2012 01 24 A Craving For Raw Squ

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The Spider and the Fly Girl: A Craving for Raw Squid?

Spider-Man and Misty Knight

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That same unnamed dojo in upper Manhattan

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After having to deal with another, new ninja, Spidey brings Misty a clue, and she checks to make sure he hasn't been compromised.


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Misty is behind her desk at Nightwing Restorations, bored out of her skull. She's done all the paperwork that was left over from the last case. She's sent out invoices for all expenses and retainers for her current cases, and Colleen's as well. She's even done payroll for their tiny little staff.
So when her phone rings, despite it being a number she doesn't recognize, she all but lunges to pick it up. "Nightwing Restorations, Ms. Knight speaking. How may I assist you this evening?"
On the other end of the phone she'll hear the tell-tale sounds of the city. There are horns honking distantly, a hint of crowd-noise, the rushing sound of wind dashing across the receiver. And then there's a voice that she might recognize. "Umm, heya Ms. Knight, it's the Spectacular Me. Got a sec?"
Misty is mildly surprised that the wall-crawler chose to call first, but hey, she can't fault him for his manners, right? "Spider-Man," she says, smoothly. "You just caught me at the beginning of a hole in my schedge, sugar. What's up?" She stands, full of energy as the wall crawler getting in touch may mean immediate action. But she forces herself to remain calm and easy, parking one hip on the edge of her desk so she can hear what he actually called about.
There's a curious rustling sound, then a twisting /thwip!/ that she probably hears. Suddenly for a moment the sound of traffic is _much_ nearer, and then it recedes without incident. "Oh you know, the usual. Running around in my undies, fighting with ninjas. But here, crazy thing. I met another one the other night. But get this, she was the girl they attacked at first. And suddenly, like seriously, overnight… she learns ninjitsu."
Swinging while talking on the phone, and managing to avoid gettiing flattened by reckless cabbies; wow. Misty makes a mental note: with multi-tasking skills like /that/ if the webslinger is ever down on his luck, NR may go ahead and hire him. "I'm sorry, say what?" She can't have heard him right. It was the traffic noise, or the fact that she was musing to herself when he spoke. "The little one you hadda rescue the other night is allasudden now a ninja? She played you. She set up the rescue to measure you or somethin', and came after you 'cause she thought she could take you." Misty sounds dubious, her headshake almost audible in her voice.
"Yeah, I know despite my boyish exterior the heart of a true cynic beats within. But seriously that's the first thing I thought. I figured, 'oh great it's a trap." There's another rush of sound, then a /crunch/ followed by a /whoosh-whoosh-whoosh/. Suddenly the sound of travel stops and his voice comes in clearer. "But there's a lot here that doesn't add up, else I wouldn't be calling you. Had something to do with the sword, and it was like… she had the knowledge suddenly of what she needed to do, but there was…"
He pauses there, as if searching for the exact right term. "Just something in the way. I've got the sword, was figuring I'd come by and you could take a look at it."
"Can't fault you there, sugar," Misty admits. Given that despite the fact that half of New York loves their hometown hero, Jameson and the Bugle make sure the other half hate his guts. That would be enough to make anybody a cynic. "Doesn't add up, huh? You think the sword had poison or a drug on it?" It's not unheard of.
"Okay. We can send a sample out to the lab to see if there's a chemical on it. If you got the thing yourself, you feelin' all right, webslinger?" Last thing anyone needs is Spider-Man overcome by the same substance or condition that turned someone into an evil ninja.
"Hm, I do have a sudden hankering for raw squid…" Alright enough with the Japan jokes. Spider-Man then adds, "Yeah, I feel fine. Not sure what's up. But I'll come by in like… fifteen minutes?"
"Yeah, 15 minutes. I'd say meet me at the office, but how about we head back to that gym you found me at the other day? That way you can show me what you're talkin' about rather than tryin' to describe it." Misty pauses. "An' if you haven't done it already, wrap the sword up. I'm /serious/." He can joke if he wants to, but if it's as bad as he describes, Misty feels like taking chances can only end in tears. "See you in fifteen." And without any more by-your-leave than that, she's hung up the phone so she can get a move on to meet him in the time frame provided.
And for once, true to his word, Peter Parker is actually on time. Nothing jumps out, nothing flags him down, he's able to cross from Point A to Point B and make it without the world exploding into mayhem. So when he returns to that gym his arrival is heralded by that lithe silhouette darkening one of the windows. A light 'tack-tack-tack' is heard as he raps his knuckles upon the window.
At first glance he does have a look of a ninja to him. There hs is outside the window in tights and mask with a sword strapped to his back. In fact it's not a bad look for him, all things considered.
Misty reaches up to pop the window open, and steps back to let him in. She closes it once he's inside. Unlike earlier when she was in a regular civilian workout outfit — T-shirt and yoga pants — now she's in her work clothes: the black skintight jumpsuit with black accents, and her cybernetic arm is no longer wearing its faux-skin sheath.
"Lookit what the wind blew in," she jokes, giving the hero a long, slow once-over. It'd be flirtatious under other circumstances, but not right now. Right now, she's got a knit in her brow, and her eyes are flinty as they check over Spider-Man's stance, comparing them with recent memory. She seems unsatisfied with what she comes up with. "Let's get that sword off you first." She's brought a sword case with her to tuck it away unobtrusively.
