2012 01 25 Keep Playing Those Mind Games

Log Title:
Keep Playing Those Mind Games

Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, Empath, Selene

IC Date:
January 25th, 2012

Hilton, NYC and Astral Plane

Brief log summary::
Jeanne-Marie spots Manuel again on the second day of the conference, but as Selene joins them, she soon falls victim to mind games.


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With the Hilton is still filled with various religious types who have come for

the morality conference on the actions of the Right, Manuel de la Rocha is

settling up his bill for his stay. Three bellhops carry his luggage as he

smiles, "There will be no charge. Everything was free for me of course." The

young receptionist quickly finds herself enthralled, "But, of course, sir. And.

. ." She writes her cell phone number and passes it on a slip of paper to

Manuel. Looking at he smiles and then laughs, "My dear, I require beauty and

refinement in my women. Not the Help…" He has just offended her, but she

still smiles as she is still enthralled. There was no need for any of this as

his stay was already free, but he enjoys lashing out with his powers from time

to time. Best to stay abreast with them. Dressed for the winter weather in a

black full length overcoat over an all black suit, the Black Rook looks about

the lobby one last time, "Finally moving on." He gives the address of the

Hellfire Club to a driver who packs his bags into the car and drives off as

Manuel remains behind in the lobby.

Just about that time, Jeanne-Marie Beaubier steps out of the Conference Hall A,

as another riveting lecture has ended, while making her way to the lobby she

spots the gentleman who joined her the other day, and being polite, she moves

his way if only to say hello. "Allo, we met zee ot'er day, I nevair got your

name…," she offers her hand in greeting, "Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, I came to

this conference from Montreal."

Selene is here in the lobby at the moment though she's just a ghost form having

sent her aura first mostly to see what empath was doing before she would move

into the material plane and talk directly with him.. sensing the girl she looks

her over for a moment scanning the girl before she grins and just watches for


Remembering the religious woman, Manuel smiles and takes her hand and bows

kissing it and then smiling, "In my culture, we greet beauty with affection."

With that he bows, "I am Manuel de la Rocha. And yes, I remember our

conversation on Christianity. How are you this afternoon, Ms. Beaubier?"

"Rather gentlemanly of you," Jeanne-Marie comments, having expected a

handshake, she also looks a bit uncomfortable by the gesture a she's rather

quick to pull back her hand. "Please, Monsieur, don't tease me like

zat…beauty is a curse." She reaches back to make sure her hair is still

gathered in a bun rather than left to freely flow, heaving a sigh of relief to

find it is indeed gathered modestly. "My aftairnoon been rathair wail, t'ank

you, Manuail."

"Well, then I guess you are cursed." Manuel hmmmns to himself as he feels a bit

more mischievous today, his eyes almost seem to flicker a moment as he gauges

Jeanne-Marie's repressed emotions and opts to loosen her up a bit. As if

mentally turning a dial that is labeled Jeanne-Marie. "Tell me, do you really

think beauty is curse. You seem so uptight and restrained. You should let

loose. Have fun, let her hair down, figuratively and maybe even literally."

"Non, I make sure to always draiss modestly, I fix my hair modestly, I make

sure not to draw attention," Jeanne-Marie murmurs, quickly fishing for a

compact in her purse, making sure her face doesn't show any extravagant makeup,

which of course, by her standards comes down to too loud a lipstick, as she

barely wears anything beyond foundation. "Mais oui! Beauty..it makes young

women attract bad attention, it makes them act lewdly…" Jeanne-Marie

suggests, placing the compact back in her purse as she starts to get a strange

feeling, her eyes opening a bit in alarm as she cries out, "non…non…please,

I t'ink I need some raist, I don't feel too well," what she can feel is her

tight hold of her emotions softening, just as Manuel suggests she's uptight and

restrained. "Non, non, fun is nevair good. I am content to be pious, 'elp

people…pray…" but even as she makes the protests, Jeanne-Marie feels a

growing urge to let her hair down, let it hang free, her stern visage even

softens as a ghost of a smile starts to show on her lips.

A voice a rich sultry voice is heard like velvet that rubs softly against the

skin " that sounds terribly boring my dear , Beauty is not a curse it's a gift

that one must be thankful for " . Then suddenly out of nowhere there is selene

sliding past Jeanne-Marie to move over to empathy giving him a kiss on either

side of his cheek " Manuel my dear I was worried when you bags arrived without

my favorite inside the car so I came to see what kept you .. but now that I see

her I can see why you were late " .

