throat and a yank hefts the Aussie alien towards it. Holding her arm up in a clear horror pose, she manages to whisper, “Kurt…run!” And another shove hefts her into the portal and closes behind her. As two Imperial Guardsman step out, Moondance and Voyager make their presence known as they survey the damage as the ground rumbles from where the meteor like object landed.

Polaris spots Havoc on the lawn and dives down, encompassing him in her power bubble before ascending again. "We need to go after her!" she cries out, accelerating towards the portal. Whatever Alex is doing, now, Lorna is concentrating on flight and keeping her power shield up.

Havok wastes no time from his new position being held aloft by Polaris' power. He knows to strike first and question later - especially from those that interlope upon his domicile. He launches a plasma blast from both hands toward the intruders, targeting Voyager.

Kurt is running alright, but not away, he is running towards. Still, with Polaris and Havok high in the sky and him plasma blasting, he probably doesn't want to intervene witht he guards. Seeing as the guards only grabbed Heather, tossed her into a closing portal and left him, Nightcrawler runs to him, using some tumbling to gain speed and place himself between Davis and the guards. He takes a fighting stance, ready for whatever the guards may have in mind, lingering here.

When the dust and dirt clears from where the object hit, up rises the Shi’ar’s own version of Super-Man. Gladiator rises up into the air and surveys the entire area, “Oracle, reveal the Guardman.” A fizz similar to a TV with static suddenly becoming clear reveals Oracle and the other two other Guardmen, Black Light and White Noise. These two Guardsman bear an uncanny resemblance to the new alien form that Lifeguard had taken before she was yanked into the portal. When Havok fires off his blast, Gladiator careens down and takes the full blast sparing Voyager any damage. Brushing off the plasma attack as if it a punch from a newborn. He speaks, “Black Light. Now.” Black Light, a darkforce manipulating Shi’ar lifts his hand and in a rather impressive to human eyes feat the entire mansion is suddenly bathed in a barrier of impenetrable darkforce.

Moondancer flies out over to where the unconscious Davis is but finding Kurt in her way. The alien huntress grins, “Little imp. Please try to keep me from my prey.” She does not wait for him to move as she flies right at him attempting to make it a direct and physical fight. Oracle telepathically speaks out to all those present, <X-Factor, once again. We find ourselves in battle over those you would protect. Criminals and abherations to the Shi’ar! Please do not interfere. The two known as Heather and Davis Cameron are summoned to the homeworld. A direct order from the Neramani line. You will not stop us…or shall we have a repeat of what occurred on the Moon.>

Recognizing the intruders, Havok calls over the general com that will link all of the x-s together, "All hands on deck, the Imperial Guard is here. They've got Heather and some guy. We need backup, now!"

Polaris keeps both she and Alex aloft, hovering now as she powers up. Squeezing hands into fists, balls of green energy begin to crackle and her force field grows brighter. Bringing her hands together, she blasts at Black Light with her magnetic energy. It's not as powerful even as Havok's plasma blasts, but perhaps it will be distracting.

"As you insist," responds Nightcrawler, "And thank you." He goes forward to meet with Moondancer. His hands go for her, and he lets her hands come for him because, as soon as any grapple is entered or contact is made, he's multi-porting her in a succession of bamfs to bewilder her. He will limit himself, if contact is made, on account of what happened with Riptide.

With the mansion bathed in darkforce, anyone who was not already out, will find it difficult to get out. Possible, but difficult with Black Light concentrating on the darkforce enveloped mansion. His sister however is free to protect him and she intervenes as the magnetic blast is met with a simultaneous lets loose with a sonic blast from her throat. The blast strike each other with such might sending White Noise and Oracle back a bit from the force of the two blasts meeting. The darkforce field shimmers a moment from the reverb of both blasts meeting. Gladiator responds in kind flying up to meet the field and moving his fist back attempting to pound it open trying to pop the electromagnetic bubble.

Moondancer finds herself dancing about the lawn as Kurt multiple ports catch her off guard. And while she is not out, she is dazed enough that swings wildly like a trapped cat and grabbing on his sweats rips them off as she falls back with the sweats covering her face. The pantless Nightcrawler moment causes all the guards except for Voyager to momentarily stop and stare, blink and resume their attacks. Voyager reaches Davis and using his wand opens another portal as he begins to drag Davis through. Moment passed, attacks continue. Gladiator pounds on the magnetic bubble. Oracle uses her telepathy on Havok attempting to momentarily knock him out White Noise emits a general sonic scream hoping the attack slows down Nightcrawler.

