2012 01 26 How Is He

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How is he?

Vision & Phantasm

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Jan 26, 2012

Upper East Side

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Phantasm checks up on Sandman's condition again


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-==[ Upper East Side - New York ]==-------——

The Upper East Side is one of the most expensive residential areas in the entire United States. Here you will find high rise apartments, overpriced high rise condos and the occasional mansion - though most are no longer private residences, occupied instead by exclusive clubs for the immensely wealthy, or embassies such as Latveria's taking advantage of the proximity to the UN. The businesses in the area are suited to that clientele - elite boutiques, expensive restaurants, art galleries, and so on. Most buildings in the area reach 20 to 40 floors, and the more expensive boast views of Central Park or of the river. Limousines are regularly seen among the taxis that crowd the streets - as, closer to the park, are horse-drawn carriages.

Outside the parking area of Avengers mansion and just beyond the gates and walls surrounding the famous structure, there's still a police line. Traffic is still being diverted from around here at the request of one Avenger, The Vision. The ghostly-white Synthezoid has the area where the two Sandmen were at during the end of the confrontation that destroyed Flint Marko. The Vision is hovering a couple of feet off the ground, his cape drawn around him and his eyes are glowing a bright white as they are cast down towards the ground.

With it being in the early evening, Mike has not yet gone to bed but as he sits waiting in the green room for his turn in an interview, his thoughts go back to the events of the past week. And one of those events does cause for some curiousity. Alone and seated comfortably, Mike's eyes are closed as he makes his way about the city in another form.

The purplish black raven soon ends up at the site of the moondragon started battle and he lands nearby on a lamppost, looking down to the Vision. A curious glance is given towards Vizh as he tilts his head inquiringly.

The synthetic Avenger doesn't move much as he floats there. There's a twitch here, a cock of his head there. There is a subtle shift of his arms beneath the folds of his cape. There! There, you can probably see his head shift slightly to one side and the luminosity of his eyes increased. After several long moments, the Vision quietly flutters back down to the ground. Solid feet connect with the solid surface and the Vision kneels down where Baker-Sandman had laid prone during the last moments of the big fight with the Six.

The bird is quiet as he watches, head tilting side to side with each movement of the Avenger. But as Vision lands, Phantasm spreads his wings and hops off the lamp post. Gliding down, he lands not too far from the place Vision is looking. Wings folding up, he glances up to Vision, giving a birdy frown as he cocks his head once more. "How's he doing?"

The Synthezoid looks up from the spot on the ground he was staring at. His bright, white eyes dim gradually back to the Vision's baseline eye appearance as he looks towards the Raven. The Vision doesn't answer immediately. He, instead, looks at the bird with what passes as a curious expression for the synthetic being. Vizh does answer though, "I understand that he is physically fine and will recuperate. Granted, I am only hearing this. I did not come to that prognosis myself."

The beak parts open in what resembles a bit of a smile. Or maybe he had to burp and just wasn't audible. It's kind of hard to tell. It's a bird. Despite the interpretation, that's the expression shown. "Well, that's good…" The beak closes as Phantasm holds back an addition to that sentence, "Did you hear how long they think it might take? There wasn't that much left of him after, well, all of that."

The Synthezoid tilts his head to one side at the asking of that question. His shoulders heave and he shakes his head in unison with his shoulders' movement, "I do not have an answer for that question, unfortunately. I am not involved in Sandman's recovery. At least, not yet. I have been assured that he will recover.

The bird nods, growing quiet as he looks back to the ground. "Okay." He decides after a few moments of quiet, "Is it alright if I swing by to check later?"

Vision turns his head to look over his shoulder at the mansion beyond the gates. He furrows his brow, "You can certainly attempt to see him. Knock first, as Jarvis would much prefer to allow you entry than for you to just go in yourself." He pauses, "Though I wouldn't go right now. I would imagine that Sandman needs some time to heal himself." A pause in the response, "Though, I am uncertain how much time he needs to be given." He glances away and asks himself more than the raven, "I wonder if Dr. Pym has looked at him? Hmm."

Phantasm nods to the warning, "I couldn't right now anyways. But, maybe at a later point."

The Synthezoid humphs in acknowledgement of what the Raven says. The Vision informs Phantasm, "I will let Sandman know of your intentions, so that he can make sure Jarvis has directions to let you in." he steps away from the spot he was staring at and turns away from it.

"Tha-." Phantasm replies, before vanishing from sight.

Mike's eyes open, head turning to look to the now opened door of the green room where one of the show staffers wait. Giving a bit of a sigh, he starts to get up from his seat.

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