With the greetings from Selene, the young Spaniard decides to use this moment

to show his queen that he is able to have some fun. "Oh my indeed." Scanning

the woman before him, he can sense something deeper wanting to come out, almost

explode of the repressive religious personality. "Oh this should prove

entertaining…interesting at best." Up the dial on the rebellious

unrepressed emotion, Manuel increases the volume with that one while attempting

to mute out the more stable devout persona, "Beauty is what makes women attain

power and control. Lewdness is freedom. Morality is the true sin. You do not

need rest, Jeanne-Marie. You need energy, excitement, enthusiasm. You can still

help people but have fun with it. Such as this beauty before us. A true queen

unrepressed and undisturbed in her regal beauty and power." His smile matches

her own as he gestures to the various priests and nuns walking through for the

conference, "They are trapped by their collars and habits. Their yearning and

desire to be free from their repressive religion is most palpable."

"Sapristi! It eez not'ing like zat!" Jeanne-Marie cries at Selene's suggestion

that she and Manuel are having anything more than a simple conversation, "we

wair jus' talking." She stresses the point, even as she works her hands to

release her hair from the bun it was gathered in, shaking her head to let her

peculiar black and silver streaked locks of her flail about. "Zese words you

say, t'ey are devil's words…" Jeanne-Marie cries out, and suddenly her hands

reach to press at her temple as she bends down and winces, "non, non, non," she

keeps crying, "I 'ave to go," and she starts forcing her way out of there,

taking one step after another towards the ladies room, "excusez-moi," she

mutters as she almost seems to flee towards the restroom.

Selene smirks as she kisses empaths lips lightly " I know what's going on " She

winks " This will be fun wait a moment " she says as she brushes away following

Jeanne-Marie into the womans rest room , she scans for the womans mind as she

comes into the place " Are you alright deaR? "

Enjoying the kiss, Manuel almost seems lost in when Selene dismisses herself to

follow Jeanne-Marie into the restroom. "I will wait here forever, should you

request it, my queen." The Black Rook seems to shake his head, "I think I like

the Black Queen much better than the White Queen." He says to himself. In the

meantime, the receptionist had just been staring at watching, Looking at her,

"You disgust me." Increasing her already delicate bouts of self-esteem, he

snaps, "No one wants you here. Please leave and do not come back until you are

pretty." Laughing ever so meanly, "Which will be never. Go graze in a grassy

field, cow!" She runs from behind the reception counter in tears, devastated

and despondent.

"Jus' leave me alone, I'm not wail," Jeanne-Marie mutters in a strained voice

at Selene as she follows her to the ladies room. "Please, jus' go to your

friend, I'll be fine," she assures Selene as she reaches to a free stall and

closes the door behind her. Of course even as she presses on Selene to leave

her be, Jeanne-Marie herself is experiencing a shift, something that hasn't

happened in a while, since Aurora encountered Ares. It seems Aurora has finally

found her chance to regain control.

Empath pages: How would you feel about possible recruitment to an evil cause?
of course slene will push the door open and wraps her arms around the girl "

It's alright I'm here " Pressing her body into the girls back.. mean while

though something else is going on as the world class telepath enters the girls

mind going inside to see what's going on . On the psy world plane she brings

out the two halves of the girls personality " well well what do we have here

two personalities .. my my how intresting " .

As the two women interact in the bathroom, Manuel looks about. Feeling free

reign, an empathy unleashed is a horrible thing. Finding a nun and a priest in

discussion about some religious matter. Manuel tips his head to the side and

lifts his arms stretching. Taking a stance as if like an athlete ready to

unleash hell on an opposing team. He cracks his knuckles as he unleashes an

emotional curveball. The priest and the nun finally find themselves caught up

in a rather sudden and passionate liplock unable to control themselves and

caught up with the passions unleashed causing the people in the lobby to gasp

and react as such. With no idea that he is the culprit, he moves to a chair and

takes a seat as he looks at people and decides who to perturb next.

With Selene showing not a care in the world to privacy, Jeanne-Marie finds

herself suddenly embraced from behind, which causes her to fidget but to no

avail, she soon falls limp in Selene's embrace. What follows, however, she can

never have expected, when both sides of her are suddenly pulled into the Astral

Plane, a rare chance for the two sides of Jeanne-Marie to face each other, as

normally they share the same body.
"W'at eez going on 'ere!? You're a witch!! Release me from your evil

magic!" Jeanne-Marie demands of Selene, holding dearly to her cross pendant.
Aurora on the other hand, dressed at least in her astral form quite

differently from Jeanne-Marie, all daring and skimpy, seems quite pleased with

this turn of events, "oh, shut up, Jeanne-Marie, the woman is clearly a

telepath and she just got tired of how boring you are. I think it's just about

time you took a break from being holier than thou and let me have some fun.