Polaris's eyes glow green as she focuses her attention on keeping the force field up, now. Even though she feeds it energy as fast as she can, it flickers a bit more beneath Gladiator's pounding fists. "I…. I can't hold him!" She cries out, slowly descending so at least the unconscious Havok won't fall when she loses the shield. Leaving the shield to its own fate, she reaches out with her power and finds the remains of the Mansion's iron gates. And with a sweep of her arm she flings them at Gladiator like a net… intending to wrap him up and at least slow him down.

If all but for the moment Moondancer gets his pants and they manage to cover her face, Nightcrawler may have been prepared for a sonic concussive attack with a bamf at the ready. However, when everyone else resumes, he continues to stare at her. "A little forward, and we barely know each other," he is saying to the inappropriately Kurt Pants-hatted Moondancer when the scream is directed at him. Reaching for his hears, the force pushes him back and right before he falls over, he does bamf in a tumbling combination that ends up with him sort of sprawled on the ground not far from Moondancer (the last place he recalls in his mind when he triggers the bamf). One hand to head, one hand supporing this upper torse, both legs semi-akimbo beneath and behind him. "Cheating," he calls out, as if trying to access the situation but close himself to passing out - afterall he did just multiport prior to the sonic blast.

Having popped Polaris’ bubble, Gladiator mocks, “Foolish women, the strongest X-Men could not stand against me. You have no chan…” Suddenly his mouth and the rest of him is netted in the wrought iron fence that used to surround the mansion. Garbled up a moment, he makes quick work of it as he extends his arms ripping the metal apart and sending pieces of iron raining onto the front lawn. Walking back to Polaris as Havok is unconscious, “I am truly sorry, mutant. But those two you seek to protect are an abomination to our race. The mixture of terran and alien genes is not allowed and thus they will be executed for the unfortunate crime of their births. This mess must be dealt with should it be revealed a Neramani royal had relations with a human.” Spouting their alien credo of segretation against interspecies love. Gladiator extends his hand as if he is about to backhand Polaris.

When Voyager reaches his portal he tosses Davis in and then closes it. Looking back before Gladiator slaps Polaris, “We have the criminals.” Gladiator stops as does White Noise. Her scream cut off she looks to her brother who is still struggling with the darkforce field around the mansion. The two look to each other and remain silent. But those familiar with telepathy may recognize that these two are in telepathic communication. Moondancer tosses the pants away and stands up violently kicking Kurt off of her. She moves to Moondancer who looks to Gladiator though giving Kurt another kick. Ready to leave. Moondancer opens the portal for them to leave. But then White Noise speaks, “No…they must all be exterminated. They know.” The remaining Guardsmen look confused and hesitant.

It's going to take Lorna a few moments to recharge, and those are moments she knows she doesn't have. Gladiator has already shown he'll take her apart in a fair fight, and she's quickly running out of options. "No!" she cries, when the Guardsman hesitate. "Whatever you may think of it, it's not their fault that they were born. Take them back to be tried, if they must, but let them at least speak for themselves. You can't just kill someone because of what they are. Our history has shown that it never works well."

First kick was forceful enough to get him away from her, but the second kick overturns Nightcrawler, whincing at the pain. Still, his elbows are already going out to support him getting back up, not near as fast as he could. Some of what Gladiator says registers, he moves slowly. That is until White Noise mentions all must be exterminated, indicating the rest of X-Factor on the lawn that knows about the Neramani royal offspring of a human get. Calling on reserve strength, he looks to Lorna who is pleading with them for Heather and Davis, he shakes his head some, "Lorna, we have to get out of here." Before they are killed too. He begins crossing the lawn towards her and Alex, walking, stumbling, balancing then a light jaunt in their direction.

Lorna’s words sting and seem to cause Gladiator to mentally be taken aback. He is the type of leader who does what he is told without ever questioning it. But even he was unnerved upon hearing the order for the death of the Cameron’s who from what he has come to understand do not even know of their lineage. Oracle steps forward and stands by Gladiator looking at him. Moondancer and Voyager, two of the more rebellious Guardsmen. Voyager offers, ‘The green-haired lesser being speaks the truth.” Moondancer keeps her arms crossed and is still itching to hit someone, but remains still. White Noise and Black Light sneer, “By order of our mother, Deathbird! These beings all of them are to be exterminated…now!”