A light thip-thap of footsteps is heard as he lights upon the floor from the window sill. He cants his head to the side as he looks around the room, seemingly on edge if only a bit. "Is Colleen around?" He asks idly for some reason, as if perhaps expecting her to drop from the rafters upon his head. Those mirrored lenses shift back to her and as Misty asks he gives her a quick bob of his head and a nod. "Sure thing,"
That having been said he unslings the blade from his back and extends it towards her and the case, no hesitation there at the least. Once relieved of it he rocks back a bit on his heels, resting his hands upon his hips. "When I first touched it and got it away form the girl it felt weird, but haven't felt anything from it since. Seems kinda inert, if a sword can be inert."
"She's out of town," Misty says, taking the blade, webbing and all, and tucking it in the padded case. The slightly paranoid glancing around is noted, and she almost leaves it uncommented on. But then, no, "The way you look when you asked, I'd almost think you you must've broken the heels on her favorite pair of Manolos." This is the sort of thing that would, apparently, warrant a man being paranoid of Colleen's presence.
"Hm. That doesn't sound like a drug or a contact poison," Misty says thoughtfully at Spidey's description of the sword. "That, my webbed friend, sounds like something worse. Magic." She says the word like she caught it eating the last chocolate chip cookie. "That's a little outside my scope. But the ninjitsu, at least, ain't. So this girl went from no skills to like, Bruce Lee, or what?"
"Not quite," Spidey steps further into the room, rubbing at the back of his neck. "I mean I'm not an expert or anything, but I could tell she developed a sort of knowledge. It was like the learning was there, but she hadn't the grace?" He scrunches up one eye, difficult to tell behind the mask save for the subtle shift of it.
He moves around the room curiously, gaze wandering from this to taht, clearly being a touch nosey. He looks back at her, "And the form was kind of strange, I sort of recognized it, sort of didn't? I know I'm being all sorts of no help here, sorry."
Spidey skipped answering her question about what he could've done to warrant Colleen's ire. So noted. Keen mind puts that away for later. There's a problem that needs solving before anybody else gets hurt. She watches him make his way around the room like a curious kindergartener at a museum, then folds her arms. "Okay, clearly describin' it is not gonna get us any usable results. Would you know the style if you saw it?"
"Maybe, I mean I think so." Spider-Man then eyes her warily. The vigilante cocks an eyebrow at her even as he leans to the side against that wooden shaolin boxing dummy, eyes focused upon Misty's form. For some people it'd be a flirtatious instant, but for him it's most likely self-preservation. And alright, so she is beautiful, but that's just an added bonus. "What'd you have in mind?"
Misty regards the webslinger in silence for a moment, watching him closely. "Two things. One — you've fought this style so you would recognize it in action. Two — if that sword still had any mojo woogie on it to affect you, adrenaline may bring it out." Adrenaline from web-slinging is probably so commonplace to his system that that wouldn't even be enough to rouse anything weird affecting him. "So — you down for a quick bit of sparring to see if anythin' rings a bell?"
For a moment a gleam of trepidation is visible in his body language. Just in how he stands there, hands upon his hips, his head tilted just so and to the side. He bites at his lower lip for an instant, but then says levelly. "Alright, but be gentle." He offers that lightly, with that humorous lilt to his voice, as if trying to defuse any possible tension. He looks around the room, then back towards her. "Just, ya know, here? Should I change or something. Is there like a ritual? Do I have to call you sensei?" Alright some of those might be jokes and he might be teasing, but he wouldn't be Spider-Man if he didn't.
Misty raises both eyebrows at the faint little indication of nerves on the webslinger's part. This is a man who regularly tosses himself at speed off of buildings, plummets toward the ground, and then swings back into the sky — and he's worried about a little spar with her? Must be the arm. "Yeah, sugar, here's fine. No, you don't need a gi. An' no, I'm not teaching you so you don't need to call me sensei /or/ sifu." She smirks, adding, "I promise, I'll be gentle." Not like he couldn't give her a run for her money and then some. The rest of her is still plain old regular garden variety human.
She drops into a Crane Style fighting stance, giving him a motion to approach so she can show him more of the style.
As for Spider-Man, he doesn't resort to any of his normal tactics for entering into a fight. This is Misty's gig and he lets her take lead. So when she beckons him forwards he moves forwards. She can tell that he's focused entirely on her, that his intent is strong and clear. There is a sense of chi from masters of the martial arts, an almost sixth sense that can be said to be posessed by the most skilled and she is assuredly familiar with the sensations of such. So when he takes up a defensive stance as well she can sense his own. He's definitely what can be called an amateur, almost a savant when it comes to such. But she can get a feel for that energy that roils from him.
When he stops a handful of paces before her and settles into stance she can gauge him clearly. His legs are apart, one forward with the other back, his weight upon his back heel, the fore balanced upon the ball of his foot. He has a hand up forwards with the palm open as if ready to grasp or grab, while the other is closed into a fist and held back and low.