It's my turn anyway," Aurora winks at Jeanne-Marie and then stresses at Selene,

"I'm sorry to bother, but could you please not interfere? This is between me

and her, it's not fair that you're getting in the way."

Selene Smirks as she looks at booth " Clearly you're the second personality

with all the info " she says to the sexy one " But the one I might like to deal

with ? You see I can keep one of you in control or not as you said I'm a

telepath and finding a young mutant like yourself is what I'm interested in but

the question is .. who is willing to work for me " .

Selene Smirks as she looks at booth " Clearly you're the second personality

with all the info " she says to the sexy one " But the one I might like to deal

with ? You see I can keep one of you in control or not as you said I'm a

telepath and finding a young mutant like yourself is what I'm interested in but

the question is .. who is willing to work for me " . She thinks for a moment "

EMpath " She says almost like calling a name and suddenly the man appears

Still playing whack a religious zealot, Manuel lets the crowd gather around the

priest and nun who are making out as if their lives depended on it. But already

growing bored, he spots a young seminarian. Eyeing the neophyte priest, Empath

can sense doubts and insecurities in his decision to finalize his oath to the

cloth. And another wicked little grin appears. "Doubt is a dangerous thing."

Upping the notch on the man's insecurities, the seminarian seems to shakes his

head and come to a realization. Removing the collar from around his neck and

tossing down some religious books, the man flee the hotel, "I'm outta here."

And suddenly so is Manuel. While he is still seated on the chair physically, he

senses a yank almost like a tear on his psyche and though not physically gone,

mentally he is drawn onto the Astral Plane and taking a moment to adjust, he

sees the twin personas of Ms. Beaubier and his highness, Selene. "Most

entertaining indeed!"

"So you can tell I'm a mutant? That's impressive, not even scanners can tell

that," Aurora boasts, while Jeanne-Marie all of a sudden shrieks, "I remembair

you! You're the woman zat had zee people wair togas! Be'ave all lewdly! You're

a devil!" Aurora for her part just shakes her head as she turns to look at

Selene, "I don't need to work for you, okay? And Virgin Mary over there doesn't

seem to like you even one bit, so…" Aurora grins at Selene rather

confidently, "how about you let us all be and everyone of us can be on his way.

Mind you I was doing mighty fine until you interfered, very rude of you!"

Suddenly finding himself on the Astral Plan, the mind is not Manuel's forte.

Emotions are his playground. Though he ponders if he can make the prettier,

sexier, more fun version that is Aurora more pliant to Selene's whims, but

untested in this realm, he leaves this up to Selene for now. He merely watches

and enjoys.

"Look, lady, you're very impressive with your telepathy and all, but I can take

care of myself. You may not know this, but I'm with Alpha Flight, it's not like

I can hold a regular teaching job, I can get called upon at any given moment

and I will answer the call." Naturally, she doesn't even comment about the

possibility of her learning, as it's clear to the telepath Aurora perceives

herself as nothing short of female perfection. Jeanne-Marie on the other hand

is very distraught, and she seems about ready to try and solve this the

religious way, holding her cross pendant towards Selene as she recites, "I

banish you in zee name of God! In zee name of Jesus Christ, I banish you

demon!" Aurora upon seeing Jeanne-Marie just rolls her eyes, and as she looks

at Selene she mutters, "can you just get us out of here and back to the real

world? I think we've all heard enough of Jeanne-Marie.

Hearing Jeanne-Marie attempting to exorcise Selene away, just makes the young

Spanish empathy laugh hysterically. "Oh my. I think I have now seen

everything!" He falls over unable to control the idea. The image will remain

with him for quite some time. "Oh too funny. Too funny." He begins to imitate

Jeanne-Marie, "I banish you…I banish you!" HA!

Selene Cocks her head ' So no deal can be made at all you really wanna go with

that route? " she asks softly " You could stay a member of alpha flight I

wouldn't stop you dear just you spend your off time at my shcool nothing wrong

with that? ' . She sighs looking at the relgious girl " This is how you banish

" she flicks her wrist and sends the girl away deeper into the mind for now "

Well then back to talk to you " She says .