Gladiator turns and screams at the royal youth, “Silence! I am the praetor of the Imperial Guard.” As Kurt makes his way over to his fallen teammates, Gladiator lifts his hand again towards Polaris, but instead of backhanding her, he lowers it to help her up. “We have taken those charged with crimes against our people. I will speak your words to the empress herself and perhaps she will feel something towards her kin.” Oracle smiles and agrees as does Voyager and Moondancer. Summoning up a portal, Oracle, Moondancer, and Voyager enter. White Noise and Black Light remain. “Kallark, you two will suffer for this. But we will finish what you cannot, terran-lover!” White Noise and Black Light move towards the remaining members of X-Factor. Gladiator does not move against them. But he flies up and in front of the mansion. His arms crossed, “I will not do your dirty work. However, as Guardsmen, I will not allow harm to come to you. Should any others dare to enter this bout, I will deal with them. But I will not kill these innocents. If you must, then do it in disgrace and dishonor."

Polaris accepts the offered hand and rises, offering a soft 'thanks' to Gladiator. But she's focused more on the others, quite aware of the delicate dynamic present now. And she's also drawing upon the local magnetic energy to recharge. So when White Noise and Black Light begin to advance, Polaris assembles the remains of the gate with her power and flings it at White Noise… aiming to keep that mouth shut.

Havok groans as he starts to stir from his slumber. His brow tightens and he seems in pain. He hears the world around him still in conflict and strains to open his eyes and seek a target.

Nightcrawler continues where he is going, to be near Alex and Lorna. As circumstance changes, he will not teleport anyone, especially after Alex begins to stir. Instead, he turns to face the two and measure next moves, if needed. Also to prevent Black Light from getting to Alex while he's coming to just the same.

With the darkforce barrier down around the mansion, anyone inside will find themselves having to deal with Gladiator as the other Imperial Guard have since gone courtesy of Voyager’s teleport. The trick with the iron gate works as White Noise is muzzled and manacles within the confines of the wrought metal. Black Light growls as he fires a beam of dark force from his eyes towards Kurts.
As Alex stirs Gladiator flies down towards him, “You are the leader of this bunch, are you not? Where is Cyclops? He is the only leader worth speaking to discussing the matter. You have proven yourself a weaker lesser captain as your group fights for their friends and you are easily rendered asleep!”

Polaris keeps control over the metal coffin once White Noise is contained. But when Black Light fires at Kurt she doesn't have the time to raise her force field yet. Improvising, now, Lorna uses the metal-wrapped White Noise like a club and smacks Black Light with it. Without waiting to see the result, she'll continue the bludgeoning.

Havok's eyes widen when he sees the descent of the Gladiator toward him. He almost says some profanities as he rolls to the side and will end up upon his back with arms raised and then decides the profanities are just fine, "Fuck off!" then releases his full assault toward the Gladiator, the leader of the Shi'ar Imperial putzes.

Not counting on the force field, Nightcrawler uses a bamf to escape from darkforce eye bolts. He heads for any fence debris left in
the debacle and not used for casting White Noise in the irons. His intent to use this as a improvised sword if there are any pieces that make suit. This of course is enough time for him to see the coffin club and the attack on Gladiator. "No," he calls when Alex fires full force on him, but again, nothing he can do to really stop it. He heads back to group cluster with the makeshift weapon.

White Noise mumbles screams as she is used as a bat to whack Black Light a few times. Like something out of a cartoon, after a series of whacks Black Light is out for the count with stars whirling around his head. Meanwhile, the blast strikes Gladiator full on.
Knocked back a few feet, the angry alien growls as the blast did little to no damage to him, but has rendered the pants and cape of his uniform useless. Piece of reds and blue alien cloth flitter down as he hovers over Havok in his now trouserless state. Mouthing off an alien curse, “Cyclops know how to show respect.” With that he flies down to the metal cage holding White Noise. He rips it apart and has her carry her now unconscious body as they fly up and higher. The Neramani twins fly off and out of Earth soon enough. Gladiator remains and hovers a moment staring as some of the X-Men and students begin to gather on the front lawn. “I will speak your words to the empress. Polaris. Perhaps, there will be a stay of execution. But I suggest, you and your friends come to the Shi’ar Homeworld. Even I, cannot hold, Deathbird’s hand for long. And should she strike out at her children…well…” He bows his head making a somber expression and then he flies off.

Polaris's eyes are still glowing green when Gladiator rips open the metal coffin, and she lets the metal shards fall to the grass. The glow slowly fades and she replies. "Tell your Empress that we will come to the Shi'ar Homeworld, then. These two are friends of ours, and we will not give them up for execution so easily."

Havok's eyes clear. Kurt's objections are confusing as he was asleep and suspected that the Gladiator was coming for him. However, as he blinks and refocuses, he hears the words of the gladiator and tries to catch up on what's really happening.

Blinking a moment at what has transpired, Kurt drops the improvised sword then, no need to hold onto it. Then, pondering it all, he offers up to everyone, "I guess I'm ready to go," and takes off his shirt. Civvies gone, he's full super suited up now.

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