There's an intensity to him, and as she gauges him she can perhaps sense that. Something that's belied by his manner and the witticisms. There's a power in that taut carefully delineated musculature of his lithe form, contoured by the skintight costume. Were he not such a goofball one might even consider his silhouette attractive in its own way.
Oh, it's not that Spidey doesn't cut quite the figure in his skintight longjohns — he does. The acrobatic lifestyle and the tightness of the costume are a good combination for the female gaze. Misty's not dead. She's just focused. So she doesn't waste any time or effort on indulging herself appreciating how cute his physique is.
Unlike most martial artists, she does not bother with the "kiai". It's meant to intimidate and startle opponents, and that's not the objective here. He has to be able to see the moves and be able to concentrate on whether he's seen them before. So she shifts her weight and moves in for a roundhouse kick, careful to slightly telegraph the move. This is a spar — and his vaunted spider sense may not kick in since they're not fighting in deadly earnest.
When she moves in he brings both his arms up to block the kick and gently push it aside, stepping in and bringing a foot up to uncoil a light strike towards her balancing leg, a strike she assuredly will expect and respond to as needed. He tries to press her for a moment, turning with an easily avoidable backfist meant to strike towards her jaw, then easing it into an elbow strike that she can absorb.
"Mmm, definitely not that, I think," He says as he moves with her, their motions intertwined in the casual shift and dance. "Another?"
Misty nods, as Spider-Man indicates that the style she's using right now doesn't match what he saw of the compromised victim in ninja-mode. "A'ight. Let's try this one." Her entire body language changes as she slips into drunken monkey style. It's almost like her bones have become liquid as she glides around him in a circle, forcing him to keep moving to watch her. "This look familiar?" she asks, leaning forward into a front flip to end with a scissor kick toward his neck.
A small laugh slips from him as he retreats, a step, another. She rolls forwards and he's almost caught off guard by the slicing kick as her movement nearly connects. Luckily his spider-sense does tingle just enough and he's able to roll to the side, twisting and turning even as the snap of fabric from her strike and movement is heard with a 'whift'.
Regaining his feet, Spidey backpedals, holding his hands up as he murmurs, "Definitely not that. _That_ I'd recognize, Jackie Chan and all." He keeps circling around her, footsteps easy and his movements smooth.
Misty nods, smiling, but it's a humorless one. "Mind the quips there, sparky," she warns. "You are givin' away way too much info there. If you ever get an enemy with more than two or three brain cells to rub together, they're gonna keep stuff like your Jackie Chan appreciation in mind, and hit the internet scanning for IP addresses of people who download his movies off Netflix." Another style change; another negative. She decides to switch, given their mutual concern of the Hand's involvement from Chinese to Japanese. Her next attempt at him is a jujutsu strike. She follows that quickly with an Aikido strike, and after that, Kendo. "Any of these lookin' familiar?" She sets her jaw, visibly searching her memory for more styles, before she offers up the creepy, slinky motions of the Snakeroot style certain members of the Hand use.
"I can't afford Netflix," Almost a little petulantly Spidey mentions this even as he fends himself from her. He's able to shift to the side, a swirling motion of his forearm sliding one strike away. Then when she darts in with a blurringly fast kick he's able to duck underneath. "Nope," He says, negating one. Then again, "Nope." As another is dismissed.
When she adopts that last stance his eyebrows lift, "That… looks familiar." And in that moment he does appreciate the grace she's able to execute that style with. Something familiar and foreboding about the style, but also intriguing. Then again it could just be the way Misty herself moves that draws his curiousity.
He then steps in to try and move in, seeking to uncoil with a feint that's meant to draw her close. Should she take he'll attempt to slip behind her back and gain a grasp with a chokehold similar to the one that Dajan attempted during their bout. "She tried something like this."
"Awww, poor baby," Misty jibes gently at the petulant admission of not being able to afford Netflix. "Gimme a little advance notice, sugar, and we can have a lil Jackie Chan film festival. I have all the DVDs." She is being careful of him, keeping in mind how apprehensive he was. Misty is not as inexperienced and fumbling as the enthralled sword-victimw as, so Spidey has a little tougher time to try moving in on her. "Yeah, that chokehold is part of that style…but few Hand use it. It's non-lethal," she points out. "Good sign. that may mean whatever they used on that sword, it may not be strong enough to override somebody's normal morality or feelings. You saved her, she thinks of you as a hero. So she wouldn't want you dead, even if whatever reagent they used tried to make her a killer. Lucky for you. And for her." Misty steps back, and gives a brief bow, to indicate the spar is over and she's not going to sneak attack him.
For a moment he holds her there but is rather gentle considering, definitely not like her normal sparring matches where people go full out. It's a curious moment, he's rather warm, perhaps curiously so considering his heightened metabolism. And there's a subtle scent of exertion to him as well as something almost like… chalk? He takes a deep breath for an instant, and if she could tell he might even blush a little at the proximity. So when she lightly taps to signal the release he does so easily enough. A step back and he gives her a nod.
"Alright, well do you mind shaking the trees a bit and seeing what falls out? I'll go harangue DD and see if he's got some input. He runs into the Hand people like every other day."