"School is boring, ok? Do I honestly have to tell you that? Now you're being

really annoying in keeping us in this boring place when I can finally go live

my life instead, so how about you let me go now, and I don't get Alpha Flight

on your ass?" As Manuel bursts out laughing, Aurora grins at him, "yeah, Virgin

Mary is like that, now can you convince your friend over there to just let me

go? I really have no business with either of you."

Breathing slowly as he continues to stifle his laughter, Manuel looks up to

Aurora, "Alpha Flight? I don't see them posing much of a threat. But, lovely

lady. The queen gets what she wants. She is being kind by now simply making you

do what she wants. She offers much. While school may be boring, think of the

benefits, basically whatever you want is yours."

Selene Sighs as she looks " One views me as the devil the other is too busy

loving herself .. but you know what the best part about multiple personalities

dear " she looks to empath " I learned this when I tangled with hulk so many

times and many others.. if you don't like a personalities having the mind

produce one to your liking is rather simple indeed " . The outline of the new

personality starts to form " Once a mind has fractured it's very easy to make

another shard " .

Empath remains silent as he watches Selene do her work on Aurora.

"Well, what I want right now is to be out of here and back in my body!" Aurora

groans at Empath, her patience starting to run out as she full well knows she

had a golden opportunity to assert dominance, and Selene is looking about to

steal it away from her. "Oh no you don't!" Aurora snaps as she flies directly

at Selene, meaning to strike her as fast as she can, and she can move fast,

although in the Astral Plane, Selene just may evade in time. Having suffered

mental torture exactly of the sort at the hands of Headlok, she knows she can

ultimately overcome what Selene is trying to do, but it also takes time.

Headlok sure had his fun before she finally bested him, and she tries to fight

Selene so she doesn't force a third personality on her. She's already brought a

considerable 6 personalities down to just the original two, she doesn't want to

have to deal with a larger number once again.

Selene As you fly towards her she blinks and just moves herself elsewhere and

for her part just has you fly right into what looks like a maze but you could

fly up or down and find no end.. all you can do is fly forward or back and try

to work you way out of the maze while she works on building another personality

that matches you right now? with only a few stubble but important differences

she's doing this on purpose so people won't notice the difference.

"No! No! No! Don't you dare trap me!!!!" Aurora screams hysterically, having

the mind to tear Selene apart right now, as she speeds along the maze trying to

free herself. Meanwhile Selene gets her piece of mind to pick at Aurora

telepathically like a surgeon, as she fabricates a new personality that will be

more agreeable to her.

Selene This isn't the first time for selene nor will it be the last and when

your mostly using another persoanlity especially one that was always broken so

many times it's very easy to build a new personality and in this world time

isn't he same so she can take her time and be very carful about building a new

Aurora very aware of her other selves and very powerful.. in fact she locks the

other Aurora in that maze deep inside her mind and as an added fun she puts the

base personality the main one in the way , so if she breaks out she will still

have to deal with the lead personality before she can deal with new Aurora not

only that she put warning things for herself in the girls mind .

Aurora and Jeanne-Marie both trapped in astral contraptions, it seems like

Selene has all the time in the world to do her things and shape a new dominant

personality in Aurora, which at least for the time being seems like a great

success as she astral image appears as the personality takes to life. This new

personality looks much like Aurora, only perhaps with a more amoral flare about

her, and a very evident devotion to Selene as she looks at her with adoration,


Selene Smiles and caresses the girls face softly " Don't forget dear that

little bibble thumper needs to get out from time to time … and carfull of the

other you she is the most dangerous of the two " She winks " now lets put you

into plac shall we " .

"I don't need to be careful of anything, Goddess, everything is good when

you're around," Aurora coos at Selene, looking very comfortable with herself.

Selene Grins " Your so sweet " she says softly giving the girl a kiss on the

cheek before sending her back to be in control going back to the stall where

she's hugging the girl to her only a few minutes have passed

Back in the physical realm, Aurora gets a first look at her wardrobe, being

slightly bent over with Selene embracing her from behind, "gah! I look like a

freakin' prude…I have to get a change of clothes."

Selene Smirks and nods ' That you do dear " she taps her chin " here " she

hands the girl a card " use this go get something more suitable to that body of

yours and come meet me at the hellfire club "

"The Hellfire Club? Sounds naughty," Aurora coos at Selene as she gladly takes

the card, her beaming grin forming on her face, "oh, I could use this, my body

is way to hot to look like a repressed nun. I'll be off then! Thank you


Selene Gives the girl a quick kiss on the cheek " Have fun dear I look forward

to seeing the new you " She smiles as she walks towards a mirror touching it

the mirror seems to ripple and suddenly selene melts into it and away

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