Misty is not phased by the sweat or the warmth. She used to date Iron Fist, who also has a not-quite-human metabolism and scent. Preferable by far to average mooks who eat a lot of junk food and then try to burn it all off at the gym. "No, 'course I don't, you didn't even have to ask," Misty assures Spidey. "If we got ninjas running around with tainted swords that can convert people, even temporarily, that's bad news. In fact, I think I'mma call Colleen and see if she can come back early from her trip. Maybe even call Luke. The more eyes out on this we got, the better." She hoists the bag and the sword case easily with her right arm onto her right shoulder. "You watch out for yourself, Spider-Man. And tell Daredevil to do the same. This could get worse before it gets better." She gives him a quick swish of her hair by way of a farewell before she turns to stride purposefully toward the door, her car, and the beginning of a new hunt.
As she makes her departure, so too does Spider-Man. He gives a wave and calls after, "Thanks a lot, Ms. Knight." And having said that he hops over towards the dummy, then rebounds off of it to lands lightly upon the window sill. Casually he takes a glance back at the room, then after the woman as she departs. He smirks to himself and says quietly, "You need to date more, Spidey."
Having said that he drops out of the window, down towards the street. He twists while falling, twisting his wrist just so and firing a webline that converts his descent into a smooth swing towards the sky. It's only when he's hurtling towards the clouds… then slowly back down to earth that he thinks. "Did she ask me out? Wait? Nah." And with that he puts it from his mind.

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